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  President Hosts Hispanic Heritage Month Event  CSPAN  October 7, 2017 12:14am-12:40am EDT

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go?. >> i don't want to using gopher out. >> all three of them?. >> i think it is time to pass the torch there all of the same generation their contributions are substantial but i think there is a time when you have to pass the torch [inaudible conversations]
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[applause] thank you very much. it is great to be with you and the secretary and treasurer to every hispanic americans serving in the white house and all across the administration thank you very much. [cheers and applause] is a great privilege for the first lady and i to be with you today. [applause] we want to welcome our ambassador's and local
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officials and the hispanic kid -- community and our guests from the of white house you are special people. today's performers i heard she was fantastic and the yes movement orchestra and the word they have done that incredible job we are honored to have you here to celebrate hispanic heritage month. please. first lady. , up. [cheers and applause] by the way we just back from puerto rico to gather. it was quite a sight. we are doing a big job there
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and they are great people. they have been through a lot. [cheers and applause] as we gather for the celebration our hearts we mean heavy from the horrible mass murder in las vegas i visited with brave survivors still surviving in a hospital in the heroic police officers and first responders and every day americans acting with speed and encourage to save countless lives. no evil is more powerful than the courage of the american people all of america of praise for the wounded and grieving and we will be with them today and forever. [applause]
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i spent a lot of time going through the of hospital with milania to see people who were seriously wounded. we will never leave their side and we are also praying for the people of puerto rico. we love puerto rico. puerto rico. >> we love you. >> we also love puerto rico and we will marshall every federal resource at our disposal i traveled to puerto rico to oversee federal response to the tune devastating hurricanes. remember it was to end the second one was brutal. they struck that beautiful island now we have more than 15,000 federal personnel on the island, we will not rest
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until the job is done, puerto rico has a long road of recovery but we know that it's people are proud and resilient and will come back strong. i have spent a lot of time with the governor who is a terrific man we will be there all the time to help them restore and build your working very closely and also your congresswoman who is terrific. [applause] we stand with them all those who have suffered through natural disasters and louisiana. and alabama was incredible
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the help so many people coming up from florida and georgia. and we have to remember the u.s. virgin islands the governor has become like a friend of mine i have spoke to him so much. not much was left with the rebuilding and spirit is incredible. em by the disasters and said recent weeks through difficult times americans coming to the other -- together to unite as one people under god and we sent cruz to mexico and the president was very gracious
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and called me yesterday to have some talented people to solve that of believable and difficult problem i appreciate the president of mexico to be kind in their response but it was a tragic event. thanks to our first responders. [applause] and you have a wonderful president in mexico. there is no challenge that we cannot overcome. when we empower the hopes of our people and those to perform so brilliantly to
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embrace the dignity of human life and then just look out there is no task to large or greeting -- dream beyond your reach. talking to some very young people up front the you cannot see. [applause] the matter who we are or where we come from we're all americans and bound to bible love for this country and our love for each other. [applause] thank you very much. we are truly thrilled to have all if you are right here at the white house. you have read about the
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white house who was there before? not to a many is hispanic heritage month. is a big deal. from our earliest days hispanic americans have helped to shape our history. the of contributions through the generations of art and music and literature, science, a scholarship is extraordinary. and that shines through hispanic heritage is in the very fabric of our great nation. this amazing communities somebody faith and family and security and freedom.
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[applause] white calluses and sins of hispanic descent and 60 hispanic americans have been awarded congressional medal of honor for their outstanding bravery in battle. did you know, that? sixty is a lot. a great medal of honor. that is fantastic interrupt the speech went to shake hands with somebody. [cheers and applause]
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[applause] i heard you were here i am well i got to meet you. thank you for being here we appreciate it. we are grateful to have quarter of a million him to hispanic americans serving in the military all of those who defend the nation for our way of life. each of you today represents a vital part of the fabric of this nation that i loved and that you love. you teach your children and
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defend our nation. with government and fate and business these fantastic people very tough and very smart. and today hispanic american businesses are growing at a tremendous rate especially among the latina. [cheers and applause] raise your hand. we are leading the way. then once we pass our reform
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plan with bills largest tax cuts in the history of the country. >> does anybody mind getting a massive tax cut? does anybody mind paying less taxes? and from all those businesses and family lung negative families will prosper and then the highest tax nation in the world thing go back to be on the lower rung of taxes so we will pay far less. it is very important to keep businesses and jobs. and to secure a future for
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every american citizen and we hope for a of future of freedom and prosperity through the entire western hemisphere that is why we have taken decisive action to stand with the good people of cuba and venezuela [cheers and applause] and as i announced before earlier this year we will not lift sanctions on the cuban regime and with the cuban people. the same failed communist ideology that has brought oppression to cuba brought nothing the suffering and misery every place it has
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been anywhere in the world. communism is the past freedom is the future. >> we also stand with the people love with his uele -- venezuela who we reject socialist oppression and call for the restoration of democracy for those citizens of venezuela. [applause] many understand why it is so important to defend our nation we what the guide given freedom to oppose the rule of law.
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our commitment has been the source of america's prosperity to made thus a beacon to the nations of the world.
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[applause] [applause] with that i would like to welcome a very special person who is doing a tremendous job as our secretary of labor, secretary augusta alex. alex, keep it up. thank you. [applause] >> mr. president, thank you. it is wonderful to be here in the white house celebrating hispanic heritage month with you, with the first lady and so many friends, colleagues and guests. growing up in miami, as a son of cuban immigrants, i saw firsthand the opportunity this nation offers. though my parents did not attend college, they worked incredibly hard to give me all those things they did not have. that is why i am here today. that is also a testament to what america means for so many
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hispanics. your presidency, and your administration very much stand for the principal that hard work and merit are what matters. it's no surprise that your ministration is working hard to remove obstacles, to return dollars to the workers of america are reducing taxes so that all americans can succeed on their own merit and their own hard work. at home, at times we might speak different languages, the hard work, the drive, the aspiration for the american dream is not anything uniquely hispanic, it is uniquely american. this nation, this great nation provides all of us with a unique opportunity to succeed
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through hard work, perseverance and resilience. all of us express our gratitude for the opportunities that this nation provides. i would now like to take a moment to invite someone who has already accomplished so much. the treasurer of the united states. please say a few words. [applause] thank you mr. president and secretary acosta for those wonderful remarks. i will tell the audience, it was a pleasure to tell the first lady she was beautiful in person. [applause] it is a pleasure to join all of you here today today in celebrating hispanic heritage month. serving the new administration, especially as a latina to foster economic growth and promote prosperity and stability is a privilege
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and an honor. when i was sworn in as the 44th treasurer of the united states, the secretary said it was remarkable to live in a country where someone could go from learning the value of a dollar at a very young age to one day putting her name on it. [applause] i have had my share of barrier of success that motivated me to work smarter, save wisely and never stop acquiring an education by whatever means possible, leading by example, counsel and classrooms and optimizing every opportunity to excel. regardless of cultural background, it is those who embrace the challenge of helping people to become more productive and of greater value who have the most significant impact. as treasurer, i am committed
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to using my office and all of the powers to help bring the american dream within the reach of all americans. thank you. [applause] >> thank you very much. it is such a great honor to have you. i have to say, these two very special people and our special first lady, to have them with us is really terrific. the secretary worked very hard. he went to school, he could've done better, he could've gone to harvard. he could've done better but that's okay. they have done such an incredible job and i want to thank you both, very much. thank you. thank you very much. thank you.
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[inaudible conversations] >> this weekend on c-span to book tv, saturday at 4:30 p.m. eastern, michael walton, president of the central justice at ny law school examines the history and debate in his book the second amendment, i biography. then starting at 7:00 p.m., a look at education and reform. cathy davidson, author of the new education. sunday night at 730 eastern, nobel prize-winning economist
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and author of world of three zeros, mohammed talks about how to solve the problems of global poverty, unemployment and climate change. for the complete weekend schedule, go to c-span city tour takes book tv and american history tv to south dakota with our mid- cable partners, we will explore the rich history and literary life of the state capital city. saturday at noon eastern on book tv, author nathan sanderson talks about pioneer cowboy in his book controlled recklessness. >> add lemon was involved in the expansion of that cattle ranching industry primarily in western south dakota which was essential into the growth of our state in the early part of the 20th century. >> nancy explores the memoir of laura inglis wilder. >> the project is a research and publishing program of the
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historical society that is designed to study and publish a comprehensive edition of laura inglis wilder pioneer girl which is her autobiography. >> on sunday at 2:00 p.m. eastern, we will tour the south dakota state capital. >> if you look up, there are also four corner areas with flags, obviously the south dakota flag, a flight from dakota territory and a flag for the united states. there's also flags for spain and france because they control the territory at different times. each corner has a flag and those are the native american colors that symbolize. >> here about lewis and clark
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with the kota sue along the river. by that meeting was so important to the area. watch c-span's city tour saturday at noon eastern on c-span to book tv. wednesday at 2:00 p.m. on american history tv on c-span three. the c-span cities to her, working with our cable affiliates and visiting cities across the country. scholars and experts on the chinese government offered a preview of the meeting of the communists party of china, slated to begin october 18. this is just over an hour and half. >> good morning everyone. my name is doug paul. i think i know just about everybody in this room, one way or another. i'll keep the introduction short. i handle the asia program here and it's my