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  President Singapore Prime Minister Joint Statement  CSPAN  October 23, 2017 1:51pm-2:09pm EDT

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the debate to move the legislation that the president is taking into this tax reform efforts. >> it's an interesting question. >> guest: what i would say to the caller is, first of all, there is no bill, no tax bill right now so she would have to wait until there is a bill and be a good citizen and read about it, learn about it, learn about the details, watch the process as the bill moves through congress, see the final product and then she will be able to judge whether the administration has lived up to its rhetoric on the bill. >> host: and pulsing her? -- and paul singer? -- >> thank you very much. please sit. i am honored to welcome the prime minister of singapore to the white house today. i want to thank you for visiting us and your entire
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group of very talented people that we are dealing with, our friendship has never been stronger than it is right now. singapore is one of our closest strategic partners in asia. the united states is proud of the deep and enduring partnership we have built. since singapore gained its independence more than half a century ago, their rapid development from a poor island nation to an economic powerhous powerhouse, under the leadership of the prime minister's great father -- he was a great man. , it has been one of the incredible economic achievements of the past 50 years. she singapore a strong commitment to the rule of law, to international property protections and to the principles of fair and reciprocal, one of my favorite words when it comes to trade, has made the country a magnet for business.
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today, over 4000 american companies are operating in singapore, and we have a very large trading relationship with singapore. earlier today, the prime minister and i witnessed a contract signing between singapore airlines, a great airline, and boeing, worth more than $13.8 billion. i want to thank the singapore people for their faith in the american engineering and the american workers and our american workers delivering the best product. our robust partnership extends far beyond economic cooperation and trade. mr. prime minister, as your father rightly noted, the development of the economy is very important, but equally important is the development of the nature of our society. so true. the united states and singapore share profound belief in a society built on a foundation of law. a nation ruled by law provides
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a greater security for the rights of citizens and the best path to shared and lasting prosperity. both the united states and singapore understand the unmatched power of private enterprise to uplift the human condition. these values have made our society stronger, sustained our partnership through the cold wa war, and laid a critical foundation for our lasting relationship today. our common values and interest have led to a vital security relationship. throughout southeast asia, the united states and singapore are currently working to enhance the capacity of law-enforcement, fight terrorism, and bolster cyber defense. our two nations also share an unwavering commitment to countering the north korean threat and promoting freedom of navigation in the south china sea.
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singapore was the first southeast asian nation to join the coalition to defeat isis. it was very far thinking. you were there before most. more than 1000 of its military personnel train here in the united states every single year. when hurricane harvey struck our gulf coast in late august, singapore deployed its own helicopters to help transport personnel and critical resources to areas in need. : which has been tremendous and for their friendship. in a few weeks i will adepressed
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the summit in the philippines where we'll celebrate the 40th 40th anniversary of u.s. asian relations. i look forward to continuing our discussions at this year's submit and to seeing the great things singapore will accomplish as chair in 2018. in other words, this great gathering will take place in singapore in 2018. mr. prime minister, thank you for your continuing partnership and leadership the u.s. singapore relationship has made both of our people far more prosperous and secure and our values have made us long-standing friends. we are fortunate to have such a loyal partner. thank you very much. >> thank you, mr. president. [applause]
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>> i'd like to thank president trump for his warm hospitality and i'm happy to visit him in washington following our meeting in july. we had a wide ranging exchange in the oval office and over lunch. we re-affirmed the robust and enduring partnership between singapore and the united states. over the last 51 years. it is a deep and wide relationship, with substantial cooperation in economic, defense and security spheres, and we also discussed what more we could too do take i forward. on the economic front the u.s. is an important partner for many in asia. singapore is a small country where just 5.5 million but we have sizable investment and trade with the u.s. and these continue to grow. for example,er where tee second largest asian investor in the u.s. with $70 billion in stock investments and total trade in
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goods and services amounted to more than $68 billion last year. the u.s. has consistently run a substantial trade surplus with singapore. last year it stood at $18 billion. in other words, america exported 43 billion of goods and services to singapore and must be one of the highest buying american customers in the world. $77,500 worth of american goods and services yearly. ties, golf clubs, financial and consultant si services. the associations. discovered recently looking at my sports shoe my new balance shoes which are very good, are me ad the u.s., probably in new england. of course we buy boeing jets. president trump and i just witnessed a signing between singapore airlines and boeing for sia to purchase 39 boeing
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aircraft worth 13.8 bill u.s. dollars. a win-win for both sides. it will modern nice sia's fleet and support many american jobs. our defense ties are very strong. singapore supports a military presence in asia, since 1990 we have hosted u.s. air force and navy everycraft and ships on rotational deployment. we thank the u.s. for hosting more than 1,000 singapore military personnel each year in training detachments in the united states. we have forces at luke air force base phoenix, and in arizona. at mount home air base in idaho, grand prairie in texas and in fort sill, oklahoma, where i spent three months years ago. our chinooks were deployed to
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assist in the hurricane harvey relief operations and have been glad to been of help off to great-hosts women have a close partnership in security cooperation, including transnational security injury, terrorism and cyber security. singapore has led early and consistent support to the defeat isis coalition. one of the first country participate and only the asian country to contribute military assets and personnel, and singapore will stenour existing deployment to the operations into 2018 for an additional year. president trump and i naturally discussed the situation on the korean peninsula. we strongly oppose the nuclearization of the korean peninsula as it affects the peace and stability of the region and like the u.s. we condemn the dpr ks dangerous provocation. these pose a serious threat to regional and international peace
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and stability. shared with president trump what singapore has done to pressure and isolate the dprk, going beyond u.n. security council resolutions. but there's no quick and easy solution. pressure is necessary. but so is dialogue. the u.s. will need to work with others, including china, south korea and japan and russia to resolve the issue. president trump will be visiting china in a few weeks time as part of his first visit to asia. singapore, like many other countries, watched your relations with china very closely. it's a most important bilateral relationship in the world. china is the u.s.' third largest export market for goods and services, for are agricultureal experts, the second highest, soybeans, cotton and farming machinery and as the incomes go up they'll by more and more good american beef. i express my hope that the u.s.
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will be able to maintain a stable and constructive relationship with china. engaging each other at the highest levels, building trust, establishing institutional mechanisms. good u.s.-china relations would benefit the region and the world. it will enable countries in asia pacific, including america and china themselves, to enjoy regional stability, peace and prosperity. finally, look forward to seeing president trump again in vietnam and the philippines next month to attend the summit meetings. his presence in asia will mean a lot to america, to america's many friends and allies in the region. and it will open doors and develop markets for u.s. exporters and investors. although the president is not visiting singapore this time around i have invited him to visit at the earliest opportunity and am very glad he has accepted. singapore will be the chair next
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year and be hope to strengthen our tie witches the united states and further cooperation. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. [applause] >> mr. president, any questions on the -- >> do you have a response to my esha johnson? >> can you talk to us -- -- [inaudible conversations] >> american history tv interviewed arizona senator john mccain about the 50th
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50th anniversary of his capture. here's a quick look. >> the legacy of vietnam is before we get into a conflict, we'd better have a strategy and a capability to win. this is one of these gradual drip, drip, drip involvements, started out with the called the gulf of tonkin resolution and supposedly -- still not clear to this day -- confrontation between vietnamese ship or ships and american ships, which then led to a resolution, rammed through by lyndon johnson, to a complete lack of focus and strategy on how to bring it to a close. i'm very sympathetic because the one thing that overrode most of lyndon johnson's thinking, appropriately, was china. that we certainly didn't want to have a confrontation that would
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lead to a real conflict there. so, it cautioned all of our actions so that it was a very gradual escalation which then not only didn't harm the enemy but it strengthened their resolve, and that led, of course, to all kinds of implications implications and repercussions. the new age, the use of drugs, demonstrations, right out here on this mall there was a million people, or however many it was, that it really split our society in a way that we sometimes forget. mass arrests, demonstrations, chicago. all of us can look back and see on c-span, but it was a tumultuous time, most bred by the conflict and one aspect of
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the conflict it will never, ever countenance, is we drafted the lowe's income level of america and the highest income level found a doctor that would say they had a bone spur. that is wrong. that is wrong. if we're going to ask every american to serve, every american should serve. >> you can see the entire interview online at tonight on c-span. and on thursday, the 50th 50th anniversary of senator mccain's capture during the vietnam war. check the scheduled on >> the senate takes up $36.5 billion in disaster aid today, including money for wildfire recovery effort and for the national flood insurance program. the house passed a bill earlier this month. the senate gavels in at 3:00 eastern and will vote at 5:30 eastern on limiting bill
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debate. we'll have live coverage of the senate action here on c-span2. later today, white house press secretary sarah sanders joins a discussion with white house correspondents from fox news, cnn and "the new york times," on how the media covers the trump administration. hosted by george washington university, that starts live at 7:00 p.m. eastern on c-span3. online, at, or an the free c-span radio app. >> tonight, on the communicators, russia's involvement in the 2016 election with reporter julia anguiy. >> facebook said they learned a bunch of ads placed during the election were praised by russian outfits under anonymous accounts and politically divisive ads, not necessarily same at one candidate or another but just
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aimed at sewing divisiveness on charged topics. >> watch "the communicators" tonight at 8:00 eastern on c-span2. >> france's defense minister was in washington, dc recently and said that scrapping the iran nuclear agreement would be a gift to iranian hardliners and a first step toward future wars. this cams after president trump's recent announcement to decertify the agreement and continue threats to ultimately pull out of the deal. she spoke for about an hour last week at an event hosted be the center for strategic and international studies. [inaudible discussion]