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tv   Senate Party Leaders Weekly News Conferences - Democrats  CSPAN  October 31, 2017 6:52pm-7:12pm EDT

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>> well, we are in a four-cornered, bipartisan negotiation over how to fund the government including the trump administration, and that job will have to be done by december the 8th. and i think we're on a path to do that. [inaudible conversations] >> thanks a lot. [inaudible conversations] >> okay. hello, everybody. thank you for coming, and i want to thank senator coons, hoe row know and markey, my colleagues, for being here. hirono. as we say, mass el talf.
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mazel tov. i understand many reporters have faced greater scrutiny when moving around the capitol today and, obviously, reporters are some of the last people who should face unwarranted restrictions. my office and the rules committee are looking into a remedy as soon as possible. okay? now tax reform. well, when the house republicans unveiled their bill tomorrow -- unveil their bill tomorrow, they'll essentially be initiating open warfare on the middle class. under their plans taxes would go up on nearly one in three middle class households even though they promised no middle class person would get a tax increase. republicans like to say they're against double taxation, but apparently not when it comes to the middle class. every time republicans have found themselves in a pinch, they look to the middle class, not the ultra-wealthy, to carry
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the burden. so let's look a little bit at how this debate has evolved. first, republicans propose eliminating the state and local tax in its entirety. then once house republicans began to realize how devastating this would be for middle and upper class constituents, they started looking for a compromise and then to figure out ways to make up for the lost revenues. but they should have looked at the top 1%. they should have looked at the wealthiest corporations flush with money. no, they looked to the middle class and then started talking about capping 401(k)s, the path to a decent retirement for so many americans because pensions are less available than they used to be. so instead of eliminating estate tax repeal which applies only to people whose estates are five million or higher, instead of restoring the higher tax rate on the wealthiest people or not cutting pass-throughs as much or
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closing loopholes that predominantly benefit millionaires with lawyers, they go scrounging through middle class pockets to pay for their huge tax cuts for the wealthy. and now chairman brady said today under their bill they'll end state income tax deductions. by doing this, they're going the make it crystal clear their tax plan double taxes the middle class americans to help pay for tax cuts for the rich. if every american still needed more proof the bill would be a boon to the wealthy, they should look no further than this provision. republicans are so devoted to giving tax giveaways to the wealthiest of americans, they tie middle class people in knots in terms of their policies. they should scrap the emerging framework once and for all. if this bill fails, if they withdraw it, we're going to work with them on a good bill that will benefit the middle class. we promised them that. and like on health care, we'll
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be good on our word as you saw with the murray and lamar compromise. senator coons. sorry. >> well, thank you, senator schumer. i'll start by just repeating what senator schumer just said that is also something republicans don't want you to hear, which is that democrats want to work with republicans on tax reform, tax reform that will actually help the middle class, that'll help working families, that'll simplify the tax code and help america's small businesses grow. and we've got great ideas on how to do that if republicans would just give us a chance to work together across the aisle. heck, i introduced a bipartisan bill just last week on energy financing and tax treatment, the cosponsor in the house is ted poe, one of the most conservative house members x here in the senate it's jerry moran. we've got ideas for how we can do tax reform in a way that doesn't balloon the deficit and
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helps build america's middle class. but at least right now it doesn't seem that bipartisan tax reform is going to be given a chance, because republican leadership has decided once again they'll try and go it alone just as they did for aca reform. what they're interested in, apparently, is a huge tax cut for corporations and for the wealthiest americans and huge cuts to medicaid and medicare all paid for -- at least according to their budge framework -- by adding more than a trillion dollars to our deficit. that's not what i've heard for the years i've been here in the senate. when the previous president was running the government, what i heard over and over on budget committee was that republicans wanted to deal with our deficits and debt. they also talked about regular order and the importance of restoring regular order. four years. now our republican colleagues have forgotten both of these core principles and instead want to move forward on a narrowly-partisan, difficult, complex tax giveaway that will simply explode our deficit and
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not reform taxes in a way that help middle class americans. i'll just remind you that the last time a big tax reform package was passed here in the capitol, when ronald reagan was president. -bipartisan, and it was revenue -- it was bipartisan, and it was revenue-neutral. that's the path towards us being able to do this together again. senator hirono? >> thank you. aloha. i'm glad to join my colleagues in bringing attention to the fact that, for one thing, the majority of americans do not support this republican tax plan. why? because they know that this is going to be a huge giveaway, tax giveaway to the richest 1% of the people in our country. the majority of americans know that the wealthiest in our country do not need any more help. in fact, the group that needs help are the middle class and the less economically wealthy. so that's what we ought to be focusing on. instead what we get are all these what we in hawaii would
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call -- [speaking in native tongue] b.s. as to how this is going to help the middle class. 80% of the goodies of this tax break, so-called republican tax plan, is going to go to the richest 1% of the people in our country which means that 99% of the people in our country are left behind. which means that 20% of the goodies, of the tax plan will go to 99% of the people. does that sound fair to you? see, the thing about taxes is that there are winners and losers, and we standing here know, we know what fairness feels like, we know what it smells like, we know what it looks like. and this republican tax plan doesn't come anywhere near doing what it needs to do in order to be fair. so i can only, once again, mention that a lot of the republican tax plan is really encompassed in their budget which calls for a trillion dollars in cuts to medicaid and half a trillion in cuts to
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medicare. these are programs that support our families and our middle class people. what does this mean with these kinds of huge cuts not only to the people who rely on these programs, but state governments? governments like hawaii will have to pay a lot more because we're not getting the federal money that we need for medicare and medicaid, and we're going to need to pay for essential services. so this is going to have a double, triple whammy against individuals, against 99 president of the people -- 99% of the people of our country, against all the people who rely on medicare and medicaid. this is not a tax plan that anybody should tout as something that is going to be good for our un. ..
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>> it's nothing more than a trojan horse of massive giveaways for the top one percentile at the expense of workers and families. this is not a tax plan, it's a tech scam. we know they're working to double tax millions of households but taking away the deduction families get with the taxes they get. they claim it will create fairness. the rest of the country from subsidizing high tax states. that is yet another republican trick. in reality, this is an unfair attack on our constituents in states like massachusetts where
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we only get back 83 cents for every dollar we pay for the federal government. taking this tax break away only worsens that discrepancy. the changes the republicans are talking about making to the 4o1k plan should frighten american concerned about their retirement regardless of today's holiday. 80% of american workers who participate in a workplace retirement plan unless than $100,000 a year. so to recap, republicans want to enact so-called tax reform were middle-class families see their taxes go up and then limit the money they can save for retirement that is a middle-class double whammy.
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we know this will not be enough. after raising taxes on the middle class their budgets laid out that they're going to go out right back to trying to cut programs that the middle class relies upon. they want to/medicaid by $1 trillion. they want to cut medicare by $450 billion. in that way they are able to pay for the one and half trillion dollar tax break that goes mostly to the upper 1% tile. you don't have to be a mathematician to figure out all of the money comes from medicare, medicaid, 4o1k and state and local taxation deductions. the simple plan, the republicans
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are very of whale to the koch brothers. they're very loyal to the upper one percentile. this is their final payback. /medicare medicaid, 401k programs and hand the money over to the brothers in the upper one percentile. this is what will be fighting, it is a historic value. battle. [inaudible question] [inaudible question] >> what happens to states rights? let them determine. if the make two false arguments. the voters of new york and massachusetts want good schools and good roads, good parks and recreation areas.
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they have decided the pay more taxes to do it. the republican colleagues on other issues say let the state decide by staying on medicaid. second, massachusetts and new york they say i don't wanna send money from alabama to new york, that's bunk. new york since $49 billion more to washington than a kids back. others are donis states and they get more back to what they get. >> massachusetts is 15 billion a year that we pay more in taxes what they're going to do is increase the taxes on all of the people above where it is and then try to transfer that money back into the red states that will be voting to get a tax break it's wrong. a lot of the constituents are middle-class and upper-middle-class congressmen
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in republican suburban districts. >> you said you're interested in talking about what change in the rules. >> senator mcconnell does not come to the court with clean hands on these issues. he delayed in blocks so many of obama's nominees. many of the judges should've been filled by obama nominees and they blocked them with blue slips which when mcconnell was in favor of getting rid of. the fact is simple, there were more judges approved at this time in the trump administration and the obama administration when democrats are in the majority.
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>> i don't know what's going to happen in the senate. it will be up to a handful of republican colleagues. i don't know any democratic employees who like the provision the spill. forty-five signed the letter and the other three agreed with the principles in that letter. >> at the end of the day to think there will be a tax reform package passed. >> i think if the republican bill fails will try to get one that's bipartisan. the problem is the hard right runs the show. republican colleagues are so scared that to do a bipartisan bill that would have to break the cold weather thinking where tax breaks go to the wealthiest people. all of whom are doing great. [inaudible question] the negotiations actually go pretty well the four corners if
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you will, speaker ryan leader pelosi and myself are making good progress in that regard but it's going pretty well. i'm hopeful that there can be an agreement but there's a few things no one in their. >> senator mcconnell mentioned the white house. >> is something we have always stood for were not backing off from. >> is there an itemized reduction for property taxes. >> three out of every $4 will to still be socketed to the middle class because the property taxes that the majority of this, there some states like mine that have high income taxes and republican
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place that have high sales tax. will still be a nightmare for the middle class. >> to john kelly's controversial, but the last of the ability -- [inaudible question] >> i haven't heard what he says i want to see the whole thing before commenting. i don't know what context it was in. thank you everybody. [inaudible]
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[inaudible] >> representatives from twitter facebook and google testify before congress on tuesday. as part of the investigation on the influence on social media. complete live coverage is available on the c-span networks. on wednesday to hearings commit 9:30 a.m. eastern the senate intelligence committee and at 2:00 p.m. eastern the house committee hears testimony from twitter, facebook, and google. watch both hearings and c-span three, online at or listen live on the c-span radio app. >> c-span's "washington journal", live everyday with new some policy issues that impact too. coming up on wednesday, the house republican tax reform bill get a release on wednesday. joining us to talk about it is tom mcclintock cool weigh in on the recent indictments. the service and the pentagon's recommendation to expand registration to include women. talk about the selective service
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with the director. author and former obama administration official talks about his book impeachment, a citizen sky. watch at 7:00 a.m. eastern on wednesday morning. >> in his this evening, the driver ran down people killing at least eight and injuring others in new york city. mayor bill diblasio and andrew cuomo called this an actor tear. they spoke after the incident. >> we know will get down to the bottom of what happened. i want to ask all new yorkers and americans


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