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tv   U.S. Senate Sens. Gillibrand and Cornyn on Texas Mass Shooting  CSPAN  November 6, 2017 6:11pm-6:36pm EST

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we have to do this this year. there is no excuse. there are too many lives at stake. not just the 780,000 daca individuals, but all of the people that they are helping in their lives today. they're depending on us. we're running out of time. i urge my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to join me in this constructive and bipartisan effort. mr. president, i yield the floor. the presiding officer: the senate stands adjourned until gs
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consent to vitiate the quorum call. the presiding officer: without objection. mrs. gillibrand: mr. president, i rise to speak about the mass shooting in texas yesterday. the latest mass shooting in what seems like a never-ending gun violence in our country. my heartbreaks for the victims and their families and for the community of sutherland springs in texas. we are still gathering all the facts about this specific crime. we are still learning about what happened, how this murderer was able to purchase a gun, whatever his twisted rationale was for walking into a house of worship in a small town and slaughtering more than 20 people, including young children, with an assault weapon. our incredible law enforcement officials are working hard to answer all of that. but the most important fact of all is something we already know very well. this is yet another case where
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someone on american soil who had >> >> three of them have occurred in just the past 17 months. think about that. in small-town america just because they went to church that population was slaughtered. this is not a war zone. in was a church. people were singing and praying. i reject the notion it is too soon to act because if not now then when? we should also weapons today. people who don't want to have an honest conversation
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because we wait waiting for evil to we are its ugly head over and over. we have enough information today for congress to do its job. we had enough information before yesterday to act. but what congress does not have is the political will to act. this change this month. thoughts and prayers will not m stop the next mass shooting. we'ren talking about something for the mentally ill with the next history next person with hate in their soul from committing another mass murder. that doesn't mean americans should have to risk itself because they walk down the wrong street in this city to go to a nightclub in orlando or concert in the las vegas
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or a movie theater in aurora where church on sunday in texas. so what happens in congress. played danceable. they are slaughtered but congress is refusing to protect them. and then to have every instance with every man and woman and children not that every law will stop every instance of crime but there's no excuse for not even trying. everyone in this chamber knows shooting in a church is something that should never happen in this country
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mr. president i the key would agree with that. i think everyone who serves in this chamber would agree with that. so why are we doing anything to stop this violence? wired tweaking a harder to get their hands of the weapons of war? what are the colleagues waiting for? waiting for the nra to give them cover? are they waiting for the nra to give them permission? assault rifles and should be banned said the nra the not would-be happening tomorrow that is the sad truth but we know that the nra would not say that because they want to keep selling these weapons of war to anyone who was willing to buy them no matter how unsafe it is for the rest of us.
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congress.r caves in or out -- over and over by the nra. and has ignored the vast majority of americans those that support common-sense measures to keep their fellow americans safe these mass slaughters continue. so to me this is a monumentalr failure of leadership and this happens here at a higher rate than any other developed country in the world. this has to change this is enough to solve the individual crime after the fact but take meaningful and real action to prevent the nexto one. this is what has to happen. so to those who doubt that
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congress can get something done, we already know depending space congress is listening to they are capable instead of acting that are refusing to do anything with what is happening right now. far more often than not with a special interest with people who actually elect them to keep them safe. and then these laws come about because the a bleeds given to them not of the nra. congress has turned its back on expanding the national background check to fix those in the system not just shrugging our shoulders.
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would you think demanded was that families in your state or the nra? congress refuses to be in high magazine that are literally made for war. and let killers fired dozens of rounds without having to stop and reload. foot giving kim demanded that? families or the nra? congress to refuses to ban assault weapons that is designed to kill as many people as possible as rapidly as possible. who do think demanded that? or the nra? congress is on theer verge of passing legislation for killers to buy suppressors that we know as silencers it makes them
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harder for the police to do their job to catch a violent criminals and hoodie thing demanded that? certainly not the police. not to our families. and are a. progress is dragging its feet. the expensive piece of equipment turning the powerful fire arm capable live firing hundreds of rooms who demanded that? families or nra? congress over to your day rule for those that were so incapacitated they could no longer handle their own finances. who demanded that? families of theco nra. congress went so far to pass a law that passed the sec from studying the issue of gun deaths the way they
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could study any of their cause of death because the overwhelming dave negative that shows keeping guns out of theou indians of people would decrease gun crime. who demanded that? to suppress the fact in the alarming data of gun violence? families? or the nra? mr. president this really has to change. congress needs to protect the people we were elected to represent it really does matter. they must be heard. head doesn't change to help to keep the state safer from gun violence.
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we can ignore our responsibilities to keep our country sayce from this kind of violence. into all the people watching us right now i would say after all of these massacres , pay attention to what the elected leaders are saying. and what they're doing watch how they react and look closely how they use their time here and listen to what they say or don't say. did they tell you we with our heads for a moment of silence and leave it there? or did they tell you they would use every bit of
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energy to fix the broken gun laws to protect citizens? democracy only works were regular people stand up to hamand action i urge everyone listening today to demand action to elected leaders accountable asking them to pass meaningful gun reform now. i yield the floor. >> mr. president, today we enjoy this doesn't community a small town in san antonio
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texas southerland spring is one loss of life is too many. so i listened to those impassioned comments from our colleague from york but i think it is important we understand exactly what did happen and through this terrible tragic event agencies to do that appropriate investigation what could we do consistent with the constitution? what could redo to make something like this less likely? i wish i was optimistic there was a magical and we could wave and prevent terrible tragedies like this but in a free and open society society, unfortunately we
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don't have that magic wand. so with a background checks are appropriate. for those who committed previous felonies they are banned from purchasing firearms there are reports and we clarity and where we cut back to make a difference there is some indication by some news reports that this individual has committed domestic violence and was convicted of that by a court-martial. that would have then a disqualifying factor in his
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ability to purchase firearms. we need to do exactly what the facts are. i appreciate the passion of our colleague from york is mural stunned. by what happened. but being rational people be also want to know the facts before we decide what the best course of action may be. it may be like we saw a few years back at virginia tech tech, the individual that was previously adjudicated mentally ill that judgment but this wasn't because of a failure of communication between state and federal authorities but he could purchase a firearm when he was legally disqualified to
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do so. those are the things we could work together on. after the terrible shooting i was shocked after las vegas somebody could bypass the prohibition into the automatic weapon. somebody who enjoy its the outdoors to win jury recreational shooting i know of no sportsman or hunter who use is that bob stock. the sole purpose is to bypass then prohibition of turning semi-automatic weapons into automatic weapons and that is something i hope the senate judiciary committee will continue to look into and
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determine whether or not a the bureau alcohol tobacco firearm shouldle extend the authority to regulate these back when president obama was president the bureau said they did not believe they had the authority but several of us have written to them asking them to clarify where they feed they do and don't so we can work withef them closely to prevent terrible tragedies like that from occurring in the future. but yesterday we received the news the gunman opened fire at the first baptist church in teeeighteen texas killing at least 26 people. i cannot imagine a more vulnerable time sitting in the pews with their heads down and i closed and then
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exposed at that house of worship. and a pregnant woman among others. between aged 18 and 72 all of them are gone. eight --- all 26 of them. this small community in the nation must find its roots and meet the face of evil. and then to stem the violence that continues to plague the united states. and then in the act of terrorist.
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because we are the open society. so these tragedies comeback time and time again. so the knife attack at the university of texas earlier this year in the shooting in downtown dallas last year ended ft. hood 2009. each ofee these are shocking and inexplicable. and certainly reprehensible. but this tragedy may be the worst of all. but butf this event occurred in the house of worship makes it all grotesque and despicable. hymns of praise were
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silencedse and those had cries of help. it is called the deadliest mass shooting in texas history. but perhaps it is better understood by the words of 1 million whose mother and father were both killed yesterday. he was sitting on the curb outside of the emergency room in a town nearby. shaken to the court recalls the events unimaginable. it is impossible to comprehend what must have felt like in southerland springs in a small tight-knit community 35 miles southeast of san antonio. neighbors lost, in yesterday's gunfire and
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sirens still ringing in the air. one of the people who lost their lives was crystal who died with her unborn child and several relatives. another was annabel, a shy 14 year-old whose family describes her as an angel in the flesh. alito thankfully to good samaritans turd on the shooter. . .
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put my equivocal in complete support. the sheriff said the bloody scene inside first baptist was horrific but that the response to the tragedy was instantaneous instantaneous. first a responders from surrounding areas as well as state and local officials an undated southerland springs with logistical resources and personnel. through their love and compassion asmp well a proud display of what i often see which is an attitude that being a texan doesn't describe just where you are from, it describes who your family is. so today mr. president i joined the sheriff as well as governor abbott my friend representative
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henry cuellar is congressional district this tragedy occurred, my colleague in the senate senator cruz and so many other texans in asking god for healing and for understanding. we know the investigation into exactly what happened and why is ongoing and it's important that we allow this investigation to be completed so we can know exactly what happened and exactly what we might able to do to prevent tragedies like this from occurring in the future. i hope that texans who calls southerland springs and first baptist churchir home will soon have some answers. i said my thoughts and prayers to those who lost parents and children and friends and relatives in this outrageous and inhuman act. i hope each of us will pledge to
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be a light in the darkness and the families whose lives are forever changed by this atrocity and show a strong shoulder of support. mr. president i yield the floor. and i know the absence of a quorum. >> another gun massacre, horrible circumstances. i came to the floor did say a word to friends and family that are shared by all of us. it's heartbreaking to think that some person so demented, so unusual would come into a setting and kill innocent people.l this man that reportedhe shooter devon kelly used an assault rifle to kill 26 people in southerland springs


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