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tv   U.S. Republican Senators on Legislative Agenda  CSPAN  November 14, 2017 7:12pm-7:26pm EST

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i'm getting at particularly is even with the idea that many people are questioning the impartiality of mr. rosenstein to this would be absence of landline to help make the decision on special counsel. >> i am not aware that he has a problem in that regard but if so we have senior counsel in the department who would give advice on that. we all have to be sure that we are not crossing that line. >> thank you mr. chairman for indulging us. >> you can watch all of this hearing with attorney general sessions tonight on c-span. today republican majority leader mitch mcconnell spoke to reporters about the republican tax reform bill. senator mcconnell was asked about senate candidate roy moore following this news conference. we will hear from democratic leader chuck schumer.
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[inaudible conversations] >> as all of you know we are heading into the markup that started yesterday and i wanted to ask senator scott and senator portman who were in the middle of all of that and some of the leaders on the tax reform effort to say a few words. >> the good news on tax reform we have spent a lot of time talking about the numbers and tax reform and the reality of it is those numbers translate to real people's lives who will benefit from tax reform and as we start discussing ways to use some of the revenues perhaps from the individual mandate to lower taxes for the middle class this is a classic example of a powerful mechanism for us to address those folks in the middle class, the hard-working americans living paycheck to
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paycheck who are looking for a way to bring home more of their take-home pay. our approach provides relief, significant substantial clear relief to those folks working hard every single day in the middle class. >> thank you. the middle income folks that i representative pennsylvania are going to benefit from this bill in two ways. one is they are going to give less money to uncle sam. a federal paxil is going to be lower than it is stay in the second way they are going to benefit is we are going to take what is arguably the worst business tax code in the industrialized world and turned into one of the best and the results of that are going to be tremendous economic growth, economic expansion business targets business expansion in the kind of job creation and finally upward pressure on wages so that working families can enjoy a better standard of
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living. that's what's coming when we get this done. >> we are making great progress on this tax bill. we are debating it in committee right now and it has real middle-class tax cuts that the joint committee on taxation is willing to show us to look at their tables on what they say is that the family in america that is at the median family income is going to get a 1500-dollar tax cut. and ohio it's about 2400 bucks so it's even higher and these are folks who need it. a lot of them are people who are living paycheck to paycheck. they haven't seen their wages go up in a couple of decades even though it was we have had economic road lately. this is a critical part of the bill but also it's important that we fixed the tax code so we don't continue to lose jobs and investment overseas and that's what's happening right now. so for those who are defending the status quo i would ask them does it make sense that almost 5000 companies have become
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foreign companies over the past decade or so because of our broken tax code? those companies would have been american companies based on a study done recently by ernst & young if we have the tax code we are talking about. as a makes sense we have $2.5232 billion lock up overseas that would otherwise come back to this country to be invested in equipment and plant some people, more jobs. i think this is where are the folks i represent ohio there's even more benefit than a middle-class tax cuts because we are going to see more jobs and better wages. this is an exciting opportunity. i'm glad we got to started in the committee. we will have lots of opportunity for debate. we have had over 70 hearings on this just since i've been in the senate the last six or seven years. we have had five bipartisan pass forces. we have reported on these issues. these a lot of time and effort in putting this together and now it's time to move it to committee gets a four hello vigorous debate but at the end
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of the day delivered to the people we represent. >> i think that pretty well lays out what we are about this week. on the floor we will be confirming more nominees that probably should have been confirmed much easier than they will be but we will be plowing through nominations while the committee finishes up the bill probably on friday. we will be on the floor with this bill the first week after thanksgiving. >> one of the things i hope we do as part of his tax process is repeal the tax on core americans. right now of the people that pay the penalty under the individual mandate or people making $25,000 or less and rather than by the insurance that supposedly we want them to buy we overprice it and we penalize them when they can't afford it. we are going to repeal the tax
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on poor americans that amounts to $43 billion over the next 10 years. that will be a huge influx of money into their pockets that right now they are having to pay the federal government while we simplify the tax code and let people keep more of what they are probably get competitive once again in the global economy and bring jobs and investment back to the united states. you heard my colleagues on the finance committee summarizes pretty well what's happening on the committee but i would just simply add to that by saying what we have heard a lot from the democrats so far is basically saying somehow middle income families are going to get tax relief for the tax relief is going to be skewed toward high income americans. the tax is very simple that middle-income families are going to receive -- as a result of his tax reform bill. the reason for that is we double
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standard sections and expand the child tax credit and we lower rates. the rates go through all the different income brackets that middle-income families in this country will receive in a significant tax cut according to the tax foundation $1500. my state of south dakota's $2500 of tax relief are they average middle-income family and secondly what this exercise is about in addition to giving tax relief to middle-income families is getting a growing and expanding economy generating better paying jobs and higher wages. the american people although we are starting to see the economy pick up a little bit haven't had a pay raise in nearly a decade. wages have been flat and the way to get wages up is to get the economy up where this is our expanding their operation in demand for labor goes up in the price for labor goes up and the result of that is higher wages. this is about better growth, better paying jobs higher wages for american workers and middle income tax relief. those are the goals we set out
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to achieve. the senate bill achieves though some i hope we can get it through the committee this week across the senate floor on the presence desk before the end of the year so the american people can get the much needed tax relief that they need so they don't have to live paycheck to paycheck. >> i think as the senate finance committee settles into a final bill and does everything they can to be sure this has the broad middle income base that we wanted to have the facts are going to speak for themselves. a family that makes around $70,000, a family of four will have a 1500-dollar nationwide tax break. in my state it's about $2400 according to the tax foundation for that middle-income family and $200 a month makes a big difference. $200 a month means you can do a number of things with your family that you can't do without that $200 a month.
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it may just mean you have savings to fall back on when things happen that you don't anticipate and every number out there indicates many families in the country don't have a $500 to fall back on. $500 is a disaster. $500 is a disaster and your tax obligation is $1500 less than it was or $2400 less than it was, believe me that makes a big difference. >> you have for the members produce significant portion of american families no 400 or $500 they have to come up with it immediately would be a hardship for that family. we know a good portion of americans don't have 24-hour access to $200 in cash to tax cuts and tax relief that has been estimated at $1400 or more per american family is significant tax relief for hard-working americans bring colorado marks for spends five
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we can see her trying to get his taxes done for his family and for his business. he knows simplification means he can spend more time with his family and put more money into his business. he spent the entire economic output every year the entire gdp of new zealand preparing and filing our taxes in this country. it's time for real relief and time to grow this economy. >> the idea of the individual mandate, that's going to be in the bill and you obviously think that would help. >> we are optimistic and starting the individual mandate repeal would be helpful and that is obviously the view of the senate finance committee republicans as well. >> roy moore has given no indication that he's going to withdraw from the race. >> i think where we are the
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president called me from vietnam on friday. we had a chance to discuss this issue. i talked to general kelley about it on saturday and talked to the vice president about it yesterday and there's no question that there is a deep concern here. roy moore should step aside. the women who come forward are entirely critical. he is obviously not fit to the united states senate and we have looked at all the options to try to prevent that from happening. obviously this close to the election it's a very complicated matter and i think once the president and his team get back we will have further discussions about it. >> you said you believed the women who alleged misconduct. do you also believe the women
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who have accused trump? >> we are talking about the situation in alabama and i would be happy to address that after further questions. [inaudible] >> i would rather not, you were saying if he is elected? i would rather not -- it's up to the people of alabama to make this decision. i think they have a lot of information now in making a decision. obviously from a republicans point of view we would hope to save the seed in that might require a write-in and all of those things are under discussion. >> what about harassment here in capitol hill that it's been a spotlight text you think policies you are strong enough? >> we will take a look at that. we passed a resolution the other night that senator klobuchar and
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senator grassley took the lead on and that working group located in the rules committee is considering what further steps we may need to take. thank you. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> good morning or good afternoon and i'm joined by my colleague here who are focused like a laser on helping the middle class. now, we just saw what happened out of the republican lunch. thelma and louise are warming up the car preparing to drive it over the cliff. it's just


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