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tv   House Speaker Ryan GOP Leaders Briefing  CSPAN  December 19, 2017 12:53pm-1:11pm EST

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tax reform bill today with expecting the senate to take it up this afternoon and we could have final passage boat on that much later today when they return live at 2:15 p.m. eastern on c-span2. as we've mentioned the house of debating the tax reform bill now and ahead of that debate house speaker paul ryan and house democratic leaders, democratic leader nancy pelosi separately briefed reporters. you can hear both of those starting with speaker ryan. >> [inaudible conversations] >> good morning, everyone. let me start by saying we're keeping all those impacted by the train derailment and pierce county, washington, in our
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hearts today with, it's an ongoing emergency and you think about people just on their daily commutes, then the tragedy hits in just a member keep them in your thoughts. today in the people's house were preparing to send the tax cuts and jobs bill to the president's desk. achieving a better life experience also turns three today. and on the day the house passed the able act i remember having my son colt on the house floor and reflecting on when he was first born. and we were told at the time don't put any asset in his name and i remember as new parents with a boy, that's just the wrong message to be sending parents that are ready just to give the child everything that life has to offer. and as parents we strive to give our kids the tools they need to pursue the dreams them out of the challenges they that they . transforming our expectations for people with disabilities do what the able act is all about.
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it's marked a new chapter for people with disabilities. one of empowerment, opportunity and independence. and today it's reflective of those words again as a tax cuts and jobs act carries on the legacy of the able act. it will allow individuals to rollover funds from 529 account to and enable account so they can pay for ongoing expenses. it also allows for able to work, that individuals can save more of their own money as they do for the workforce and find good paying jobs. from the very beginning our focus has been profamily, pro-economic growth. so that that everyone will have the opportunity for a better life and the opportunity to reach their full potential. this legislation nearly doubles the standard deduction to make more of what you earn tax-free figure lowers the rates across the board so that small businesses and job creators invest here at home, , not overseas. and it eliminates costly special
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interest loopholes that instead puts families first. under this plan the average family of four making 73,000 will see an over $2000 tax cut. i'd like to thank the conferees from the house and the senate, everyone those involved in making this happen, and despite the defenders of the status quo that are using every tired scare tactic in the book to delight progress and to divide the american people, are conferees have worked hard to meet our goal for more jobs, , fair taxes and fair paychecks. american sent us here to do the big things and that includes fixing a a broken tax code. this really is a once in a generation opportunity to provide a brighter future to all americans. we are keeping that promise and we're excited to move forward today. i'm also pleased that representative neil done to join us today. eastern florida second district. this legislation on the floor
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today that's helping veterans get jobs in the s.t.e.m. fields picus also been a great, great advocate for fixing our broken tax code and helping hard-working men women in his district. >> well, thank you very much, madam chair. this truly is an exciting and distort day for our country. for many of us that the vote wt today is the principal reason we came here to serve, to get our economy going, to put americans back to work, and put more money in their paychecks. for those across the country who still doubt that this legislation will help the middle class, all you have to do is read. i direct your attention to fair and simple gop. it really well cut the taxes and help hard-working families make ends meet. what you think all of my colleagues who worked so hard on this bill to make this dream a reality. but most especially i want to thank chairman kevin brady and speaker paul ryan who bore the
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largest part of this challenge. this is good medicine for america. thank you very much. >> doctor said it's good medicine. you don't need a second opinion on that. if this is really an exciting day for hard-working families, who have called on congress for years to simplify the tax codes so they can have money in the pockets so that we can get this economy going again, so we can bring jobs back to america that have left. it's a finally created a code that so simple that over 90% of families can actually do the taxes on a postcard. we are delivering that relief to all of those hard-working families today. this is an a straw vote for a lot of reasons, but one we have proved just how big we can do things if we come together as a team. just a big we can deliver a win
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for the american people when we come together as a team. if you look at how long it's taken for us to get to the point like that, you have to go all the way back to 1986 when ronald reagan was signing the last reform of our tax code back in 1986. he talked about how hard it was and all the naysayers said it couldn't be done. but while reagan never gave up. and ultimately on the day he signed the bill he read a headline that said the impossible became the inevitable. i do want to thank president trump for having that same must do can-do attitude where he never gave up. he kept working with us every step of the way to get to this point where we'll pass this bill in the house and the senate will pass this bill, and he can sign a bill that will provide that relief for hard-working taxpayers who have for so long wanted a tax code that works for them for so long have wanted to have more money in the pockets so that they can have a better
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shot and leaving the american dream. that starts today with this distort tax cut vote. >> every week we come here, maker statements and we hear question. did it like to start with a question to you, did you believe would ever be this day with this bill on this floor with the outcome we know that's going to happen? .. every time he wondered why another business left america to go to another country, this is america's comeback.
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this is the beginning. when you pass this bill today, every american needs to check their cap next gear because the answer will be there. there will be more in their paycheck. no longer do they send it to washington, they send it to the home may have an opportunity. this is an opportunity we have fought for for a long time. maybe you will write the answer to that question. maybe you didn't believe would ever get here, but next year will be different. america will be different because of what we do today. >> first of all, i want to join kathy and saying how sad we are by the terrible loss of life in washington our things
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go out to the first responders in our hearts go out to those who were injured. kathy also talked about how tax reforms would help people with disabilities. a kind of gets to the heart of what this is all about. this is expanding opportunity to people who are striving to most the most out of their life. we want people to reach their potential. we know we are not reaching our potential and one of the greatest things we can do to help that is passes tax reform bill. every income level will get a tax cut but especially the middle income family. a family of four making an average of a media income gets
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in over $2000 tax relief next year. this is real relief. you've all heard a set but it's very true. more than half the people of this country are living paycheck to paycheck. another half of people are telling us there one paycheck away from living paycheck to paycheck. there is real economic anxiety america. small businesses and mainstreet businesses, they get real relief in addition to the family. workers are going to get a more level playing field. that will boost wages for that will bring more jobs back home. this will make a positive difference in the lives of everyday working americans from all walks of life in 2016, we articulated a vision for what we think is necessary to get this country back on track. we spent all of our time together in our majority going here's will take to help
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people and get america back onto and get the economy going and get true growth to hit our potential, and we are doing it today. this is the greatest example of a promise being made and a promise being kept. it has been a long, long time. it's an honor to be speaker of the house and see the spread last time this was done i was working at the quarter pounder grill in wisconsin. it's a long time coming and we are so excited to see this happen. we know it will grow our economy and help people who are struggling in this country. that is why we are very excited about this historic day. any questions? [inaudible] >> if people are out there telling myth mistruths,
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disguising the facts of this thing, that will make it unpopular. as i mentioned before in the polling, 18% of americans thought they would get a tax cut. when you have a mud fest on tv, when pendants are slamming each other about this tax bill before it passes, that's what's going to happen but when we get this done, when people see their withholding improving and jobs improving and bigger paychecks in a simpler tax code, that's what will produce the results. [inaudible] >> have read the books. this evidence-based policy is
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very good reform, and by the way, it is done to get ahead of privacy protections. the board that we put together has privacy advocates as well. what you want to do is get in front of big data to make sure individual protections have standards across all of government but isn't it just rational that we should measure whether or not our policies are working or not? me times in washington have you seen an effort based, and input based policy approach. we've seen the measures of success around here, especially on poverty fighting programs. how man how much money are we spending. instead of asking the right question, is it working, are we producing the results we need, are we getting people out of poverty? now we have the technology in the data to allow researchers to see whether or not what we do works, whether we are spending taxpayer dollars efficiently and getting ahead of privacy protections to make sure people's privacy protections are protected.
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i do believe we can get it done. >> look, i am not going anywhere anytime soon and let's leave that at that. >> i think that peace is very irresponsible. it was a speculative piece that was faulty speculation. i want to put its rest. >> we have these low unemployment rate statistics and yet we have slow growth. how does that factor? look behind that statistic. what those unemployment rates are not taking into account is that there are tens of millions of able-bodied adults in america who are not looking at work, who are not in school
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to get work. we are gonna focus on getting people from welfare to work and get them the skills they need to get them the job and the life they need. more to the point, we have not had a 3% economy since before the last recession. tax reform will get us that. never forget the fact that in a 21st century economy, we had to be competitive with other countries and when we tax ourselves basically with the worst tax code in the industrialized world, we are doing great damage to the economy which hurts workers and upward mobility. fixing the tax code will help us get that economy. produces more careers, it pulls people who are on the sidelines, not even being counted, that's what helps. one more.
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[inaudible] >> it's a completely legitimate question. each of these questions make their own decisions on how to proceed but that's why we've asked greg and other members to come up with standards, come up with a system to update and upgrade the accountability act. that is now happening. you will see chairman harper rollout a slew of reforms to upgrade this law. when you get into this yet also keep in mind the victims themselves, what is it that they need to protect their interest in equity. that's why we taking time to get this right. you saw that we pass mandatory training, those regulations is
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coming due this week and you're also going to see the house administration committee put out a whole new slew of reforms so we have basic standards. thank you. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]


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