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tv   Axios Interview with Sen. Mark Warner  CSPAN  December 22, 2017 1:55am-2:32am EST

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>> i met mccarthy through my father who was a confidant. to him. he liked to party with a drink or two. and as long as you did not talk about communism you cannot ask about a more fine one -- very serious about that also someone who did not take advice very well but said things that hurt the cause of communism for some time.
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>> welcome to this addition and i hope you enjoyed the hot chocolate bar. and the christmas music as well. and then into the world of media and politics and these conversations are possible but
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then with the vice chairman of the senateth intelligence committee senator warner [applause]. >> i am not sure i fit in those categories. >> you are a morning person. >> not the case. >> we are down at four days of christmas. >> in any event i am well known for leading groups in the 12 days of christmas. i guess that is not on the agenda this morning.
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>> we have the texas code the biggest since 1986, what business would have been possible. but roughly saving $100 billion so choosing
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between one or the other is a $400 billion savings. so my critiques are a little different but this piece of legislation will not. >> youth being part of this is undone but then there is a fix-it bill.
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and we could have done this in a responsible way. the estimates are to add
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$1 trillion but it is the reverse of what is excess -- expected so more businesses move more jobs offshore because of the international average you did still gain where you put your factory or property but why don't we have some level of exchange? t4 t4 point to say also not only your business but your supply-chain?
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and then to put them in communities hurt by trade? i felt to engage in that dialogue but the tax cut by the arbitrary date of christmas this was a huge opportunity. >> if you look ahead to november will you regret that? >> show me a time in any western democracy where you have an economy with relatively low unemployment was entirely borrowed money and frankly those are built into the plan i thank you will
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see actual job loss with the president and his allies moved to welfare reform that is code for taking on medicare medicare and medicaid social security. with the social safety net. >> will this cost senate republicans? >> there is a list of challenges and i don't see how how we have meaningful infrastructure to come out of this. >> also going around the russia investigation there is a variety of factors that
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don't bode well. >> i want to interject that yesterday returning to infrastructure and welfare reform or entitlements so what are the chances to get those democratic votes on the infrastructure package? >> is somebody who prides myself on every piece of legislation, this tax bill has left me and others because we could have added value to the process. but i don't know how we will have a meaningful plan when
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the president's own budget with the highway trust fund so my fear is they will come up with a plan on additional tax advantages without real money all the tax advantages in the world does not pay back and the things that are not paid for. >> it does sound like it's possible if they play their cards right back. >> i don't think there is a chance if with that flurry of tax advantage infrastructure without bipartisan we don't
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have a major debt advancing tool. >> senator warner says the way it is handled this is true of welfare reform also? >> i think it is virtually impossible to take on entitlement reform. >> back in the simpson bowles days we had that population to improve the longevity of medicare and social security or pay a little more we
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started to that 1 trillion-dollar increase of revenue. >> senator warner i mentioned with the intelligence committee one of those investigations of the russia matter those red vines speech long -- redline speech you talk about your redline so why did you feel the need to give the speech at this moment? >> i don't go to the floor to give big speeches a lot of times i know how much information we are receiving with our investigation that
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the importance of what we are doing i feel that more strongly today and we don't have near the tools and already having two indictments with two guilty pleas with more to come i feel. so we started with fringe voices. maybe we indict his integrity but democrats and republicans alike all said no no nobody would ever would have presumed that the sitting fbi director
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would be trashed with the russian foreign minister. it was chaos but he took the person with impeccable credentials seeming like there was an effort to curtail that. to protect the special prosecutor but the funny thing that happened with the plea bargains coming forward, one commentator called it a coup the presidential spokesman my understand there is new a conspiracy theory but unlike those that seem bizarre to members of the house so as
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they get closer the coordinated drumbeats is increasing and i felt with what i know and this puts us into the realm of a constitutional crisis was to leave town for a few weeks. hopefully but equally important to tell my colleagues this is a moment i want to take them at his word but hopefully we are not issuing pardons but i hope this is never a moment of the real character how they will be judged.
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>> to have what you think will happen while congress is away for the holidays? >> i hope nothing goes on. connect do you have intelligence otherwise? or what do you fear? >> i am not suggesting anything other than the tenor coming out of his allies and otherwise that the rule of law trumps any individual we have division of power of executive power without restraint and my hope is that we recess and
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nothing happens. >> in your speech you talked about growing a seemingly coordinated effort by whom? >> that is a fair question. i don't know. but the association of fbi agents at least of who i know that those fbi agents association came out with a harsh comment from the director of the white house to say he does not serve law enforcement at large well when his comments the whole integrity of the fbi but to be
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astounded at this all that for the factory and his tenure the same president refused to accept unanimous conclusions of the whole intelligence community with intervention in elections so when allies go out to undermine the intelligence community the damage that is done to those institutions validity and the integrity of law enforcement have been off-limits. so now we are getting into an charter territory. >> with your interviews you have been pretty candid in
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your investigation what don't you know? >> so where are you at the moment? >> we continue to have interviews and receive documents and information. when i said one year ago that this investigation is the most important item i will work on in my life i feel it is absolutely critical also i want to take a moment to step back and say i am proud of our committee with the bipartisan approach. we had some bumps we are proceeding ahead with witnesses for january to say
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we have some points on the board. number one that russia massively interfered in our elections that was unprecedented and that conclusion now we see the french that are much more attuned to this to come back and examine from the national and international standpoint even including brexit also tapping into the states electoral systems they were very slow to acknowledge that they couldn't tell the state secretaries of state because they were not cleared we know
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that is ludicrous you have to tell folks now there is a much better working relationship with the electoral board there is a bar bipartisan group and we changed out some of those voting machines and where we made the most progress is exposing the underbelly of social media. i'm intact business longer than politics to be iconic american companies of facebook and twitter but they basically blew off our concerns one year ago. >> so based on your comments here?
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>> i won't say this is not the most important challenge but obviously mr. mueller has much more extensive. but it will take as long as it takes. >> you mentioned that jared kushner has talked to you will you call him back? >> there is a different process this is the chairman's call which is probably correct for those first round of interviews was done by a very good team with the presumption though that some of those key
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witnesses will come back. i was the more towards the public but most members agree it is hard to reach any final conclusion and obviously he would fall into that category. >> you expect him to be called back? >> i don't know how to reach a conclusion that individual senators have a chance to question. >> and i would rather work through that. >> what about donald trump junior? >> yes. >> you mentioned the social platforms and since then you have learned a lot have you
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learned more since the public hearing? >> we have. from the initial concerns raised that we basically got the brushoff from facebook and twitter i think they recognize there was an issue i don't believe they have exposed all of that russian activity in st. petersburg i do think there are more activities but that picked up and they proactively made a lot of steps in advance of the
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hearing we held the hearing there have been a few announcements after that and there will be more. >> i am very interested to make sure that individuals who received russian -based propaganda it is more of those fake pages somebody who could be on football or vegetarianism then all of a sudden reading why vladimir putin is the greatest guy in the world. >> you said this happened? >> we have heard some of the democrats were encouraging
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people to be supporters of alabama football which is easy to do than after you pick up enough followers then there are comments about the upcoming election so to take those russia active measures on the internet just taking what we know is that hoping that researchers get a better look with 30 or 40 great attackers to make fake pages and then push traffic to those pages and generate a buzz on their own then now you have a model to take any story to get it on all the newsfeeds.
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so to be talking about individuals in the valley to copy the russian playbook will start creating american-based firms using these exact terms. i think conflict will be tanks and guns and rockets less but more about cyberattacks. >> what about corporate wear -- warfare? >> one company taking on another over corporate profit i have felt a lot of the underpinnings are from the
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advertising model is already inflated and those who spend all day on a site that whole notion of digital advertising has more transparency. >> based on the comment so i will put it this way, even now what about facebook? >> i would like to have higher confidence of all possible russian sites that are started or activated. i believe there is more work to be done. but they move dramatically and you will see this is an area
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but there was the underbelly if information is the new oil but this is the only enterprise any time we interact i am partially responsible to have more power from that enterprise. those changes will compare -- pale. >> one of those additional transparency measures you want independent researchers to have access to what?
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>> so we have hundreds of thousands of page views when facebook said there is only so many number of accounts then they came up tens of thousands of instagram post but i just think that independent third-party analysis of how we make sure that going forward that americans ought to have the right to know if they are reading a story or political commentary and know whether that is generated by a real human being. doesn't mean you have to go beyond that but those ought to be the basic components.
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>> there is a lot for silicon valley in washington d.c. >> i think these are great iconic success stories but in any type of revolution we haven't seen the downside but maybe this audience could but there are dozens of firms in china with evaluation north of $10 million growing exponentially they are about to start sweeping through the american marketplace we have to be concerned that the rules that they operate under in china they have more access to data and information if that
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back door could infiltrate american systems. this is the new way of conflict in the 21st century. >> so first that turn cymbalta turned out to be a pretty good investment. >> what is the story of the year 2018 with technology? >> the fact the united states of america going back to obama and bush 43 that america has no articulated cyberdoctrine how to push back like russia
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and china who deal with intellectual property that is the story. >> the senate majority control ? >> you said it is a jump ball? >> i think democrats will jump a little higher. [laughter] [laughter] >> your guilty pleasure is the apple store? >> i just got the new number ten actually take possession of it tomorrow even my last version had a few more bumps but those russians were penetrating everywhere.
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[laughter] [applause]. thanks to senator warner for that great conversation
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