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tv   Rupert Darwall Green Tyranny  CSPAN  December 23, 2017 5:11pm-5:50pm EST

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welcome those who join us on our web site on these occasions for. or our guests inhouse we ask to check that your mobile devices have been silenced or turned off and those watchingom, you're welcome to send questions or comments at. >> hosting the guest today is the ronald reagan distinguished fellow at heritage. as conservative movement leader she is chairman of the conservative action project and advocates for heritage's american conservation ethic and advances energy and natural resources policy in cheng. she previously served as heritage's vice president for external relations and most recently led our restore america project. before joining heritage in 1998
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she served as secretary of natural resources for the commonwealth of virginia and the cabinet of then-governor george allen. also served significant roles in reagan administration as deputy assistant to the president for presidential personnel, special assistant to the president and director of his cabinet office as well as senior special assistant to attorney generalled ed meese and at interior she was an acity is stand secretary for fish, wildlife and parks. own me in welcoming my colleague and friend, becky norton dunlop. [applause] >> thank you, john, and let me add my words of welcome to you. we love having people come to the heritage foundation, either personally or online or on television. so, welcome, welcome, welcome. you know, the heritage foundation has promoted the american conservation ethic, we call it land of liberty, stewardship of america's
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environment. and the number one principle that we outline is people are our most important unique and precious resource. and our number eight principle is that the most successful environmental policies flow from liberty. people and liberty. so, when i read the opening sentence of chapter one of the book that i got from encounter books, i read this sentence. this book is about freedom. and i was hooked. i knew i had to read the rest of this book. well, the author of this book is with us today and he has got actually a final copy of his back "green tyranny." and the author is rupe bert darwall. -- rupert dar wael.
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he has been in business, finance, an investment banker, he's been in the public policy arena. he's been in government. he's seen this issue from a lot of various angles, and he studied at cambridge, where he studied economics and history. a great foundation for writing this very, very fine book. let me just tell you what a couple of our noted friends have said about his new book, "green tyranny." michael borone, friend to all of us here at heritage, and well known across our country, said: rupert darwall has written a definitive and clear-i'd history of global warming alarmism. its success as enlisting western elites in its cause, wow. very, very, very important.
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judge said rupert darwall has told the or of frauds and fools thoroughly and. we his truth may be inconvenient to some. and finally, let me say that charles moore from the daily telegraph, wrote: rupert darwall is a wonderfully lucid historian of intellectual and political movement, which is just the job to explain what has been inflicted upon us over the past 30 years or so in the name of saving the planet. many very fine people who have read this book are recommending it to all of us. we are very fortunate here at the heritage foundation to have the author to come and talk to us a little bit about his book,
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what prompted him to write it, and take your questions. so, welcome to the heritage foundation, rupert darwall. [applause] >> thank you, becky, for your very kind word. i was in washington almost exactly a year ago, and it is extraordinary how much has changed since then. nowhere has the change been more profound, more consequence shall, and more necessary than in climate and energy policy. united states is going to withdraw from the paris agreement. the climate treaty in all but name that president obama didn't have the guts to send to the senate for its advice and consent. no one should underestimate the historic importance of president trump's decision. this is the third time, no less, than a republican president has reject targets and timetables for emissions cuts. the first president bush in the
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only u.n. framework convention on climb change and the second bush which is rue put aation of the quioto protocol. the president trump's decision is the most important. it is devastating for the u.n. climate process. the whole architecture of the past agreement had been designed to subvert the requirement to obtain the senate's advice and consent, which frees america to be the world's hydrocash been super for, allowing scott approve tote rolled back the clean power plan. this all happened because of what happened on november 8, 2016, and wouldn't have head but for the tremendous work undertaken by conservative and libertarian think tanks in this city and across the country, note whether i in chicago and in austin, texas. they took on the climate industrial complex. they prepared the intellectual ground and shared why it needed to be done and what needed to be
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done. america owes a huge debt of gratitude to scholars and thinkers of heritage at the forefront of this effort, as do i. the experts at heritage helped me various ways with my book. steve moore, and kathlyn, donald trump's nominee to lead the council on environmental quality, and steven graves, not working in washington. this is something bigger than energy policy. it's bigger than economics. new job being created by the oil and gas sector from the shale revolution and binner than all the manufacturing jobs being reshored thanks to america's energy super abundance. this is a battle between the administrative state and america's constitutional order. it is about how america is
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governed in a word it's about freedom. a return to this was the end of my remark, first i'd like to tell you how we got here and the age of role in warming was the aim of wind and solar. the original idea of globele warming is this nuclear power be the solution. politics global warming began in sweden much earlier then most people suppose. politics first starred to talk about global warm neglect late 1880s. as i'm sure you'll know it was in june 1988 that nasa scientists and client alarmist james hansen gave his tim to the senate energy and natural resources, and sweden had already been obsessing about global warning for a decade and a half. in 1974 when al gore was still at law school, the swedish prime minister was saying the climate change would be the biggest issue at the end of the 20th
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20th century. sweden. the country that progressive left wants america to be. welfare state, social edge nearing, policy based on preening this longest period of one party rule in -- claiming direct descent -- bernie sanders wants the democrats to be. a lot of sweden in green tyranny for good reason. in 1971, the london scandinavian correspondent wrote a become on sweden called the new totalitarians. he argues the swedish democrats were pioneering a new form of soft totalitarianism. only two centuries before napoleon, sweden developed a centralized administrative apparatus. when the social democrat formed their first government in 192 gave them a political statement documentedded to the swift
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intention of the central bureaucracy, the legislature is weak, the executive strong and for centuries real power is in the government administrative machine. does that sound at all familiar? sounds to me like very much like what the obama estate wanted to become. the organ of the swedish stay about the perfect instrument to carry out a experiment in social engineering outside the soviet union and communist china. pioneered a cradle to grave welfare state to replace the family and abolish the patriarchy. operated a eugenics program. student protests swept in the late 1960s and the 19067s, it used anti-americanism as a safety valve and aligned subwayeden we the viet cong, and fidel castro. sweden had a policy of
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neutrality sin the napoleonic wars. yet how many know throughout the cold war sweden had a secret alliance with washington. the prime minister was in the pro cia wing of the swedish intelligence service. sweden is not what it appears. so when in the late 1960s, sweden launched a war on coal, first with the acid rain scare and then with global warming, what was it up to? it would, i think, be naive to take this at face value and think that pal per was motivate bid genuine concern about global warming. deep deception came easily to this immensely talented and sew fix it indicate politician. in newspaper interview where he first talked about global warming, palmer explained a vision of utopia has the same function as a mirage in the desert. without the mirage, you wouldn't get to the next oasis. global warming perhaps is a
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political mirage and what was the oasis? sweden's social democrats were about to embark on the world's largest civil nuclear power program in terms of giga whats but nuclear power was not popular with swedish voter sod the social democrats decided they had to frighten swedes by claiming the alternative to nuclear was far worse. sweden does not have any coal of its own so they hyped up acid rain. if you don't have nuclear, sweden's for wests will die and lakes fill up with sulfuric as set. after acid rain came global warming. scientist played a leading role. wrote the first report on acid rain. replace the word acid raven climate change and readded like the prototype of an ipcc assessment report. more than any single individual,
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claimed credit for the creation of the intergovernmental panel on climate change and sweden more than any other country bought the ipcc into beverage as you'll find in the pages of my book, global warming was politicized right from the start, and make no mistake, global warming was first deployed for political reasons. yes, sweden succeeded in putting acid rain and then global warming on the international agenda but it completely failed when it came to nuclear power. give given that sweding started the global warming scare to get nuclear power, how did we end up with wind and solar? i doubling on the environmentalism during the darkest chapter of europe's history. happened to be an historical fact that the nazis were the first political party in the world to champion wind power which they did in the 1933 elects. weeks after invade thing thed
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soey union, hitler was saying that wind power was the future. i suppose you might say in that regard he got something right. but for the first -- the three decade after the second world war, west germany was a model western democracy. as one ecosocialist claims they play e replaced the class struggle with the american way of life. that began to change in the 1970s. no other country had such a high proportion of far left students as west germany. a survey in 1969 found 30% of west german high school and university students claimed to sympathize with marxism or communism. in the 1950s, the frankfurt school of marckist intellectuals returned from the united states to frank toward. there will student protests, particularly against the vietnam war, in june 1967, the student demonstrator was shot and killed in west berlin. the shot that pud conservative west germany on course to evolve into the progressive country it
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is today ex-"the new york times" declared four decade later. in fact, the west berlin policeman who fired the shot has an agent of the east german communist state. in the 1970s radicalization of students turn into terrorism, culminating in 1977 when a plane was hijacked, the head of the west german employees association was kidnapped and killed and the imprisoned ringleader offed the gang committed suicide. ordinary germ wants were appalled at the violence. the extreme left found itself washed up on the margins of west german society. they soon found a way back. like the swedish social democrats the german spd wanted to bailed string of nuclear power stations. the moved to the program away from something deep in the germ january soul. a huge spontaneous den mom stations against nuclear power them student radicals saw their
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chance. the green party was formed in 1980, the new left, the student radicals, by their aging middle aged radicals, taking leadership of in the new party and absorbing the old ecologic guard. to do this the aging student radicals in the new left didn't have to perform a so many are assault, just changed color. they took thelett wing concepts of the past and dressed them up in ecological garb we see today. it was a catastrophe. instead of the socialie utonea, a ecological one. i wish i'd written that. in fact it was written by paul berman, a new york intellectual.
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>> supporters was global warming consensus. now people who referred to by i would like to quote what to me is a priceless exchange involving fred, on february the fourth 1994 abc night line gave all time to allegation about who was founding climate skeptic before reminding reminding that cosmologist had predicted massive environmental damage from late -- alleged traumatic effect of the first iraq war. fred on the other hand predicted it is a smoke it would clear quickly. as ted told viewers -- , quote, the record shows that in many instant doctor wases
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wrong and doctor singer was right. beef getting on to accuse al gore of resulting to political means to achieve what should the matily be resolved on a purely scientific bases sis and what historian peter gaye wrote in a classic book what he call us the science of freedom -- the most important science i think for us that there is. the spot of the 18th century believe they knew better than poem they governed how they should be governed. govern gay rights, quote, the the real dissolve a perfectly bureaucracy, all of the knowledge that is possible for him to gather and unlimited authority to translate his program into law. do i need to say that this is what the climate industrial complex demands of the united states? a form of government americans rejected in 1776 in favor of the truth embodied in direct
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declaration of independence. america's uniqueless lices in independence but became independent to create something without precedent government dedicated to the principle of liberty. the demands of the climate industrial complex and the preservation of liberty are incompatible, the science is settled we're told the government must act. to law demands that they agree and clause of those who don't to hold their tongue and be silenced. and global warming what are or boar govaning mode of the absolutist and the political culture of the totalitarian. at stake then is what makes america unique. ultimately global warming is a battle for america's soul. and that's why we're here today to fight it. thank you. [applause]
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thank you so very much. we want to have plents of times for questions so if you have a question, please raise your hand. wait for microphone to arrive to introduce yourself to our audience, and then ask the question. >> who has the first -- all right very good i'll go first but we'll go with the audience. >> when soviet union fell -- >> introduce yourself please? >> i'm mike an investor, and over the hill retired physicist interested in climate change, global warming and all of that kind of stuff. when soviet union fell they listed lots of confessional, and you've made a good case that -- that this was -- that soviet union and the international communist conspiracy shall we with say had a role in had.
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but it absent in all of bad this theyed a in thed doing to us in -- in the papers that were released at that pont. is there any documentation that -- are cold spies that said they were global warming other things tharm in your book that were -- left wing conspiracies? i accept their left conspiracy but like what we're talking about -- the about election. it was a direct collusion. j i think global warming was actually not soviet inspired it clearly came from sweden -- cooked u up by swiss, however, what is the case is that -- during 1970s, the soviet union the kremlin exploited environmentalism after the calls which for the west was about human rights. the language with many there
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about the environment says the soviets try to shift argument actually about the environment is about a common home that they made a speech on environment they signed up to a u.n. pact on -- and didn't mean they have to do anything but it was all about demonstrating to credulous people the green in the west that actually soviets were on the right side of the land. on the nuclear winter evidence was very clear a defector actually said this was -- this was on the kbj achievement which was winter scale taken out by charl and lots of american scientist that was a conference in washington, to play out this threat. they basically put it was really to junders mine reagan administration in the u nuclear arms buildup. and as i said they got their way. if they got their way outcome would have been very different.
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okay you in the back. >> heritage foundation. i read newspaper accounts that surmise that russians are involved currently in efforts to fond opposition to track fracking for the same long-term purpose that you described. is there evidence that that is actually going on? >> certainly the case that the russians have a huge interest in preventing fracking often done immense damage to the economy in terms of the traps in natural gas prices turning from output of natural gas to an export. i don't have -- i don't review evidence of that in this, but what with i do highlight is how the the green and silicon valley people like eric schmidt of google have
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funded anti-fracking campaign and thereby -- essentially waging war in hydrocarbon economy that heart hadland of america middle of america depends upon and thrives on, and if you like you've got an economic civil war within american capitalism with the -- two case against the middle. >> okay the gentleman in the back. >> introduce yourself please. i haven't read the book. >> introduce yourself, your name. >> i just -- >> a citizen. >> i don't to -- too much personal. i haven't read your book. but from what you said over here, it's about the first army close to 8 o years old, life --
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that somebody has -- immediate and teach some or relate it together issues through reject some whether scientific or real or not -- matter the question is that, is global warming happening or o not? it it's not happening doesn't have is to do whether it was done by greene or by soviet union or -- antiwar movement but my question is that, is is global warming actually happening or not? >> okay, thank you very much.
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published today by a different content which looks at the -- particular what smises themselves say about certainties rather than lack of certainty regarding time in france, and the global warm withing hypothesis but key thing i think in the book maybe it is important i think why this -- why this this issue was put on the agenda is thatst there's -- there is important thing to understand. but the prototype of the global warming scare in my view is -- is acid rain and there it has very, very clear what science turned out to be wrong every national academy, national academy of science is here, and canada, sweeledden, britain, they said that france or acid rain are is more certain than on global warming and they turned out to be wrong, and when the truth emerged what was very interesting was that --
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epa pushing through and spreesed that finding and demonize and blackened the scientist who was discovering wail that the consensus science on acid rain was completely wrong are. and to this day -- none of the academies have retracted or admitted they got the science wrong, so i -- i would put a big question mark over the credibility these organizations when they say the science is settled because there's a previous analog where they said that and they got it wrong o. would you not also say that some of issues we're dealing with here is the -- the fear mongering that's going on? in other words going to the gentleman's question, we started off with a global warm withing crisis. and then it became global warming. and then it became climate
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change. in other words, they seem to be admitting themselveses that we don't have a crisis here whatever the change and whether it is. don't you think that fear mongering is tactic to try to affect the government policies? >> yeah, and not only do i think that. i demonstrate i demonstrate in the book that actually that was -- that was absolutely eed right from the word goes so there were two conferences just as ipcc was being formed in vilac in austria around italy and what appeared from documents is that -- to get government to change policy they had to reverse engineer the catastrophe because they said millions the discount rates mean that discount rates are so low thaw yo can't actually show that there's that much damage carrying from climate change therefore you have to assume that there's going to be a great big
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catastrophe down the road, and that enables you to justify policies they wanted. so absolutely the case as you can read from the -- read from documents summarizing book they reverse energy to get the policy response they wanted. absolutely right. >> okay any other questions here? let me then say as we bring this to a close we have copies of this book available for you. green tyranny exposing totalitarian roots of the climate industrial complex. and you know, one of the things that i think is important for us to keep in mind in united states of america is, we want to encourage people to seek truth. what is what we're all about. and i might say one of the most impressive things to me in addition to con tengt of the book is that when you get to page 267, there are motes foot notes that reference other
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research material. and that goes on to page 314. in other words, if you want to seek truth, first thing you should do is get a copy of had book. and then read it and then go to the foot notes to get those materials and read them in other words don't be -- suckered by fear mongering scare tactics, and politicians. get rupert's book and seek truth let's all thank rue pert for being here today. thank you so very much. thank you all very much. [applause]
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