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tv   After Words Milo Yiannopoulos Dangerous  CSPAN  December 30, 2017 1:45am-2:52am EST

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>> journalisdiscusses his book s exploring free-speech issues and interviewed by the president and publisher of regnery. >> host: milo, great to have you with us today wonderful to have the chance to talk with you. i am wonderful, thank you very much. i wish that you were with me in
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dc but you're in new york and we are excited to have to hear to talk. that's all right. >> guest: a dark room in a skyscraper. i was looking forward to meeting with you. >> host: you look like you were out over the new york skyline. >> guest: those are lies. >> host: that's why there's a book advertisement behind you. speak to just in case anyone on the planet has missed it you have published and have written your first book quotes a dangerous. i notice from the table of contents pretty much everybody hates you. according to the table of contents, we have a number of people who hate you. i guess you would say the
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progressive left hates you, the old right hates you, twitter, feminists, black lives matter, the media, the list goes on so my question is you've sold an awful lot of books for someone who is hated by everyone. >> guest: is for the fourth week on the bestseller list. it's hard to believe. [laughter] i've been very happy with that reaction. in february something tumbled off about a year and a half ago on one of those late live streams. eventually something comes up but you don't meathat you don'tt
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happens. and i apologized for that. what happened afterwards is why i love america so much. people are so forgiving. and if they believe you gave a sincere account of what went wrong and if they know that by and large you are a good decent person to speak to >> host: that isn't exactly my memory of how it went down. >> guest: americans are wonderful decent people and can see through the spin into the garbage and from my point of view that is what happened. my primary audience skews enormously a lot of
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conservatives and i think that is why cpac capital controversy. they are people who really hate the presiden president and i tht perhaps they ar are offered for unsettled by my style of conservatism which is much more relaxed social things into some very strong about immigration and islam which they are a little bit afraid to touch and a little softer on this kind of liked church of free enterprise, so the populist nationalist things people come to associate. i am a child of god and a product of that intellectual hinterlands. >> host: let me ask you about this because it seems to me and i'm sure to you like the left
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has gone a little bit crazy with thcrazy with theelection of don. how do you explain that? >> guest: there is an earnestness and the left invented political violence comes with watching the daily beast and "vanity fair" writing articles they literally invented it. they are the people who want change and to tear down institutions with things even they don't know. of course they are the ones that will reach for violence when the argument fails. >> what i >> what is the problem? >> essentially the difference between conservatives and liberals is that they want to preserve things and maintain the status quo or at least they like
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change that has been properly looked into and research and thought about and that is in short supply because the left believes in a number of conspiracy theories and the gender pay gap and there are dozens of others. it is completely uprooted by the realities in america. there's all kinds of things like that and as a journalist coming to america imagining that this will be the land of the free of the first amendment, i thought perhaps foolishly that this would be the country that you could be, do and say anything. that is true but only if you are left-wing. if you look in the beginning of the book you will see quotes from people like sarah silverman and people like that. before she contracted feminism she was a great comedian. these days she's best known for
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screwing up on twitter because she hasn't read into something properly and with the result she's become very unpopular. amy schumer was never talented or funny but have the right politics so we were instructed to find her not only brilliant and funny and incredible but beautiful. put on the cover of fashion magazines and when someone is on the cover of the magazine were not saying loo we'll get this pn you are saying be like this person. i don't think anyone in the country wants to be like amy schumer especially a car crash of the movie she did with goldie on which is an abomination in her special on netflix. >> host: let me ask about [inaudible] you talk about conservatives wanting to preserve things and yet, you call yourself a
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conservative i think. you consider yourself a conservative. >> guest: i think any movement whether it's an intellectual movement or social activist movement requires people from all across the spectrum where i go for the washington, d.c. types, were the sort of people watching this program and are coming into this determined to hate me. and by the end of it, my goal was just that they hate me slightly less. maybe they went after this. conservatives have accomplished absolutely nothing to win the cultural war in the last 30 years. they somehow managed to scramble into office but when they get into office they do nothing with it and do not achieve or accomplish anything. >> host: what is the distinction here? >> guest: i'm talking about the republican establishment.
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even some of the publishers who don't take risks. in particular, republican politicians, all the people who hate donald trump, ineffective, useless people who say one thing into another anand do another as have drifted from what ordinary americans care about so much that i don't think the republican party minus trump can claim to speak for anyone in america anymore except for the super rich. they have done a good job of clinging on to power but they've done a really bad job of making sure that they are a big powerful presence to be feared in the arenas that matter. so talking about hollywood and the media and college campuses
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you do what i'm doing. nothing in the last 30 years has done enough to raise public awareness about the politics on campus as those by trigger. but he has been able to genera generate. so, this book is about how i got to that stage. who else is on the chopping block and all the various threads as i see it. i am getting married to somebody i love verthat i love very much.
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i'm afraid i'm here to stay. maybe the center-right or centerleft and i got a good training in jordan british journalism and it was fun and satire and my mentor was aware of how that was in the 70s and 80s when it's published columns. since it is a well in america's public. so for instance at uc irvine i get to talk about why black wives matter. i do so as a jewish immigrant dressed in a black water bottle.
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there's so many things that are wrong and interesting about if i don't see anything like that happening in culture. i don't see any musicians taking big risks. if only because of how much it would annoy everybody, even he crumbled into the musi and the o that showed him decapitating or shooting somebody that looks like donald trump. it was so disappointing to me that the heroes from the '90s that i grew up with, the countercultural warriors who were being totally without evidence claiming it could make you violent or whatever. so whoever you like in the broad spectrum of this uprising on the right which is why the left wants to say they are not and
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everyone knows they are not. it is so interesting. but what i found so disappointing is they have basically gone soft and he was very careful about his public pronouncements and just for questioning to establish the norms and the politically correct utterances and he went to a dinner in hollywood where nobody would have admitted that they were planning to be is now yelled at when he goes to dinner in hollywood as a racist and a trump supporter but if they don't do it because it will destroy their careers so i'm disappointed. >> host: let me ask you about this because you put on a fabulous show with your jewelry and your fabulous outfits and i
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guess one question is how do you make sure that people hear what you are saying if they might be too busy watching what you're doing or looking at, how do they get past the show? >> if you watch the show, which most people don't, if you just read the headlines and read what you read on twitter and you've never actually picked up my book or come to one of my shows, i can imagine why a lot of people feel that but i will give you an example i did a show and i am pro-life. i started by handing out posters that were signed and numbered like precious merchandise like madonna was giving out to people that need it in the front three
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rows. they were so shocking and then i came out and gave a talk in the studies at the hypocrisies of the progressive left.
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