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tv   John Hope Bryant The Memo  CSPAN  December 31, 2017 1:01pm-2:31pm EST

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just explanation of this is my fat body. this is what it's like to be in this world and this body. >> some of these authors have appeared on book tv. >> good afternoon. it's a beautiful saturday. at barnes & noble's. good afternoon. welcome. we're excited to have you at the barnes & noble event series featuring john hope bryant and his latest bestseller, the memo. five rosary economic liberation. were excited to have you here today. we want to thank barnes & noble for alanis to be here. john is the founder, chairman and ceo of operation hell.
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largest nonprofit organization in the united states focusing on financial inclusion of financial empowerment. serving over 3.6 million youth and adult since 1992. who is also chairman and ceo of the bank group and the largest for-profit minority controlled owners for single-family residential rental home in the united states. in addition, he was recently named by american thinker and magazine for the 2016 innovator of the year. here serve the last five united states presidents as a council and advisor for all of them. were excited to have him this afternoon. we look forward to a great conversation and book signing featuring his latest bestseller, the memo. i know it will invite all of you
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to welcome john. [applause] >> hi everybody. because i'm the founder i can change the rules. i think the average citizen is one of our success stories. i prefer if you heard from her first. that okay? >> part of the work of operation hope as i mentioned john hope prine is the visionary of our organization. it's really financial inclusion and empowering youth and adults
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to improve quality. one of those individuals whose been blessed is laverne, she has been an inspiration to not only those of us in operation hope that the community we serve here in atlanta. laverne will tell you an inspirational story about her life, her path and journey to empowerment but also how can affect each and every one of us. like to have liver. she is part of our small business program tied for ebenezer location. please welcome laverne. [applause] >> hello everyone. my name is laverne.
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tampa, florida. the 26-year-old son. i'm also the second oldest of three siblings and on to a beautiful niece into handsome nephews. normally i would read my speech. today i felt inspired to speak my speech freestyle. i would normally read it because i do suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. so if i pause for a moment i'm trying to recall information. i'm a greater from florida from 2015 after i received my masters of business administration in 2013. unfortunately i was not able to utilize my degree in corporate america the way i thought i'd be able to. i was encouraged to migrate here in 2015 to explore opportunities
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locally. i had it some savings and i committed myself to a commission only position an insurance agency which was very costly in the long one. to make a long story short, is doing strong and well, and it up going through my savings, client started canceling. i lost my commission and inevitably lost my apartment. probably in december 2015 i would call my vehicle home for about three days. afterwards, i stayed at the salvation army from calling different shelters to try to secure housing. i called different shelters and salvation army was kind enough to open up their doors to missed for six long character building
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months. that's when i received a diagnosis of post genetic stress disorder. the lady gave me a referral for housing program weren't currently living at now for permanent housing. it's in the king district. what days walking in the neighborhood and decided to stop in the district to see what was on the grounds. being from florida and trying to connect more with my heritage. as i was walking through the church i seen a sign called operation hope café. i received southern hospitality from them. i started asking questions about what it was about. it was explained to me basically you can turn your dreams into
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reality. coming from a lot of brokenness with my finances, with housing and everything, that had inspired me. i immediately connected with my credit counseling coach who started working on my credit repair. within three months my credit score increase 40 or 50 points. then i was encouraged to take a homeowners workshop program or i met mr. john hope at the first time. throughout the process i'm getting these coaches that would normally cost 500 or thousand dollars an hour to help you. now i graduated last week from the small business entrepreneur class. my aspiration is to start a nonprofit, 5o1c3 so women
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suffering for homelessness prevention. my nonprofit will financially support their endeavors by pay their application fees and rental deposit for those transitioning out of a homeless situation into permanent housing. i did not think it would be possible because my disability challenges, not having a financial plan, and not having support from anyone on the outside. operation hot stepped into my business advisor was able to help me put together a business plan and i received support from a financial advisor for my company. in march i was able to register my company's name. next year within six months should be up and running off the ground because of the support i have received. that only that, i have a life
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coach who is helping me set realistic goals and put a plan of action into place that is totally realistic for me to achieve within the next year to 2020. another goal is to become a homeowner with operation hope helping me with my budgeting, financial planning, this will be possible. so, here today what i want you to take from the conversation so many people say there's no help out here. that we cannot get anyone to help us. with operation help they're not just talking about a dream, they're making it reality.
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one of my famous quotes from mrg good for others pays off. i think everyone for listening to me today. [applause] >> isn't that inspiring? and really, this is with what john o'brien's bestseller book is about, the memo. laverne took it upon herself to empower herself. she did not allow naysayers to tell her her dream is not possible. she did not allow obstacles keeping her from staying focused on the goal of her dream. she is a great example of following through and making things happen. i was able to attend her graduation ceremony this past week with other graduates.
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it speaks to the spirit of the memo. were excited to have you here today, to hear directly from the author himself, john hope bryant and i've been a friend of his sense going back over 30 years. recently i moved to atlanta somewhere excited to be here personally to share the experience. let's give a round of applause for john o'brien. -- john hope o'brien. >> it's really hard to speak publicly and she did a great job. need it read one note, it was all from your heart. i want to thank the manager for this wonderful store, barnes & noble's.
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[applause] >> thanks for being here. we're honored to be here. i want to thank c-span for recording this and getting the word out about what we are doing and the crew that is part of the atlanta process i have been speaking over the world, 100 countries i've had a chance to travel to, countless cities and i get to see all of the reflections of us. what's interesting is that it's
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the messages universal. the last time i spoke in new york city the audience was mostly mainstream. this audience is mostly of color. what's beautiful as some people would say we don't read books, but the reality is the number one group of book buyers are black women. if you look at what has propelled this book and what got my facebook page for 11000 followers a week of financial literacy is primarily people of color who decided to take their life back. you should be proud.
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proud of sitting in a moment of history and being part of history making. history never feels historic when you're sitting in it, just like another day. so what if i told you that the new color wasn't black, white, red, brown, or yellow? as in skin color, but the new color was green as in the color of u.s. currency. what if i told you the next movement wasn't going to be in the streets as an civil-rights, but more so in the suites. what if the next movement wasn't about race in the color line but about class and poverty. what if i told you that were sitting in a moment of history
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but history never feels historic when you're sitting in but it doesn't mean history isn't changing right underneath your feet. some people would say in the midst of all of this there's a conspiracy to keep some people down. i'm a confirmed that there is a conspiracy but not what you think. it's not white against black, it's not black against brown it's not indians and asians against somebody else. it's not of the things you thought or have been told. those who have unconsciously been against those who don't. nobody's getting upset and they hate you are want to jam you upper want to see you as a failure. nobody has the energy for that.
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people making money are not getting up thinking about you. i know that will have a conversation. are we have a conversation? okay, i have no notes here, this is from my heart and head right rectally too. i know what i'm talking about. feel free to interrupt me whenever you feel compelled. there is a conspiracy but not the money think. dishes not love or hate today. it's radical and different. nobody cares enough about you to hate you. your family and friends love you, but the people on the street, those running companies and building wealth care mostly about themselves. they're not waking up in the morning saying let me hate on
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you, there's private schools, private roads, private planes, private security. private lives. they don't hate you, they're not thinking about you. i put this in the book, getting ahead of myself me tell you about the rules. rule number one on the conspiracy that's undermining your aspiration i said the same thing to a caucasian audience last week in new york city and also to everybody. your problem is not that you are black or white, you're part of the invisible class. you are invisible to power and wealth. you don't feel like your vote
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counts. that's why 100 million people did not vote. there's a prominent guy in the media right now think is done great things for social justice and civil rights, but he did not vote. and he's proud of it. i have a problem with it. creates an environment where some people become elected to office who don't represent your interests or public interests. but we endorse that by not voting. when you feel invisible you don't show up in your own life. that means the bad guys win. i want to make clear that there is a bogeyman in your life. duchess your life, 80% of everybody in america because 70% of americans are living paycheck
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to paycheck. so, if you're living in new york city making 70000 a year you're struggling to make ends meet. you live in georgia making 50000 year, $40000 a year, which is middle-class, struggling to make things meet. you're living in a strong year living in white role community making 25000 year you're struggling to make ends meet. one third of all americans have to sell their car to raise $3000. 6500 americans don't have -- 6% of american 65% of americans doe
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$5000 in savings. these are not just rich caucasians. these are rich asians, richard russians, rich africans, their rich people from all parts of the world got the memo. you have 1% of the world that own half of the world's wealth which is not equitable or sustainable. he can level the playing field. let me tell you the way that does not make sense. people say we like socialism. comparing this to somebody says i hate rich people. no you don't. no you don't. you hate rich people until you become rich. can i get an amen. >> amen. what you hate is a game to
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system. which you hate is being manipulated what you hate is feeling that no matter how hard you work you cannot prosper. you're on the treadmill no matter how hard you work and try to take your children you connected ahead. if you're smart, intelligent and did everything right the different claws and you never went to jail on your model citizen there's a perception that there must be a rigged system. many suggest or something else, you never got the memo. no one taught you the memo. it's not even written down. so go back to the concepts of we want socialism.
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as with the crown prince of norway which that part of the world is known for socialist type of approach. but it's not socialism. even if you wanted to do that you must collect money like a capitalist. even if you want to distribute money like a socialist, challenge everything i'm saying you must first collect money before you can give it away you have to collect it. he cannot give voice something you don't have. norway's wonderful country, they have oil. they were poor 100 years ago.
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they found oil and took it and used it for good purposes. sweden. socialist country. sweden has agriculture. they have four street. and not a lot of people. basically without damaging the environment they can take this agricultural land still chop the lumber and sell it to a world that needs chairs and banisters. here's my point. the first rule of my book is you live in a free enterprise system, embrace it. you are capital. these are two things for you to understand. all they with the free enterprise system first. the time you get up in the morning till you go to bed at
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night, feel life is not about god or love, your life is about money. challenge everything i'm saying. it's not me speaking to, or having a conversation. you can interrupt me anytime you like. challenge me if something doesn't make sense. from the time you get up to the time we go to bed you're having an economic conversation with yourself and the world. yes or no? see brush your teeth, does a socialist state give your toothbrush or did somebody buy it? somebody purchased the toothbrush, the toothpaste, someone purchased though i don't come on by themselves, children think the lights come on by themselves that's why they turn them on all by themselves.
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my memories on the lifestyle come on by themselves. i pay the light man. my mother divorced my father and i asked her she was going to get married again said yes is going to be a bmw. edge set i'm gonna marry a black man working. my mom's credit score is 840. let's look at this. by the way, i don't want it stress you but by the time you get up in the morning and go to bed you're dealing with the financial transaction. in reality it's 24 hours a day. who pays for the mattress that you sleep on? the sheets on the mattress? the pillow that you lay your head down on. this is clicking yet?
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you set an alarm on what? on your phone. if your old school you have an alarm clock. you paid for that? i people coming to me. i have a facebook channel we want people to buy from barnes & noble's today the people my facebook page cut 88% of all viewers watched on this, not a tv set. maybe i'm naïve. did the government, the socialist department kids up everybody a mobile -- this is so deep nobody wants you to hear. there's a socialist department and they gave everybody a cell phone or did you buy it? my guess is that you bought it.
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second point is that your human capital. he said only capitalism. 92% of all jobs are private sector jobs. given the facts now. 80% of all jobs or government jobs. in fact only capitalism okay, his pain the government? your taxes. the taxes you pay the primary source of income to the united states government, the taxes you pay from the job, payroll taxes go to fund the government so
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people in the government are being funded by who? you. if you're not voting about the very government your funding, your advocating your position of power in your own country. so in your challenge about the state of our country is that it's not our country, this is my country. this is my country and nobody will take it from me. because i am the one with the power. you say no big companies run this country, no they don't. we allow them to run the country. because 70% of gdp is consumer spending.
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70% of the largest economy of the world are you and me paying for it, cell phones, water bottles, coffee at starbucks, find books at barnes & noble. can i get an amen? >> amen. >> you are the american royalty so we are advocating our own power and walking away from our own power base. number one, who is capital? why are you hesitating? the word capital means knowledge in the head. so capital has nothing to do with money. i know frying your brain. that's a means of transporting and transferring value. that's all. i can literally writes your bank routing number on the back of your shirt, and your bank
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account number and i can say a $100 to the order of, sign it, i can take your shirt to the bank and cash it. because it has nothing to do with the instruments with which you use to transfer the wealth. that's why you can do it with the check, credit card, debit card or soon, electronic or digital money. real capital comes of knowledge in the head. this is why my scientists so important. human capital, you are god's creation, human capital. you are the value of the world. we agreed on that.
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the sam boutte a capitalist. you're working for free. i know you love your job, no camera crew loves their job. the manager loves her job but my guess is that they stop paying if you might be a little late for work. you might say i will show up when i want to. my talking to myself? even if you really enjoyed the place europe. loses negotiating power they're not transferring value for your time. are you with me? i'm just trying to walk you through this. this is the conspiracy, it's
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like watching the movie, either the filler the red pill. so i said to john your out there so many reasons to be negative. i can't guarantee being positive that reading this book will make you wealthy. what i can guarantee you if you're negative you will fail. i guarantee you that if you're negative and have a negative attitude about life you will fail. back to the story. if your human capital and transferring your time and knowledge for a paycheck are you
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participating in capitalism? he said only capitalism beyond me. so the barber just cut your hair for free. those of us who have hair. the nail tech just loves you so much they do your nails every week for free, we have law-enforcement here. wonderful -- my guess is they'd be less interested in their career for didn't pay salary. this is too deep of a conversation? why are we rejecting the system that is literally all around us? it makes no sense. even the parking meter, just trying to get basic. an adamant object like a parking meter understands capitalism better than we do. it collects money all day long.
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no motion, they will argue, don't complain. will not deal with you unless you pay. if you don't pay will come back and there'll be a boots on your car because one way or another, you're going to pay for the time and the space of the parking meter. the parking meter gets a, why shouldn't we. this is also a moral issue. they someone to give me time. you don't want to be the old guy in the club. before he kicked me out to leaf. my assistant make sure i'm always on time. the moral issue, we should have in the world a world where
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capitalism, free enterprise and money sits within our culture. but since jesus turned over the money changers table in the temple, what has been the reality of faulty human beings is that we have a culture inside of our economy. did you get that? him and knowledge in a moral issue. morally, in an ideal world we should, in a perfect world have our culture our economy in cyberculture. but, in reality with faulty,
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selfish self-centered human beings since adam many of have been a little broken, a saint is a sinner who got up. were just trying the very best we can to be the best people we can be. but, we are self-centered by nature. that means we have to unfortunately a culture sits inside our economy. it means folks want to get paid. so your nail tech is a capitalist. the barbershop is a capitalist. the gas station is a capitalist. try not paying your phone bill. see how that works. you if you want to protest your driving in a car in your painting gas and he say in the
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house that somebody spin rent four. so let's just acknowledge that we live in a free enterprise system. number two, understand that you are capital. us go to the second row. the second rule is that mindset makes or loses you money. this is so important. this is where folks really get you. whether you believe you can or whether you believe you can't, you're absolutely right. seven gate dprk from him. when i did the rolling mart show
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and i said capitalism for slavery was about money, the audience jumped on me. they said it was a moral issue, but make it clear, no one went across the world to grab you just because they wanted to be mean to. [inaudible] africans were agricultural geniuses. that's why they went to africa to get the folks experts in soil who could work all day and trained uncomfortable environments who were brilliant in the agriculture age and bring them to a place that had good soil which was the southern states. europe was not conducive to the crops.
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they needed the best people in the best place for the best crops. is about building a country for free. it was about money. your collateral damage. some moral, and disgusting but that's what it was about. that's why we had a civil war. nobody wanted to give their house up in fancy issues because of a moral issue. 1865, march 3, abraham lincoln, good man. if you want to start looking perfect you have to walk out of the room. can i get an amen. so, abraham lincoln, good man signed a law to teach free
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slaves, called the freeman's bank. that mission to teach free slaves about money to bring them back in the free enterprise system. that's why he gave 40 acres and a mule. first came the lan, we worked it so hard, we found the lan, we worked it they say give them a mule because were so industrious. a month later came the bank. the same day he said that he put in god we trust on concert on currency. never again should slavery be tied to government doors capital. that is 1865. he was killed the next month. you never heard of the bank before. frederick douglass on $5 million
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with of real estate rented that working-class blacks, do your history. you know as a abolitionist. i know them as a businessman who tried to save the friedman's bank which meant he wasn't a broke man because that was $20 million in 1865. when the bank failed was said to have done more. black men and white men working together to 1960 with doctor king and andrew young. trying to launch a poor people's campaign about poor whites. there's more poor whites today than there was them. try to bring them into the free enterprise system. doctor king said you cannot legislate goodness.
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the only way to social justice is economics and ownership. that's a quote you don't hear very often. he was killed april 4, 1968, before the first march of the per-pupil's campaign. it's not that you are dumb or stupid, you're brilliant. but it's what you don't know that you don't know that's killing you. you never got the memo. lincoln tried to give it to you he was assassinated. king tried to give it to, he was assassinated. you dumb or stupid, you just never got the memo. now once you get through poverty which is a roof over your head and food on your table in reasonable health care, all other poverty is mental. i can give a homeless man million dollars will be broken six month because nothing changed. 70% of all nfl players broke five years after retirement.
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they never got the memo on money. so here's poverty, 350 years you've been told you or anything. one hundred years of jim crow which means her self-esteem is in the trailer. 80% of clinical black people -- are all black people are clinically depressed, it's common sense. i have to go really fast now. amanda really fast now, so role models, fall you see in your neighborhood as symbols of
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success are rap stars athletes so i do they want to be a rap star, an applet or drug deal is not idiocy, it's brilliant. it's common sense. why am not a businessman, i saw businessman growing up he was my father. i left because she told me too. it's not some radical concept comments modeling second part of the environment. if you hang around nine people you'll be the tenth. i'm a t-shirt that says the memo on the front. if you hang around nine people you'll be the tenth. may 10 you not hang on your cousin, i'm not.
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just don't make it your role model. amazing you should hang around fancy people? yes. should you try to find someone who's more successfully? yes. why would you find someone dumber than you, stupid, with no job and say that's my role model. it makes no sense. of course you should try to find somebody. people are sam talk about fancy names, yes. so, the last part of poverty is desperation and opportunity. that's a code word for hope. the most dangerous person in the world is a person without hope. no hope which means you see opportunity nowhere, you never leave your porch. so here's. ice and high confidence. good role models you see
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opportunity everywhere. when you say gentrification is happen in my neighborhood you're really saying is he's been set sitting here for 40 years can see thought he was normal next to the title owner nice it is modern slavery. getting too deep? andrew young quote. to live in a system of enterprise but not understand it might be the definition of slavery. whether you are white role or black and brown urban. he c casher, rental store, liquor store, we think it's normal. it doesn't. rhinestone happenings 700 credit score neighborhood. of any race. there's never been a right and a
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700 credit score neighborhood, they go shopping. that was funny. it's okay to laugh. so we wrote right in the streets tearing up the last few businesses that we own were somebody owns which makes a bad situation worse. my white rule friends have righted at the ballot box. but we all right. what's my mission? to move 100 credit scores because and then changes your life more. when you move it up your self-esteem goes up, your confidence goes up, your belief goes up, your faith in the system year trust and
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confidence. 44% of all african-americans have a credit score below 620. my break it down that means half of black folks having nothing to do with racism or discrimination all the stuff we pick it for every day of the week, half of us can't get a loan for small business committee can't get a loan at 620 credit score. can't get a loan to become an entrepreneur, you can barely get a home loan which means your pan the highest interest rate for the worst products. which is what a payday loan does too. my sister sent me a notice, a rent to own stores trying to rent headphones at $19 a week. is it only me that this sounds ridiculous too. to know you can buy those headphones four times over in two months?
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so when you don't know what you don't know you accepted as normal. all gentrification is is a white family who says that home is ten minutes from my job i can buy it for them. they can tell their friends to join them. it wasn't the clan going in running yada town, we give this property away. call it the way we see it. we give it away and then we get upset because they saw the same value as we did. 's essentially located real estate. in the interest inner city and francis called paris. you need to get the memo. go by the crap his property and the best block in your
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neighborhood. you can buy $15000 shacks in atlanta 2 miles from the stadium development. by, rehab it and rent it. or sell it. do that three times and now you're building wealth for generations yet unborn. if you don't know what the ipc means you qualify. if you make 53000 or less any work in this country the government owes you a check. if you make 32000 the year euro $9000. you have two children the governor government owes you about three grand and it's retroactive. why are we asking for a loan, this is your right, take that
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$9000 don't go to the bahamas or vacation. icu go buy you some real estate. something that will help you get wealthy while you sleep. take your capitalism and compound it by buying real estate, buy in stock. don't see you can afford to buy stock, buy fractional shares. if you don't know what that is looking up on the internet. fractional investment. for ten bucks a week a month, you can buy any stock in the world. buy some stock in real estate. get some education, do something that leverages you. if you don't have compound and interest have compounded hustle. i'm out of time and give you one less thing.
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i've only got through to the five rules. the third role is about relationship capital. you fools running companies the people who are homeless' not about how smart you are there's only one reason to go to harvard. i love harvard. everett is cool. but you only go there pay five times more because you're going to be five times smarter, you with me you go there for one reason. because the class of 2018 will hook each other up for the next 40 years. it's it. this silly reason to go there. you get the same education at a state university. colleges and ecosystem. it's where you find and meet people of your same education and you can hook each other up because relationships matter.
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if you hang around nine broke people you'll be the tenth. whatever you hang around is what you will be. get out of your comfort zone. black votes -- go someplace that makes you uncomfortable. stop just eaten barbecue, be unpredictable, expand your mind. without expanding your mind you can expand your pocket. you cannot segregate your hearts and integrate your pocket. i'm talking to everybody now. you cannot segregate your hearts and integrate your pocket. you cannot have a business that once everybody is a client but only want to hang around people who look like you. it does not work.
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people will get the sense you don't get like them. love everybody, were all god's children. whatever goes around comes around. [applause] we didn't talk about the five rules, talked about three of the five rules. i just came the surface. of the three rules. you need to get in the book and read it three or four times. some mind snapper. completely counterintuitive to what people have told you about how the world works. you have been bamboozled. you have been tricked and fooled. there's another system going on a were not participating in
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because we don't understand how the system works. i'll make this get real. on the way from this place you'll pass by while waiting to be born. to not take your money and go downtown and rent real estate at two or 3000 a month from a guy like me. on the largest minority controlled real estate renter in the country. i want to take your money, i'm telling you not to do it. until you not to go downtown and go rent some fancy skyscraper condo at $2000 a month because you're trying to profile, about someplace that doesn't care about you if you're paying 2000 and month to make 50000 a year
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that's half your income opening a window pushing it out. go by shack. rehab it, rented, and salads. every habit, rented, and keep it, and build your wealth. don't hit anybody with a brick, hit them with your american express black car. don't get mad, good evening. participate in the system. all wealth that did not come from crime or government contracting came from poor people who realize their value the largest retail in the world, sam walton. what can you do if you decide to take her life back and decide
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not to just cash checks but right then. question. >> thank you so much for this. i had to write down everything you said. i follow you religiously. i say that capitalism no space on ignorance. if you take me to a car lot and they're looking for ignorant people you take me to the bank any say this bank is looking for ignorant clients, i got no answers because every bank is looking for ignorant costs. the question is, we recently had a movement to push everybody to open up these accounts. what do you think, blew my mind that right after that campaign i think bank of america released its initiatives there are
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literally marketing to people, i just want to hear from you i want to hear from you, what if anything you think these banks that are able to leverage that capitalize it, what do they os, if anything? >> i did a video of the semi page. go watch the video it's 45 minutes. then we try to answer the question directly. banks are one of few businesses that don't prosper on ignorance. the ignorant banks, there are some, decided to get out of the
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loan business and those do prosper under overdraft charges and all that. those are not the big banks. the ones making their money need to lend you money. if you have a 580 credit score, the bank cannot lend you money. they are forced to tell you know. the bank literally by law because of redlining which was real now they must take your application whether you qualify or not. the bank pulls your credit report knows he will not qualified for the loan. they won't tell you for fear being sued. by you. so they let you go through the process and then they tell you sorry, you're not a proof for this loan. they won't tell you why. . .
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we are going to finish with abraham lincoln started. we have 102 locations. and getting out of the no business and into the yes business by getting your credit score from 580. which we know you cannot be approved at. to at least 650. and we can gauge a 685 like this young lady. then using a four percent mortgage. a four percent mortgage! which we do all the time. if you have a 580 credit score, a mortgage company, a bank, will give you an 18 percent mortgage. did you hear me? you say i am upset, go down to joe and joe and luigi will give
2:02 pm
you a loan with a payday loan and rugged in broad daylight of your own money. we can on the system. let us pull your credit report because the bank will not do it. we are sitting 10 feet from the banker but people, my people work for me. with all the credit report what is that? i don't know, that is called an error appeared ever with a 600 credit score has an error on the credit report. everybody has an error. once we remove that, by the credit bureaus, there is a law. within 30 days after confirm it will remove it. once we write a letter, protest, not scream and holler, not go with picket signs. not say everyone is the devil or we hit the irs.none of that works. you have to write a letter. mr. credit bureau, i do not believe this is mine. have to check the records. if they cannot confirm it within 30 days, the law states,
2:03 pm
they must remove it. when they remove it, it is good for 40 points. nagel from 580 to 620. what happens your confidence, self-esteem, belief in the system? now you say okay, what next? when you say, what next? ? have you! because you were born perfect. you were born optimistic. you were born believing. but the world taught you racism, discrimination, hate and that you could not do something. the world beats you down and tell you to be cynical but you were born optimistic. once we show you that the system works, okay, what next? then we say what is that? that was a divorce. i did not pay the phone bill. okay, 10 years ago. $1000 phone bill three months unpaid. you say i do not have.
2:04 pm
no at&t chased you, they sold it to the finance company for $50. we called joe's finance company. how do we know? the numbers in the memo section under the debt. parliaments add ms. jones here. we are looking for her! she is looking for you. we want to pay off. i don't have $1000. that's okay, we want $100. which is double what they paid for it. do you follow me? they paid how much? $50. they're asking for $100. we offered them $200. why? we want the corporation. we want them to be optimistic. we are going to make him look like a hero to his boss. where pay $200. it will give us his direct phone number, his email address, write a letter to the credit bureau saying that you're a model citizen. when they write the letter to the credit bureau it comes off of your credit report as satisfied and now you have 30
2:05 pm
points. where are you at now? 650. she got an 80 percent discount, a 200 percent profit, this is about a memo here not an emotional and about black banks. you can take all the black banks america and is less than $5 million in assets. we need not a social justice campaign, with financial literate people that understand monies you have something to put in a bank. because if you open a bank for five dollars and you try to draw six dollars the next week, the bank is worse off because now they're managing your account that has no money. so we need to not be emotional. do not react, respond! do not get mad, get even! it is not about black, white, green. what bank do i like? i like the bank lending in my neighborhood with crime rates. that is the bank i like. i like the bank that is give me a home loan, small business
2:06 pm
loan, to become an entrepreneur. that is a black bank been fantastic! we do business with black banks and hispanic banks, anyone who is trying to help equal opportunity. some people do not like that. i don't care! because the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. it is not with what we have been trying is working i'm bringing something else. someone said to me, lunch i tried god? because god cannot possibly miss manage your life like you have. that's why! once you have a credit score for that leading up to that, we walked across the hall quietly. no screaming, no hollering, no drama. we present her application and she gives a four percent mortgage. treated like a queen. because a homeowner.
2:07 pm
and we have a lady like an earned income tax credit $10,000. she was not planning on even getting, she was going to buy a house in the hood in memphis finishes 10 grand to go higher the guy that could be her biggest problem in the neighborhood stealing from her, the same guy who is brilliant by the way. he is an illegal, unethical, lost entrepreneur. but he is not dumb. he understands import, export, finance, marketing, retail, territory, logistics. great man. we hire that guy to do landscaping for her. she hires him. she goes to home depot. as landscaping equipment. she just home depot, hires someone to paint the house which is making friends in the neighborhood, creating jobs and boosting gdp through her sales at home depot. you can do that one house a block and you can change the whole neighborhood. i'm not emotional about this. we need a business plan. not an emotional reaction.
2:08 pm
we cannot do that anymore. you cannot be latino, white ignorance, angry, whatever drama you have needs to step away because nobody cares. the only question is are you contributing to the economy and to the culture? that is the question. are you a good role model for your children? this is the question. we've got to stop making dumb, sexy. we dumb down and celebrate and we have to make smart sexy again. the question you test is the right question. need to start having different answers. when the black bank is living in our neighborhoods is because a low capital often times it cannot live in the neighborhood even if we put all the money in the world there. they need more equity. in my going to de pere? they do not need more people giving the money on deposits. they need somebody investing equity in the bank so that they have freedom to make loans to whomever they want. you got me?
2:09 pm
you have make conservative loans. we have to understand how money works. next question. i am being told how to get in the hope. are you enjoying this? next question. i've 10 minutes? okay. c-span is giving me grace. my own chitosan to cut it. [inaudible question] i like to know how can they apply the memo to the circumstances and situations? >> great question. before i go to that, let me say. i have compassion for my white girlfriends. you shall have compassion for all white world trends. because the 60 as we have ignored them. and imagine how you would feel if you felt like this. the ankle in the toilet, the
2:10 pm
standard of life went in the toilet. they were not paid attention to. they're frustrated and upset. 15 percent of white, rural have a credit score below 620. it is basically, white, rural small towns. are you following me? they respond with fear and frustration and other think immigrants are the appropriate elements are nothing problem. in fact reality is that 9/10 jobs is because of automation, not immigration. that is a fact. the people playing on their emotions and playing on their fear told him that somebody else is their problem. what did i say? white, black, red or yellow we want to see more. so we look at white, rural america and give them more options, increase the standard of living and when you do that you decrease racial tensions. because it is not about race
2:11 pm
anyway! it is about creating jobs and economic fear. can i get an amen? south africa. 55 million people. 5 million taxpayers. did you get that? i will repeat that. maybe did not understand. a population in the country. there is no trick question. there is nothing tricky in what i am saying, this is just data. facts are stubborn things. 55 million people in south africa for the largest economy on the african continent. 5 million taxpayers. you do not get that. you have 5 million people paying for 55 million people! the problem is south africa is not race, it is poverty. and so, no one is going to hire all these poor, uneducated, disconnected folks from the townships into skyscrapers. not because of racial
2:12 pm
animosity. if i have one job available and i have a choice between you, you look very intelligent and thoughtful but i do not know you. i am a white man in his example. i have got to see who is caucasian but i do not know her either. and then i have got my cousin, joey. who is not as intelligent as you but my cousin will get a job so he can stop asking me for money. who will i hire? your cousin! it is not complicated, that is the way the world works. if you have skyscrapers admitted jobs, who will they hire? people that they know! they will not hire these folks out in the townships. so folks in the townships, this is why my chapters in the book. if you cannot get a job, create one. do gentle we need a generation
2:13 pm
of entrepreneurs. what i believe and african needs is more taxpayers. they need people to not say am going to get a job, i will go create a job. the man who made this suit, he made the shirt i'm wearing two. he came to me and wanted to be a fashion designer. he said i'm going to do this and that. i said, i'm not trying to bust your bubble. the likelihood is you will not get a great job in new york. nobody knows you! you follow me? it is not necessarily racism. because nobody knows you. they have no relationship with you. why don't you create your own fashion house? i never thought about it. so he gave me $35,000 loan. teresa's credit score, a small business, confidence and self-esteem up. he started his own business and now he makes a million and six
2:14 pm
a year. he has created $20 million of his own, has employees, raising his family. chartering his own life your freedom today is self-determination. freedom in mandela stays, freedom and doctor kings days, it is about democracy, the right to book. today it is capitalism. freedom of self-determination. but you cannot self determine yourself without understanding money, capitalism, free enterprise and how the system works. so the south africa, they need the same thing. saudi arabia needs it, you have all of these people on welfare. the kingdom is getting money to not work. they are trying to put people to sleep by giving them subsidy payments but realizing the oil is running out and they need a new business plan. they're trying to radically change saudi arabia.
2:15 pm
you name a country and i can say it has the exact same problem. yes this would work in south africa. >> i work in social justice. i thought i should do some policy work. i wanted to ask you more questions about what you are doing as far as policy and building financial literacy. especially with the social justice movement. >> thank you for that. you give me more credit than i deserve. i'm really an idiot. in 2008 i had an opportunity to work with president george bush. people say, why are you working with this president or that president? i said look, if you are bill clinton and you asked me to dinner, i will say, what time? if you are george bush and asked me for dinner, i will say what for? but i am going to dinner. so, unlike george is actually a nice guy when you know him. but we did not agree on a lot of things politically. megan and i did not agree on a
2:16 pm
lot politically. but we found a couple of things we could agree on the piece of work agents for good. i cannot new agents for good. you will figure that out later. and he asked me, what do i want? and i said i wanted this or that and it didn't work out. finally i offered to resign from my advisor low. he said to not resign, come meet with me. and he said what do you want? as a financial literacy in us policy. and he said yes. in 2008 the federal government, the president signed this. and unfortunately -- forgot to ask about money. so is a federal policy of the us government but no school district will do it because it is not funded. once again, a school district is a business. it is a business. every child that goes -- here
2:17 pm
is what gets me about us and schools. we have kids not going to school. but in south africa, you pay to go to school. parents pay for the children to go. almost every place in america, certainly any developed country, parents pay for the children to go to school. if you are a parent a good thing i dare you not to go to school. i am paying for you, i dare you not to show up! right? sir james, he raised some kids in the inner city. it is tougher to raise than there. and he told his kids growing up in the greatest of love, he said, i have two choices for you. i want you to go to school. i will give you two choices. i can either put you through school or put you through a wall. and if i do that you have to pay for the walk to get repaired. he was saying, you're going to school because i am paying for it. most places in the world, we pay to go to school.
2:18 pm
america has school for free. it is not free! your paying for this for your taxes! it is not free! your paying eight or $9000 per kid, per year to go to some school. you just do not see it because it is not coming directly out of your pocket. and so the school district is getting $8000 per kid which is why they will keep a kid that is not learning in school. you got that? there will keep a kid, put them through all grades because they are still getting that check. we as parents have to demand that our children go to school. and our children get an education. we have to demand that the tools that we are paying for give erika's equality education. i should have demanded that the government fund this literacy. i felt my own exam. and to -- this should be a
2:19 pm
record financial literacy in a bank account should not be a privilege, it should be a right. how do live in a system of free enterprise and not understand that? i have three minutes. are you guys enjoying this? and now they said i have two minutes! yes, sir? the microphone is coming over to you. >> first i want to say thank you for making my sunday. a few weeks ago, my question is i know that you are in the high schools but what you do to reach out to younger children from middle schools, because i have been getting them young. i think it might be better than starting high school. >> the question is what we do for children? we have a program called banking on our future. there in 4000 schools. it sounds impressive, once again, it is not.
2:20 pm
there are 100,000 schoolhouses. i think we are in your son's school. we are taking financial literacy. we also have a shark tank for kids. if they win we fund them up to $500 to start a business. they must open a bank account. we need great parents like you two tickets to the bank and open an account. then we have a role model. i gently care whether these kids become an entrepreneur or not. i like to see that but i want them to be resilient. i want them to go have a mentality of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. i want them to have the success mentality. and to be positive and decide to take their lives back at an early age.
2:21 pm
i started my first business when i was 10 years old. i want kids to know. i put a liquor store out of business when i was 10 years old. imagine what that does to self-esteem to put the liquor store out of the candy business? nothing will stop me. i'm basically an object for now because i have experienced that your son had at that age and the light came on about what i can do. and i want to have success, nothing was going to stop me. so we are trying to open up these academies in a couple thousand schools. yes, sir? a question on this site. >> i am a yale graduate. >> okay. yale graduate. >> i want to know, because i went by the hard way. i run my own business but i am in heavy debt. and like you said, i can't get
2:22 pm
the loans and stuff like that but i still, i make my money as a teacher. as a school, teaching the wealthy. and they pay me directly. so i am an entrepreneur. but how do i get myself, how dragon loans potentially? because my credit score is lower than i want it to be. but i am still okay. >> willing to do, i'm waiting to see lance. i am not just a phd. i am a ph dude. our services are free, free! free! because our partners underwrite our budget. i wanted to go sign up for our services, they are all free and will get your credit score could help you assess capital into your businesses. i have to wrap up. i love that you went to yale. why? if you are black, to a
2:23 pm
historically black college or university for undergraduate. get your cultural group on, get your education. then for graduate studies, go someplace that makes you uncomfortable. go to yale, go to harvard, the school of economics. travel to another part of the world. the uncomfortable to expand your territory. grow a different kind of mentality and relationships so you can operate literally all over the world. i love you, i am out! c-span, thank you very much, barnes and noble thank you very much. this has been a great opportunity. in facebook life. jamie nelson, thank you. 44 million and growing. thank i signing books? [inaudible conversations]
2:24 pm
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authors. it all kicks off on sunday, january 7 at noon with david ignatius, a washington post columnist and the author of 10 national security thrillers. you can join us live on january 7 for lunch this on-demand at >> why was hitler interested in lost angeles? question question. there were two reasons. the first and the most important is that hitler and his minister of enlightenment and propaganda, joseph -- a phd. it shows you a phd can get you. they both loved watching movies. apparently, hitler like to watch a movie every night before he went to bed. particularly walt disney films. because they shared similar political worldview. they did. well -- he also felt that had
2:26 pm
hollywood and great britain, not launched such a successful propaganda campaign during world war i, against the german government, that's good have gotten a lot more public support. heather was determined that those jews in hollywood were not going to smear nazi germany for him. in june 1933, he sent george -- to us angeles with one job only. and that is to stop hollywood from making any film that attacked germany or hitler. >> and of course hollywood refused to go along with the proposal. >> his weapon was article 15 from the german import law of 1932. which stated that if any studio
2:27 pm
in any country was to make a film that in any way emigrated germany, that the studio would have all of its films band in germany and if enough studios did that, the whole country would have all of their films band in germany. and so, that was one hammer that he used. within one year, hollywood passed the production code administration under a lot of pressure because, you will find this hard to believe, but hollywood is accused of sexual impropriety back in the 30s . and accused of making horrible movies. there were people who said, wait a minute. we need to clean up hollywood. and one thing the industry has always done, anytime and will call for federal censorship, they have enacted self censorship laws. they created the production code administration in 1934 that summer. they also had a clause.
2:28 pm
if you wanted to be in a first run movie theater, which is a studios meet 80 percent of their profits, you had to get a production called seal. they would not give a seal to any movie that denigrated a foreign nation for its leader. so he had his job made easier by hollywood as well. here is the thing. you had an industry that was run by jews, censored by catholics, making films for protestant children.only in america! >> it is a wonderful thing. >> anyway, hitler, by stopping hollywood from making any nazi films or anti-nazi films, they felt it would keep american public opinion neutral. they wanted american public opinion neutral until after they had conquered europe. the second reason they were interested in los angeles was less about hollywood and about smuggling and money, spies and sacred orders and propaganda.
2:29 pm
because new york, even though it was closer, the new york courts were very closely guarded because the mayor of new york, laguardia, i do not know how many of you know but laguardia was half jewish. if he was a reformed jew he would be fully jewish. because his mother is jewish, his father was italian. but he also identified as jewish as well as catholic. and he made sure the ports were carefully guarded. the nazis referred to new york as jew york. they knew in los angeles, both in the port of la and dennis and pedro, you can get anything through because nobody was monitoring it. he also had a city with a police, sheriff department had many people that were sympathetic and if not members of the silver shirts and of the clan. despise his reports i use for most of this talk about driving
2:30 pm
to the docks with the head of the -- and watching him receive secret sealed orders from either the captain of the vessel or from a gestapo officer. because hitler had a gestapo officer in every ship that left germany and went abroad.>> he forces and other programs online at >> i think we will get started. my name is nancy hammeke marshall. i have a great good fortune of being the executive director of the best public library and at least montgomery county. [applause] [laughter] possibly the state and possibly the world! [laughter] i am proud to introduce joseph hoeffel to you all today. he is a former congressman, state legislator and county commissioner.


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