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tv   U.S. Senate Sens. Nelson Rubio on Disaster Aid in 2- Year Budget Deal  CSPAN  February 7, 2018 7:43pm-8:03pm EST

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day i think we have reached a budget deal that both sides can be proud of. we should do more of that in this body it is my sincere hope that the republican leader and i will work together in this way to get things done with the american c people. so later this week passing the budget into law alongside extension of government spending i hope president trump will sign it also that speaker ryan will do what was agreed to do to allow a fair and open process to debate the dreamers built in the house floor. this budget deal will be the best thing we have done for our economy, military,
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middle-class. for a long time. i yield the floor. >> the medicaid money given to puerto rico in a lump sum call the block grant will and next month. $4.8billion in supplements the medicaid program along with the 100% federal match and to guarantee for those citizens for that health care coverage that needed the most. it is long overdue. to have some much needed
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relief on disaster affected areas. so pass the aid bill this week. i yield the floor. >> the senator from florida. >> mr. president with the divisions in american politics despite the differences of opinion people wanted me to work together on the issues. that is why i must say to work witho senator nelson on this has been invaluable to have two senators on two differentha parties singing from the same song sheet and what is unique
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is the impact on florida was not just florida but also puerto rico. that impact of puerto rico had an impact but also on florida. so at the end of december there was a lot of good things in theop relief package and the house took it and added a few things over the last few months the ability to work here inhe the senate through a series of press conferences but the way the legislation was put together that we could come out with a concise and unified physician on the needs of florida and puerto rico working without leadership of the democratic party and i have to tell you a place where it is very hard to get 60%,
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when you start to go through some of the items it would be hard to complain. perhaps a small exception disaster relief will be concluded in this. so while we are very concerned about three weeks ago it wasn't disaster relief holding it up at the other issues in factd what was held back while other things were agreed on. but now i just have to say while nobody wants to have a hurricane or natural disaster, this was a response we should be happy about. and testament to what we can achieve in the senate when we can put aside our differences on other issues and work together. the way we vote differently
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onn issues but we agree from judges and things that impact florida. i hope we can do that more as a senate not just florida. vv senator nelson and i are always a i good mood and it's warm were everywhere else is cold but people in florida should be pleased. so i will start with puerto rico because that is what we still see on a regular a basis so with an aside to say the resident commissioner representing puerto rico is an extraordinary advocate. not good or great but extraordinary. tireless, nonstop, sunday
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evenings, sunday nights, early monday morning, constant. an incredible partner and the things she can achieve because he only got agreement on the senate to make sure leadership on the house was on board and the respect leadership has for her is tremendous. to hear hergreed ability to get the house to go along with these changes so much is this is due directly to her she is the voice of puerto rico into the the extent these happen above andha beyond, in large respect due to having her here. she isit phenomenal the ability to work with her made it possible. senator nelson talked about medicaid last year we could fill the gap for now we find
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100% through a whole state of katrina. becauseo now puerto rico doesn't have to worry about that and can focus on other issues. there is money in disaster relief to repair hospitals and infrastructure and community health centers. in those college students that had to leave school in virgin islands there is a $11 billion of of funds to go directly to puerto rico and the virgin islands also gets $2 billion. 45million in san juan to help retrain tong get people going again. so having the coast guard to prevent drug smuggling there
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is no customs from that point forward to repair a clinic serving women and infants and children. $150million to replenish disaster relief, transportation funding with improvements to the faa the federal highways. everything that was important was there. they are not prepared to discuss that but the issue that is separate not just to recover from the storm but the long-term economics and we look forward to unveiling that next week but for the timeei being, the first good news people have gotten from washington. i just want to say due to the partnership with senator nelson and myself and also the
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extraordinary assistance of the leadership with senator mcconnell the appropriations staff and members on both sides of the aisle who have expressed a willingness to be helpful. talking about good news of the process and senator nelson talks about the impact on florida. we have come to the floor multiple times to help the citrus industry our signature crop to have the money to do so. it will be an incredible effort over agriculture to administer this. but this is important work to feed the nation. and i stand committed to work with the secretary and commissioner ofm agriculture that has beenn instrumental to put together thisun package. there is funding emergency
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conservation program with wastewatero grant funding to repair the facility to innovatein to say florida citrus in then, long-term. money for education with educational infrastructure repair and to hire new teachers for those coming from puerto rico to florida money to help higher education to rebuild those facilities damaged in the storm. 35million for an education related expense and higher education institutions to help them recover and 25 million to
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assist homeless and also headstart and at least 45 headstart facilities in florida and with the block grant funding exceeding billion was directed for a mitigation o to block these facilities in the future. the army corps has important projects but there is one in particular with $100 million for repairs and 810 million everglades restoration project including the large retaining ponds some of those are overrun or flooded or i damaged. and in addition to expedite
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which is critically important just south of lake okeechobee to expedite that. this ised a project that isn't even authorized but to move that forward is critical because itor will help for all thee important projects to restore the everglades and by the way to prevent the overflow of lake okeechobee. so the south atlantic coast as a federal project that basically looks at vulnerabilities of the sea level rise on the coastal area to be a part of this because we will see the threat because of the storm surge. there is a bill that i had filed against assistant secretary for preparedness and response direct hiring authority to be sure hhs has the necessary emergency medical
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personnel to respond for a natural disaster. hurricane season is five months away. $ 60million for community health center repairs and 20 in florida 100 puerto rico. 50million from nih for infrastructure repair so with those topline numbers for fema for those we merciful cost. and when involved with ongoing discussions that is responsible to coordinate with those governors there should be more than enough to pay hospital affair one -- repairs and services. we have a debris problem like refrigerators and lawn furnitur furniture. we need money to clean that the local government has run out of money. coast guard facilities were damaged 1.65 billion for the
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sba loans the national park service i was at the everglades and now there could be construction to repair the historic facility from the national park service. funding for the department of transportation $140,000,000.8 million faa facilities 100 million just for florida 27-mil -- million for the florida transit administration and also the disaster relief to meet theee unmet needs to make sure they will assist disaster survivors as well as repair or restore services in florida and puerto rico. i hope we can get support for i saw the senator from texas i imagine he may speak to that at some point if not today
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also texas has suffered in california has has fires it took longer than we wanted but the people of florida should be very pleased with the disaster relief package that the senate is about to present and hopefully will pass in the house. this is good news. i'm grateful to be a part of it and to think my staff who has been incredibly hard one -- worked very hard and we are excited it makes our service meaningful when your action turns into progress and results. thist is one of the reasons why i ran for reelection to come back and make a difference. today i know working with so many others in the house and the senate with the leadership we are about to make a real difference i'm excited to have been a part of this.
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i healed the floor mr. president >> as we created black lives matter, we have to get people on board and those that try to co-opt black lives matter so the first year was to ensure that challenging people within our own movement to not say our lives matter or other communities but to focus on black people and those allies and the solidarity and then take that to the world.
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. . . . medical research, community health centers and hurricane disaster relief. the senate is expected to vote on the measure on thursday.
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there will also need to pass that in the house. former attorney general eric holder suggested a special counsel robert mueller could potentially prosecute the president on obstruction of justice charges. his remarks are next on c-span2. then, we will perform a vice president, joe biden. regular leaders said they might ask chandler about bitcoin because of financial risk they pose. the hearing is later. after that, he looked at weapons of mass destruction. >> sees ben's washington journal. live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up thursday morning, we will look at the possible budget deal that could avoid another government shutdown. with us will be -- with the bipartisan policy center. and then eric zellmer.
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in professor, the moon on the us possibly using the olympics to help with nocturia. be sure to watch washington journal live seven eastern. join the discussion. >> former attorney general eric holder talked about his service during the obama administration. in his current role working with the national democratic redistricting committee.he also response to questions about redistricting. the house intelligence committee memos and robert mueller/investigation. [inaudible]


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