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tv   Interview Matthew Daly - Week Ahead in Congress  CSPAN  March 9, 2018 11:33pm-11:43pm EST

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congressional reporter with the associated press, what is this still all about and why is it significant as the first bill of the kind houses taking up? >> stop school violence act sponsored by a florida republican mainly significant because everyone can agree on to make schools safer and
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gives $50 million in grant to basically allow them to do things like metal detectors in the schools. >> the florida student in a couple of weeks will be leading the march saturday march 24 you expect the house will take up ahead of that any other gun legislation? >> there is a lot of questions about that if there is a bill that is the national incident criminal database for this would strengthen that database so that agencies and states report the reports that are needed to make that passed last year but added on to that was a piece of legislation to allow concealed carry in allstate.
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is that part of the senate legislation? >> that was a controversial element in the house that in the senate it will keep it separate there isn't a lot of support especially with democrats for concealed carry that if you have a permit in the state that doesn't have requirements you could take that and i think especially a lot of the democrats are concerned. >> in your article of the legislative debate you write about sponsoring the bill in the senate talking about other measures senators introducing to go along without legislation. tell us about some of those seem like there is long list of ideas it isn't a lack of ideas that a lack of agreement how to make those work. senator lindsay graham and blumenthal has come up with a
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bill to allow the federal government to basically issue a red flag restraining order somebody shows sign tending to be violent you can get a court order to take guns away right now there are a few states that have those laws on the goal of this bill is to make it nationwide. >> this past week tweeting about those other measures with picture of diane feinstein to allow federal courts to keep guns away from people deemed a threat to cells and others as we talk ahead of the weekend governor scott has signed legislation is that an impetus prohibiting the sale of guns to those under 21? >> that is very significant because florida traditionally is controlled by the republicans and resistant to
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any efforts of any gun control so the fact there was pressure after parkland shooting shows it is a movement really led from the students by parkland with rallies in florida and at the capital and it really made an impact on lawmakers who repeatedly talk about who the student are so energized they get them more motivated to do something. >> ahead of that rally on capitol hill march 23 deadline for the budget to be done for funding through september 30 fiscal year 2018 any roadblocks ahead? >> here we go again hard to keep track of how many resolution they have had this year we did have the shutdown earlier but the general thinking is they can get this
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done to loosen the cap what is more of a policy crisis and funding the president law and a new wrinkle president trumped is threatening to veto the whole thing over this gateway tunnel that senator schumer support that could be posturing but it is hard to tell. >> follow matthew daly congressional reporter for the associated press on twitter thank you for the update
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been at one of the missions of the library of congress is to document creativity and
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intelligence of the american people for future generation. i think the mark of a free society that we can gather opinions with which we do not agree and collect them and preserve them for future generations a lot of countries in the world nobody would dare do that and here we are steps from u.s. capital with a variety of opinion and cartoonist and mr. bloch is a great example of one of the artist we have collected
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continues. .ost: and we are back to >> we are back to winning is from new york this morning the author of gatekeepers howis the white house staff defines every presidency your book is out in paperback talking to the president's first chief of staff writes previous and steve benton. what did you learn? >> the most whites house modern it is well. we imagine


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