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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Chris Murphy on Gun Violence  CSPAN  March 19, 2018 7:40pm-7:52pm EDT

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that senator corker as the chairman and ranking member menendez can guide the members of the committee through a process to help us in the end make a better decision. mr. president, i yield the floor and i note the absence of a quorum. e dispense with the quorum call. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. murphy: you thank you >> it's been 32 days since the tragedy that senator nelson may be coming to the floor very soon. but frankly every day since there has been a series of tragedies all across this
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country on average 90 people every single day lose their life to gunli violence and there has been over the course of the last year a mass shooting every single day most are not covered in the newspaper but there is an incident which for more people are shot on average more than once per day in this country and now more than five years since the devastating tragedy in my state where 21st graders lost their life. this is deeply personal to all of us here in this chamber and it became very personal to me last week when my six-year-old came home from school to tell me about his active shooter drill.l. he is six and is in kindergarten and in his kindergarten class he explained to me that for their
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active shooter drill all 25 kids in his classroom were shoved inside a bathroom to gather and crunched together shoulder to shoulder and the door locked and imagine how frightening that would be to a six-year-old child even if they completely understand why they were there he said when he got home, daddy i didn't get. that should not be in the most powerful and affluent country in the world that our children have to go through that ne nevermind those that actually have to face down somebody with a gun in their classroom or inside their school and what is devastating to the parents in parkland and sandy hook and baltimore is that we refuse to have a debate on the
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senate floor about how we can help address this ethic gun violence epidemic in this country i have taken pains over the last six months to reach out across the isle to find common ground with my colleagues with some commonsense legislation legislation with changes to our gun laws i am proud to work on a small bill to encourage states to comply with existing law and now it has over 60 republican and democratic cosponsors that is enough to overcome a cloture motion. but coming to the floor today to ask that we come to an agreement by which we can have
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and open debate for the american public to see on the issue of gun violence before we break for the two-week easter recess. we go back to our states and have a wonderful time with friends and families while many others continue to grieve all across this country and many others will enter the ranks of those who grieve because during those 14 days thousands will die from gunshot. i cannot imagine we would make a decision to go home at the end of this week without having had a debate on the senate floor for the american people to see about how we can try to respond to the cry and the call from the american public to do something.
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these kids haveds been amazing literally hundreds of thousands of children walking out of school last week hundreds of thousands more and their parents will be here in washington for marches and 600 others all around the country this weekend the polls are telling us over and over nine out of ten americans want us to take bold steps forward record numbers of american citizens believe the laws today are not sufficient it isn't a controversial issue outside of washington just here inside the chamber. that if we refuse to have a debate on the senate floor then we are failing the people who sent us here. so i come to the floor today topo propose a very reasonable path forward such that we can
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have a debate -- debate on proposals this week and from what i understand with respect to the budget so we have time this week with a short and meaningful debate with the unanimous consent agreement with theli time-limited debate i would suggest not more than six hours at the end of that. of time we have six votes. three votes that are propounded by the democratic side and three on the republican side it is no secret the amendments that
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senate democrats would offer we would want to see a vote on universal commercial background checks to make sure commercial sales of guns are subject to background check and even president trump said he was for that and encourage congress to work on that with an upper down vote. i thinkup democrats clearly went to see this compromise that has been worked out with respect of protective orders and it makes sense what florida is doing for live force meant after a viable court process taking away from someone who poses a threat. even if they had done something they could not take the legal k ability to take his
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weapons c away even with his threats in public. also our interest in the weapons that are legal and those that are not and i am a believer there is a class of military style and semi automatic weapons best not in the hands of civilians and that divides our side that comes up for a vote on the other two measures republicans are for universal background checks many are on record to be for these protective orders but we will have no idea or the american public has nori idea what we are willing to do or not unless we have a debate and this is our last chance before we go home. so what i am proposing a think
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is reasonable and practical and viable. we can get it done with six total amendments to fix the act that is time-limited may be only six to be in and out of that debate in one day. i talked with my leadership about that and i am confident democratic leadership would support that pathrd forward and i propose that two republican leadership tonight as we enter this week as a means to have this debate with the american public so badly needs. the alternative is unthinkable togo go home and letting over a month pass since parkland with a cry for action from kids across america and not even attempt to get something done here. i understand the issue is difficult. i don't understand why our colleagues will not support
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something like background checks that is supported by 97% of americans it is pretty hard in america define anything 97% not even grandma or apple c pie but background checks does the ym frustrated my colleagues don't come to the floor and agreed to pass something that is mind blowing with universal support but even more offensive is that we don't even try or even make an attempt to put these measures on the floor of the senate and let them be voted up or down. i don't want the gun lobby to have the veto power that is passed but even worse than that is for the gun lobby to have veto power over what we even debate. a total of six amendments a total of six hours of debate
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i would argue that is insufficient but iet get it time is running out t and not a lot of interest from the republican side to enter into this debate. so we are very willing to have a short time-limited debate to see what we can get consensus on and not and then whatever moves out of this building whatever amendments arets passed then we live with it and live to fight another day. five years since the tragedy in my state and now 32 days since parkland i don't think we should wait one day more or one day longer before we have an open debate on the senate floor about how we, as those entrusted with the safety of our children do something about the epidemic of gun violence in this country

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