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tv   Washington Journal Lisa Mascaro and Mike Lillis  CSPAN  March 19, 2018 11:50pm-12:49am EDT

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journal continues. host: on monday's >> on monday when congress is in session we like to look at the week ahead to reporters showing an interest this morning from the hill newspaper and from the associated press coming off a major shakeup in the white house t and that has gained a lot of notice with the mueller investigation what is the reaction? are republican leaders
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concerned? >> it is one of the first time you saw a republican and emma kratz really responding to the president to say any attempt to get rid of malik her mom -- of mueller m would be going too far raising concerns with lindsey graham and it was a sense that the republicans knowub that this would be something to send the wrong message but democrats have been sayingcree this and tryingo get legislation to protect the special counsel and senator warner from virginia the top democrat on the intelligence committee running a parallel investigation of russian interference he had some strong wordst about that tuesday now is the time for congress to really step up to
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make sure the special prosecutor is protected. i don't know if we will see any real legislation passed but i do think that is a warning shot to the president don't go down this road. >> referring to the usa today nobody is above the law not even the president so if there was a piece of legislation what would it be? there are several different proposalss is there one that hasha more support? >> it on think there is any favorite i don't think they're going anywhere but when jeff flake or lindsey graham or the more moderate republicans come out and criticize the president then that is a bridge to far and that is true even paul ryan did with that statement but it is a lot of
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the same voices so the legislative vehicle it would take something extraordinary for the republicans to put something on the floor. >> we asked the callers about president trumps managing stylepe especially with more two columns the water members telling you on capitol hill how the president runs is white house? >> that is very partisan even aside from those moderates there is criticism of his style and his tweets and the way he runs the place but for the most part it is still a partisan debate and the leadership is still very much behind him the committee chairman are behind him none of that has changed but there is a sense it is difficult to
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get legislation done was so much missed messaging but the house was supposed to vote last friday to get out of town's overall the s sticking points with those legislative barriers to the deal the biggest barrier we are hearing is we don't know what donald trumpp wants they cannot put forward a proposal they did not know what the president would support so that is aside from the personnel issues with that policy decision affects legislation on capitol hill that is were the republicans are getting frustrated. >> some viewers could be surprised there could be another government shutdown. so remind us how we got here. >> in the fall october 1, 2017 when congress was supposed to
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have in place a spending bill for the entire year but of course they did not do that. we are now operating under the fifth resolution that is a stopgap measure that expires friday funding theth government so in january that was a temporary shutdown or a couple hours shutdown in february as house and senate leaders get together to pass the stopgap so now they figure they reached a bipartisan agreement to fund the government for the next 18 months at a certain level so it was an accomplishment to agree at what level to fund the government but now they have to fill that in with the actual spending plan for each
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agency now they are arguing t that people are upset they have all the different policy riders attached to the bill and you're not surprised to hear they are arguing over against policy with the longtime push by republican to restrict abortion access of course no federal spending for most abortions but there aret some ways so these with the long-term debate that there is a big tunnel project in new jersey the gateway project he said he would veto big spending bill that is important to senator schumer and to a number of republican in the house that is a tunnel
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under the hudson river to help with the commute. and the chairman of the committee iss pushing to get funding and he is from new jersey to make sure it is secure before he retires but to resolve these issues they did not get it done last week now they are moving toward the end of the week and the congress loves the deadline like crisis governing but it is always the uncertainty if they will get there. >> when will we see the bill? what is the timing? >> we expect the bill this afternoon or this evening and they will discuss the best path forward but we expect to
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see it before then that would set up the stage for that 72 hour rule that they have to vote on it as early as three days later so they could vote on wednesday for senate passage on thursday or friday but nothing ever moves very fast in the senate. >> with a very short-term shutdown can somebody block it just long enough? >> there is always that potential speaker ryan needs to assemble a majority in the house because he has a number of republicans who don't like spending so can he get enough republicans on board or to reach nancy pelosi? then we saw senator and paul say this broader deal is
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excess spending and he is not in favor of that. the potential is always there. >> so now talking about the week ahead our guest is with the associate press and also the hill taking your questions comments this morning with a very busy week ahead. so another event we are watching this week that could possibly occur amid a potential shutdown is on saturday the big march for our lives event for gun control legislation. take us through is there any potential legislation?
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>> there is a bipartisan push to get in the omnibus it is not clear if it can sneak its way in there it is a poison pill with a lot of people's eyes but it was already passed by the house although attached to conceal carry provision. . . . . . . purchases. >> host: why attach it to be on the list is this not have doe enough support to stand on itsts
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own? >> as mike mentioned the bill if salt is very modest it just requires these federal agencies and states to be sure they are complying with the background check systems so it's not what you often hear about. it passed the house but it did have an extra provision which is an expansion that allows folks to have concealed carry permits to have the states to honor the permits across state lines and right now that isn't the case. even if the senate was able to get that through, which is possible it seems there would be a lot of support like 65 senators in support of the bill of rights now how do they build theth difference to include the
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expansion of the rights and therein lies the debate. they talk in all these extra provisions. >> host: explain why that is for folks that hear things like poison pills, writers, christmas tree omnibus. >> guest: it is very partisan and we've been in this hyper partisan age for years now and it's very difficult for congress to agree on a lot of these policy measures so when there's enough support for this background check bill that it can't quite make it through the procedures to hitch a ride or in some cases on these policy bills
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to big spending bills are sort ofgi must pass legislation. nobody wants to sit down anymore anand the shutdowns are not popular so it's one of the last big legislative items in the last several months almost towards the end of the year so they want to load it up with their priority is and maybe some election spending into different divisions to make or break a the bills. >> host: to figure out what is in it. what did you want to talk about this morning the phones are open to talk about the week ahead in congress and the white house.
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the shojoe in eastport michigano ahead.ll >> caller: good morning. who knows what evil is in the white house. they may not even be in office after the week ahead. he is tightening the noose a little bit more. he will come out with some outrageous statements and haveical things that happened he makes nixon look like a choir boy. we may not have to wait to read ourselves of the threats to our democracy i can't wait to vote
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against him in the republicanvo party again. >> host: you were talking about the november elections. take us in the wake of the special election and we have another round of primaries coming up ins illinois tomorrow let's talk about the impact right now. they ran against president trump and thought he was going to be wild card. they were not expecting double-digit gains in the house. neither of those happened and so it was a terrible night for th them. we can't make it about donald trump we are not going to make the same mistake twice so they introduced a better deal campaign and there are no social issues or immigration, and no
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abortion, it's all the economy and now we are in 2018 and it is unavoidable you saw it in virginia. itbe is just unavoidable. it's going to be sort of as secondary issue.. >> host: you had a story last week she's not hurting democratic campaigns. we want to talk about nancy pelosi and how she may be a factor coming into november. >> republicans will tell you about pelosi is one of their best weapons and because the polling among the voters they are trying to win over she's a great bogey man on the campaign trail and that' and expendable s
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played for republicans for years to use her in a way to scare voters. we saw in the pennsylvania race the democratic candidate said i'm not supporting nancy pelosi and he was able to win. i will also say she still remains among the democrats she's an amazing fundraiser and legislature. she remains a strong powerful leader despite the challenges and she will face challenges from her own ring.
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>> guest: every few years we have this debate. it is what is the future she's not going to tell you. you a lot of the younger generations are blaming her because the republicans are able to run these. a lot of people think that it's just all about it. but i should mention there are a lot of these districtth candidas that have attacked nancy pelosi the past and then nancy
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pelosi endorses those things with her blessing they are attacking because she would have a democrat in the house and republican, so this is not a new dynamic. last year it was a direct challenge to the leadership in the smalle,smaller challenge 20s a bigger challenge to the. they are moving on and going to the senate and the governor's races and nowhere to go to. it's too radioactive to win or is not effective but there is frustration. >> host: who are the talents
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that have gone to other places? >> guest: chris van hollen went to the senate in california on the way up to the leadership and didn't have anywhere else to go. who else is in that category. donna edwards in maryland ran for the senate and lost to chris van hollen so you have this kind of middle generationyo that is nowhere to go and they disappeared. >> host: berkeley springs west virginia republican, go ahead. >> caller: i would like your appointment on the special counsel to investigate the corruption and conspiracy to overthrow this president and
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also i would like to know have you commented in your paper the e-mails have you ever seen it in any newspaper or heard it on the mainstream media between the two thatg were conspiring to overthrow the president. i do think we should spend more money on mental illness. >> guest: the text messages did appear in a number of papers across the country so you can go back and look at those through your library or the internet. there are various legislation proposals to talk about appointing a special counsel to look into this.
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folks have put out legislation to do that and again i don't know if that is going to get any traction. it would require the cooperation of both parties to do that and i don't know that we willw see that. but it continues to be an issue. people want to see fairness and investigate the president and see the investigation on the other side. i just don't know that congress can actually work to get that together right now. >> there's always this claim at the committees are above partisanship but as this has proven to everything is partisan, it is a power struggle and they are fighting to protect the president.
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it's been under a microscope, so those e-mails are out there and others. >> the senate judiciary chairman sending a letter to the attorney general calling for a special counsel to gather the facts. brian is in dubuque iowa come independent. good morning. the idea on the situation is they don't really care about morals, they don't care about the reality of the poor or the
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lower middle class and the only people that ever really talked about it was bernie sanders hillary wasn't as progressive, she was on the wrong side of budgets issues and only switched over when she's all that the grass was greener or whatever. i'm going off the rails, but the point is he wants to make it white america again, and america is a melting pot and has been for a very long time and we t jt can't discard the reality of slavery and segregation, jim crow and then the nail in the coffin's's to speak which my parents and grandparents engaged
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in. i grew up on the west side of chicago. there were all kinds of sexual allegations and was in bed with putin so to speak. [inaudible] this is america, not russia, not china. the president of china is looking at america like my god are you serious. >> host: some of thehe questions asked are you hearing the same questions as you heard?
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>> guest: there's always been a concern the rise of some of the far right voices out in the country and that is troubling to membersou of congress with risig reports of hate crime into some of the activism around goes on charlottesville and the nazi protests and those supporting the president, so that is a concern and i think what they've struggled with is how to deal with this presidency and congress and they are trying to ride the coattails of the president. the behavior with his wife or any of the things the caller raised, so that is the issue we
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areso seeing a. of people say this is enough, this i isn't the direction the countrynois should go. some of the members in congress are certainly responding to that. you see for the booker, bernie sanders going around the country talking to the resistance being active in that space so there is a serious debate going on and i willru say many of them are able to decide and talk about the other things they appreciate the president has done in terms of taking a hard line on these issues so it is just a big debate right now. >> host: he brought up bernie
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sanders. what is his role in the party? >> guest: he's trying to figure that out. he hasn't ruled out a run. he's in his mid-so he would be the oldest president by far to do it if-7 he wants to. he has to weigh out those two things. he runs around the country and get enormous crowds and delivers well. he is the progressive movement guy in that category also as a contender but she's mentioned in that group of people who might run. leadership has played this game with bernie sanders because he is the one that energizes the base but also he can be a bomb thrower and the rail regulation to get it done in a bipartisan
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compromise to play a game with conservatives. >> host: on the military involvement they explained what's going on. >> guest: mcconnell hasn't ruled it out but should mention john cornyn, the number two republican wants to send it to the committee first so it's not on the schedule yet that we might vote on this resolution which would be an extraordinary vote. for years there's been a strange bid in the bipartisan group and in the senate who says wait a minute congress is supposed to authorize the war. kids are dying and we haven't
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given our constitutional duty so is a dereliction of duty and we see that in syria and yemen. what theyhi are saying is congrs has to approve this stuff and if we don't, then anybody not fighting terrorism or al qaeda in jenin or any american troops have to come home within 30 days. >> on the east coast but we are discussing people be talking until about 9:00 this morning. mike wallace is with the hill newspaper and the associated press. we have janet in west virginia, republican. go ahead.we >> caller: im so tired of hearing about russia.
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it's up to them to say no. it's not the person, but they will do anything. i am so concerned about the country it's like they are asleep or something and most of them had women also and as well as anybody else -- >> host: are you talking about the stormy daniels story? >> guest: there are so many i can't even think of them. i'm just really worried about the country and they are trying to destroy our country. i'm telling you they do anything for money. >> host: let's focus on the stormy daniels story and where thist goes.
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>> guest: that is a good question. we are in sort of uncharted territory into the questions start getting raised of was there any campaign violation or any question that any of the money that was paid for her to remain quiet and not tell her story in thehe settlement was there any question of how that came about in terms of the campaign funding law so this is one of those issues that just doesn't seem to go away despite so much effort by the president. >> host: does this rise to the point of a congressional investigation? >> guest: members of congress probably don't want to touch this right now. i haven't been reporting on data so i can't say with a lot. of
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certainty. >> guest: there is the sense that theyid don't want to talk about it. if there is an issue through the lens of the violations if there's any kind of oversight push, infidelity is not a crime after the bill clinton affair they don't want to bringon these sort of things up and of course all of the sexual harassment stuff thasexual-harassmentstuffs happened last year in the capital with both parties guilty of the lawmakers on both parti parties. so they don't want to make it a partisan issue. >> guest: >> host: bob is a democrat, go ahead. >> caller: i just want to let you know this is a situation
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where the fbi, you don't mess with them. you better stay off the subject when it comes to the fbi or you will be sorry. >> host: lisa why don't you jump in on that, talkingng about the russia investigation a little bit ago. >> guest: as the previous caller had sort of mentioned the divide where we have this situation where the intelligence committees, i'mioth sorry, the community found a year ago there was this interference and now we have the house and the senate investigating that and the house is wrapping up their investigation but there's a divide in the country over how important this is and some people don't want to hear about it yet you are hearing from the members of congress that there is a grave concern that they saw
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in the presidential election is just the beginning or a continuation of what we now know has been going on earlier and they will be continuing to go on in the next election so as we approach in 2018 there's a lot of concern on capitol hill about shoring up the system and making sure the most important part of the democracy everyone to vote is counted. the investigators haven't seen but this blog -ish view of something the campaigns are going to have to struggle with when they have these social media accounts about the message is being amplified out there in the community.
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how okay is that and what are they able to do to protect from getting hijacked by interference, so we are beginning to have a serious conversation on that aside from what happened looking ahead of being able to protect going forward. >> host: 15 or 20 minutes left with our panel of correspondence we will get to as the calls as possible. we have jeanne, republican and main. good morning. >> caller: hello. in this household we try to follow politics objectively. we watched cnn, nbc, fox, fox business. we are fairly well-informed and
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i think what's going to happen is in the next election it's going to be about character becausebo the reason that trumps in office is despite all of his flaws, which everybody has, he is sincere he once to correct the way things are in this country and i think that the reason he won in pennsylvania is because he was sincere and didn't follow the hard left line. i think we are going to see an end to the hard left that is going too far. the marches involving things like this is outrageous and the extreme right has already had its day even though it was the democratic party for slavery.
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the extreme right has already had its day and we may see some democrats elected in 2018 who are going to be more for trump then the republicans sitting there getting their pensions and not worrying about what is going on. and in the end, that is in control and america is a great nation and i i think that he is going to make us a nation blessed once again. we are here for a reason. thank you. >> host: what do you make of those predictions?
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from this entrenched partisanship where we arelu rigt now. she's not going to bes the guyo foster himself in the white house. he might lead to it -- >> host: the candidates that are offering themselves in the primary come as we hav, as we hy tomorrow in illinois are there candidates looking at that? >> guest: disrespec this goes bo the question you asked before because they are in search of the soul after 2016 and before
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the start of the left and getting back to the liberal ideas have even losing them or do we have to shift to the center and speak to some of these blue-collar working class voters that ought to trump said that as an ongoing debate that has not been resolved and it's going to be district by district certainly in the illinois primary a veteran but a very conservative minded and one of the few on capitol hill that supports abortion and that has angered a lot of people us of that will be kind of a litmus test because he doesn't represent the chicago suburb so he does represent a liberal district and has a strong primary opponent this time around, so it will be a fascinating result. >> host: to dovetail on that, they have bernie sanders backing ofs the situation where the
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bernie sanders candidate was able to make it into a runoff in the establishment so you are seeing on the democratic side with mike is talking about as they try to figure out their path forward and is it really this populist bernie sanders message or is it something more ofe a moderate and i think it s district by district at some point there is a reckoning to bringing the voices we have seen a number of conservative democrat lose or retire but now we see this upswing of the democratic politics so republicans like to say that he was a unicorn and their are these moderate democrats but if
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you look, they just won the seat in alabama and that was a very specific race against roy moore but there was a path into there are these democrats have taken the moderate views and like we said earlier to welcome them to. >> host: gerry, republican, good morning. >> caller: i hope out of desperation people will come to the common sense and logic and reason the eisenhower part of the party where we have this common sense is in our aim is in the advancement of humanity. we see from the donald when it
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comes to anything that is obama she knew how to keep them synchronized. if she did a fantastic job on the economy.s i don't know what was wrong with it. and at this hypocrisy that we have going on with the enforcement of the policy complains all about immigrants and stops them from having the same birth control that we have. i worked the last 15 years and that was the first thing they told me, it is a crying shame. they like to useth the word but they don't use the principle.
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thank you for letting me share. >> host: bringing up the issue of immigration bringing back to the week ahead in washington are we going tos see any money in this omnibus spending bill? >> guest: keyes wanted it since it came to office and he hasn't been successful so far this comes back to the issues of the dreamers and good introduction fothe directionforl program for which trump has taken apart and dismantled that the deadline for that is coming off a into the merits might not happen until june so we are waiting to see the outcome of
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that court case. it's included in the budget deal and they are decidedly not giving that this time around. there is a change of tactic inside and outside of congress that they just thought it wasn't a winning issue and they want to get this done without shutting down the government or risking shutting it down and having them be blamed. the question of the wall is still very much up in the air. we will know later this afternoon if it is claimed to be there and if it is democrats won't be there it is one of those n nonstarters unless thers enormous concessions to them that they have supported the
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funding in the past but only in exchange for the protection for the dreamers. >> guest: there will be some amount. to work on the other geographic parts of the border that need the reinforcement that bought the prototype of the wall president of trump was just on last week visiting it's not funding to start that. the immigration issue isn't going away for part of the electorate.
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backgrounds and these young people have organized and created a greater sensee of urgency for their situation and so much. there's great popularity for the dreamers in the country. you look at the polling after polling and these people that grew up in the country who are americans except for the fact that they came over illegally or were brought over a.
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out of the two of the three superpowers the president have governed for as long as they want. president trump has already touched on this jokingly. how do you think he will consider this part of his agenda for him and how well the congress or the american people put the kibosh on that to have been in america i would like your answer off the air thank you. >> guest: zero appetite on capitol hill and republicans provided a good defense for the president and across-the-board
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it's been remarkable to watch some of the things they've tolerated in support of a. despite how popular fort collins colorado independent, go ahead.
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there's a problem in the reality of this hall and i'm not understanding it. s it seems like they are tribalists. how do people become so common is it just due to the media? i'm watching the rallies and here is trump with a lawsuit over the university with strings of lawsuits where people are out of money. where are the facts if they haven't come into this country a wall itnt to build is a muslim ban on countries but how about saudi arabia where we have the trump tower.
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on the record. >> host: we will let mike lewis starts with it. the original question about the tribalism. is it as worse as you have ever seen covering congress? >> guest: >> caller: it is and i'm not sure the reason for it. they just can't pass anything even the most basic to fund the government to drag t it out. paul ryan faces thept same thret particularly on immigration.
12:42 am
conservativess love to attack bill clinton and liberals love to attack george bush and now liberals love to attack donald trump. as much as you are tempted to saya. that this is something brand-new, the tribalism for many years people go to extraordinary lengths to defend their party and ideas and there seems to be a lack of appetite for being challenged or admitting that you are wrong but you can align yourself with whatever cable show you want and it's just going to reaffirm your belief that itit hasn't helped speed with which the news is traveling now it hasn't helped because thereau is no filter on that reform and then it's gone. they are not really tipped off to what's important versus what'versuswhat's not and then l media to the white house. so, all the things are part of
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an evolving journalism structure and it has affected politics profoundly. >> host: e. elizabeth has been waiting in staten island, go ahead. >> caller: i agree with what has been said. we in new york feel that what everyone is seeing in the white house right now is what he has done his entire life. when he's been accused of something he will turn it around and accuse the other person and just tryingo wsel his way out of things. i mean, six bankruptcies i believe, a lot of chaos in atlantic city. and thanks in new york and the
12:44 am
united states stopped wanting to deal with them i and they gave e kind of asian stipend to live off of at some point so he just cannot be trusted. as i was going to say when you were talking about bernie sanders, i voted for him and something that s i noticed and i don'tdo know if i'm accurate abt this but it seems hillary won the south and bernie won the midwest. he won the blue-collar workers, he had a lot of talk about unions and he is a very uniting force. he's voted one of the most popular senators because of his bipartisanship and i believe the longest running independent.
12:45 am
i just think his policies are wonderful. i consider myself a pro-life democrat, but i have my own opinion on the whole issue of the hypocrisy of the pro-life yet very much pro- death penalty movement. i think a lot of it actually comes down to racism. i was in a neighborhood where mr. eric garner wasar killed. we are dealing with those kind of issues right here. i live in a mostly immigrant, while not mostly but somewhat immigrant community with a lot of mexicans. they don't have a lot of problems here. it's a pretty low key neighborhood except for, you know, what happens with our police department here. >> host: we are going to end there and get a chance to respond in the final minutes.
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>> this reflects the divide we are seeing in the country and that kind of sense of members of congress hearing from both sides and the country is really polarized people are in their tribal camps and members of congress face a tough election. they need to respond to the different groups to pu that put pressure on them andee that kees telling people apart ratherle tn together and to the earlier point members of congress are tired of it, too. so i don't know that we are at any sort of a shifting point, but we are a pendulum country and they kind of pull back and forth. her workyou can see at ap and special correspondent on the hill. is there a place to find the
12:47 am
stories. appreciate your time, both of you this morning. went back
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next the congressional caucus for women's issues meets to talk about ways to combat sexual harassment in the hotel service and airline industries. employees and advocates from those industries to share their experiences and current and former government officials talk about what can be done to combat and prevent workplace harassment


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