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tv   Senate Party Leaders News Conference  CSPAN  March 20, 2018 2:06pm-2:16pm EDT

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ability to foster long-term relationships with allies in the gulf region. we also benefit from increasedcr interoperability and burden sharing and strong security architectures throughout. [inaudible conversations] >> we will go live now to capitol hill to hear from senate leaders as they return from their party lunches. >> good afternoon, everyone. as you may have heard, secretary mattis had lunch today to talk about the yemen issue on the floor of the senate today as well as defense in general. we are moving towards completing a number of this appropriation bill, which will fill the blanks in a significant increase in defense spending that we were able to achieve in a caps bill. i think it is important for the country and something that i
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hope will convince the majority of my colleagues to vote for the almond of this. we anticipate the house filing later today, which will give the senate plenty of time to take a look at it and see what's in it. we are going to be passing the sex trafficking bill that senator ted and senator portman have been working on and that will wrap up the week going into the easter recess. >> on the yemen resolution that we will be voting on this afternoon following several hours of debate, our relationships with our allies in the gulf are really important to her counterterrorism effort against isis and al qaeda are chief among those allies is saudi arabia. the united arab emirates among others. there is an effort being made by the iranians to support who the
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rebels in yemen that are actually lobbying iranian made or produced missiles into saudi arabia. so we are performing a supportive role, refueling intelligence and targeting offered to help the saudi's fight off this challenge from not only to who the supported by iran, but also in the way that will help reduce the number of civilian casualties. we are going to be asking our colleagues to send this matter back to the senate foreign relations committee, were senator corker, the chairman of the committee, ranking member of menendez will have hearings and do a deep drill down into this complex geopolitical challenge for the world. senator corker also announced he will be holding a markup of the authorization for the use of military force taking a look at the existing au mf that dates
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back to roughly 2002 to deal with al qaeda and its affiliates. that encouraged our colleagues to let the committees do their work. not everybody is an expert or knowledgeable about this topic is the committee on foreign relations and we think we can come up with a better, more considerate product following the committee's work if we allow them to do their job and the senate can take it up and vote on it and debate it to our hearts content. we hope our colleagues will join us in sending this out to the committee rather than circumventing the committee and perhaps making some this takes an unintended consequences in the meantime. >> as the later pointed out, will have an opportunity to vote after we deal with the yemen issue on legislation that senator portman authored, which deals with sex trafficking online. the reason this is an important issue is between 2010 to 2015, the numbers have suspected sex
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trafficking cases increased 846% according to the center for missing and exploited children. this is a major reissue. those numbers are totally unacceptable and it's one that we believe has to be addressed. senator portman's bill goes a long way toward strengthening penalties against those websites and sex trafficking online and allows the attorney general to file civil lawsuits and to hold those websites that are involved in this activity accountable. it follows on legislation to either pass the senator have been signed into law previously. we've got a number of our senators, senator corker had bills signed into law by the president to attack this issue and aggressively get out ahead and do everything we can to prevent this sort of act
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committee from occurring in this country. this is something we can accept as a culture and the legislation we vote on this week will be an important step forward in addressing this very serious issue. >> a number of you continue to ask me questions about what's going to be in a spending bill with regard to stabilizing the insurance markets. we will see the spending bill soon, but there is actually a reform that exist that can lower the cost of insurance for people that it has to deal with the short term markets expanding those to 364 days, which the president has supported as well as guaranteeing renewal of those specific policies. back at so many decisions out of washington, back into the states, put states in charge of assurance and opportunities people can have to buy what works for them or their families to lower costs. and they can do without having
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to buy the entire, all the bells and whistles demanded under the obama health care law. it is something that gives freedom and flexibility and choice to families and people who want to buy insurance under obamacare with all of the mandates incorporated in those policies. they would still be free to do so, but this is about giving people the freedom to choose what works for them and they think it is something that we ought to have a vote for to allow people to actually choose something that they can afford rather than sent them they can't afford under obamacare. >> the leader mentioned this, but i think in the last few weeks since the cr was passed him was sort of lost sight of what the bill will vote on this week for national defense, underfunding our defense capabilities, underfunding our training dollars, underfunding having equipment in the condition that you and i would want it to be an put the men and women that defend us has caught up with us in the last couple of
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years. way too many people injured, way too many lives lost simply because we haven't treated our defense like we should. this bill is the biggest year-over-year increase in defense and to teen years. $61 billion funding not only new training dollars, new missile defense, but also a pay increase for men and women in uniform and that is the single biggest thing that we will be doing in the bill we vote on this week is trying to restore again the fact that we never want americans to be in a fair fight. we want them to have every advantage they can possibly have. the advantage has been lost in the past decade you will vote this week to get back on track to be sure that we always have that advantage for the people that defend us. >> has become more and more clear of the past several weeks but as november draws closer, some of our democratic colleagues wish to campaign on
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their focus on tax increase, raising taxes, undoing the good that we have done with the tax cuts. in fact, it was discussed at the -- by the democrats. it's also been talked about by senator schumer, his land to introduce further legislation that would raise taxes on the american people. here's excerpts from "the associated press." it talks about dollars coming in from the new federal tax on that will dramatically increase state revenue because of the anticipated benefits of outlawed in the economic activity. the u.s. tax law passed last year is encouraging business investment and is expected to increase state tax collections tied to higher federal taxes as a result of economic growth. this is a great opportunity for the american people and certainly for greater benefits to come and nothing compares to the opportunity we have to continue growing this economy and the american people know it. >> over the weekend the president launched an attack.
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are you comfortable with the president going after the special counsel? >> i agree with the president's lawyers that bob mueller should be allowed to finish his job. i think it was an excellent appointment. i think he will go wherever the facts lead him and i think he will have great credibility with the american people when he reaches a conclusion of this investigation. so i have a lot of confidence in him. >> you talked about the senate having enough time to process this bill. senator cornyn indicated that they might have to be here saturday. are you confident this will be wrapped up friday night and are you concerned about having members here on saturday on your side of the aisle when there is this a done protest out front? >> my focus is on finis t


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