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tv   U.S. Senate U.S. Senate. Sen. Cornyn on War Powers  CSPAN  March 20, 2018 7:46pm-8:01pm EDT

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the same exact policy the senate has acted on it by voting for appropriations. it's not as if we have not taken action. we've done that through various state departments we've acted upon it, their concerns about what's happening legislation will be introduced to try to deal with it and that's why we deal with complicated issues. no one is shying away from the debate we need to deal with it in an orderly appropriate way. >> later today the senate will be voting on a privilege revolution that i spoke on yesterday offered by three of our colleagues. simply put, it would direct the president to cut off all u.s.
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approach for the saudi -like coalition in yemen. some people may be looking at a world map to figure out where yemen is. and what the import of this conflict may be. suffice it to say, this is another proxy war being conducted against the u.s. and its allies by iran. now in yemen just to the south of saudi arabia, or alex. the motion to table i was interested to hear my friends of command connecticut and vermont that the motion to table and stop debate. that's not exactly true. what it will do is facilitate full debate full consideration of the merits of the underlying resolution starting with the foreign relations committee. it's unusual for resolutions like this to come immediately to the floor where you have 100 senators voting on it because
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not all of us are up to speed on the details are what the unintended impact may be as the foreign relations committee set up for the purpose of examining legislation in matters like this. this important timely manne mats officials are in washington this week in the crown prince was scheduled to meet with president trump today. i met with him this morning along with other members of the senate foreign relations committee. he's an important member and is a counterpoint to iran. in yemen we see both terrorist operations, that's isis and al qaeda and iran to shoot missiles into saudi arabia i think it
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currently takes the form of intelligence including air to air refueling this is part of the plan started under the obama administration and continued with the trump administration not to put american troops on the ground, boots on the ground, but rather to facilitator allies they working by, with, through those allies to address the threat not only to them but ultimately the united states and peace in the region. the role we play in yemen is clearly a noncombat support role. it is meant to minimize civilian casualties by improving the processes and procedures in
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other words, were trying to help them target the terrorists and the iranian back rebels and not innocent civilians something they're not able to do. >> contrary to the sponsors claims u.s. is not engaged in hostilities as is been traditionally understood were not in direct contact with the rebels. the u.s. soldiers and amit are not fighting them directly. we are providing support. let me point out there is currently a humanitarian crisis, unfortunately what they sometimes leave out is it only started when the iranian backed rebels over through the existing government. were helping the saudi's and to
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help prevent civilian casualties help restore law and order and create conditions necessary to provide aid. let's remember was president obama the first implemented the refueling policy so it's not a political matter. there's no real difference in the way that they are provided this assistance. it's clear why it's been the policy of the last two administrations. yemen is a place of great geopolitical concern. when i visited with our colleagues is the fifth fleet housed there we heard concerns about a chokepoint near an area we've all heard more frequently about -- through which floats commerce and oil flows. this is right off to the east or
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west of yemen only 18 and said it's -- point. it's one of the reasons it's so important to politically because 3.8 million barrels of oil pass through each day, many in route of the suez canal and beyond. it shows that the geopolitical importance of yemen and the surrounding region. when rebels attempt to shut down shipping the impact is global. including on the united states and our nation has every right to be concerned. i fear the resolution i mentioned deals with their share concerns in the wrong way. we all want to avoid civilian casualties. most everyone is where that they are suffering for severe humanitarian crisis for years
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including the terrible cholera outbreak. if we were to remove logistical support that crisis would likely get worse. the department of defense is critique that resolution will be voting on on the ground it would undermined our ability to foster long-term relationships with our allies. we also benefit from increased interoperability, beneficiary and strong security throughout the world. another is the alliances we have in the middle east to fight the common enemy of isis and al qaeda and try to contain iran which is been at war with united states since 1979, all of these are on the table and should be matters of our concern.
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they need to be considered initially in the context of the foreign relations committee. then they can make a recommendation and we can have a debate that people expect on matters of global importance. all of the reasons i mentioned suggest the need for a role in yemen remains important. the secretary of defense has said the withdrawal of our support could embolden rebels and enable further missile strikes and threaten the shipping lanes in the red sea. all this could stoke the embers of a griddle greater conflict in the middle east. i hope our colleagues will vote for a tabling of this which does not cut off debate but just
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leaves this initially to the foreign relations committee. render the the leadership of corcoran menendez. i have every confidence they would explore this issue and come out with a reasonable recommendation for the senate and congress on how the government should conduct itse itself. i believe in a strong congressional role when it comes to wars and military conflict. this is been a fight going on for a long time from the executive branch and legislative branch. we have the ultimate tool, we can cut off money but that's rather a broad instrument. i think this administration
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likes previous ones needs to recognize congress is a partner in making these decisions not an adversary. it's important we each play our respective role. i'm confident we will play that role responsibly which is what this is about. this takes us vote we lose the chance for that careful deliberate informed consideration that starts in our standing committees. i hope our colleagues will vote to table the resolution not close off debate but to insist it takes place initially were blondes in the senate foreign relations committee. in that thing continue among all members of the senate. it will be better informed and prepared better able to prevent unintended consequences for
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taking a rash action like voting for the resolution today. >> "washington journal" is live every day with his impulse issues that impact too. >> the seas i c-span buses
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traveling on the 50 capital store. we recently stopped in oklahoma asking folks with the most important issue is in their state. >> probably education funding. we have a lot of challenges and some right now some of the lowest teacher pay or losing teachers to other professions and states. we been deliberating over this will last few years. it's a serious problem. i'm making a transition to the mayor's office in its a challenge there too. we need to have a world-class education system and we can have that without competitive pay. >> the issue most important is -- i represent seven counties.
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[inaudible] there's an egg issues that's what i did my whole life. i think it's those issues that i am most passionate about my district. >> i would say the access to high-speed internet for citizens in rural areas in all parts of the urban areas as well. >> most important issues to make sure we have a funded government that works and is been responsible to make sure that future generations have a education system and quality healthcare in the state.
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>> coming up on c-span2, members of the senate intelligence committee hold a briefing on your selection security. there is a firm that took and kept data and 50 million facebook users. >> next, report on the security of the election infrastructure. senate intelligence committee members including chair richard burr took questions for reporters at this briefing. >> good morning to thank everybody for being here my colleagues are with mark and i this


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