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tv   Prime Ministers Questions Prime Ministers Questions  CSPAN  March 21, 2018 7:59am-8:51am EDT

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think the result of that. we will seek how to do our part. [inaudible conversations] and now live to london for british prime minister question time. each week the house of commons is in session we bring you prime minister thersea may taking members -- taking questions.
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we also invite your participation using twitter. members are finishing up other business. and out life to the floor. .. .. >> number 13, mr. speaker. >> mr. speaker, under the terms of the devolution settlement responsible for sporting events is a matter for the default administration. the government is working towards the restoration. >> order. there's too much noise in the chamber. let's hear her voice. >> mr. speaker, i'm afraid the
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secretary of state, that is not good enough. this is a hugely important sporting event that northern ireland has one the right. the secretary of state must make these decisions. we cannot win until we get another -- could be a very long time. this decision must be made and the secretary of state must show that she is in charge. >> mr. speaker, i feel like a matching questions and my previous role at digital cultural media and sport because this is an issue that crossed my desk there. the games could be sustained until such time to consider the decision is required. >> secretary of state, , relatin to northern ireland were dependent upon tourism and event driven tourism. we also work with tourism ireland. fortunately we don't believe our
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contribution were getting a fair crack of the whip whenever comes to delivering from that body. >> she will focus on the games is what i'm sure the honorable tillman had in mind. >> mr. speaker, he's quite right, the 21 youth games would bring tourist to northern ireland and i've had discussion with both the tourism minister and others about the issue of tourism picky will also welcome the presence my right honorable friend announced last week regarding specific tourism issues in northern ireland. >> order. questions to the prime minister. mr. gerald howarth. [shouting] >> question number one, mr. speaker. >> the prime minister. >> thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of the westminster terrorist attack. it was a second depraved attack on a street of our capital but
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what i remember most is the exceptional bravery of our police and security services who risked their lives to keep us safe. i know members will be attending the events tomorrow and over the weekend to mark this tragic anniversary. mr. speaker, i'm sure the whole house will also wish to join me in expressing our sincere condolences to the film and friends of the red arrows engineer who tragically died in the aircraft incident yesterday. i know members across the house also will wish to join me in congratulating andrea who recently won the global teacher prize. it is a fitting tribute for everything she has done and i look forward to meeting her shortly to congratulate her in person. mr. speaker, this morning i had meetings with ministerial colleagues and others, and in addition to my duties in this house, i shall have further such meetings later today. >> gerald howarth. >> i'm sure, , trip to the whole house would want to be associated with both the
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condolences and congratulations that the prime minister is just expressed. since 2010 police have lost 1084 police officers. in 2017, crime went up by 18.5% and there were 21 firearms discharges, one of which resulted in ethicality. across the area there were 94 firearm discharges with four fatalities. local mps have met home office ministers but no resources have been provided. with a prime minister arrange for the home secretary to meet with local mps to discuss what additional support can be given to deal with this serious problem? >> can i say to the honorable gentleman that in the safety partnership with the police, crime statistics in the constituency have fallen by 9%
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since since your ending june 23. since 2010, but i say to the right honorable gentleman he obviously mentioned some instance which are of real concern and i'm sure the police are giving their full attention to those incidents. what we're doing is ensuring that over all and he points at home secretary honorable friend is ensuring that overall in the next year not only are we protecting police budgets but we will see 450 million extra pounds being available to people across the country. >> can i associate myself with the prime ministers earlier comments? mr. speaker, britain's ability to trade with the world has been curtailed by the eu now for over 40 years. however, we have now won the ability to sign our own trade agreement around the world. mr. speaker, does the prime
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minister agree with me that this is breaks its greatest opportunity and it is a a truly proud international country once again? >> my honorable friend raises a very important point and it is he is absolutely right and i agree with him that this is an important opportunity for the united kingdom host brexit because for the first time in 40 years we will be able to step out into the world and forge our own way by negotiating our own trade agreements and signing trade deals with old friends and new allies alike. we will be able to be doing that, as you know from next march we will no longer be a member of the member state of the european union and to do course will be able to bring into course to trade agreement rather rest of the world a true global position. >> i, too, trying to prime
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minister in commemorating the attacks that took place in westminster a year ago and i, too, will be some of the events tomorrow. we should all remember this as an attack on democracy within our society. i also join the prime minister and cindy condolences to france and filming of the red arrows engineer who sadly died yesterday -- friends and family. we wish the pilot well in his recovery. mr. speaker, i had the pleasure of meeting andrea who is one this global teachers were just before she went on perceived i think we should all congratulatory and the school, the great work that she does there. mr. speaker, today is the kurdish new year and can we wish all kurdish people all around the world happy and good for those who are suffering so much in the conflict in syria a hope of peace in the year to come? mr. speaker, does the prime minister believed the collapse of most hampton kells is result of conservative incompetence as a local level or is a
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conservative incompetence at a national level? [laughing] [shouting] >> can't i first joined right honorable gentleman in wishing all those are subverting a very happy day. if we are looking at what is happening in relation to local council, obvious have been reports in the county council of looks -- let's look at what we see across the board. yes, yes, yes. if you look at what is happening in councils up and down this country there is one message for everybody and that is a conservative counsel. [shouting] >> jeremy corbyn. >> my question was actually quite specific to northamptonshire, and the tory leader of the council said we've been warning the government from
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about 2013-14. we couldn't. we couldn't cope with a level of cuts we are facing. three years ago, mr. speaker, that counsel brag it was pioneering an easy counsel model. it then proceeded to outsource 96% of its counsel staff, transferred them to their service providers, unlike private companies paying dividends. now that counsel has gone bust. does the prime minister really believe that the slash and burn model for local government is really a good one? >> can i say to the right honorable gentleman, first of all it would be helpful if the accurately reflected the independent inspection was concluded last week which was -- the report was clear that northamptonshire failure is not a case of underfunding.
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[shouting] indeed, northamptonshire spending are set to rise by 14.5 million pounds. such say to the right honorable gentleman, the attack he is making that is all about the amount of money the government is providing is not correct. what we are ensuring, what we are ensuring, what we are ensuring is that counsel are able to provide good services up and down the country, and that's what we see get conservative councils up and down the country, costing people less than labour. >> jeremy corbyn. >> the problem is that northamptonshire has gone bust and it was caused by the conservator government and the conservative counsel. it's a model, mr. speaker, that is still being used by -- [inaudible] until very recently run by the
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conservatives. they lost control of it this week, where they hold contracts with an estimated value of 500 million pounds. what have they done? cut counsel staff and increase spending on consultants every year. governments cuts mean councils across england are facing a 5.8 billion funding gap by 2020. so with hindsight does the prime minister really believe it was right to prioritize tax cuts for the superrich and big business? [shouting] >> well, mr. speaker, clearly -- >> order, order. i said the answer must be heard. the question from the right honorable gentleman must also be heard and it will be, however long it takes. you're behaving in a bad manner.
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compose yourself, man. jeremy corbyn. >> there seems to be concern about conservative members about my suggestion that the government prioritize tax cuts for the superrich and big business, and put in something more important than funding for social care, libraries, repairing potholes, collections or street cleaning. >> can i say to the right honorable gentleman he talks about reflection. living in -- [shouting] causing thousands of tons of waste on the street because a council was feeling to collect it. [shouting] and we all look him he talked about labour. we all know, he talks about the top 1% of taxpayers are paying the highest burden of tax than they ever paid under labour. [shouting] and we all know what labour would mean for council taxpayers
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because just this week the shadow community secretary -- oh, no, he says. [shouting] could that be because he doesn't want people to know what he is supporting? because he has supported a plan to stop, taxpayers to have the right to stop tax hikes. he supported a plan to introduce a land value tax on your home and your garden. anyone's to introduce a new hotel tax. we all know what happened under labour, more taxes on ordinary people would pay the price. [shouting] >> jeremy corbyn. >> mr. speaker, the shadow secretary for local government supports councils, thinks they should be properly funded and doesn't think they should be a vehicle for privatization.
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mr. speaker, the leader of the council who happens to be a conservative said where facing the most difficult financial crisis in our history and he didn't mince his words. he went on to say the government cannot stand idly by while rome burns. council funding has been cut by half since 2010. households in england, mr. speaker, now face council tax rises of 1 billion pounds. the tory leader of the local government association said, councils will have to continue to cut back services or stop some altogether. due to government cuts. so as people open their council tax bill, a senator with the conservative message is? pay more to get less. >> the average council tax is 100 pounds less at the conservative than it is under
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labour. he says his shadow local government secretary is supporting counsel that i would if you supporting these counsel, where the labour leads? brighton where the labour leader was forced out? the labour group leader was forced out. what have these people done? they had supported building more homes, providing good, local services and tackling anti-semitism in the labour party. so the message, that message is clear. if you believe in good local services, if you want to see more homes built and if you want to tackle anti-semitism, there is no place for you in the labour party. [shouting] >> jeremy corbyn. [shouting] >> mr. speaker -- [shouting] labour councils build houses,
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conservative councils privatize -- [shouting] and -- >> order, order. order. there is a very raucous atmosphere. i have said it before and if said again. backbench member should seek to imitate the zen like calm of the father of the house as an example to us all. jeremy corbyn. [laughing] >> we all admire zen, mr. speaker. [laughing] pay more for less is what the conservative message is. the county councils pushing through 50 million pounds worth of cuts and counsel increases, council tax increases of 6%. the deputy leader blames chronically low government funding. that's a tory message. pay more to get less. but it's not just households, mr. speaker. the average small shop will see the rates bill increase by
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3600 pounds. empty shops sucks the whole life out of our high street and local communities. so why is the prime minister presiding over a government that is tearing the heart out of our local industry? >> first of all, we provided support for small businesses in relation to business rate. secondly, he talks about labour council building homes. actually we built more councils being built under this government that under 13 years of a labour government. he talks of what counsel are saint local level. i'm pleased to say that yesterday two labour councils from -- [shouting] and what did one of them say? they said both locally and nationally the labour party has been taken over by the hard left who are more interested in
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fighting internal ideological battles and standing up for the priorities of working men and women. conservatives will always welcome people who care about their local area. we will always stand up for people in their local area. [shouting] >> jeremy corbyn. >> mr. speaker, half 1 million visitors will see the rates rise this year, some by 500%. even mary portis who led the governments say the high street campaign, said it was simply a pr campaign which looked like hey, we're doing something, and hope it might kick kickstart something, but it didn't. mr. speaker, this conservative government has slashed public services. they cut funding and expect counsel to pick up the pieces. the result of this is children centers are closing, schools are struggling, fewer police on the street, older people being left without care or dignity.
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and refugees turning women away. the tories on hit of local government said it's unsustainable, and doesn't it tell you everything you need to know? doesn't it tell you everything you need to know about this government, that it demands households and businesses pay more to get less. >> this government is spending more on our schools and our nhs than ever before. [shouting] we are able to do it because of the balance approach we take to our economy and because of the strong economy we see under the conservatives. but i noticed the right honorable gentleman in his questions has not mentioned today's unemployment figures. employment is at the joint record high unemployment hasn't been lower since 1975, economic inactivity is at a record low.
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that's a strong jobs market. who do i think benefits through a strong jobs market? labour staffers, labour council leaders and moderate labour members of parliament. [shouting] >> thank you, mr. speaker. i can only assume the leader of the opposition hasn't read the report about northamptonshire council counted by recommend it to. i want to on different issues are worldwide, every minute millions throwaway paper coffee cups go to landfill and oranges all that we need industry consumers and governments to work together. in that spirit, a company in my constituency has developed a fully recyclable alternative cup that can be easily recyclable unlike the current option. so will my right honorable friend join me in welcoming that innovation and perhaps issues right afterwards i might be able to give one to her.
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[laughing] >> i'm -- [laughing] >> i'm very happy -- and very happy to say to my envelope and it is like to come along to see me afterwards i'm very happy to. [laughing] but he has an important point and as he knows we are committed to wanting to leave our environment in a better place than we found it and i like to congratulate the company and welcome innovation they have shown. this is an important example of working with industry to ensure that we're dealing with this issue of plastic waste we are very clear and it's a good example of exactly that. >> thank you, mr. speaker. can i associate myself with remarks of the prime minister about the atrocity in westminster a year ago? our thoughts are with those who gave their life and, of course, the work of emergency services
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and want to associate myself with remarks to the family of engineer. mr. speaker, does the prime minister agree that subverting the democratic political process in any country is totally unacceptable? >> well, we certainly believe it in ensuring that democratic processes are able to continue. people see free and fair elections. i think that would ever in this house would accept. >> thank the prime minister for the patch it. can point out to the parent company -- strategic communications laboratory, that has been run by a chairman of oxford conservative association, it's founding chairman was a former conservative mp, a director of -- over
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700,000 pounds, a former conservative party treasurer is a shareholder, we know about the links to the conservative party that go on and on. will the prime minister -- government connections to the company? >> can i say the right honorable gentleman has been talk but to companies, about the parent company and he also referred to cambridge and i can say as far as i do with the government has no contracts with cambridge analytic or or with the spl group. what we've seen in cambridge on the allegations are clearly very concerning and he's absolute right that they should be properly investigated. it's right that the information commissioner is doing exactly that. because people need to have confidence in how the personal data is being used and i would expect facebook, cambridge analytic and all companies
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involved to fully -- and give the icy of information commissioner office type of us to ensure organizations comply and i would hope it would be supported from everybody across this house. >> we have a lot of backbenchers questions to get through. >> mr. speaker, some london boroughs are renting houses in kent including sitting bull and shutting for use as temper compensations for homes and families. my local authorities are expected to provide those sums with the support they need. this is putting a strain on their schools, hospitals and certain services who received no extra funding to provide that support. with my right honorable friend agree with me at the london mayor in london boroughs should be providing more homes so london palace can be looked after by them instead of placing
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the burden of care on hard-pressed council taxpayers in can't? >> can i say to my honorable friend that his right to speak up on behalf of his constituents on this issue. london authorities must secure content break accommodation as far as it is reasonably practical but we've also changed the loss of the council must take into account the impact of changing location would have on a household. he's absolute right we do want to see the london mayor and london boroughs been able to build more homes. the london mayor has had money provided to him to build affordable homes. it's a pity he has been billed as many as we would like to see. >> thank you, mr. speaker. school cuts under this government were reached 3.39 by 2019 it needs classes of being start of resources they need including textbooks and basic stationary. at the same time are proximally 40,000 children in the south
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east are relying on food banks. if the prime minister were a teacher there would -- underpaid for eight years what would you buy struggling child and one of my cities questions, a textbook or a square meal? >> can i i say to the honorable gentleman he raises the issue of school funding and as i said earlier in response to the leader of the opposition, actually the amount of money were spent on school is greater than it is ever been before. but we don't -- what matters is the quality of education that is provided in schools and that's why i'm sorry that he didn't welcome the fact that we now see over 20,000 children at a good or outstanding school in his area. that's 9000 more than in 2010. >> thank you, mr. speaker. we should all recognize and welcome the unemployment figures announced today. we all welcome that by giving the latest reports that there
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unexceptional -- unacceptable high levels of youth unemployment among ethnic communities in britain, will my right honorable friend explained to the house with the new 90 million-pound fun will do to help young people into work? >> my honorable friend raises a very important point and, of course, we know these figures because the ratio come race to spirit or in which i i became prime minister does show there has been progress but we do need to do more because 16 to 24-year-old and other ethnic groups are twice as likely to be unemployed as their white peers. the 90 million pounds i announced will help tackle those inequalities in use employment. it's an initiative we run by the big lottery fund and it is going to identify the barriers to employment for these young people and help them to over, those barriers. i think that's incredibly important and i was very pleased to visit birmingham which are
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doing excellent work in this area. >> thank you, mr. speaker. the war in syria has to entered its eighth year. in recent weeks, over 1000 people could be killed in eastern ghouta and hundreds of kurds lie dead and 200,000 civilians are desperately fleeing for their lives, even the hospital has been attacked. what will the government do to help bring urgent humanitarian relief for those in such a despair? >> can i say to the honorable lady that we take the situation in eastern ghouta very seriously indeed. it's why an issue that has been raised at the united nations security council. my right honorable friend the foreign secretary has raised this issue with others as well. we need to ensure, we have been very clear about what needed to happen to ensure the people could be protected, that the humanity in a could get and that for those whom it was necessary close to them to give a a safe
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passage to be able to do so will continue to press this case. >> thank you, mr. speaker. we recently interviewed a panel of university by council on education committee who fail to recognize their salaries are outrageous thing twice that of the prime minister and mainly funded by the taxpayer and student debt. given that these outrageous salaries are paid in even the poorest performing universities, will the prime minister content this would be looked at in the post-18 education review? >> i would say to my honorable friend i think she is raised a point that others are concerned about as well. of course universities, it's up to them to how they set their pay other vice chancellors and what level he said it out but they should record of students and taxpayers are all contributing to our higher education system and expect value for money. the office of students which is been set up will be acting to ensure greater transparency in relating to senior staff pay and
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requiring a justification for the total unification hikers that is reported to the provider and the provider most senior staff to start to see a light being shown cluny on issues honorable friend raises. >> thank you, mr. speaker. last week the agriculture and fisheries secretary said the prime minister has been clear, britain will leave the cfp as of march 2019. now the uk is seen in fishery and forestry but -- [inaudible] what changed between last week and this week? >> can i say to the honorable gentleman we would be working with the fishing industry both fishermen and fish processes to ensure that we do see a bright future for the fishing industry. i want to say three things. we will take back control of our
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water spirit we will ensure that we don't see british fishermen unfairly denied access to other waters, and the want to rebuild our fishing industry. but that's a conservative party, a conservative party that is committed to coming out of the common fisheries policy. his party wants to stay in the common fisheries party. [shouting] >> mr. speaker, we are really proud to be building three houses a day. construction traffic is playing havoc with the road services. with the prime minister meet with me to discuss what more national government can do to help with inevitable growing pain? >> can i first of all say to my honorable friend i am very happy to congratulate her for the homes they are building, but i recognize that this brings with it other challenges and a budget
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that we more than doubled for housing infrastructure fund with another 2.7 billion pounds. my right honorable friend the housing secretary announced further 44 areas shortlisted for funding for major infrastructure projects worth or .1 billion with the potential to deliver 400,000 400,000 more homes. so i recognize the important role that intersection was and that's why the government is delivering. >> david crausby. >> the prime minister was right to prevent members of the royal family and government ministers from attending the football world cup in russia. what is being done to safeguard everyday football fans in what was, in my view, already a dangerous place to watch football, even before the incident in salisbury? what advice will be given to traveling supporters, many of whom have already bought the ticket, and is she confident that adequate cooperation
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between our police and the russian police will protect english fans? >> well, i recognize the important issue the honorable judge of and has raised because we want british football fans to be able to be safe when they're enjoying watching the england team. what we are currently working with the police and working for close to, look it what are breaches will be in place for the english football fan to do travel to russia and the foreign office we carefully monitoring the situation ensuring that device is available to football fans so that they are aware what will be in russia and what support will be available. >> thank you, mr. speaker. my right honorable friend will be aware that i mentioned jackie, a terminally ill constituent of my who set up the dying to work campaign, or mortgage brokers have been incredibly helpful in freezing her payments and we'll take it from her estate when she dies.
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but now they have gone even further. they are not increasing the interest payments either. would my right honorable friend degree that of the banks should follow a caring and compassionate example set by them and encourage them to look out to terminally ill people in the same way? >> can i say to my honorable friend that she has raised an issue about which i know she cares about very deeply and i certainly am happy to enjoy her in congratulating the bank at the sport they are provided to jackie woodcock. i do see she's raise a wider issue. i think it is important for employers to be aware of and fulfilled a legal obligation towards the employees, including the terminally ill employees and i'm sure that others will look at the actual example they set. >> thank you, mr. speaker. the "sunday times" said this week that the -- affordable housing and easy access to
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london has made it one of the best places to live in the uk. but bedford resident on what about an concerned about the school funding cuts, or to service cuts, -- [inaudible] only walk and send it, the big increase in homelessness and a lot of big-time -- to london. my question to prime minister is, why has government -- the prospect of our great towns? >> i can say to the honorable gentleman prospects are being approved by the fact that we see thousands more children, good and outstanding schools in bedford and we've done in bedford local authorities than we've done before when we came into power. it is being improved by the private extra funny going into health service in bedford but it is also being improved by the fact this is a government which is in turn we have stalled economy providing jobs for people in his constituency.
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>> thank you. thank you, mr. speaker. financial services, to thousands of my constituents and also to the country as a whole. with the prime minister take this opportunity to update the house on progress that is been made on assuring that a future trade deal with the european union includes an agreement on financial services? >> can i say to my honorable friend i am very well aware of the importance of financial services both for the united kingdom, it's constituents and elsewhere but also the important role the city of london plays in terms of the financial sector for the whole of the european union. this is a matter with which we are in discussion with the european union about and there is a recognition of the significant role the city of london plays at the importance of ensuring that we maintain access to finance across the
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european union. >> thank you, mr. speaker. mental health issues affects one in ten children on average up to see the doctor three times for referral with many waiting up to 18 months for treatment. i have written a green paper on this issue but at a time when national funding in this area is been constantly cut including a 5% reduction in funding is this not another example of the government saying one thing but doing another with our nhs? >> can i say to the honorable lady the government is putting more funny into mental health. we've already committed to meeting the failed an additional 1.4 going past improved pounced improved children young peoples mental health services and we committed by 2020-2021 70,000 more junk shown 170,000 more young children each will have access to high-quality mental health care. i would just say this to the honorable lady she rightly raises mental health as an issue that is important for us to deal
8:38 am
with, particularly with young children but across the board we need to get more attention to mental health. we are putting more money into their quickly want to see parity between mental health and physical health in the national health service. something the labour party in 13 years failed to do. [inaudible] savage left my fisherman very anxious. whilst we will regain control -- [inaudible] which is great news but real concert in case or is colleagues tried to defend of our losing our voice in the cp by changing rules drinking implementation time. please, with the prime minister consider us to protect our fleet -- [inaudible] >> can i say to my honorable friend that the agreement, the
8:39 am
implementation timeframe is there so people can have the certainty of being able to operate on the same basis until we reach the new partnership that we are negotiating? as i said earlier that new partnership will enable us to take back our waters but ensure fishman are not unfairly denied. also ensure we can rebuild our fishing industry and i think that's important. what has been agreed, what is been a great is the stability will not be changed so the quotas the british fisherman will be operating under will not be changed but i know they are looking actively at how we can ensure that we are not only maintaining our fishing industry but we enhance and rebuild it. >> this week every party and westminster department national summit challenge violence in women and politics. unlike abuse dominate the discussion. last year there was a statutory
8:40 am
code of practice holding into account flavius of content they publish. will the prime minister confirm whether she remains content with a toothless voluntary code of whether she will now give us a digital guard dog that both barks and bites? >> can i say to the honorable lady she raises an important point and on all of these issues we've taken the view we sit with the sit in with the industry and see what they will do but they know that if that doesn't work that we will look at legislation that is an important point the abuse that is undertaken, she referred to abuse and political campaigning which i'm afraid is a very sorry state of affairs with now reached in this country. we want to see the free and fair elections and people having the confidence to go out and put the juice forward without fearing it would be of use for it. >> the clinically led futurist program seeks to improve and
8:41 am
modernize hospitals service across the counter we've been waiting for a decision on this issue for many years. could the prime minister user good offices to ensure this vital scheme is supported in the coming weeks so we can secure this vital investment for nhs? >> my honorable friend is right to speak up for the nhs in the way he has done. i will be -- he will be pleased to see the right honorable secretary, my right honorable friend the secretary of state for health and social care hurt his comments and i think will be contacting him regarding that issue. >> mr. speaker, the review made a big difference in improving services for children with communication needs. communication is the key life skill for children to learn and to thrive. yet a decade on its latest report shows much more needs to be done. so will the prime minister -- puts this issue at the heart of
8:42 am
policy and gives all our children the best possible start in life? >> the honorable judge has raised a a very important issue and we welcome the report in the department of education will be considering carefully. we don't want to see any child held back from achieving their potential and that includes ensuring those children with speech language and communication needs are given the support that they need, that the rep in particular training for teachers to support children who require additional help to communicate but we will be introducing the education health and care plan to make sure children with additional need to receive the right support to succeed in school in future but we will look very carefully at what the report said and i will respond to it in due course. >> thanks very much, mr. speaker. unlike the xmp i don't want to see britain rejoin the disastrous common fisheries policy. [shouting]
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>> but i do have some concerns about the fisheries aspect of the transitional agreement which is been provisionally agreed with the european union. before she travels to the european council, can the prime minister reassure the house and, indeed, fishing communities around the united kingdom that we will absolutely and unequivocally take back full control of our waters for 2021? >> as i said earlier the point about the implementation time is that it is the time in which people able to move to make the changes necessary for the new economic partnerships that we will have. it ensures is is is, fishman included, -- changes in the way that their operating. by definition because it is make any as far as possible the status quo so people don't have to make those extra changes, and it is i recognize not the same,
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won't be the same as the in-state when were able to have future economic partnership and have that new relationship. as i said earlier one of the elements that we will be looking for in relation to fishing industry providing the fishing industry into ensure that we do take back control of our borders. >> and i associate myself with the prime minister, the leader of the opposition and the leader of the snp and offering condolences to the family of the engineer who was killed tragically yesterday? it has been part of my constituency for over 75 years and there a tightknit group of aircraft and support staff on the ground. will the prime minister join with me in paying tribute to the royal air force whilst they commemorate their century of dedicated service to our country? >> i'm very happy to join the
8:45 am
honorable gentleman in saying what a great job the royal air force does for us and, of course, he sees it firsthand in connection with his constituency but we should recognize the fowler of all those who are serving in our armed forces and particularly in this 100th year of the royal air force, those who serve in the royal air force and we thank them for it. >> mr. speaker, may i welcome the government's decision to create the medical school, particularly my right honorable friend the member -- who's been -- [inaudible] doesn't not underlined the importance of trading doctors and nurses to ensure their health services in the region are well looked after? >> my right honorable friend is absolute right and a pleased welcome the new medical school and also the four other medical schools being set up around other parts of the country. he's also absolute right this is
8:46 am
what ensuring we are trading the workforce for our national health service and we have -- the biggest increase in trading places probably the nhs has seen for some considerable time. >> thank you, mr. speaker. [inaudible] can ask the prime minister if she'll support proposals to sling the mash? >> can i say to the audibly a recognize this is a very important issue that has been raised. it's one of a number of women's health issues that he been raised in the south which are causing concerns to women and i will look indeed you edited i'm very happy director about it but a recognize the concern that there that is about this particular issue i'm happy to write to her about what the national health service will be doing on it. >> thank you, mr. speaker. will my honorable fred congratulate the remarkable start of prince alexander -- in harlem who can show the hospital is at a special measures today in a report from the commission
8:47 am
will she support our campaign for new hospital to ensure that is fit for the 20%? >> can i congratulate the local hospital that my honorable friend has referred to, come at a special measures. that's very important and in no -- i'm sure as he will know the secretary of state has heard his request in relation to that but what we do know is we're putting more money international health service to ensure we do get the best possible service provided to people he. >> thank you. order. just before we proceed to next business, i take this opportunity to remind the house that the more we will be commemorating the westminster terrorist attack of a year ago reference to which was made earlier. i propose that we begin our
8:48 am
proceedings tomorrow after prayers with a minute silence in memory of those who died. there will also be, colleagues, a commemorative event in westminster hall at 12 noon, and services in the chapel at 10 a.m.-2 p.m., and 6 p.m. i hope that is helpful to colleagues. thank you. order. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> here on c-span2 will leave the british house of commons as members of on to other business.
8:49 am
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