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tv   President Hosts Baltic States Heads of Government  CSPAN  April 3, 2018 7:41pm-8:02pm EDT

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the ceremony includes the replaying and remarks by religious and civil rights leaders. at 8:00 p.m. on american history tv is looking at the legacy of doctor king and the direction of the silver rights movement today. >> during a meeting with leaders from baltic companies president trump talked about immigration policy calling the current laws we can pathetic. he suggested he would advise the military to guard the southern border. this is a little less than 20 minutes. >> this is the baltic state you bring the press.
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>> thank you very much. it is my pleasure to congratulate on the 100th anniversary of independence. it's a great achievement. i'm honored to have you with us. we have covered a little territory today. tremendous. one hundred years. were thrilled to celebrate this milestone by welcoming you to our country. i know you have been here before but this is special. we enjoyed having you. from the beginning of your independence -- and the united states never cease to recognize
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the sovereignty of the three baltic republics even though threat the years there have been conflicts and problems. we never let you down. and we won't let you down. at today's summit we are inaugurating 100 years every new partnership. granted in our shared commitments independent sovereignty in total respect for the rule of law. we will discuss our cooperation including bilateral trade and investment. we licked a lot of military equipment from the united states and we make the best military equipment in the world. we appreciate that. will be promoting joint security initiatives.
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i want to commend the baltic nations on meeting their defense spending applications for nato. unlike some of the other countries that have not met the obligations. we have a tremendous amount more a lot more money coming in to nato because of my initiative. a lot of years they were delinquent. nato sticking it a lot more money than ever before. others 33 billion more. that's a big difference. it's a privilege to host you here. i look forward to getting to know you better. you'll be meeting with representatives throughout the day and have a long and strong relationship. thank you for being here.
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thank you everyone. >> i have to say this, china. i have great respect for president of china into the most incredible days of my life were spent in china. many of you are with me. he is a tremendous person. but we have a problem we created a trade deficit and hourly blame are proceeding presidents of having the trade deficit of $500 billion per year. it is not something we can live with. will be working and negotiating with china. our relationship is very good and we intend to keep it that way. we have to do something to seriously relieve that trade deficit.
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we also have intellectual property in the neighborhood of 200 or $300 billion per year. we have a great stock market we have a great country militarily. we have just had $700 million. but we have to do something on trade. obviously china is the leader in terms of deficits. we've never had a situation in history where country has done that. we helped rebuild china over the last 25 years. we have helped rebuild china. we intend to get along but we need to do something substantial with the trade deficit.
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nothing is easy. i campaigned on that. china will not be the only country. mexico, if you look at thousands of people i told them they had a cash cow in nafta. it has not been good to the united states. look at plants all over the place. nafta has been a terrible deal for the united states. we are renegotiating the deal right now. when this caravan came in from honduras, if it reaches our border laws are so weak that you would not understand it. but we have no border. we had president obama make changes that basically created
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no border. catch and release. you catch the register and we can't throw them out. in many cases they should not be here. whatever happens over the next few years they're supposed to come back to court. almost nobody comes back. the laws created by democrats are pathetic and weak. i told mexico said your words are powerful and strong. we have bad laws for our border. were going to be doing some things militarily. until we can have a wall and proper security we will be guarding our border with the military.
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that's a big step. we haven't done that before. we will be doing things with mexico and the have to do it, otherwise i want to the nafta deal. it's been good for mexico, bad for us. they make millions of cars in mexico that years ago did not exist. they close to michigan, ohio, and other places. they're starting to move back because of what we've done in a big way. but i told mexico very strongly, you will have to do something about these caravans. i just noticed the caravan coming out from honduras is breaking up rapidly. that's because mexico has strong immigration laws like we should have.
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we have immigration laws laughed at by everybody. we need to change our immigration laws at the border and elsewhere. at this moment it seems they had broken up large numbers of that particular caravan. we'll see what happens. we can't have people flowing into our country illegally disappearing and never showing up to court. the court case will be set and they never show up. were very rarely. if you notice thousands of judges said every person who walks across and are taught to say the right thing and then they're supposed to go to court. thousands of judges because we
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have to bring them into a ridiculous court system. we have to change our policies fast. look at the sanctuary cities is a lot of areas that don't want to have sanctuary cities that are guarding criminals. the caravan coming up from honduras is broken up in mexico did that. frank they said you can have to do it. were gonna have to include security in nafta. it looks like it has been broken up. that will be good. thank you very much. now the caravan doesn't irritate me. it makes me very sad that this could happen to the united
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states. thousands of people to walk into our country and no loss. and because of the democrats it's been delayed. we have 1.6 million were doing a lot of work on walls. were starting brand-new sections of walls. but we need a wall about 800,00. we have a lot of natural boundaries. if after the people in the caravan and for the people of the united states. we don't have laws that say we have a border and you can't come into the united states. thank you all very much.
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[inaudible] have great respect for the baltic state. tremendous people. you have great respect for the baltic states. >> thank you very much. we want to be able to get along with russia. it's a good thing not a bad thing. maybe we will, maybe we won't. probably nobody has been tougher for russia than donald trump. if you take a look at our military strength in the in the oil and gas were producing the, we are now exporting oil and gas. not something russia wanted. three presidents told me nato
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has taken in a tremendous amount of money because of donald trump. that would've never happened. [inaudible] we expect the united states to go ahead with the week respond especially with the decisiveness or reacted to nine received from russia. -- [inaudible] we are behind.
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today. [inaudible] together i think we can do a lot. i'm looking forward to it having everyone around the table. >> and has donald trump made a different tornadodifference wit? >> i menu ask for the department to come and that's exactly what you did. leadership is good.
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first we need to invest in our self. >> and nato has taken them billions of dollars more because of me. because i said you are delinquent. even now, germany is paying 1% and not even the 41%. they hook up a pipeline into russia and they will pay billions of dollars for energy into russia. i say what is going on with that? how come germany's pain russia when they hook up a pipeline? that is not right. the united states is paying close to 4%. the united states is pain nearly 80%. that's not fair. he said that because of what i have said to the countries in
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general many billions of dollars more than they would have had if you had crooked hillary clinton that's president. many billions of dollars more. we have been tough on that anton russia. if we got along with russia that would be a good thing not a bad thing. it's possible we won't. if we could get along it would be great. that includes china and many other countries. we will see what happens. only time will tell. nobody has been tougher with russia. getting along with russia would be a good thing not a bad thing. just about everybody agrees with that except very stupid people. >> is prudent a friend or a foe?
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>> we will find out. i will let you know. >> i have great respect for the baltics. i have known them since the beginning that might presidency. these are courageous people and have done a great job. >> thank you. >> take a look at the post office and the post office is losing billions of dollars and the taxpayers are paying it because it delivers packages for amazon add up below cost. it is not fair to the united states or our tax payers. they could pay the fair rate which is much more than what
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they are paying. the other thing is retailers are going out of business. look at some of the small town's with a beautiful main street. the stores are all gone. that's a different problem we will have to talk about. if you look at the cost for subsidizing we are talking about billions of dollars per year. a report just came out that said a dollar 47 for every time they deliver a package, the united states loses a dollar 47. amazon will need to pay more money.
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>> susan is vice president of innovation at the rand corporation. she is the author of i am not a tractor. about a group of farmworkers who organized to improve working conditions. this is an hour and a half.


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