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tv   Washington Journal Rep. Buddy Carter  CSPAN  April 14, 2018 1:27am-1:56am EDT

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>> "washington journal" continues. host: congressman buddy carter is back at our desk, a republican representing georgia's first district. congressman, i want to start with speaker ryan's retirement announcement this week. what message should republicans take from a sitting speaker deciding not to run again in a district he was favored to win reelection in? guest: first of all, i don't think it had anything to do about his chances with reelection. listen, paul ryan is a fine man, and he is a family man. i had the opportunity to spend some quality time with him just i could spend some time with him about a month ago but all he wanted to talk about was
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his children and how much he missed them he is truly a family man with a great talent the smartest kid in the class at the same time his priorities are with histh family i don't think republicans should think anything other than that the man he was ready to go home and be withth his family to help his wife raise some children. >> but talked about fountains and competence after the elections? not at all i am confident we have some great talent in the majority congress right now. each year we always thought how will we replace the seniors? somebody steps up and somebody will. >> is it helpful to republicans that that happens sooner rather than later?
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should he leave before the end ofpp his term? >> know. we are setting policy is that an outstanding job we need his leadership and he has made it clear he will run to the finish line so he has things on his agenda he wants to accomplish and we want to help him in he understands he wants us to maintain the majority. >> should be the next leader? >> when we have as much talent as we have got and the quality we have to sorter one -- sort that out after the election. >> on thee same day he announced another republican member said he would not be running. why are so many colleagues not running again? there does seem to be a lot of institutional knowledge
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leaving but that is a good thing that it gives those of us an opportunity to step up and we have got to do that and i am confident we have the talent within the conference to fill the void. >> but then we attract good candidates. what do we do? so really that is our challenge right now. >> until the house comes in at 9:00 o'clock this morning we will take you live to the floor when they do the phone lines are open for comments and questions.
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i am in not in favor of the government taking over this
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areaea i think that will stifle innovation and i don't want to see that we cannot legislate morality there is a certain responsibility that goes along with running and that is the message that was taken away from t these three days. >> can you legislate back to accomplish that without turning the internet into a utility? >> yes. in fact you will remember earlier this week on wednesday the president signed into law legislation that i voted for we passed out of congress that calls for civil and criminal penalties forpe those platforms that are doing the advertising for sex trafficking that is things we can control and whatsh we should. >> you are also the only pharmacist in congress and
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recently to expand access to affordable prescription. >> the third parties actually the pharmacy benefit managers have contracts they enter into with pharmacies there is a clause referred to as the gag clause that promises cannot offer to the patient if you pay cash it will save you money in other words if you patted your pocket lower than your copayment the pharmacist is not allowed to offer that information which is ludicrous there are penalties and it could result out of the agreement and out of that market. my legislation this is not appropriate that if you do pay
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cash it will savend you money. >> i do think it is a very good chance the legislation will come on. there is no time set but we are still getting cosponsors and will continue to do that to get it on a the floor. >> independent line good morning. >> caller: i have a question and a comment. my comment first about mr. ryan. i feel that the smart republican and leaving before the you know what hits the fan they have one of the biggest crooks ever in office and when it comes down they don't want to be associated with him.
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number two we have heard rumors about expiration and icu from georgia on the military stands i will listen to what you have to say about it. >> first about to make it perfectly clear i have always subscribed to all the above type of energy strategy we should use everything available to us to make sure we have energy independence i am old enough to remember in the 70s the middle east had us over a barrel and held hostage to them then we should never allow that to happen again energy independence is extremely important to our national security so i do
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believe in all of the above strategy having said that i will tell you i have the honor and privilege of presenting all ofes georgia it is where i grew up i was born and bred that i will have the rest of her life. however long -- my life but it would be unnecessary for us at least not to know what is out there. we all went to ourselves to find out if there is anything out there. we can do testing without harming animals there are rules in place right now. that will p prohibit that from happening at the same time just to say no? and not even know? i think that is very irresponsible of us we should at least find out. >> word you be okay with the
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oil platforms? make sure you lma understand you will not see them anyway they are far enough away and we will make certain of that there is enough of a buffer. second this will take a long time. it isn't like today and then the platforms pop up in a year or two will take a long time. and where those business interests are there any way. >> my question is going back want to get your thoughts on congress and from what i have
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read working with the obama campaign as a modern way to engage people seems that now everybody attacks facebook becauses of cambridge analytic. it seems a little cynical. >> i'm not sure it is that political coverage it is the release of private information it isn't just facebook now we had time and time again there are ones we haven't even heard of the impetus is more than releasing private information. yes we are concerned about fake news in foreign intervention.
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but the impetus was the release of private information what are you doing with it? are you selling it? how do you make sure it is safe and doesn't get compromised? >> independent mind or ahead. >> caller: >> i have a lot of questionslo actually. the national monuments that were drastically reduced donald trump and company with the reduction that follows that not secondly i would like to ask your gas how does he feel about donald trump
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$3 million is spent every time he takes his trips to his properties? >> first of all i apologize but i am just not familiar with the first question. i don't feel comfortable to comment when i am not educated enough when that area. i will do my best to become familiar but as the costco help the president is to it is tough to be president and i understand that i hope the president does everything he can to contain costs and he deserves some t time off. >> did the epa administrator
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do enough? >> i suspect we have his attention now and he is. we all make mistakes we are held to a higher standard here in washington so we are real people and we do require travel and it does require us to travel. >> that isn't my decisionhi to make he serves at the will of the president and that decision should be made by the president. >> good morning. we seem to be assessed with
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the atrocities with a proxy between u.s. and russia and the conflict in syria for them to get to their table to start communicating with each other and nothing will get done it is hard to build a pipeline. unless they can come up with a solution. >> first of all thank you for your question that is very intuitive. we say this that this guy is out of control he has crossed the line the president is finally calling him out and this president i am confident
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he draws a line in the sand and he means it that is what i like the most about this president but you are correct it is more than syria. it is a conflict we need to have direct talks and work this out whether the pipeline i am not naïve enough about this at some point. >> caller: good morning how is the campaign cash contributions coming and i you working hard to get that cash for your campaign? would you allow donald trump to campaign with you? you may guess i what i would
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be honored to have the president come to my district and i believe it would be receptive we had the vice resident during the st. patrick's day parade one of the greatest in the world the second largest in we were honored to have the vice president in savannah. i think he would be well received. campaign contributions are important i have two opponents running in the primary in the fall i will need money to get my message out there and i continue to raise campaign funds and that is part of what we have to do. >> should present trump fire the special counsel? >> that is a difficult question. first off all i don't think
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he's doing anything at this point how long has this been going on? i'm ready for this to be over but at the same time i am ready for mueller to put up for shut up what has he cannot win so far? nothing at all. >> should there be legislation to protect?on >> no. i do not think the president has handled this just fine he has cooperated and mueller hasn't shown anything at all. >> he says let them run their courses in the best interest of the company -- of the country. >> it is running its course.
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do we need to legislate that? i am growing weary of it i'm telling you that. >> so with the investigation lighting feel it isn't going anywhere? so as far as your campaign do you care what shell companies are being used? >> sure i do. it comes from the pharmacy profession and healthcare that is my expertise. i don't ever take any campaign
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contribution so it is necessary to run campaign if they want to run into the agreement but at the same time i have got to get my message out through the media and they will not do itot for free it is not the fun part but it is part of the s job. i have to respectfully disagree i haven't seen anything come out toi indicate the president is in collusion so how long is long enough? it goes ond and on i haven't seen anything substantial at all. >> is the opioid crisis getting worse or better?
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>> it is getting a little worse but we are making progress look at the legislation that wee have passedd. that put billions of dollars to rehabilitation also passing 21st century cures agree bill to put more money into opioid addiction and prevention. we are working diligently on the energy commerce committee and we are making progress. at least this week alone we had meetings with 33 bills we are considering right now that directs thee opioid epidemic that is a big problem 91
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people people die every day from opioid addiction. recently a study was done for the first time in decades the number has decreased we have one of the lowest unemployment rates we have hadd in years with almost 1 million people to get back into the workforce addicted to opioids would help us so much. >> now to the suburbs of georgia the republican line. >> caller: good morning. i have some questions here investigation has gone on and on attorney general session is not doing his job and to go
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out of his way to sign a warrant was president trump's attorney i think that crosses the line. congress has requested over one year for the documents to be really and with the department of justice and the fbi he deserves to go to prison and to get the truth out to thepe american people to make i tend to agree with you right now the house intelligence committee is talking about this information to be released in doing a
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great job with what they have uncovered to have that opportunity to have the security documents i was glad the information was released by the republican because it proved the point the investigation was skewed. i have a lot of confidence in the fbi. there are bad actors. they are great organizations we have to weed out those bad actors.
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>> a minute before the house comes in for the day you have been in congress to terms. >> i served with speaker boehner tonight he joined a marijuana firm advisory board how do you feel about the federal government legalizing marijuana. >> no. it is nothing more than a gateway drug i am convinced of that. what needsds to happen it is a schedule one drug i have been all over the fda and dea and we are offering legislation or an amendment to allow for research know those that don't have any medicinal use at this
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time. >> as a member of the energy commerce committee come back again. >> 2013 budget how is that a starting point? people with the trump russia story donald trollope in moscow is there to preside over the miss the first pageant but what is the real agenda? to build trump tower in moscow and secondarily imparted that is to meet vladimir putin to
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have tunes permission but with anything really with the oligarch he is already in bed with his regime he starts to tweet immediately in 2013 when i bring the contest to moscow?
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[inaudible conversations] >> good morning your honor fit pleases the court would like to reserve 504ea rebuttal. signing into law over 20 years ago by president clinton serves to encourage informationn sharing between local and state law

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