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tv   Nick Adams The Case Against the Establishment  CSPAN  April 16, 2018 1:00am-2:01am EDT

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>> so we are all grateful for what we have done it before we are ready to do. my next assignment is a pleasure introducing our speaker nick adams. also c-span. they have come to broadcast mr. adams speech across the nation in the testament to his lives and his journey. this is the first time we have had c-span at our conventions we appreciate that it is an honor to have them here. at the age of 33 living an extraordinary life of four-time best-selling author fox news commentator and currently serves as a
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surrogate for the white house. born and raised in australia but illegal immigrant to america receiving the rare and extraordinary ability record otherwise known as the einstein stuff. the first author to have a book with doors by a sitting president or two books endorsed by president he is been dubbed the president's favorite author. so the american boomerang, retaking america, the green card warrior in the case against the establishment all are available for a book signing.
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i'm impressed by his work of new perry gave him an honorary texan offered honorary oklahoman. i am not sure why they did not invite you from where i came from. he has the distinction to become the youngest ever elected deputy mayor just a few days after 21st birthday. he speaks german and greek he runs one of the fastest-growing organizations in the country the foundation for liberty. flag is a 5o1c3 nonprofit to teach civic and promotes american dreams and american pride in public schools.
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last year created the first kid friendly constitution now in the hands of a most hundred thousand students in all 50 states. a rising star in the political and media arena and almost in a different city every day. please welcome america's immigrant and our friend nick adams. as you come up here i want to you know that we have our own political incorrectness here. [laughter] mr. bonds who is our director of political incorrectness if you see him, speak up. [applause]
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much appreciated thank you. >> good morning mr. president. distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, it is with gratitude and humility that i join you here at the largest event of the year the cattle managers convention i love steak i only drink will melt i hate fake meat is much as i hate fake news i am in good company. as you can tell from my accent i come from south texas. [laughter] southwest texas i was not bored here but i certainly did come as quickly as i possibly could when they immigrated from australia when it came to
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where to live there were three options. new york city, washington d.c. or texas. to use the presidents terminology the first is a whole the second is the swamp and texas a paradise. that was one of the easiest decisions i had to make. so the truth is i was always a texan trapped inside an australian body because texas is a state of mind. i have learned you don't necessarily live in texas texas lives in you. the purest form of america and live to the vision our founders had for our country a
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patriotic hospitable charitable and can-do people to have mock cm bravado as to our contempt for political correctness. not to mention our disdain for the harebrained progressive agenda we eagerly embraced places like california and europe. not those fees or dignitary and for us. when it came to the decision-making process, if i told you the truth and nothing but the truth that i have not told you the whole truth. also it may have had something to do with my fondness for blue bell i.c.e. cream. pickup trucks, belt buckle,
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honey butter biscuit, custom-made cowboy is and chicken fried steak. that is where they round of applause. it truly is an honor and privilege to address you today. it tends to be in these moments that i am most reminded of the improbability of my journey to stand before you today. as anyone close to me will tell you, my life has been a roller coaster with rapid change in speed and direction, altitude and emotion. to the height of exhilaration from the depths of paralyzing fear.
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so to my life with such passion and resolve and app mode -- optimism so if there is anything i have learned on this journey is that there is only one value in life. and that is that nothing can replace grits, resolve, persistence and tenacity. abraham lincoln once declared it publicly it is in the years in your life with the life in your years. when i think of what it means to be an american to embody american exceptionalism, when i think of all that is and should be my think of abraham
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lincoln. all my life story has propelled me forward. he was a common man became a common leader. in ordinary man with extraordinary desire. he was born in kentucky, raised in indiana and grew up in illinois. no elementary school or middle school or high school or public education. everything he learned he taught himself. a physically strong man, never back down with the challenge to fight. to the perseverance strength and courage the qualities that we need everywhere he lost his mother and his job and his
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siblings and six election and his first love died he had a poor relationship with his father but he was a titan and titan never give up to me to fail. the spirit is irrepressible refused to see himself as a victim. at one point he cannot get in bed for six months but he rallied in perseverance to push and scratch and claw and crawl to get back up and try again just one more round. get up he told himself time and time again. he ran towards his dreams. he was really unstoppable and unyielding.
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in the end, despite all the misfortune in tragedy he rose to be president abraham lincoln the man america needed at a critical time. more than 50 years after his death the great lesson for the entrepreneurs and the leaders for every single one of you and to begin the ordinary by extraordinary. and to rise to any circumstances to achieve anything that has to the most
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powerful forces guys -- guided my life patriotism and inspiration. waiting for those defining moments i did not have to. it is my life had barely begun when and almost ended. i was diagnosed with stage four a rare form of childhood cancer the cause of which remains unknown today. doctors told my peers i had a 5% chance of survival. only one out of 20 children survive and even if i did, there is a possibility i could never walk. for three years i underwent therapy, radiotherapy and operation through the healing hands of god within assist
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from an american dr. i defy the odds and miraculously survived. i don't remember any of it but it didn't everything (in the pride of their lives in forever wedge shaped me. live the act is in unrestricted life i would like to say it is the size of the dog in the fight for the size of the fight in the dog. and so i resolved and since had to fight for it realizing life is precious and that the
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odds are better than 5% visible his confidence and individualism and intensity associated with such an approach to life do not fit it would seem marginalized and restricted whether high school university. but more on that later. i had an idyllic childhood. but to have coca-cola i am honored the two most amazing. a strict old-school father and loving mother who was a nurse
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and my parents never said no. my mother taught me to dream and my father taught me reality. and most importantly impressing the need to be competent at the end of your assembly in elementary school. would it was over i walked out to find my father absolutely furious. would you collect an award you don't put your head buried you stick your head up and your shoulders back and you walk up like you own the place. i told you i was raised like a texan.
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almost every year starting at the age of nine my parents would send me to your pussy unaccompanied minor. then to expand my worldview so my father would routinely set up a vhs video camera on a tripod in command me to update my grandparents on what we had been up to in australia. and it has much to do television today. and mother's family owned my
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father's family were greek immigrants to australia to become one of the leading manufacturers and many did servicing the national airline perhaps most significantly to raise money for the local jewish hospital by selling jewelry that my mother made in here i learned skills that go one to be a political base and the ability to get with everybody to strike up a rapport letter they were or what education level they had. this was retail at its most basic and while no one ever saw it coming, it is the best training ground imaginable for a future in politics. okay is he to mediated of graduating first in english
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german and legal studies at the university to finish my four year degree and three to half and did so without even taking a pen to school. an elected local government at the age of 19 in the first election ever voted and i voted for myself (just eight days after my 21st birthday i was elected deputy mayor. and then i set up to make a name for myself. as a platform with which to reach further it was my time in politics in australia that made me realize with approach
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and discourse and as we know politics is downstream culture australia is not that country of international perception would have you believe in for the last three decades traded on cleverly crafted marketing reinforced by charismatic figures in the late crocodile hunter and let me add parenthetically that both of those men and with united states of america in the country of birth. that marketing bears little
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with the european nation and then to be routinely changed to hannity is either robust with the politics is alive and well drumbeat to australia by decades of socialism and welfare. anybody who supports gun right radical multiculturalism has made the nation even 20 years ago. and the only saving grace am looking to take root america stands alone in culture to
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love and admire and encapsulate by the united states of america for as long as i can tell. it is funny even when you cannot intellectually understand your spirit still does and at the age of 24 that a came to this country that my spirit had urine for to come on his speaking tour but i didn't know anybody or know no connections or know families that i relied what i had always relied on, think and initiative. i told him i was 24 coming to america for the first time he
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wanted to visit the organization to make testament to the american people and culture people wrote back and said yes he would love to have you comes be in by the way he was a baseball while you are here, can we buy you a ticket? on that trip i you immediately america was the country for me. it was better what i had expected and i expected it to be pretty spectacular. but not tell 2012 that i began the process of legal immigration. getting here was not easy. it took me four years and cost me more money i had. it took a tremendous toll on my family and my friends. experience was made worse that
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i was political opposition with my extraordinary ability greeting card attempted to be overturned at the last minute and the most unconventional manner. it turned my world upside down i was unable to travel to the united states for. of time. this was even more devastating coupled with the prospect of my future and australia. i was a public school teacher but once we work in united states was drawn to their attention i was blacklisted. but justice prevailed and i finally immigrated to the united states of america july 29, 2016 and has been nothing but blue skies since then the
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1770 have known or heard of my accomplishment in the to have a book indoors. touring air force one ambling at the white house. and with that green card in the budget this year is $1 million that charity seems inconceivable. but america is a very special place it gave me hope when i despaired and inspired me and i felt we will -- we can now it is my turn to give back.
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to make not take to receive join the place not change it or complain about it and i came to make sure and with the flag for liberty and greatness is the greatest threat that we have not passed down what it means to be american. limited government dimension. in collectivism.
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god not government not equality of outcome. e pluribus unum not radical multiculturalism. our children are the least patriotic they have ever been. our unwilling to have opposing -- opposing views given shut the views down. they do not understand what it means to be an american and to identify the foundational principles they don't know what makes american national
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they don't know american technology and innovation has to work the world that people are wealthier and healthier and safer because of america they have no idea they live in the country whose fortune and i am on a mission to make sure americans everywhere but particularly the next generation of american leaders knows the day they are born and united states of america will be the day that they permanently to the united states of america is the day that they want the lottery of life and of course if they were born in texas then they hit the jackpot 17 i want young americans to know this
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is the best place in the world to start a business in the world to be in pursuit of a better life there is nothing more american than entrepreneurship startup as old as america is self when it comes to business this country has the eye of the tiger with the innovation and collaboration and conviction that you can just smell and feel the energy of dynamism and hunger and all of the qualities needed for boldness and confidence and passion and to put it all on the line. loved and rewarded by americans.
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nowhere better in the world outside the box and not follow the crowd. everywhere else failure is fatal but tom edison had 1000 successful attempt henry ford filed and went broke twice disney with almost twice the crept it was never held against them in fact it worked for them nothing typifies the american spirit than someone who never gives up that is why we love stories of triumph also our world only optimistic people and in america you want
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greatness not mediocrity and to be extraordinary and settle for average. and that is why our success has been extraordinary with industry and ideas of the world because it is so easy to start the capital and imagination to be else in the world which is why he served the future so well with the belief in small government that the dealing with the bureaucratic red tape of any country we believe anything is possible for anyone. it america wealth can be created more than anywhere
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else. you have blazing a trail or to be the best in your field or creating something to change the world forever and you are living in america, there is great news, you have a head start on everyone know in the world. this is the best country in the world to make your dream come true. living amongst the most dynamic energetic and optimistic and enterprising hand to people in the world. the founders made it into make make sure the need for government approvals imitate was limited so the human genius could unleash. that it restrains the government and then to realize
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your dream to achieve your goal will take all you happen more. the competition you will face will be brutal and will take longer than you ever thought. but at least your operating in a friendly environment. no one will stop you. people will not be rooting for your failure but to be shut down to have the identity to elevate yourself. they tend to mind no they are too busy getting on fulfilling their own dream the bottom line is in america only with
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yourself. where you were born if this was your first language if you want to make it in america you can. this country where you have the most control and the american people provide a path around needed. and it would be along to get along in with your work ethic. no dream is to be no obstacle to high you worked tirelessly and rely on belief those needed 50, doesn't matter how big the deck is stacked against you because america has been again and again it is
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time to get a dream or refocus on your existing one. now growing exponentially we are working every day to accomplish the hearts and minds everywhere. last year on constitution day we launch the world lives on fox news and from justice cooley's office with plain and simple easy to understand english and what we can understand with age appropriate classic illustration that is a
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rocketship for us. with more than 100,000 students and teachers in all 50 states so we recently received a testimonial that says deer fly thank you for your donation in the 30 copies of your constitution to our school. brought the constitutional life and we have never seen her student so engaged. that was why levine elementary. do you know where that is? it is a public school in anaheim california. with the stunning success we will launch the first kid friendly declaration of independence was a special three-hour event three days
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later in washington d.c. at the tropical tell flag will hosted the annual gala with the speaker bill right if you're interested in attending let us know. and i will be cohosting at the white house. and then to accommodate you and we are currently working on the students federalist papers because flag is making great strides the medium of choice we have reached more than 5 million people on social media the last six
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months to acquire half a million people each month engaging in context. by the end of this year. and with great excitement the i will partner with the white house sometime this year to host the first ever youth patriotism summit. eventually capture american knowledge that is why flag is the lesson plan and is also preparing to lead professional development training programs across the country by the fall
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of 2018 to be the first of its kind the only training program dedicated still patriotism while teaching a wide variety of subjects and we continue to gain traction in december of last year with more than 1000 schools displayed american flag in every classroom and recite the pledge of allegiance every day and to sing the national anthem before all major sporting events i am proud for we are well on her way to do that. promote young americans to have a technical career rather than academic close to the hearts of almost everyone in
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american exceptionalism is rooted in our making things. we need the workforce we need electricians and plumbers and machining and flag is bearing more on the idea every child should go to college college university is not for everyone we don't want them going to college unless they are tailor-made for it. without liberal indoctrination we don't want them saddled with debt and we want them to have the opportunity to start their own business and employee people.
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if you would like more information on flagler to support us financially we have donation envelopes on all of your chairs and to see one of our flag but we need your help to make this the premier organization in the country. and among the most patriotic people in america and we want you to be behind us. and with that physician history. that is how we find ourselves. america turns 242 years oldish year.
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and also time for sober consideration they will tell you those great nation are between 230 and 270 years. three is not over. what the world will both like in 30 or 40 years could be completely different. what we have here for the first century. if not it will not be a free century. freedom is not inevitable.
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what we have here as they grow so powerful we can lose it all. with the communist chinese and medical islamist looking to exploit the ideology and institutions who don't care. these are different political ideologies and we need to perpetuate them. we need to remind the next generation there are different ideologies out there. the ancient civilization has always fascinated me.
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i believe there is something that america can do in my favorite is the battle told by my great friend alan west. the persian king xerxes took revenge against the greeks for the previous debate of his father upon his death in preparation with the second invasion of greece had an even greater army and lever -- army and ev. with the establishment to meet
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the invading persian. and to know that is the initiative and so to decide within his right to call of his personal god and based upon art techniques he chose to make a maneuver with mountains on one side word spread the fighters would march and the troops would join the leaders in the numbers grew to an estimated 7000.
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still a force in numbers however the greeks alive ahead of the persian to fortify their position over three days to exert massive casualties and it took a green trader to show the real defendant to initiate. there would be no retreat and as a matter of fact they issued the shield with the command to build on that. your shield someone say this part a victory that was hardly
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the case that persia was defeated. there are many lessons again persian chief among them is the lesson that it only takes a few men to make a stand for freedom to survive. even if you are heavily outnumbered and fight on a narrow front to buy yourself time. sometimes the defeat serves a larger purpose sometimes it leads to strategic victory we should always stand and fight on principle it is the only way we can in the culture war with funded domestic terrorist
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that combined weight of the media and entertainment industries and the entire educational establishment we are beyond heavily outnumbered unlike the rest of the world that is too far gone it is possible. i refuse to stand by as we tara part those schools or newspapers. and to believe these ideas dollars is the coverage with the culture war waging over the last 60 years that only one side has been fighting it.
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it is on to the rules of engagement. because they are dedicated and with that restraint instability in the wake of the war so now i barely recognize our country. and we are being steamrolled and as a result capitalism and the rule of law and to wage war and its name we must fight for america's freedoms and policies and that will be at
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this juncture did we engage in this fight or the america that we now disappear not a condition he did we decide to make different choice by evangelizing patriotism among the young and immigrant communities. let's make sure every american child knows and by their color or gender or sexual orientation. make sure to make sure every american child the foundations
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of our country to have a heart beating for america to make sure today's child can pass off americanism to tomorrow's child. to have that recent be like spartan. so that it is a free century. that we work on the flag every single day we are all in for america. thank you, god bless you, god bless texas and god bless the united states of america. [applause]
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to make the central argument to be no longer expressed in terms you can understand to be interpreted and configured full comprehension of what that mean that john cannot really is however can be controlled. with that paradox define 1884. to control the president
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everything it comes before and to give an answer with facebook the social network. a human being is the date on the website individual character in language with to have that transcendent experience of messy feelings and desires and fears remind me to what we consider the over plated that we should be careful what we wish for they just look more old and not free. they are owned because we are made of data let's talk about facebook for a minute because it is a confusing example on the one hand it sets an algorithm that is supposed to
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be neutral but didn't lose control or didn't what happen with facebook that under it knows these attempts to control their universe led to chaos? be making me donald trump? we like that marks upper berg did not want him to win the election mag probably not a mac and he did not want faith russian idaho falls site. >> when you saw the need that broke this afternoon about the facebook algorithm is neutral. if you want to go onto their site to purchase anti- somatic ad then you have the ability to do that.
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>> was is wrong with pointing to the example? so let's just talk about facebook in general for a minute. on the surface it looks like it is your friend sharing things that it is massive information because your friends share one hell of a lot so it creates a wall for sorting that information for your newsfeed it is an algorithm to sort things out. so it has a series of rules that went you take a picture of your family people will like that so they make it higher survival system is to get you to say on the site for
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as long as possible because they create for as long as possible because they create make money so they try to give you what you want. if you hate jewish people major hand. >> then they will give you what you want to make that is what happened in the last election. >> doesn't that create less of a monopoly? they can also be the word sheehan ashtray and tender but it could be a lot of different things or communicate like the arab spring. >> but the problems are with
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politics we don't get lumped in the in different constellations that primarily to constellation that our politics are that two warring tribes in they get what they want they get information that confirms their bias and put them further into the corner and in the end they are more susceptible because it is a problem because with facebook everything is about the headline so in journalism you know there is a part two writing headlines for facebook so you are clicking on headline you're not looking at the sources of information as much so it becomes a giant do and didn't s2 it is hard to know what to trust and what not to trust in what happens
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or what does have authority and overtime effects of facebook and google for that matter is to erode the distinction between the media companies that erode the authority of media and ultimately erode truth.
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