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tv   Rep. Eric Swalwell at Iowa Fundraiser  CSPAN  April 18, 2018 1:31am-2:13am EDT

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then get to work. it's paint iowa blue and take back the house and make america a country we can be proud of again. thank you. [applause] [cheering] [applause] [cheering] thanks, everybody.
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and i you are all still here. you got your second wind, right? i was told because we are the left to we can go on for about an hour and a half. [laughter] the only reason i'm not going to go on a long time is because i have to drive back in this terrible weather so you should be happy i've got to get out of here. i've got to tell you it's been pretty amazing i've been to a number of these and i've only been representing you since january of 2013 in the redistricting i started coming in in 2011 to try to win the seat in 2012. i won because of the weather folks in this room and i want to tell you i appreciate how much you've done for me the past
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several years. i never make any kind of an official announcement about running but i can tell you i'm running for the reelection and they need your help. thank you. [applause] i could spend all my time thinking people and i will spend a lot of time doing that but the first person i need to think obviously a lot of you know her over the years, she was in second grade teacher for a long time and proud member of our asda and is now a proud grandmother and spend some time on that front and that's my wonderful wife. [applause] i'm really glad the mayor of los angeles could come. [applause] family type the biggest city in the biggest states that's pretty
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good. i lived in davis for six years where i got my phd. i know something about california and i'm really glad he came into spending a lot of time in california as well. there's a lot of other people waiting to mention. i don't think the former mayor mentioned he is one heckuva guy and did a lot of work for the city. thank you. [applause] he's doing a fantastic job i've got to say. [applause] thanks to all of the organized labor folks i'm a proud member of the federation of teachers and a union member i do not shy away from calling myself a union member. thank you all who are here tonight i appreciate it.
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our veterans, we are hoping and praying our son gets back tomorrow from kuwait. he's already a veteran and so is his wife. they have a couple of kids so we help out. but our veterans and all the great things they've done for the country. i wouldn't be standing here today we wouldn't have the democracy we have or members of congress or the mayors of los angeles we would have something a lot of other countries have, something people fear they might be headed towards if we didn't have our veterans we have to be vigilant and take care and think those folks fothanks those folke democracy thank you all. [applause] the last group of people i want to thank since it seems that the
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mass shooting around the country whenever i'm asked by the media what do i think we ought to do in this country to deal with this violence the first thing i say is we need to listen to the children because they are the people that are literally on the frontlinefront lines every day y go to school and whether or not they believe they are and we shouldn't have a country where that's the case. we have a lot of young people here today and they will be future voters and involved in the political process. i encourage them to do that. let's think those folks. they are so important. [applause] that's my speech. [cheering]
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since i'm a former college professor i'm going to talk a little bit longer. i do want to thank all the people that are not from scott county in addition to the residents from the people from other counties that are here as well and from across the river i know there's somebody that mentioned they work here. move to iowa anytime and we will welcome you. thanks to all of you that are from. those that are not they appreciate it. i don't know where to begin on this. you've heard all these things happening in the state of iowa and the same things at the federal level. we have seen one disaster after another of the last year and some months. i will tell you that when this happened all of us in this room and a lot of other people were very concerned about what was going to have been in the countrcountry and little did wew
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the things we thought might have been work going to happen maybe times ten and that's what we've come to the federal level. level. when this first happened in november, terry came in and we went to mount vernon up the wonderful mount vernon where he lived for 29 years. [applause] to mount vernon where george washington is from and we had been there before but we went right after the election and we got done and i said to her i'm feeling kind of depressed and she said why, we just went through this beautiful facility and read all these great things about the first president. my response was because i'm thinking about who our next president is going to be and he hadn't even been scoring at. little did i know that it would be worse than we were even thinking at the time. i don't think anybody could have imagined that it would be this
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terrible. i'm not trying to be the bearer of bad news. there is a lot of hope i have no doubt we can win the u.s. house of representatives back and that we can make great strides in the senate and i know we can win the gubernatorial race we've got to get the strongest person possible. we've got to make sure that we elect our strongest candidate for governor. we've got to get the office back there is no way around it. [applause] and we can take both houses of the legislature back. we have a shot at this. i worked hard in the last campaign to get as many elected to the legislature. i went around the state and try to get more folks but it just didn't work out. donald trump more by then texas.
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i don't like this but he also won in my district by 4%, he won all the congressional districts which left me the only democrat as you all know. that's not acceptable as far as i am concerned. but we have an opportunity. we can get more members elected around the state. we have a shot at that and we can begin to turn america around. it's true paul ryan will not be the speaker of the house. [applause] but there is someone waiting in the wings, kevin mccarthy and donald trump wants him because kevin mccarthy does everything donald trump wants him to do that's why he will be the next
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speaker of the house. this is nonsense. we know what they want to do and tried to do in the house but they failed to do much of it in the senate. when the test the tax cut it wasn't only because they wanted the benefits to g the top 1%, is not the only reason they wanted to do with them if they wanted to do it for the same reason republicans cut taxes in iowa because they can come to us and say we don't have enough money to keep social security and medicare as we know it. you talk about this were to be authorized to that's a fancy word for a fake cut.
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money that was already appropriated and agreed to. they want to go back to this budget that we passed and cut those block grant programs. i was taking a tour of the projects where that money comess in and leverages one federal dollar they want to say we get a do over we voted for the omnibus that we want to take that back now for the rest of the fiscal year. that is nonsense and we will do everything we can. that makes no sense whatsoever and then they will come next year and say we can't do anymore we've got to cut those programs.
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the only way is to elect more democrats that the only way we can do this. and i will tell you some of you have heard this before. i am a democrat because one thing. when i was growing up i took advantage of the opportunities the latter tom harkin talked about but was extended to me growing up in sioux city many of you know my mom was a single parent and struggled with mental illness and we were on the system, we were on food stamps and when they were food stamps they were not a card, that takes a little bit of embarrassment out of having tofhaving to depef you will do just to survive to get enough food to eat but i decided at a pretty early age
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being poor kind of sucks and isn't fun and now we are seeing people wage war on poor people and those who want to get into the middle class. i am a democrat because my first job at 16-years-old with a federally funded program for so-called disadvantaged kids and whenever we'd g we go back to sy relatives i would get to go by my place of employment from the summer of 69 and depending which way the wind is blowing it was the waste treatment control plant i made minimum wage working eight hours a day 40 hours a week in the summer when i was 16-years-old and what did the federal program democrats put in place teach me to talk to me about responsibility, getting up early and making my time with while and earning the minimum wage and taking care of myself in many ways because my mom
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wasn't able to do it. i bought a lot of the clothes they wore. that's why i'm a democrat is because of those programs that helped the middle class and those that haven't been in the middle class but they are willing to take responsibility and work hard to get themselves into the middle class that's what this is about and that's why i want to protect medicare and social security because it's our seniors are depraved medicare and social security and turned this into a voucher program for medicare which we all know isn't going to work if they privatize social security we know what's going to happen those folks retire in the middle class will out loud and they don't care, they don't care about the practical effects or if they do it doesn't matter so that's what we are up against. it doesn't matter who is the
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speaker of the house what matters is that they are in control and that we get the majority back fiscal and do everything we can in iowa to make sure democrats were in control so that we fight for the middle class and for american values that's what this is all about thank you for being here. [applause] i will keep this short he's going to tell you his life story. he's actually a native ireland. he was born in sac city, spend time in algona 12 or 13 years.
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but he grew up part of his life here and he knows about our values. he's been here quite a bit as well i don't think he knows the time change difference. [laughter] he's one of the young folks in the house of representatives and he will talk about that as well. i'm not really old but i'm older. i'm not going to be doing this job forever. i want to see my grandkids and that kind of stuff. we do need a new generation of leaders in washington, d.c. there is no question about that and i think we have a good number of them in the house of representatives. but he has been such a wonderful leader on all of the matters of days fighting and taking on the
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republicans and this investigation and the house intelligence committee that wasn't really an investigation at all. he's fighting for all the things democrats are fighting for plus years younger than i am in has a hiccup for future. he's fearless. i give him a lot of trouble but he knows he's got to put up with it at least as long as i'm there but please give a big round of applause. [applause] >> thank you. [applause]
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i came here to find some democratic firm. not only to make the plane rides a little bit more enjoyable. when we get more democrats in congress i hope you will still hang out with me. thank you to democrats and to tom and troy for representing the party and all the hard work you've put in and to the mayor for making the trip out here to show them that you, just like me believe in the work they are doing. we share more in common representing california we have the wisdom to marry hoosier women. with our wives are from indiana and my wife says hello iphone with a 11 month old. i've been able to monitor him, the russian ambassador sent a beautiful wonderful baby monitor its really good quality and technology i could hear everything. [applause]
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i came here because if we win iowa this november, we win congress. it's as easy as that. [applause] if we lose we don't want to know what that looks like. but i know why you're here. you're here tonight because you still believe in america. you believe in the promise that if you work hard at home means them in and i know how hard work some of you work two shifts a day and get up before sunrise, you work so hard to come home with grease on your hands and pain in your bones. i know your dad is working an overnight shift tonight.
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[applause] some of you are retired but just because you are not working doesn't mean you don't care you are still showing up and volunteering in our churches and schools lifting up the lives of people you've never met, some of the worst things studying, learning, preparing for this uncertain economy. i want to tell you about a person you have not met that we are all fighting for a matc meta couple months ago on a tour for a group i lead up to 27 youngest house democrats we wanted to be more than just the it help desk so we went on the road to listen to young people and learn from them and ask him to bac and this
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19-year-old said to me congressman come after the inauguration i went to the one in march and when the muslim ban was put in place i went to the airport and when they tr tried o take my healthcare i went to my first town hall. she told me i'm investing in my future so be real with me does any of this make a difference. she was realizing for the first time in her life is at the white house, who's in congress, who runs the state legislature affects her whether her hard work amounts to anything and it reminded me a little bit of myself and parents that had big dreams for me.
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i was born in sac city and saw my dad worked hard to raise for boys. my dad worked as a called and my mom did every audit job imaginable. she made dollhouses, big wedding cake and ran a very large unlicensed day care facility. [laughter] kids everywhere. i would tell my dad when he took the police in the driveway i want to be a cop just like you and he would say the same thing to me every time. it doesn't work that way and what they would go on to show me is that they have worked too hard and saved too much had sacrificed everything for me not to have more opportunities than they did and that their dream for me was to be the first in his family to go to college and
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i saw them chas sold them chasem over the country. we moved from iowa to oregon up and down california. we lived in ten different homes, printed them, sometimes staying with my grandparents before they were able to save a. i went to nine different schools before graduating becaus becausy knew if they put me in a better school i had a better chance of going to college. the expected i would work just as hard as they would. they had me on a paper route delivery at age ten. i wasn't playing baseball we weren't watching ou our brothers play soccer and if i wasn't playing soccer we were refereeing as a family can't hire and fire, just as bad they earned an athletic scholarship
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and went on to become the first of the family t to difficult anm when i lost it to an injury they told me i had to go back to work to make it through school and we take out the notices this is your last chance you will be dropped from your classes, so we dug a little deeper and worked harder because we knew that it would mean something. i came home after law school and worked as a prosecutor in oakland california and i ran for congress because i started to fear many young families are working just as hard as my parents were but it wasn't adding up to anything they were just one emergency from going into debt, a washing machine going out for a next trip to the emergency room, flat tire. two out of three families today cannot whether a 500-dollar
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emergency so when donald trump comes to congress and tells us that the state of the union that the stock market is at an all-time high, that the unemployment rate is at an all-time low, i think that's not the economy come is the economy the stock market works the unemployment rate x. no. most of you are working two jobs. that's not the economy, the economy is viewed and how you are doing whether you are doing better so this young woman investing in herself needs us to invest in her and for us to start uniting around some big old values. we must build a modern
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schoolhouse in every community to prepare our kids for the new economy. [applause] and start valuing again the teachers who are getting them ready. we must listen to these kids and make sure that they can come home from school safely and that there is nothing greater in their schoolhouse and our constitution and their right to live. that's supreme. [applause] college today is associated with death. if you ask someone what they associate college with, they will tell you that. it's supposed to be opportunity. it should mean if not more to the banks and lenders so here's what we should do, we should make a college promise if you
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work your way through school and served a community in need you will get a debt-free education and no longer should the government make a single cent on student loan interest putting an entire generation into debt and we need to make sure people are lifelong learners and have a way if they lose their job in automation or trade deals that they can go to a community college and get the training they need and always have the dignity to provide. we also have to start taking care of people's health in this country. we have enabled around the edges for too long. it's time for medicare for every single person, healthcare for
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all. we should go big on that as democrats. [applause] it's also time i know you were fighting for this patient groups that come to the office all the time you hear their stories every night praying the nation's leaders will invest in the research necessary to find a cure. it's time to redouble dow that n the investment to cure cancer, parkinson's and alzheimer's, the whole generation to work and told that generatio generation l the code i coding of healthcarel actually cost us a. a. we must also unite around making sure that climate change no longer, addressing climate change no longer starts an
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argument that is towards work for good paying jobs in wind, solar and alternative fuel. we must also do all we can do in washington, d.c. to make it a place that works for you again and i'm convinced the only way we can do that after being back there going on six years now is to get rid of dirty money. [applause] every state in america should do with iowa and california do and have independent redistricting that would make that happen in all 50 states.
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relations committee hearing the state department and pentagon officials discussed the civil war and the u.s. government response. they talked about humanitarian aid and veterans.


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