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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Blunt on Mike Pompeo Nomination  CSPAN  April 26, 2018 3:27am-3:40am EDT

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i will vote for mike pompeo to be the next secretary of state. i want our state department to be functioning as fully and vibrantly and it's gross of lance we can around the world. with that, area urge my colleagues to put partisanship aside and confirm mike pompeo as our next secretary of state. >> i rise to join you and others on the floor hoping that we have moved this week to support the confirmation mike pompeo was nominated to be secretary of state. we had this morning in the joint session importance of our country those who tear their defense of freedom and security to stand up for that.
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there are threats all over the globe. everybody realized that mike pompeo would have the knowledge she needs to do the job. he has the experience and he has the support of the president you be representing. historically until recently years this body dealt with form policy as if we're sure bipartisanship starts at the waters edge. partisanship and that the waters edge. that was evidenced in the secretary of state's job confirming people to important positions related to national security. john kerry was voted on by -- hillary clinton was voted on
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94 - 2. condoleezza rice : paul was confirmed unanimously. as the tradition the country has set for this job. my colleague said who in america does not think of president, democrat or republican deserves his or her pics for the agency. that's the answer to his own question. apparently it's no longer the answer. senator kerry later said in 2009 it's essential we provide the tools and resources we need to
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change. it starts by making sure we have the national security team in place is soonest possible. there were not confirmed because republicans agreed with everyone other policy positions. because everyone agreed with everyone of their votes. they were qualified to do the job in the president who nominated them deserve to have place. the same standard should be delivered to pompeo. he is qualified for the job and graduated first in his class at west point 1986. he served as -- before the berlin wall.
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after he edited the log review and he's a man of great accomplishment before hand or politics. he also into successful businesses before he was elected to the house of representatives in 2010. he served from 2010 until 2017. it is duties range from the iran nuclear accord to the patriot act. he understands the issues and is of significant capacity and most importantly he was picked by the president who after this time working together with director
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of pompeo the president should know exactly what he's getting. frankly, we should too. president trump decided to not only nominate director pompeo but when he was confirmed 66 - 32 is the vote 14 senate democrats there may also be here voted of the cia. i would say he's more qualified today to be director of the cia.
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he has taken the responsibilities seriously, his brief the president over and over again. the president knows what he's getting and director pompeo should know exactly who he's working for. given the challenges he faces here and around the globe it's important we swiftly confirm that just mike pompeo but the president's nominees. many of these positions remain vacant because our colleagues across the aisle wasted hours and days obstructing the confirmation process. it's way beyond any normal way. were in the middle of a 30 hour debate. i don't see that many people debating.
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at least time reserved and i think the debate was 20 minutes out of 20 hours of the time the nominee could have been voted on i would have gotten the same number of votes almost 20 hours later after 28 hours of debate. president trump's nominees have faced 80 closure votes. that's the timer and now. where you have this theoretical debate that doesn't occur. we face 28 cloture votes compared to 24 and the first entire two years of the six previous presidents combined. so on average of four cloture votes for those presidents their first two years.
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president trump has 88 in less than a year and half. something is happening differently than ever before. it takes an average of 85 days for president's nominees to be confirmed. twenty days longer than president obama's nominees. the other differences we didn't stop all the work in the senate during the 60 days were were having hearings getting the nomination ready to the floor. to say that were going to take advantage of every right the minority has to insist on debate. the only thing missing is the debate. at the rate were going it would take more than nine years to confirm all of the president's nominees. nine years of his four-year term.
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it would be longer than the president have if he didn't nominate anybody else or was elected to two terms. it's ridiculous. it denies the president the council he needs. it also denies the senate the floor time it needs to deal with issues. if you watch the senate the last couple of years and particularly the last several months the quorum call that we often have the nice suggest we remove ourselves on is what you see because were waiting for a vote to happen. the debate does not occur. later today the rules committee will consider senator lankford's legislation to address these ties. all his resolution does is make from annette the same rules
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senate democrats agreed to in 13 when they were in the majority. majority of republicans and democrats all agree we would confirm president obama's nominees with debate that more narrowly met the likely debate for that office. it would reduce debate from 30 hours down to eight and from district judges from 30 hours down to two hours. we don't have to use those. if there's no debate we should always move to the vote. at least the debate has time in the minority has structured protection that it traditionally has.
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but when you abuse them in the senate that's when those protections tend to go away. the resolution would have 30 hours a debate for district and cabinet level nominees. were not opposed to debating nominees that get debated. the opposition is were opposed to not debating and using time as a delay tactic where the result would be the same whether you voted in 30 minutes or 30 hours. the same framework they voted to pass in 2013. fifty-two democrats voted in favor of this resolution in 2013
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including the current minority leader. this would make the framework permanent allowed to expedite the process for the presidents well-qualified nominees. it would allow the senate to get to the other work the american people expect the senate to do. today and tomorrow we continue this process of waiting for the votes on the nominee to be secretary of state. prior to recent times it would've been right after the report was out. >> i come to the floor to speak on the pending nomination of mike pompeo to be secretary of state. i had a pose that nomination committee and i will oppose on the floor.


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