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tv   Washington Journal Andrew Puzder The Capitalist Comeback  CSPAN  April 29, 2018 1:30pm-2:16pm EDT

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recruitingment i have a guys you have 25 guys, let's have 35 guys, and so they were able somehow to put aside all their ideological differences and for a group of people who all exist in that one scene on the far right, they have lot of differences and can agree on very little, but still managed to get together somehow and that's where we are now. there's an alliance of sorts. >> you can watch this and other programs online at book of -- doering. >> we walk viewers back to the washington journal here on c-span. we take you now to new york where we're joined by andy puzder, the former restaurant industry ceo and economic advise for the 2016 trump presidential campaign, briefly nominee for labor secretary and now author of the book "the capitalist comeback: the trump boom and the leftert to stop it." what he trump boom.
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>> the economic boom we're experiencing in this country. i think -- it is something that i think we're getting -- seeing a lot of people on the left and me media trying to discredit. if you look back at the obama years, art i did an interview or wrote an op-ed, all about people not having enough jobs. people couldn't find work. they dropped out of the labor force and took part-time jobs or ended up working entry level jobs and trying to support families on these entry level jobs. that's completely switched. we're now in -- in a situation where we have the lowest number of people on the unemployment rolls in 44 years and a lot fewer people in the work force back 44 years ago. we have the lowest unemployment plate 17 years, i sense the last year of the clinton administration and it's held for four of five mosques and we have an historic number of job openings desfight the fact we have more people employed than ever been employed in the history of the country. so we have kind of flipped the problem this country is facing. the problem we face during the obama years was that workers
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couldn't find good-paying jobs. now the biggest problem we're facing is that businesses can't find enough workers to fill the good-pieing jobs that are open. so we're experience can an economic boom and you sook in the gdp. president trump we're at 3.1%. cbo project 3:00% for next year. so seeing an economy that has taken off. i really across all sectors. that is the trump boom. >> you start this book with this story of your nomination for a labor secretary, and why you withdrew your nomination. why start with that? >> because i think a lot of people wanted to know what happened during that proceeding, why i wasn't there. and it was really kind of a setup for the book. the plot to stop it, the forces opposing president trump, and really we have never had a president that faced this kind of concerted effort by the media and left to discredit his
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economic accomplishing. s and i wanted to talk about -- not only private readers with the ammunition to defend the president's economic policies, and to share these underreported economic accomplishments and wanted to let people know who it was that was trying to hold thissings in back, trying to stop the trump boom, who was afraid of him succeeding. not afraid of him failing. i think in the obama administration, people like me, who opposed his policies were concerned they would fail american workers and wouldn't produce economic growth. the big fear on the left now is that president trump's policies will create economic growing and jobs and that economic tide that president kennedy said lifts all boats, working choose up are class. i wanted to talk about the elements opposing president trump and the same elements that opposed my nomination as secretary of labor. >> why did you withdraw your name from the nomination?
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>> there were -- we had 52 republican senators. you could lose two and senators collins and murkowski are always kind of iffy votes for anybody who had conservative or right linings. they were trouble for betsy devos. i lost one other senator johnny isaacson him said he would not support my nomination. the vice president called and told me that and said if you want to go through the confirm ation hearing, the president and i support you. i you want to fight it, you can fight it. but i didn't want a loss on the senate floor early in the trump administration, didn't want the forgot suffer a loss in the senate with my name on it so with draw any nomination because i didn't have the votes. >> host: do you regreat not fighting for in the nomination? there were allegations of abuse
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stemming from a 1989 divorce, concerns but a an undocumented housekeeper. >> yeah. the problem in these proceedings -- it's protocol for the nominee that you can't defend yourself. if the media kind of gangs up with the left and goes after you, you have a big problem. there will media jutelets that defend he me -- out lets that defend mutt by i would have preferred to defend myself. part of this book is a little bit of defending myself. the book is about trump, the boom, the value of capitalism, how capitalism brings prosperity to every nation that has implemented it and socialism does the opposite. i would have liked to defend myself. i have to be the only guy in the country that has this #metoo problem out of allegations my former wife made in our divorce 30 years ago, and actually admitted wind a very short period of time after she made the allegations that they were untrue, and that her lawyer had
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gotten her to make those allegations in the divorce. she admitted that many times. we're very good friends and have holiday dinners together and talk regularly, and she has -- she was very open with the senate committee about the fact that these allegations were just untrue. she wrote a page and a half letter to the senate, and to the health, education, labor and welfare committee i was in front of. and lying to a congressional committee is a crime. my ex-wife and i get along well i don't think she'd commit a crime for me. so i have to be the only guy in the country with a #metoo problem that doesn't have anybody accusing him of anything. was ceo for 17 years, nobody who claim is used that fewer elicit sexual favors from them. my former wife made allegations in the the divorce she admitted were untrue. we did have an employee in our house who was not a legal resident. she was undocumented. i thought she was working for a service. i was running a company, not
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really paying much attention to what was going on in the house. when i asked my wife about this employee, she informed she wasn't documented and the next day i let her go, told her that she couldn't work for us but i would help her try to become a citizen of she wanted to if she became a citizen, we'd be happy to hire her back. the allegations were blown way out of proportion. i would have loved to defend myself, but you can't when -- i again, the protocol is you don't talk to the press while your nomination is pending, and i think i should have talked to press anyway and gone forward and defended myself, but its what it is. >> host: andy puzder with is for in the next 25 minutes this morning on "wall street washing. talking about his book, the capitalist comb back. republican can call 202-748-000 1. democrats, independents 202-748-
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8002. you describe your book as a most wanted list of institutions stand neglect way of freedom and prosperity. who are they? >> guest: they can these are sectors of our society that have been infiltrated very effectively over the past 100 areas by progressives who have very deep roots in socialism. think our education -- the education system has been deeply penetrated. we even have in high school, kids being taught from a book by howard zen, an admitted marckist and writes thiswayed history of the united states as an issue of oppression rather than economic freedom. and then our colleges, people are afraid to hear opposing opinions. so, number one would be the education system. number two, would be the entertainment industry. tv and movies. even kid movies, children's movie is, often have a suspicious number of business
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american or businesswell or corporations or ceos, people would realized the american dream as the bad guys. and it is kind of a brainwashing from a very early age as to who are the good guys in life and the bad guys in life. you can see it in the labor unions and their outsized influence in politics. they -- and don't get me wrong, labor unions served a very good purpose in the last century. nobody wants ten year kid working in coal mines, but begin withing the roosevelt administration they began ceding their authority to the federal government to protect workers. whether it's the wage and hour division at the department of labor or the eeoc or osha, agencies designed to protect american workers which had been the function of the unions. so, the unions now look to government for relevance, and they support a $15 minimum wage which research repeatedly shows in the cities, even the rich
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cities like san francisco and seattle, that have implemented it, it's hurt working class americans and in fact, working class americans, union members, understand this. they understand that their leadership is out of touch and the best example of that is this last election where 42% of union households voted for president trump, mostly because his immigration and trade policies, i think, were consistent with what should be the goals of the union. this unions went and supported hillary clinton with over $100 million in donation is, but that 42% number includes government unions, and government unions want bigger government, they want more money into government because that's how government union employees elevate their salaries and lifestyles. you look at private seconder unions, auto workers, steel workers, coalminers, it's more like 60% voted for trump. so you have union leaders out of touch, and supporting these progressive socialist causes, they've got deep roots them
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union movement has deep rootness socialism. you have the education system and you have the entertainment industry, all working against the interests of the free enterprise system and trying to do everything they can to make sure that this president doesn't succeed, because if president trump succeeds after president obama, i think the comparison is going to be something you won't we able to wipe out of people's minds for many years. >> us a a capitalist do you find any tension between capitalism and an america first governing philosophy? >> guest: well, i'm not sure what the definition of an first governing policy is. we probably need to talk about specific examples i don't necessarily see conflict between an america first policy and capitalism. we're an independent, sovereign nation and should look out for our interests. our interests involved worldwide trade so we need to be sensitive to that.
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i don't see any inherent conflict. >> host: andy puzder. >> call thursday this morning until 9:40. tim is up first. line for democrats. from michigan good morning, go ahead. >> caller: yeah issue don't believe this guy. i can't believe that you would actually say that the president now has gotten static from us when what happened to your memory? what become the republican and how they picked on obama and as far as me being in a union, and you saying that union members went along with your policy is just a big joke. earning out of your mouth is a bunch of propaganda. >> host: would you like to respond. >> guest: as far this ounions i was just make numbers. i'm not opposed to unions i. think the union leadership in this country, particularly big labor, has lost its way. i didn't say unions or union members all support the
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policies. i'm staying voted for president trump, private sector union members voted for trump and i assume they voted for him because they sported his policies because union leadership went in the other direction. republicans, including miss, we're critical of president obama's policies. i never criticized president obama himself. i always -- i was very critical of his economic policy is, not because i wanted those policies to fail, but because i was concerned that they wouldn't succeed. the difference here is people are attacking president trump on a personal basis, not on the by a so i was this policies and also on a personal basis, which we didn't do with president obama, ate least i didn't. and they're attacking him not in the hope that this maybe policies wig succeed. we're seeing great asks but he is being attacked not because they might fail but because they might seed and that would set e set the progressives back. >> host: we asked viewer this morning whether they thought that president trump others cabinet and his nominees have been treated fairly how would
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you answer that question? >> guest: well, certainly i don't think i was treated fairly, and we have somebody -- let's take a better example. mike pompeo. in what universe do you not just simply vote to approve mike pompeo? an imminently qualified person, already approved as the head of the cia. why on earth, other than trying to hurt president trump, why wouldn't you just vote for this guy john kerry got approved almost unanimously and people in the senate didn't even like john kerry. human being hock got approved, almost unanimously, republicans didn't support hillary clinton or feel she had the right policy but you vote for a secretary of state because you want somebody qualified that the president schrecked and will support the president's policy us. he was elected fairly and honestly under the system to carry out certain policies and is allowed to pick his cabinet. mike pompeo is the best example
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of the kind of resistance we're seeing, even if you take it down a level, when i was nominated to be secretary of labor there was a gentleman who elizabeth chao recommend to me to pick as assistant secretary, which i would have. wanted to nominate him. when alex acosta wasom nateed, we talk and i recommended to him, and he slackedded pat to be his number two. i thought pat would be approved if i was confirmed by may or june. and when alex selected him issue thought alec thought the same thing, by may or june we would have somebody in who could help him who in other understood thee and department. he got approved yesterday. they're dragging his out. it's ridiculous. they're look for any flaw they can to try and not approve people, and it's not a fair process. so the answer would be, no. >> tom is in harrisburg, pennsylvania, an independent. good morning. >> caller: good morning. people should learn their history. i'm from a union family, former democrat. we waited 40 years back when we were fighting the japanese
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imports on steel for candidate to say america first. and the first time heard the term america first was from jesse jackson. the people should learn their history about that. number two, you take away the name, you just put economic statistics, nobody has done better than trump has done so far and n his first term. going back three presidents. and finally, the reason why the left is scared is because minorities are doing fantastic. you talk to minorities. they don't care about starbucks or golf courses, they care about the bottom line and their economy and minorities are doing excellent in this economy. >> andy puzder. >> guest: well here, absolutely right. in fact, the unemployment rate for african-americans just hit historic lows in recent months. people are finding jobs. like i said we turned the economy upside-down from an economy where people couldn't find jobs to an economy where
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businesses can't find workers and hispanic unemployment is near historic lows. what he said is absolutely true. and i'm glad that he realized that because i think these facts are definitely undercovered by the media, and it's go to get the word out there. >> host: kimberly, in washington, pennsylvania, go ahead. >> caller: i voted for trump, and i just left the union. matter our fact the join had, i was a flagger, and the job i had behalf was nonunion and i had better benefit us, a little more pay but i was seduced to join a union because they were supposed to be better motion benefits and blah blah. wait was way less. the the span of three months they took $880 out of my pay? that was crazy. i left the union and that was the pipeline for crying out loud. and i have relatives who work in county home, they just sold out, they were making $17 an hour,
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when they sold out the new company took them down to $9 an hour. it's crazy. and as far as the obstructionist, the democrat, i am 55 years old. i have never, ever remember ever any president being threatened with impeachment before he took office. that set the precedent right there. >> andy puzder. >> guest: well, again, i agree much of what she said. i think the unions have simply lost relevance for american workers, and if they're going to keep looking to government and pursuing big government as the source of their success, in other words the always want to pass legislation to try and accomplish their goals rather than to meet the needs of their constituents. the unions are in trouble. we have seen union membership -- this young lady -- i can call -- i'm 67 so i can call 55 young -- but this young lady, with --
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joined a very large group of people who left unions. union membership is at or near historic lows. we have even dropped significantly from then 1970s the and the 1980s. union membership hit its highs in the 1950s and is steadily declined, all you have to do is read the newspaper to see what has happened with automakers in the southeast united states where people have built plants thaws require right to to work states and don't have to belong to a union and in plant after plant the union has been rejected, and boeing even in south carolina recently rejected the union. so, unions just need -- need to get more in touch with what they're works need and what their worked want, get out from under the dominance of the progressives and the big government socialists, and start worrying more but their workers and less about the government, the political support they get. >> host: since president trump has taken offers we have seen the national debt tick past
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$20 trillion. it's now $21,155,208,000,000 with trillion dollar deficits expected to start hitting by 2020. what is your recommendation to president trump on how concerned he should be about that. >> guest: very concerned. i think dish think he is. the deficit in and the debt is a huge problem in the country and some people might wonder why, knowing that, president trump would have signed this recent omnibus bill which was -- significantly increased deficit spending if think the reason is that -- i like the president, i wish he hadn't had to sign it but when you're in the white house, when you're sitting in that oval office, behind the desk, the world looks different than it does to those that are economic analysts out here or trying to criticize economic policy and direct economic policy. our military was severely depleted. and as president of the united states, you want to make sure
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that you can defend this country, and that we have got the military strength to bring peace through power rather that peace through appeasement. reagan says there's never been a war fought because america was too strong. it's when america is too weak. so i think think i would have done the same them. the president is trying to take on the swamp and they're trying to cut back on sentencing that voted to approve. that's a real positive. we need to address nondiscretionary spending which is entitlements. discretionary spending is an increasingly small part of our budget and when we spend all our time talking about that, we're e we're wasting our time. we are need entitlement reform, something lying the earned income tax credit and reform social security so that young people actually have social
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security when they get older. we need to reform medicare so it's mere effective and less costly to at the state us. many thing's need to do with nondiscretionary spend interesting we leave the time to do it we have at the tax cuts and deregulation, i wish cuckoo have repealed and replaced obama care. i think it's time to face the nondiscretionary -- over spending that we're doing as a nation because i hate to use a word so commonly used but this true his is unsustainable. >> host: line for democrat, nobody tulsa, oklahoma, good morning. >> caller: good morning to you and good morning-mr. puzder i do not support anything you say right now. i happen to be disabled, and i don't -- i notice everything under -- over the years since i've gotten old -- i'm 50 -- has gone up and up and up. that's just life.
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but i have a lot of friends that are low and middle class and they don't see the jobs that you're talk us about. i have friend that work at walmart that have lost hours when they got a pay raise. so, i don't understand why you sit and bash the democrats and you say trump has drained the swamp. all of his cabinet -- most of his cabinet are big wigs and they're being investigated for spending endless money on private telephone booths, the man from oklahoma, pruitt, it's just ridiculous how you just sit and say things because you support this president who is a liar. >> host: andy puzder. >> guest: look, i very sensitive to the needs of working class and even lower working class individuals. my family was working class.
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i didn't have a silver spoon or a paid education to college. either by the government or my family. worked my way through college and law school with a family. remember those months where i wasn't sure that it was going to be able to pay rent or buy enough feed food to feed everybody it and was tough and that's one of the reasons we need an earned income tax credit. think it would be very meaningful and helpful. as far that's jobs for these individual, i will tell you right now there are 400,000 jobs open in the manufacturing sector and 250,000 open in the construction sector. there are -- in january there were 6.3 million job openings, 6.2 now. those are historically high numbers so to the individual unable to find jobs or who feel they need a better job than they're getting at walmart issue can't el tell you why walmart cut hours i'm not involved with walmart. but if they're really looking for jobs, there are jobs out
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there, and i would encourage them to talk to anybody that they can that handles a job search organization, whether it's the government or private sector, because if they want to get the training, and if they can get the train -- that could be through an apprenticeship or internship or more schooling -- they can get very, very good paying jobs and i if they want to get in and start there are job openings. there are construction job openings, and as long as you don't have a criminal history or a serious drug problem, you should be able to find employment in this economy. more people are employed than ever have been employed, and there are more job openings than there have ever been. so i hate to disagree with this individual's personal experience and i really can't rectify the problems for the people he knows but the jobs there are if you want them. >> host: how concerned could she as americans be of the growing gap ten at the riverrest and the poorest in this country? >> guest: -- the riverrest --
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richest and poorest? a free market economior always going have that. i have chapter in the book on this i. really would encourage people not only to buy this book and read it themselves but to buy it and give it to your candidate grandkids if you want them to understand how the free enterprise system works and hough it benefits people. i have a chapter that covers nick inequality. it's not as bads a you're being told it and the only way to shrink income ecult -- you can't arizona the rich to get poorer and the poor poor to get richer you have to create jobs and good paying jobs so people that are in the working class can increase their incomes. john kennedy said it, rising tide lifts all boats. talking about massive tax cuts and the notion that an economic tide, when the economic tide goes up a, everybody's life improves and that's been so throughout american history,
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living ourself from 13 back woods colonial up to to addition -- by 1885, the largest economy in the world and shortly thereafter the highest standard of living in the world, all of that brought about bit the economic tide lifting all bows and puts argument to the lie that wealth is a zero sum game which is what the inequality argument is about. the notion that's rich only get richer when the poor get poorer. that's not the case. economic tide can make everybody riverrer and should make everybody richer. which kind of puts the lie too this progressive notion that class warfare is either necessary or desirable. if we get economic growth, wages will start to go en, income inequal will decline and everybody should benefit. i'm excited where we and are the potential going forward and i hope people will take a look at the book and share it with their kids and grandkids who may be buying into this socialist progressive ideology.
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>> host: time for one or two more calls with andy puzder, alex, flint michigan, line for independents. >> caller: good morning. andrew, let me be clear and let me talk really slow so you cannot spin this. when president trump became president, the economy was humming right along but you and your talking heads on fox news, kept telling the american people that the economy was a disaster. was humming right along. but before the ink even dried when president obama -- president trump took office, all of a sudden the economy switched and took off. could you point to anything that president trump did in his first three months of his administration, point to anything that he done that caused the economy to take off and the unemployment rate to
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fall especially among african-american communities. anything. be clear. don't spin -- >> host: alex, got your question. go ahead. >> guest: i absolutely can't -- let's talk about that for a minute. what happened during the obama administration, when probe probable came in and had that $800 billion in stimulus spending and enacted dowd frank and obamacare the economisted in oobama administration forecast that in 2011, gdp growth, gros domestic product in the country, our economic growth, would go up 3.8% and in 2012 and '13 over 4%. that was a rational changes but aer in prior ten recessions, during the early years over recovery we averaged 4.3% gdp growth. 1% in gdp growth is a ton of money for taxes and jobs. more than that it sounds when you talk about 2.5 or 3 neal.
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in fact president obama never had one year after 3% gdp growth. not one full calendar year. he averaged 2.1% post recession, rather than the 4.3% average, and his last year in office, gdp growth averaged 1.5%. those are very bad numbers. when president trump was a elected, even before he took office, if you look there's a good-go on the can be -- a web site for the national federation of independent businesses. they do a monthly optimism index, measuring optimism among small businesses go to chamber for optimism among large business thus be survey comes out every month and it shot up at the time of the election. the reason president obama had meager economic growing was because businesses weren't investing. they felt overregulated and felt
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overtacked and concerned but about what the next big government program would be, what the next regulatory roadblock that was put in their way was going to be. businesses weren't investing. following president trump election hayes. employed to deregulate and ban to do so almost immediately to reduce the number of regulations and promised to cut taxes, which he achieved and also wanted to repeal and replace possible e obamacare which didn't happen but cutting taxes and reducing regulations fed that opt system. optimism has been in the top 5% of the poll for the past 16 months. since the election. and the poll goes back 45 years. so businesses are optimistic, businesses are investing because of their opt him, because they have more money continue vest are following the tax cuts. except nor tax cuts which took place at the end of the year, that optimism took place before the election and regulatory reductions began to take
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displays were very significant in the first three months. what was the result of that? the result of that was for the first three quarters of president trump's presidency, the first three economic quarters, gdp growth has averaged 3.1%. and cbo is projecting for next year -- that's the congressional budget offers -- project egg next e next year it witness bell 3.3%. i'm not trying to spin this. you can check these numbers. i've written about them. if you google my name and look at articles i've written recently, an article that win over all of this. it's not spin. it's the economic numbers. we're comparing the numbers of the bureau of labor statistics and the labor department came out during trump administration and during the obama administration, and we have seen significant growing and significant increases in the amount of people that are working and the amount of jobs that are open and benefits to the minority communes like the african-americans have never been better in the job market than they are today.
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>> the book is the capitalist comeback, the trump boom, and the left's plot to stop it. the author, andy puzder. you can find him on twitter,@andy puzder. you appreciate your time. >> guest: i hope people will buy the book and give it a chance. thank you. >> for nearly 20 years, deputy depth on book therefore has featuredded the nation's best known nonfiction writers to are live conversations but their books. this year is a special project, we're featuring best selling fiction writers for the program "in depth" fiction edition. join us with david baldacci, "the fallen" is a other novels cloud" end game, i "the fix, absolute power, which was major motion picture and 30 novels. he has written six novembers for younger rather which chew finish, he keeper and the width
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of the world. we'll be take your phone called, tweets and facebook messages. the special series with baldacci. >> president obama did not want to be perceived as political, and there's an element of his own image, self-image there that, i don't want to be out there and be accused by my fauxes of trying to tilt the election. >> and paul ryan and mitch mcconnell were not going to help. >> the president tried to come up with a bipartisan response and thought this was -- was an attack on an american election, and i don't always like the word meddling, evening though wize. i it was an attack, an information warfare attack and was hoping he could get paul ryan and mitch mcconnell to
2:05 pm
joining to in a public statement saying this was happening and these are steps the country had to take to dealing with it. and we describe in the book that paul ryan was somewhat emthe tick to trying to work together -- empathetic to try to work together and mitchell mitchell was an adamant, no. this was bs and politics and he was bothed in, i his candidate is the nominee of his party, donald trump, was out there saying this isn't happening, or it's a hoax. or it's a -- >> host: rigged. >> this part of rigging the election, and he was doing this even after he had been briefed. august 17th, 2016, as the republican nominee, he gets an intelligence briefing, and in the book, james clapper, then the director of national intelligence, confirms at the briefing, trump is told, all this hacking, all this stumping going on, goose fer 2.0,
2:06 pm
wikileaks, an a russian prognosis. chris christie is in the room who is working with trump. has no impact on trump, not on the campaign. they continue for weeks afterwards and even after that statement comes out in early october, saying it's a hoax, they're making this up, it's not happening. and one thing we do say in the book, a little bit of editorializing perhaps or coming to a conclusion, is that if you look at what trump is saying, at this point in the campaign onwards towards election day, he is aiding and abetting -- those are our words -- the russian effort, and we don't put this in the book but the way i like to think of it -- and mike might think differently -- if you're in front of a bank and told there's a robbery going on in the bank, and people are walking past you and you keep saying, there's no robbery here, that can only help the bank robbers 'people go on about collusion, i
2:07 pm
doubt very much donald trump had a meeting with russian agents and figure out what documents to stealing by hacking and to release by wikileakss but this is a kind of a co apted arrangement, at least -- he he was helping them by making the picture confusing, and if you're moscow and you're watching this, while the campaign is reach taught you, very george i've i'm putin i'm getting the signal trump is not unhappy with us. >> the country has been quite honestly torn up for a while now over this question of collusion. whether donald trump or his campaign associates colluded or inconspired we the russians. if something was going to make the case for collusion, what it
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would be. >> guest: to some degree the debate has been sort of clouded by the use of the word because it's kind of eless stake, one can define it the way you want to. i agree, we found no -- with david. we found no smoking gun evidence of there was a explicit agreement to work together. i think the aiding and abetting metaphor is a better one to use. there clearly was a conspiracy to attack our election by the russians, and trump and his people aide ed and abetted it. they did it in many different ways and may not have been acting necessarily in coordination but it is kind of strange, when you take a step back and look at all the various
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connections that people who knocked the trump campaign had with russians or russian cutouts. leave aside trump, we discussed him and his interest in doing a business deal, but -- >> you're talking about carter page -- >> paul manafort, the campaign chairman, when we quote victoria knewland -- >> a victim of the dumping. >> the first victim of the putin information warfare campaign. when she find outside manafort is the chairman of the trump campaign, she goes manafort? he's ban russian stooge for 15 years. she knew that's bus manafort had ban very major presence in ukraine as the consultant to the pro russia political party to
2:10 pm
yanukovych and collected million-of-dollars and had as his chief assistance in key ever, guy, who we write about who was a known russian intelligence agent. in fact we just learned in recent days -- >> no, no next recent filing by robert mueller, the fib is that he has ties to the gru, the russian intelligence agency. so you have man no fort -- >> paul manafort stiffers a russian oligarch. >> another new one which we're learning even nor but as days go on. he had been a business partner of a guy who was a billionaire, ol' garth who is close to putin and who had been tagged by the fbi, blocked from entering the country, because of his suspected ties to organized crime. manafort and the man has a
2:11 pm
falling out. darapascha was pursuing manafort for millions. her thought the had been stiffed in the deal and this is when manafort is taking over the campaign and putin starts e-mailing with his trusted deputy there -- manafort responds saying maybe we can offer darapascha private briefings on the campaign. >> trying to leverage his position. >> the position with the trump campaign. >> think of what his he offering. not just offering information to the russians, offering information to putin. you have to expect or assume it's going to go elsewhere, and if you're -- and starting in june 14th, 2016, is the day that the "washington post" reveals that the dnc has been hacked and write away the --
2:12 pm
right away the news reporting i that the russians are behind it. at that opinion in time, any point from that point on, if you're talking about giving information to the russians,over meeting with the russians, reaching out to the russians through a george pap dan louse was -- working with or agreeing to help people who there is strong evidence who are attacking our campaign, our election.
2:13 pm
>> , they net neutrality -- >> the reason this generated heat and less light because it was viewed as the good guys versus the bad guys guys and goe and facebook were the good guys and verizon and at&t and comcast were the bad guys. the site geist is their all bad -- site geist is that they're all bad guys. >> you can differ with people politically. we dual that. democrats, we're a little left of center party at least, they're right of center, moving right rapidly, maybe we're
2:14 pm
moving left, but politics was supposed to be about finding a way to overcome some of those differences through principled -- through extended discussion and a real legislative process, through principled compromise. it wasn't supposed to be about one party winning on their own. the times -- the times in history when one party has been able to do this on your own, very few. maybe 1933 and '34, fdr dealing with the depression. lbj, '64-'65. and even lbj reached out the republicans. when mitch mitch mitch, when senator mcconnell started to do health care and trying to get 50 of his 52 votes from this
2:15 pm
caucus, my reaction was, well, that shouldn't work, and couldn't work that way. you're supposed to look to the other side and get the vote he he would say that would be impossible because no one would vote with us because they're against trump, et cetera. but this notion that one party has to rule by themselves is -- brings to us some bad places. >> you can watch this and other programs online at doering. >> welcome. i'm the associate director of the bob graham center for public service and we're so glad to have you here tonight. we're very privileged


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