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Charles Schumer
  U.S. Senate Sen. Schumer on U.S. - China trade and ZTE announcement  CSPAN  May 14, 2018 7:49pm-8:01pm EDT

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being so predictable. but for eisenhower it meant when crisis came he had a plan. he's to say, plans are useless but planning is everything. see should be thinking about it. he was very systematic in the way he govern. he met the press every week, congressional leaders every week, chaired the national security council every week. he had his thumb on the government trusted the process. q&a, sunday night on c-span. >> democratic leader, chuck schumer came to the floor to pay tribute to harry reid and first lady melania trump. boast both of whom underwent
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medical procedures today. he decried recent moves including developments with chinese telecom company. his comments are ten minutes. >> meta- president, i begin i recently heard that my dear friend, harry reid has just gotten out of an operation to treat pancreatic cancer. i've spoken to his family. it seems the briefing went very well with the operation. doctors say pancreatic cancer is not a great thing. given the operation could not have gone much better, we are praying for his recovery. harry is a fighter and i know he will approach his recovery with
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the same tenacity that defined his public life. we send our prayers to him. we also wish a speedy recovery to the first lady who underwent a medical procedure today. an area where the president and i have mostly agreed his trade with china. i give him a pat on the back and praise the administration vocally and forcefully for their efforts to address property theft and extortion. how we do things, how we invent things. the president was right. so many of us breathed a sigh of relief when he started an investigation into the threat of our intellectual property. they were right to get china to the negotiating table and their reaction to what happened with
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the recent telecom company shows that when you are tough with china, they react. to gain access to china's markets, american companies are forced into deals where they must turn over their most valuable job creating intellectual properties of chinese competitors. their state that companies tried to steal the property from american companies. it's wrong. four-star general keith alexander has said that they "is one of the greatest transfers of wealth in history. that eats at me. that's american jobs, american wealth, american know-how and innovation for which we are also
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proud and they're being stolen by china. it hurts us. one example that hits home to me, is in albany this morning one of our biggest employer is ge where they make steam turbines. they employ thousands of people in good paying jobs. one of the few big manufacturing sites left. a few years back they signed a 5149, they will let them sell them in china, it's a huge market. so they sign want to make them in china, 5149 with the chinese company that clearly the government is in. is great for the ceo but i objected to what he did here. they make good profits because they get an exclusive profit but then china stole the amazing technology that allows these to be the best in the world. to spin fast without
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overheating. those jobs are gone and that story can repeated over and over again. so i thought, good for president trump for getting serious about this calamity. i noted my views on china and how we deal with them economically closer to president bush or obama both whom i felt were far too soft. he acknowledged that in a note. now, disappointingly, maybe not surprisingly, president trump is backing off. over the weekend we saw two incredible examples of the president doing a 180 on china. axis reported that he's on the verge of a deal that would have china accelerate its purchase of
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u.s. goods in the name of reducing or trade deficits. in exchange for us dropping the three oh one tariffs -- 301 tariffs. second, when he finally did strong actions against china the president backs off. he tweeted that he and president she are working together to give massey chinese phone companies into business fast because too many jobs in china loss. what about jobs in america mr. president? what about the millions of jobs that are lost because of what china has done? the president was relating to the violations of u.s. sanctions in iran and north korea and could be further restricted by banning u.s. telecom companies that receive funds from purchasing services like dte.
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why? because they pose a national security threat to u.s. communications networks. the president who prides himself on keeping a secure will let them continue to do this despite what the experts say? why on earth would president trump promised to help the chinese telecom company that has this and it's a risk to our national security. what will move china most is taking tough action against actors like cte. but before it's implemented the president products off. why would he backed down from that, the thing china fears most and will hurt us even more in the future, losing millions of american jobs in exchange for
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purchases of u.s. goods in the short term. that's a bad, lopsided deal. like trading away your star player for the last round draft pick. the president trump makes it to, president she of china will have made a full of the president and show he does not know how to cut a deal. president trump says too many jobs in china lost. what about american jobs. what about job losses with the theft of china. what happened to america first? being soft on trade puts china first. that's how the president campaign got elected. once again, the president talks the talk but is unable to walk the walk. i know for later could be
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playing our president. what happened to make america great again? president trumps latest about-face on trade policy will make china great again. the next generation of electric vehicles, advanced aviation technology, it should be made in america, not china. it won't happen if we allow china to continue to extort in steeler property. to sell goods here at will. walking away with anything less than verifiable commients t protect our property would be a catastrophic failure. it would show that the chinese president has outplayed president trump. i hope that does not happen. we care about jobs in america.
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finally, an oil crisis. few things matter more to the average consumer than the price of gasoline. when gas prices go through the roof it eats away at the family's income leaving less to cover the cost of everything else. recent data suggest that gas prices will spike this summer. the results of actions and inactions of the trump administration. the u.s. energy information estimates the average family can expect to's pay $200 more this driving season than last. part of the reason is president trump had greater uncertainty and increased uncertainty when he pulled out of the iran deal. another part is that opec has decided to cut oil production.
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president trump has tweeted that this decision will not be accepted. we will wait and see some action that will help american motorists. i yield the floor. >> connect with c-span two personalize the information you get from us. sign up for the e-mail. the program guide is an e-mail with the most updated prime time schedule. word for word gives the most interesting daily video highlight with no commentary. the newsletter sent weekly is an insiders look at upcoming authors and book festivals. american history tv newsletter explores our nation's past. visit >> on c-span two the communicators is next with a
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look at the proposed merger between t-mobile and sprint. that's followed by supreme court oral argument in a case decided today that clears the way for states to legalize sports betting. later, orin hatch and richard blumenthal speak on anti- trump >> in 1979 c-span was created as a public service by market television companies. today we bring you unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house, the supreme court and public policy events in washington, d.c. and around the country. c-span is brought to by your cable or satellite provider