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tv   Senate Party Leaders News Conferences  CSPAN  May 15, 2018 2:10pm-2:16pm EDT

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primary heading up to it and he endorsed lou in the primary earlier in the year and they are close to each other and i think you'll see appearances from the president here on the ground in pennsylvania once the general is on. >> host: you have a sitting governor, thomas, democrat there and what are the challengers to him? >> guest: three of them. to we would consider frontrunners but they iran an ugly race. state senator scottng wagner who owns a trash hauling business and he calls himself the garbageman, by the way. you also have retired healthcare consultant paul mingo and the skin from nowhere on the political landscape. >> we leave this conversation the senate leaders are speaking following their party lunches. >> good afternoon everyone for the president was a very good mood and quite funny. he reviewed all the new developments abroad, not only the decision on iran but also highlighted the meeting on june 12th in singapore. we were all in a celebratory mood as a result of having approved the 21st circuit
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judge just a few moments ago. that means that 118th of the circuit judges of america have been appointed by donald trump and confirmed by this republican senate. we then are making dramatic progress on that front as well. everyone is excited about the condition of the economy in the way the country seems to be in an upbeat mood heading into the fall election. >> tomorrow the senate intelligence committee will vote gina haspell and she is quite likely the most a compass person ever to be nominated as cia director and she reiterated this morning in a letter to the ranking member on the intelligence committee that she did not believe that the cia should ever restart any of the
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interrogation program to which she was falsely accused of participating in. she learned about the program in some detail the year after members of congress like nancy pelosi and others were briefed in detail on it after 911 and i would say that john brennan was a number four at the cia that was confirmed with the vote 64 bipartisan votes in the senate and was number four at the cio where when she was there at this time she was the equivalent gs 15 of major lieutenant colonel. busy, not a management person when it comes to running the cia but i think the democrats are running out of excuses to block this highly qualified nominee and i hope more of our senate democrat colleagues will come across the aisle and support her as a should. >> as the leader pointed out, we had a good discussion with the
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president today and as the leader mentioned, a lot of it had to do with what is happening in the economy. the president rightfully can take a credit for significant strides that we made. if you look at the economy today, i think it's a reflection that a progrowth, pro- job agenda can make a profound difference in the lives of the american people. employment is at a 17 year low and in the month of march there was a record number of jobs created, 6.55 or i should say number job listing 6.55 million job listings, a new record. there been almost 3 million jobs created since the president took office in about 800,000 since tech-support passed last fall.
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on a jobs front and await front, on the growth and economy front, there has been a lot of progress and when you compare that to we were a few short years ago you can see where a progrowth, pro- jobs agenda does make a difference in the lives of the american people. we want to continue to work on that and the president does as well and keep the focus on the economy and focus on jobs and on wages and american families and how we can improve their standard of living quality-of-life by putting policies in place that allow them to keep more of their hard-earned money in their pockets and in an economy that continues to grow and expand and create better paying jobs. >> we had a productive meeting with the president today talking about a number of things happening at home as well as from the world. we talked about iran, talked about the new embassy in jerusalem and moving the us embassy to jerusalem as well as talking about what is happening in north korea. the focus was on the economy and the fact that we have a strong, healthy growing economy in america first economy based on tax cuts, cutting red tape, we have limit rate of 3.9%, the lowest it's been in 17 years,
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consumer confidence is the highest it's been at 18 years and at the same time nancy pelosi most recently said what she wants to do is illuminate the tax cuts. she thanks the government has a better idea of how to spend the money than individual people at home. we will continue to fight for growing economy, strong economy, healthy economy with larger paychecks and more prosperity here at home in america. >> we leave this now as the u.s. senate is about to gavel back into session after their weekly party lunches. ow be ten hours oe equally divided in the usual form. the senator from washington. mrs. murray: thank you, mr. president. i have come to the floor to oppose the nomination of general mitchell zais. i'm opposing this nomination because those who work at the top of the accident of


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