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tv   Sen. Chuck Schumer News Conferences  CSPAN  May 16, 2018 12:55am-1:15am EDT

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improved. i think the attitude it seems to me is better that is the best way to solve the problem is to get back to some degree of normalcy that handling and in particular assistant secretaries of this, that or the other. so we will see. i'm optimistic things are going to get better on that front. i think moving the embassy was a good idea and it's been for over two decades o of repressive and waved it i think president trump did the right thing. it ought to be the undivided capital. thank you.
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thanks everybody. and i want to thank senators klobuchar for joining me today. we are here to discuss an emerging theme from president trump's presidency that has been on display yet again this week. his failure to deliver, to actually deliver for the middle class. it is a plain fact the president talks the talk, talk to pretty good talk but fails time and time again to walk the walk. the administration has left behind a trail of broken promises. example after example where the president fails to deliver to the middle class despite all
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this verbiage. he stroked the ball for the middle class on healthcare, on trade and perception drugs. and allowing them to steal american know-how and intellectual property to bring transparency to government.
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the swamp has been made much deeper under president trump then it has ever been before despite his promises. they want to bring down the cost of prescription drugs and instead he released the proposal last week so good for the drug lobby that the prices in the
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pharmaceutical industry soared after he gave a speech. since the president took office, he and republicans hav work dayn and out to systematically dismantle the healthcare system. state after state we are beginning to see the results of the president sabotage of the healthcare system. put simply, democrats stand ready to work with the president on these issues. he just needs to drop letting the right-wing of the party called the shots. senator klobuchar. i want to focus on one of those promises and that is the promise
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to actually do something about pharmaceutical prices. i was eager to hear the president's speech as you know there is bipartisan work that's gone on on the drug prices in the senate. instead, what i heard was nothing would move the ball. here's what we saw. we not only focused on philip, "the wall street journal" had a headline that i thought summed it up well, drug industry relieved by price proposal. that was it and that's what happened and why the stocks went up. during the campaign, the president said at the companiess were getting away with murder, his words not mine. so i spend this mother's day weekend with a number of families who actually lost their kids because the pharmaceutical prices. in fact i was honest about the e state capital with the moms, one
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died of diabetes, the manager of a restaurant, loved by his family commanded to since when have gone up to $1,300 a month and he is not alone, but implementpricehas tripled in tha tried and true insulin has tripled. just like the senior from local minnesota but i talked to who keeps some of the insulin at the bottom of each syringe so she can use it for the next day we
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now have senator senators on the building leaving us with renewed band. $3 billion a year we would save taxpayers money probably the same amount for consumers because its practice is allowed to continue.
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they are not going to move us in the direction because ththat diy person relieved by this is the pharma companies, not the people of america. thank you. >> i think john mccain for helping drive a stake through the heart of those proposals but that didn't stop president trump, he turned to his powers and shortened the application to come. he got rid of the advertising. he proceeded to damage the ability facilitators to assist people to sign up.
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he introduced the jump plans and the list goes on. so he sabotaged the healthcare program point after point. he walke blocked the reinsurancd ended the individual mandate. the experts said all these things are going to drive up the cost of premiums for americans, not lower than that an of drive them up. the only thing is that it is healthy twice increases and not as in happy, but as in huge. so, here we are. we have the results not from virginia and maryland. we have a subsidiary of 64 percentage increase in virginia and up 6.4 to 40% on the different plans.
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overall a 30% increase. so, what is happening is exactly what we predicted. the president's war on healthcare is going to damage the availability of healthcare for millions and millions of hard-working americans and it is absolutely unacceptable and is certainly a profoundly broken promise. as we are in the springtime now we have seen the roads and bridges in the state and state of disrepair but i've not seen in my life as the crumbling infrastructure.
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as evidenced by the horrible crisis in michigan and as i travel throughout the rural areas of michigan people talk about the lack of broadband access and wit what that means r the development of their communities. one county i was in days that you could tell who has high-speed internet and who doesn't in the new business formation into the building that occurs in those areas with high speed internet and places without its do not see that kind of development particularly in the rural areas. they provide infrastructure and i believe just about every single campaign stops h stop thn the state. the people in my state were excited about that. when i came in i was asked what i would look forward to working with president trump on and i thought it would be infrastructure. we came up with a comprehensive infrastructure plan and i remember president trump talking about how he's a builder and constructs things and it's going to work on infrastructure and now he's abandoned it. the only thing we saw was
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basically smoking mirrors. we had a hearing before the committee with five cabinet secretaries, five cabinet secretaries showed up and they identified the problem and they did an excellent job of identifying the problem, but not one of them could come up with any substantive ideas of how to pay for infrastructure improvements that make the kind of changes that are so necessary. it shifted the entire burden of infrastructure on the local governments which right now simply don't have those resources. this is unacceptable for the people of michigan and to the people in this country don't realize we cannot be a great country if we don't have world class infrastructure. we need roads and bridges and high-speed internet and systems that are world-class in order to be a world-class country and with this failure, we are going to pay the price.
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>> i introduced legislation in 1995 that said we should move the embassy, every country should have the right to choose its capital. it's been a regrettable loss of life and violence and both sides should aim to stop the violence. [inaudible] >> there is a huge risk allowing them to continue in the withdrawal of american-made products was not in a security base or an economic basis and for the president to back off when he seems to be so concerned because of securit the securityd integrity of some makes no sense whatsoever i hope he will change. i talked to some of the people in the administration and some are arguing with him that he should keep them the ban.
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they began to have an effect on china and no sooner than that, the president backs off, bad for american jobs and workers and to prevent terrorism and foreign power for influencing us. >> [inaudible] i think we have plenty of time to get our work done. we had a very good meeting where we hope to get all of the appropriation bills done for the first time to come to the floor in a bipartisan basis and do not block them and to move forward this gives us us a lot of optim
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and i think we can get it done. i think we can get all the bills done. by the time we have two, which is in september. i think we will have plenty of time to get done what needs to be done if everybody cooperates. >> if they can't have it both ways and then say that they are being obstructed. they ought to figure out where they are asked. [inaudible] >> i've always urged president bush, clinton and trump to move the embassy because israel should decide where its capital is, and i continue to do that with every president.
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>> they do damage. the program is important. that money might be needed in the emergency. the revisions will help us get the appropriations process done because ultimately the money that is spent or used for to pay for so to go forward on the resurgence to bow down to the right wing after they voted for the $1.5 trillion deficit causing the tax increase will hurt the ability of the appropriations process to move forward. last one. senator stabenow and senator roberts are working on a bipartisan bill and i think that will have a lot better chance of becoming law than the one the house is working on. >> for years the veil has been
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bipartisan. it's been a source of food programs but it's also involved in the biggest conservation efforts of the new on a national level every year and finally of course when you go back in time, the senate has been bipartisan on this and we are ready to go. the prediction is we get something done in june and i know that it has become very partisan. we don't see that in the senate and in fact the democratic leader of the committee i and te house has said that he is endorsing and supporting what we are doing in the senate so we hope we will be able to produce when the farm prices are volatile and rural america has had ups and downs and all kinds of problems as identified with rural broadband and that is what we believe.
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>> thank you, everybody.
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