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tv   Press TV Coverage on U.S. Embassy Opening in Jerusalem  CSPAN  May 16, 2018 9:02am-9:31am EDT

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occupied pair tris. of course, with the israeli officials are get to gather this afternoon, protests erupted from resistors and the borders between the gaza strip and israel and of course, occupied west bank and speaking now with the palestinians killed at the border between gaza and israel. the inauguration as the president donald trump said jerusalem was the capital. and this day when palestinians were forced to leave their home in 1948, which resulted in the displacement of tens of thousands of palestinians. allow me to introduce our guest for this afternoon's show, who are joining us here in the
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studio, to offer more insight on the topic. political observer from the university. and leading member of the palestinian popular committee. and welcome to the program. >> thank you. >> well, let's start with you, doctor. every u.s. president since israel's right-handing in 1948 has located the capital in tel aviv. why is president donald trump insistent to move to jerusalem and the israeli is celebrating, and palestinians are mourning. >> in reality the old american presidents were trying to follow the program between the palestinians and israeli from their perspective, at leastment they didn't work with them for many reasons because there are huge and tremendous pressure
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from the congress in america, which is mainly pro israel all the time and we hear lots of stories about even to be elected as congress person, you have to have a pledge to israel and to commit to israel and to the movement, moving of the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem and that's within the congress who is putting a lot of pressure, but most of the american presidents, they denied or they decline of doing such a thing for many reasons. and also remember that the arab world at that time was not in the situation in which it is today. and also, the conflict between the palestinians and the israelis were for the last few years, 20 years or more, the oslo agreements is also different. and now when trump came around, trump is thinking differently in how many different ways. he's pulling out of lots of international, you know, agreements and commitments,
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whether it's regarding the environment or regarding, you know the-- now the iranian deal and also the issue with china and europe over the oil prices. all of these kinds of things which is for trump is quite well-known he's trying to put his mind in a way or another and acting like crazy, in a way. and the other important thing that his relationship with israel is so important and he wants also the congress to be supporting him all the time in at least bringing about his own vision as an american presidentment so, i think that he didn't care at all about that he can lead. i think as character, i think there's something wrong with his character in general and that shows in all his actions and he think he can order and he can boss the whole world in his own words and in his own
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mentality. so, he went on with this because he gives a promise during the election that i'm going to move-- and he said i'm the one who is keeping my promises. i promised to do and he did it. that's against the palestinians and the whole peace process which was, even it was deadlocked, but at the same time, you know, that ended totally. >> well, since trump declared jerusalem of course the israel capital. we have been witnessing angry protests and occupied west bank, weekly demonstrations, clashes taking place between palestinians and israeli soldiers, since the palestinians of course, and before they marched on in ramallah, in jerusalem as we're speaking now, clashes are still taking place. what's the message the palestinians wanted to send mainly today?
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>> we haven't any one-- used against occupation. israeli under the siege oon jerusalem to transfer the people inside of jerusalem. and then the west bank every day we have strategic for all the parties of israeli to building a world and system within the west bank and the palestinian inspects and 170-- and now the strategic with him how are we going to keep 67, 65 in the land of palestinian on the west bank and older sources in this area like water and
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animal and other thing and we want to transfer the people who is in there around the jerusalem, this-- other people speak the israeli continue and he's -- how we can -- if we have nip is the people in the field, in gaza and jerusalem in 1948 in west bank, all the people now send a new message, we need to work and build a new strategy against occupation everywhere in palestinian because we cannot wait more with israeli do.
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the strategy for israel he wants to transfer the people. he wants to be jewish -- the jerusalem and he want to in the history what it means jerusalem for the israel people. know happens now in gaza in jerusalem the israeli, he wants to killed around 75 people in gaza and in west bank and injured around 1,000 -- 10,000 injured in gaza and west bank and jerusalem and now israeli in six week arrest around 1,000 people. this is order-- this was used israeli because to broke the strategy for-- and if we remove this model
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like what happened in other towns against the war, this is a modern and small, but-- a follow these steps, of course. >> you know, it's important in jerusalem, when the people in jerusalem he broke the order the security door around -- because we used that mobile and every time he going to make the demonstration in morning, tonight and every time, and netanyahu and the government, the demonstration, he came back for all of them to build a door in al axa and the security door, what he-- >> the security.
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>> yes. this is what we need now. all the palestinian people, the old leader, we need like -- we need a unit and against occupation inside palestine and everywhere in the u.n. or in the diplomatic -- but this is what we came to do for against israeli and other. it's very porp for the palestinians how -- this is the main campaign. it's for israelis know the way go for him to put him like in south africa and the system of
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aparthe apartheid-- >> moving back, president trump's security advisor called this controversial. and speaking about the american administration is trying to let the people believe, maybe the people of the world? >> well, there is a kind of a trend, especially in the united states that palestinians should be more realistic and what do they mean by realistic is to accept reality as-is. now, since israel is occupying jerusalem the last 51 years there's no need to talk about jerusalem or the right of return and i do remember i was in a debate on press tv just a few weeks ago and this guy in front of me from united states, he was talking in the same line and the same idea that for the return of the palestinians, this is impossible and if the return, israelis not going to be, so nobody is going to support that.
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that's the line of realistic policies in the american administration and not far from that, we know the personality of one of the tough personalities of the administration before and the reality, they mean by that, by that the palestinians should forget the jerusalem issue and the refugee issues and try to deal with what is being offered to them and to accept what's offered to them as-is. so you can accept the palestinian state with limited borders or contemporary borders as they will call it, and forget about jerusalem and forget about the refugees and then we can recognize you as a state. i think this line is exactly the same line as policies done by netanyahu and his government. they talked about that many times. as a matter of fact, we can trace that back to sherone.
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and he said i will negotiate with palestinians for the next 20 years and what they're going to get is 40% of the west bank. they can call it a state as far as i'm concerned, they can call it an empire. so, we can have a palestinian empire, but it's apart from gaza, and that's what we are going to get without jerusalem, without return of refugees, without real independent sovereign state. so, i think today that we encounter all of these kinds of missiles, i would agree totally, we do need unity first of all, and sit down and state our strategy for what we are going to do, what we are helping. everyone knew around the world, as much as in palestine that the peace process is dead. so it's about time to bury it. >> and why you can say, doctor,
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palestinians could be such a hot issue, why palestinians are insisting those the gaza strip, return-- why now? >> it's always been. these kind of marches, we have he had many times. i remember late yasser arafat, when he asked, it was 30 years for -- 50 years for the-- and he called for one million demonstration tan it was there. and we're insisting all the time for the return of the refugees, but why now, that came more importantly after trump's declaration regarding jerusalem and regarding the refugee. and people felt in palestine and refugee camps, all the palestinian people, trump want
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to drop the refugees from the negotiation table. that means that palestinians are going to lose their rights totally and nobody's going to talk about it. if such a deal was passed. so, to insist on the right of return, palestinians do in this kind of way and they do give it more importance. at the same time, that's the 70th anniversary or 70th memory which is a quite a long time, a long period. you talk about the third generation and yet, the number of refugees are increasing. we are talking now about those who are just-- united nations is 5.6 million palestinians spreading around the region in all countries, in 58 refugee camps, in west bank, gaza, jordan, lebanon and in syria and all of those people ultimately have the right and especially their situation,
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even understanding that the refugee camp, they have been living in these refugee camps 70 years. isn't that finished yet? so i think all of these circumstances together have put it forward, but most importantly, that we felt serious, you know, things by the trump's deal that they might just get out for the refugees and according to netanyahu netanyahu's. >> and last week the soldiers were using excessive force, here in the west bank or gaza strip and you always continue to take part in these demonstrations. why the soldiers are not any more afraid of these condemnations or considering the possibility to be wrong and prosecuted and now we are having this news, the
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palestinian ambassador in the united nations is calling for a protection of the palestinian people. do we expect tomorrow to be another bloody day, another massacre against palestinians in the west bank? >> yes, i-- it's continued to broke the strategy of stability and all the goal of palestinian people. what happened what we're doing in u.n. we have a lot of order in u.n. and the security for u.n., but everything is in the back of trump and netanyahu. now trump he wants to send the message for everywhere, he's the leader of the-- all the international. this is what we need here m middle east, how against the
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strategy for trump and netanyahu in the middle east and in-- and it's very important to know we cannot change anything if not-- to against him and -- just like the humanity organization says this is good, this is wrong, this is good, this is wrong. it's not changed anything. it's like -- he knows what it means with the people work unit and every are in villages and town and the camp and the cities against the israelis. this is the government of the israel is freed if we have
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entifata. all the people he-- what he do in jerusalem or in the west bank, everything or what woo he use, the people he do alone without order of share or organized palestinian party like what happened in the first entifada or the second. now, we need to retain back to see the new strategy for the palestinian people and the main message for the people every time, we cannot-- yes, and to stop the settlement and to every time--
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not just he stay in the west bank, he killed the people, and 25, the families like the family, he sleep in the home, the children go to all the people and with him the children. >> mr. trump without the protection of the israeli soldiers and allow me to ask you, doctor, that these things that israeli soldiers by the israeli regime, there are several international organizations accusing the israeli regime carrying out killings, regardless to that we're seeing more crimes while the israelis are confident whatever they do they won't be prosecuted or punished. >> well, it's kind of a theory,
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which i do believe even in it. each and every occupation around the world so far, along the history. the first thing they usually did to-- did do is two things. they can feel good about themselves we're note killing a person, we're killing an animal or-- and the second one is to make the occupied to feel inferior compared to the superiority. and this is a model and not far from the israelis, in fact, they're playing it, even to the letter. they are so much demonizing the palestinians and for various reasons. it's not only colonial reasons, but sometimes religious and sometimes for this idea of superiority defeat against the palestinians and because, again, israel is a racist
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country, not only against us as palestinians, but even racist within its own system. it's racist against the jewish who came from ethiopia. so, it is a racist country. so what do you think if they encounter the enemy in this case, which is the palestinians. demonizing the palestinians would allow them to do anything they like without any feel personally, or any regret in killing palestinians in so easy way. this is on one hand. the other hand which is equally important, the protection over america and protection over israel, make israel feel all the time they are above the law and they can do whatever they like and they would like to stick to this idea that they are always the victim. they kill the palestinian, but they are the victim because we made them kill us, in that way they put it, if you like. so this kind of mentality, it's a sick racist mentality which would allow them, usually, not
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only to dehumanize the palestinian, but kill them without any regrets whatsoever in their own minds. this happened in, many, many times. and during the second entifada, in the area when they were just for a game because they were bored. the soldiers were bored on the roadblock and for a game they started to choose people to kill them and usually the accusation against the palestinian is already, they apply it to attack with-- we know that's kind of a story, which is equal to what used to be happening in south africa and the similar situation between apartheid is-- and they are with the strongest country in the world, they think they're the leaders of
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the world by the united states and that would give them this kind of immunity. >> that's right, and of course, it was a palestinian who threw a stone at the soldier, would be, they use that for several years and of course, their homes would be demolished and destroyed and their family members would be, of course, arrested and be punished. well, let's thank our guests, the political observer and the professor, and leading member of the palestinian popular struggle. and thank you for contributing to this program and with that, brings us to the end of our special coverage of the opening of the u.s. embassy in jerusalem. of course, and of course, the ongoing rallies of the-- in the occupied west bank
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jerusalem and also in gaza strip. >> thank you very much for that. she had her guests talking about occupied ramallah. let's see what is going on there in jerusalem. jerusal jerusalem-- yes, this is where protests are taking place because of the move by the u.s. to open up its embassy of which there are some-- there's obviously an unveiling that's happening there, but you have palestinians that have come out in protest and security forces that are cracking down on them. so, you're having what is the march of return protest happening on the border between gaza and israel and now the unveil of the u.s. embassy. let's take a listen to what is said here for a minute.
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[crowd yelling] [yellin [yelling] [crowd chanting]
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[crowd chanting] [crowd chanting] >> okay. so we get an idea, it's obviously running very high and you can see the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu very happy and proud that the u.s. made its decision through its friend donald trump who is the u.s. president making that move to help the embassy relocate and of course, that to
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be noted as israel's capital and palestinians are acting out against that. at the same time, in case you're not aware or have not been watching us, you have what's going down the border between gaza strip and israel. the israeli forces more than 40 along that border. angry palestinians were out there protesting against the embassy move in jerusalem along with the fact that this is part of the march of return protest, which is happening on the day that the embassy is opening and it's the day before the day which is 70 years since the creation of israel. on the bottom right, what's happening on the gaza strip and tensions there because of the embassy opening. >> the rest of iranian tv's coverage of the owning of the u.s. embassy in jerusalem and the ceremony are both available on-line at we are going to leave here as the u.s. senate is about to gavel in with debate on the education secretary domination,
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the number two post in that department. at noon, senate democrats will try to force a vote to reverse the fcc's repeal of net neutrality rules, scheduled to go into effect june 11th. live coverage now of the u.s. senate here on c-span2. the president pro tempore: the senate will come to order. the chaplain, dr. barry black, will lead the senate in prayer. the chaplain: let us pray. spirit of the living god, fall afresh on us, molding and making us according to your will. thank you for the favor you show us, because we belong to you


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