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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Bill Nelson on Gun Violence  CSPAN  May 21, 2018 7:44pm-8:01pm EDT

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survive. we will remember him and all the other lives that were lost this week as we pledge to do better and work harder and work together and to find new ways to protect ourhe schools and our children from harm. metaphysic, yield the floor and note the absence of a quorum. >> madame president, i want to speak today in the wake of another tragic school shooting. this time it's in texas and ten innocent people eight students into teachers were gunned down friday with a gunman walked into high school in east texas and opened fire. tragedies such as this are becoming too common in our society and at some point we
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have to say enough is enough and how many times have we said that? just three months ago i stood right here on the senate floor after 17 people were killed at mst high school in oakland, florida. i pleaded with our colleagues to set aside partisan politics and work together to enact common sense reforms that will help what happened at marjorie stoneman douglas high school, up little moment in our nations history. not because it was one of the deadliest school shootings but back then, three months ago, because it was the last. i hoped that would it be the last. i am so proud of the students
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that spoke out in the parents but spoke out and fred gunn berg's daughter was gunned down as she was trying to flee at the other end of the hall but that bullet from that ar 15 caught her right in the spinal cord. just as she was about to exit the hallway. thank you to fred and others that have been speaking out especially the students so eloquent and bold and we all hope that the shooting in parkland was going to be the last. but it is not. here we go again with this tragedy thatha took place in parkland so fresh in our minds
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and here we go again in our students deserve better. you have seen the article since friday shooting about how students are frightened that their school is next. our schools and our communities deserve better and america deserves better than this and our students certainly deserve better. now, this congress has passed since the marjorie stoneman douglas shooting we passed two bills into law and only two. while this senator supported both of these they alone are not nearly enough. we can and must do more and you
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have heard me over and over say that we need to be an assault weapons in the long clips and we need to close the show loophole and need a comprehensive universal background check for the sale or the transfer of any firearms regardless of where it is purchased and by the way, those comprehensive background checks would have picked up things like red flags and like the shooter in parkland who had had real mental problems. it would also have picked up the shooter in the orlando post nightclub twose years ago becaue he had been a member on a list of the terrorist watch list and it had been taken off and those kinds of things are picked up in a comprehensive background search then when a person goes
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to buy a gun those kind of things will be picked up. but also we need to do more to provide ourov students with accs to the mental health professionals they need. it is becoming more and more apparent that this is -- if we will not get because of the nra walking down the roads and if we will not get anything on assault weapons or the gun show loophole or a conference of background check then surely we ought to be able to come together in a bipartisan way to do something about mental health. i've met with parents and teachers across our state of florida and the one topic of the keeps coming up the lack of
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mental health services available to our children and how true is that in society at large. we are talking about school violence now perpetrated by other students. you will not like this statistic. florida has one school psychologist for about every 2000 students. that is according to a report of the florida association of school psychologists and if you compare that to the nationally recommended ratio of one psychologist for every 500 or 700 students that means florida only has about one fourth of the number of school psychologists it needs to properly care for its students.
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one fourth, 25%. that is just florida. nationally, 35 million children in this country have had at least one serious traumatic experience and nearly two thirds of children c have been exposedo violence. that is why we have another piece of legislation that the senatorsco cosponsored that to provide better care to children who have experienced trauma in their families. you know, we finally done something with regard to ptsd with regard to our veterans. everyone understands that and everyone understands you don't get an injury to have ptsd.y
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as a matter of fact, it can manifest itself years later. we are getting the mental health counseling for our veterans particularly those who have come home from a war zone. are these children now experiencing a war zone? is not the trauma that they are experiencing at ages 12 through 17, at their tender age, comparable to some of the, that our young soldiers are now experiencing? if we are going to be serious
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about curbing this type of will continue to see in children to schools, lord, we hoped that parkland was the last one but it is not and there will be more. and so, if we will be serious about this we must hire more school counselors, social workers, psychologists and other mental health professionals to get ahead of the problem and ensure any student who needs help is able to get it. and so, later this week midweek i will be introducing legislation aimed at doing exactly that. to increase the number of mental health professionals in our children to schools across the country. kids are suffering from trauma
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or depression or any other sort of mental problems shouldn't be denied thehe help they need because the school or the school district can't afford it and if so, the bill that i will file on wednesday, i hope with a bunch of senators sponsoring, it will provide grants to colleges and universities that set up programs to train future school counselors, social workers, psychologists, and other mental health professionals in the school districts and they need them the most. it will create a federal student loan forgiveness program for mental health professionals to take jobs in the districts that need them. that is b often about a problem not only the supply but getting the supply ins the school
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districts that need them. you know, that is not unlike the loan forgiveness that we give to government workers or for example to doctors that will serve, practice in an underserved area such as a rural area. we do it for those professionals and let's do for the mental health workers that are desperately needed in underserved areas which is obviously becoming apparent is that in our schools. when we give our students the tools they need to succeed such as access to that mental health treatment, you know, everyone is going to benefit and our
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students know this. they have been asking for our help to make these services more available. parents, teachers and school administrators across the and they are pleading for congress to act. let's give our schools and our communities the help they need and help they have been asking for. let's start taking s steps today to change the course that the country finds itself in with another school shooting last friday. i hope many, many senators will come on and cosponsor this legislation. we cannot allow what happened in parkland, parkland, florida and in santa fe, texas to become the
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new normal in this country. we have to do more to protect our kids in school and ensure that any student who needs mental health services is able to get those services. madam president, are you before. >> c-span's washington journal live everyday with news and policy issues that affect you. coming up tuesday morning: be sure to watch c-span's
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washington journal live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on tuesday morning. join the discussion. >> this marks great skill as a grand strategist. he knew the advantages of shock and off and this is how he unified germany in the 1860s. he instigated wars with denmark, austria, hungary and eventually france. he started them himself. then having done that and achieved his objective which was the unification of germany he stopped and became a consolidator rather than an instigator and his next 20 years in power as german chancellor devoted to building reassuring alliances and a web of alliances with all of germany's neighbors. so, they would get used to the idea of a unified germany. it was that distinction between
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shock and off and knowing when to stop and do something else with reassurance. >> yale university professor john lewis and his book on grand strategy on strategic thinking and leadership for contemporary global challenges. sunday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span's q&a. >> here on c-span2 tonight "the communicators" is next with a look at how technology is being used by congress. that is followed by supreme court oral argument in the case decided today that prevents employees from joining together in a class-action lawsuit against their employer. better health experts on how the us response to infectious diseases and what is being done to prevent the next potential outbreak. >> c-span or history unfold daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america's cable television companies. today we continue to bring you unfiltered coverage of congress,
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the white house, the sabine court and public policy events in washington dc and around the country. c-span is brought to you by your cable or satellite provider. >> this week on "the communicators", a visit to capitol hill and look at how congress is working to improve its use of technology, staffers and outside groups put ideas about apps they have created and how to make congressional information more accessible. this is part two of a semi called the congressional taxon. ...


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