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tv   Republican Senate Party Leaders News Conference  CSPAN  May 22, 2018 7:32pm-7:45pm EDT

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so that we may succeed in life. >> the most important issue anywhere especially in the state of nevada and in northern nevada region. two things, one is affordable housing. and whenever that may mean and number two, workforce. this is where we are growing so rapidly that they just do not have enough people to build and to fill jobs. >> we need to add more jobs so people can work and make money for families and have a good life. >> the most important issue i would say keeping our environment and safe for all kinds of species. >> was a mistake. part of the 50 capital store and our cop in carson city, nevada. >> after meeting of senate republicans party leaders held a briefing at the capital to talk about a bill to overall
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workforce harassment rules and congressional offices. we have from democratic leader chuck schumer. it begins with senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell. this is half an hour. >> good afternoon everyone. this week, we are in the process of proving an fha nominee and fbi nominee ambassador to luxembourg. but most important, the veterans bill that senator isakson will describe in a few moments. on the harassment issue, senators luntz and senator klobuchar have been meeting for some time now. senator blunt will discuss that. everyone will be able to sign off on this i with that i will turn to the author of the bill.
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senator isakson. >> thank you, very much. i am delighted to say that this few days before memorial day we will have this bill. this is the final piece of the mosaic was sent to angela to put together to fix the veterans healthcare. make it relevant to our veterans and use this as a force multiplier to deliver health services to veterans. at their choice. choice has been a major effort for some time we finally got it right. the veteran is in consult with the primary care be a doctor. they can choose a dr. of their choice. based on quality, accessibility, availability and strength of the givers included peer which is critically imported for the most wounded and injured soldiers that come here as veterans and need assistance
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and help in daily living. we did everything we could to make sure we address the holes that have been there for some time and got it right. i believe we got it right and i'm pleased to tell you and 91 to four vote. and we are getting this signed by the president of the nine states but i think the leader and everyone for their support today.>> on the china front, i want to thank the chairman and the bipartisan vote as the banking committee. it was unanimous. we do not see that happen much around here these days. support for the reform of the committee on foreign investment in the united states. the so-called -- process. this is a process by which the treasury leads and interagency review of foreign investment in the united states for national negative national security implications. it is in a very important piece
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of legislation work. it is only one piece of the china picture. i know senator rubio and many others have pointed out that china is on the march. whether it is on the trade front or if it comes to getting access to a cutting edge technology that gives them a leapfrog effect in terms of national security and potential threat that poses to us.both economically and from a national security standpoint. i will continue to have a discussion of this. i know sometimes it is easy to conflate the national security and economic concerns. sometimes they do overlap and sometimes they don't. the threat that china poses to the united states and the rest of the world economically, militarily is not something that we can ignore any longer. this i think represents a good first step toward addressing the national security concerns. >> this is a statement,
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optimism about availability of good jobs and new heights. it is based upon a gallup survey in which they found that the optimism that people have about opportunities out there in the workplace now as of 25 points over it was before the president took office. and that represents a 17 year high. and so the good news about peoples confidence, there optimism about the economy is positive and it doesn't just apply to consumers. businesses have the same sense of optimism. the national federation of independent business surveys the membership on a regular basis and they just came out with new research that showed three quarters of all businesses in the country believe that the economy and the country is heading in the right direction. when it comes to the economy. and three quarters of the businesses in the country also believe that tax reform will positively impact their businesses.
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and so, the progrowth, pro-jobs agenda that this administration and this congress are putting forward as having desired results. we will continue to work on that agenda. we will look for burdensome overreaching regulations that can be repealed that will lessen the costs for businesses in the country to do business. and continue to look for ways to allow them to do what they do best. that is create jobs and grow and expand their businesses, raise wages for their workers and overall just improve the overall quality of life and standard of living for people across this country. >> today, the environment and public works committee tasked american water infrastructure act. this has been called in the press, the most significant piece of infrastructure legislation so far during the
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trump administration. it focuses on high priority needs foundation in terms of waterways, ports, reservoirs, irrigation systems. water collection systems, water treatment systems. all of these will contribute to communities in terms of keeping communities safe. helping with jobs, the economy. we will do a lot of cutting of red tape streamlining regulations and getting decisions out of washington and back to be made more at the local level. it will allow us to do projects that are going to be done faster, better, cheaper, smarter and the boat and the committee was 21 to nothing. as a leader said, senator klobuchar and i have been working on working on the congressional accountability act of 1995 and see where it is to be updated. i will talk to her colleagues on the democratic side of fdot today. at noon, i talked to my
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colleagues about it today at noon. we need to compare notes a little bit. but in looking at what needs to be changed in the law, the current law, the victim in a harassment situation has to have 30 days of counseling in the news another 30 day we mandatory arbitration and then a 30 day cooling off. before the victim could actually go to court and seek a grievance that way. and we eliminate, we will be eliminating those things and harassment will have personal liability i think we have legislation prepared by the end of the day today and she and i will jointly put out some sort of outline on what we have talked to our members about today sometime later this afternoon. [inaudible]
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>> i don't have any observations make about it. had a couple of intelligence committee members here. i don't know whether they want to do that or not. no? okay. [inaudible] >> we are here for little bit of time. is that going to happen? will there be an appropriation? or will it be nomination? >> i indicated i will have more to say about the august break in the near future. [inaudible]
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>> i don't have any observation about that. [inaudible question] >> anybody have any thoughts about that? >> as i mentioned earlier, i think our challenge is both menasha security standpoint and an economic standpoint. and the zte happens to be a national security issue like telecommunications companies because in every board room is the communist party of china and they don't see any distinction between public and private. it is all in the interest of the country economically and from a national security standpoint. i think that is why it's really important for us to understand
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that both of those need to be addressed in the case of zte i believe it is not so much a traitor economic issue as it is a national security issue. i'm sure will continue to have conversations about that. >> i think we have taken action to deny the use of federal subsidies for telecommunications infrastructure in parts of the country. it is as an important issue and we need to deal with it but it is primarily a national security issue. [inaudible question] >> was the question again?
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[inaudible question] >> i don't have any advice to give on that. [inaudible question] >> as a senator said i think the hand senator klobuchar are close to agreement. he briefed us. she braved the democrats. they will be out shortly. you can ask them. i think it is safe to say we are very close and hope to move forward quickly.


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