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tv   Prime Ministers Questions Prime Ministers Questions  CSPAN  May 23, 2018 6:59am-7:50am EDT

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one of the main areas of focus was to accept the equation. israel will be involved in that. to work in a very complex situation.
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thank you mister speaker. with the aid to this country this year. i know exactly what they're looking for. is demolished. with the transparency and independence. unless the palestinian people.
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it was particularly hard hit. it's already a progressive democratic country. with strong ties to the uk. what my right honorable friend reconsider that policy and the work directly through somalia. can i invite my old parliament friend. to show the encouraging increase in the involvement. what further assistance can the government give the
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excellent work of the foundation of democracy and those who sit through the british council. the honorable gentlemen is absolutely right. a good move forward which we hope will be a force with other things that come in the region. ischemic can the right honorable fred decide. to ensure that they can do that. two many of the organizations that had raised money and doing fantastic work to benefit people around the world.
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what assessments had they made. that's the only criteria i look at when making this decision. no one will be harmed in any way. questions to the prime minister. thank you mister speaker. this week has been the start of the inquiry.
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and doing everything we can about what happened and taking necessary steps to make sure that nothing like it ever happens again. yesterday also coming together to remember all of the victims of the manchester terrorist attack. it also saw the best. the kindness, the compassion and fortitude in the great spirit of manchester continues to inspire us. in addition to my duties for this house. well had such meetings later today. on a happier note congratulations to the side of the house. britain now has more children at the age of 11.
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only 2% not content to 11% drop. will the prime minister admit that the approach is simply not working and that will the will want to see from chapter two is the targets. they welcome the good wishes. indeed i think it was a perfect stay. i think winter to the couple proud as well. one of the greatest challenges that we are facing. no one in the world is sending off to more stringent were
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also doing more. is not just about sugar and food and drink something children to exercise more. in the food advertising. we've made good progress. in the average candidate by 6% in response to the drink levy. an updated plan is currently being worked up. the building regulations did not fit the purpose. they did have a ban on inflammable platting.
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and ensure another tragedy never happens again. i think the deeply moving testament is that we were already here and had continued to hear there is absolutely no room for doubt. we must learn everything we can about what has happened. we were on online to go further. we are meeting our legal duty. we will not delay any necessary action. indeed it is almost a year since the tragedy.
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sadly justice has justice has not yet been done. many of those families have not been re- housed. what the prime minister said. we were there at the service yesterday. for the event they held last night. that is the answer to terrorism. they were outsourced to private companies. how much is it today. michael his comments. the terrorist to attacked it manchester. they were trying to divide us. i think the responsible community here in london or
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manchester hasn't shown that we will not be divided by the terrorist we will not let the terrorists win. and we will defeat him. he asks about the out forcing of services within the national health service. my question was about the amount spent now. they had increased by just 1% per year under this government about its jackpot but it's jackpot time for the privateers. in we learnt that they have just paid them a 1.5 million. but because their bid wasn't chosen.
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on the virgin health care that should've been spent. as the prime minister concerned that this week the office said nhs england and laid the private contractors. at risk of serious harm. no actual problem has been identified. in relation to the particular contracts they were talking about. the savings that were being made and helps to fund the equivalent of an extra 30,000 operations. they talk about the representative money that has been spent on the private sector.
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mister speaker and the national audience criticize the contract in nice quote. thousands of women and drop from the cancer screening program. resulted in two thirds of gp practices with in correct medical records. 500,000 new isn't this the
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inevitable consequence. tearing up the founding principles and putting private profits before public service. they have made we've protected the nhs. we had had more funding. we would sure that we will remain true.
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far too much noise on both sides of the aisle. i have plenty of time and we will get through the questions. but preferably in an atmosphere of calm. mister speaker the royal college says and i quote the long list of failures has been incredibly frustrating for our teams.
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that's one in ten. how many more gps are there. we now had over 550 more doctors. they committed to delivering 5,000 more in the number of training. can i also say to the right honorable gentlemen he talks about this issue of the private sector used. he may actually ask the health secretary what his view is on this.
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were still going to buy from the private sector. mister speaker. i would always put them first. mister speaker. the reality is the number is falling. no wonder that more more people are writing to me every week saying how difficult it is to get a gp appointment. we need more of them. she wrote the nhs paid a private nursing home we
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experience a catalog of disasters. i spend hours at the nursing home what action is a government taking to deal with the substandard care providers given the private care is sector which is so upsetting to 70 people. i fully understand that people want to ensure and have the confidence in the reassurance of knowing that the care that the loved ones are receiving is a good quality. it's this government that is put into place. the various test that is providing in the sectors. he talks about recognizing the needs of patients.
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that's why the private sector will be used in some cases. can i just also say to the former health minister. they put it for the benefit of nhs patients. which i think most people in this country would celebrate. not to handing over that's the difference. they said last year there is too much pork here except that care providers in require improvement. the private sector care providers are letting down our elderly. it's a 70th birthday of the national health service.
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but the nhs reaches this milestone with the worst ones on record. this government opens the door to even more. why does of the prime minister act now to end the siphoning we do indeed pay tribute to all those who've worked and who work there today. and we want to work for the nhs.
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with more funding going into a. with more people and operations been taken that is the reality of our national health service. we also see is that this government can only put money into the national health service. if a balanced approach to our society. what do we learn this week. it would mean families with higher taxes. and now we know where the labour party really stands on this issue.
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it would be family's pain higher taxes. and the labour party and that would think our economy thank you very much mister speaker. the government has stated them to have 10% of the year 2030. establishing their own lunch capabilities. they are ready to play a significant role.
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he's absolutely right. with driving them across the united kingdom. and that's why we are delivering a program to ensure that they have that launch. the strong enthusiasm. and other locations around the uk. that's why the march of the industry act. they are considering funding the project.
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thank you mister speaker. can i put them remarks there. mister speaker. with the policy. because they simply cannot support the paperwork. the home office fees had increased by 140% since 2014. these children have the right to be here. the uk is their home. i'm giving the prime minister the opportunity will she scrap these fees for young people may i say to the right honorable gentlemen.
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the benefits and entitlements so that citizenship is not therefore required. children who are looked after by a local authority. it imposes a general duty on their authority to promote the offering of children of need. appropriate to those children's needs regardless of their stated view. they have to wait ten years it shacking. this government is guilty of creating that.
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will they change the policy. which i certainly don't recognize. the minor who has been set to remain. it is not required in order for them to have access. with that particular exercise. the best place to learn and achieve.
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and helping to address some of the health challenges that we face. it's an excellent program. it's simple and inclusive. we want to see more schools adopted.
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the honorable gentlemen's question must be heard. he is a right to ask that question. in the answer will be heard. after all of these. we need the right type. how many more do you have. we have not seen enough.
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i think he is making a spot for himself. at the end of last year. my constituents the daughter of counselor miriam lewis. with relationship. and suffered mental abuse. do they agree we need to raise awareness. what is a very important issue. two counts. to the right honorable
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member. much needed help and advice to those who are in the most difficult and painful of services. we have of course changed the law. they had been almost 300 successful prosecutions. i think it shows what a problem it is out there. we're always looking for what more can be done. on how they can be strengthened. thank you mister speaker.
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the new houses that had serious defects. with the government consultation. will they put her weight behind establishing the proper regions. can i say to the honorable lady of course we want to ensure as we're building more homes for people and we want to ensure that those homes serve the purpose. they have to abide by. and i say to the honorable lady in a number of ways in which it is possible to raise these issues. thank you mister speaker. over 44 people every day.
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and the devastating impact on families up and of another country so can the prime minister show me that the government will listen to proposals to lower the screening from 60 to 50. we know how that highest survival rate ever. they are surviving cancer. it's absolutely right. with a higher degree of accuracy. it can be used to ensure that we get that earlier diagnosis and 2033 at least 30,000
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people each year being diagnosed at an early stage of prostate. thank you very much mister speaker. this government is actively supporting the removal. from the south china hospital. the 149,000 people who rely on them. about the future of local health services. the quality and performance of hospital services. they did consult with the public. a number of changes in services. thank you mister speaker.
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by the british academia. to patient data. and establish the course or relationship between smoking and lung cancer. help us transform healthcare outcomes today. i did announce that we will use the artificial intelligence. the fact that we wanted to see at least -- that we are seeing 50,000 people a year diagnosed in the early stages.
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we are also committed to the highest possible standards and using data and that's what we call for the data protection bill. and innovation. they give huge opportunity for us to improve services to the patients. they are very pressed for sherry to their views. can i raise another issue. last week the education secretary told the house that they understood and he would work with them to bear down on those. on friday i met with the secretary have teachers.
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they wanted to help them prepare. the increase in incidence and contributions. i'm looking for to meeting him and i'm sure that's gonna be a really interesting meeting. as he will know. it is providing for the cash increase for every school and every region. it is important that it is helping to bear down on costs that the schools are experiencing and that's exactly what my right honorable friend is doing. the industry is in a resurgence.
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80% of the vehicles that it produces. as we leave the eu. while they continue to have access. to bring and in components without delays. my honorable friend. indeed a drawing drawing attention to our economy. in the exit provides us with an opportunity to forge a new role for ourselves to have those other trade deals around the world. and that's why we are working with this.
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mister speaker you might have that constituency. i'm sure the prime minister would like to wish them well. more than 800,000 subsidiaries. with the over funding. why is the prime minister allowing this revitalization it could be safely in public hands i think i answered comments about the national health service. this government is committed we are putting extra funding into our national health service. it will give us certainty.
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it remains to the point of delivery. 11-year-old. they are in parliament today. every ethnic group. will the prime minister commit to leading the nationwide voter registration drive. suffering from leukemia. think the right honorable friend for raising this issue. and experience and she is doing a lot of work to raise awareness of the lack of information back then. and for the event.
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and we support efforts to raise awareness and the need to recruit more. in more than 20 million pounds and been divided. and that includes some very specific stipulations. that must be from the background. in specific funding to the port recruitment. of course more needs to be done. i'm sure the prime minister they were watching an event of national importance. when it goes to overseas.
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millions of pounds every year. does that seem like more than enough money in the game. i want to say to the honorable gentlemen. just over five years ago they report and it was published with the instigation of my honorable friend and since then had been major improvements in patient safety but just in relation to county hospital in stafford will they congratulate the staff there who have seen a great improvement over the years with the remark we are seeing more patients over 40 now. then we did in 24 hours a day and they are meeting the 95%
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plus targets. i say to my right honorable friend. we found this report with a very important report. an area of deep concern about what have been happening in the local hospital. can i welcome what he is said about that. and the excellent work that they are doing to provide the patients. with his constituents and others. two groups of ministers. is it the in the truth that they don't have a clue about how it might work. thank you.
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esther speaker. can i paraphrase our former colleague. individual responsibility. in my still a conservative. the prime minister and the opposition. with the elements. the leader of the labor opposition. both agreed that we should link leave this single market. and that the public should not have a final say on the brexit deal.
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with the tradition of political palm scoring. what they think the leadership for their help in support. first of all i'm not so sure about the that position of the labour party. can i just say to him there is nobody that knows more about the party and the point scoring.
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to question the prime minister is much appreciated. prime minister. how are your union negotiations going. they're going with purpose and good intent. negotiated over in brussels this week. and we are determined to deliver at a good brexit to the united kingdom. mental health is now the number one public health concern. it's important up 16 percentage points. said that the young people's mental health lacks any ambition and won't fail a generation. they go back to a drawing board. every young person.
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with the multiple mental health care. i think it something like half of the mental health problems have started before the age of 14. that staff in schools will be trained to better identify mental health problems. and better able to ensure that those young people get the treatment they need. it is important. i would like to think that it's partly because we have ensured there's greater awareness on that. the segment -- the stigma attached to mental health.
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my right honorable friend. with administration that had boyer -- bullied martin spencer. with my right honorable friend. i think it is frankly that. they wanted to say part of the united kingdom. thank you mister speaker. they are struggling to cute --
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to recruit doctors because of immigration rules. experience pediatric doctors have applied for a visa. what kind of things can the prime minister say. to reassure them that the home office delays worked on the safety and health of their loved ones at this time. we do keep this issue under review in relations to the health services. and we continue to look at the situation in relationship to that.
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[inaudible conversations] here on c-span two we will leave the british house of commons as members move on to other business. he been watching the prime minister's question time. a quick reminder that you can see this week's session again. and for more information go to c-span .-dot work. where history unfolds daily. in 1979.
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