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tv   NRA Annual Leadership Forum  CSPAN  May 26, 2018 6:31am-8:01am EDT

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gun hitting political elites are determined to undermine our constitutional rights and individual freedom. they want more and more control and pulling out all the stops. the fact they want to ban all guns and repeal the second amendment, chris alluded this earlier, in the fair and accurate new york times, you may have read this, john paul
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stevens said we should repeal the second amendment, calling a relic of the 18th century. can you believe that? to these people your freedom and liberty should have been taken away from you a long time ago and these gun-control activists sure are angry, aren't they? i thought we had cornered the creative things like bless my heart and kiss your grits but i see protesters that have been in my office protesting dc and the president with signs plastered with curse words and images that would make a sailor blush. my mom would have washed my mouth with soap if i use these words and your parents would do the same and for good reason. i won't repeat the words i read on these protest signs. one of them starts with the f. i saw a person proudly forcing their child to carry a sign that said if the nra.
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another one said f your thoughts and prayers. for those protesters and the media covering us today who show these images on national tv we have a few f words i would like to share with you. how about freedom. our freedom to protect and enshrined by the constitution, our second amendment, the right to keep and bear arms can't be extinguished. how about faith. these freedoms were not given by government, our individual rights are god-given, endowed by our creator and crew protected by the constitution, the government didn't give it to us and the government can't take it away. got one more for you. how about family. i have seen so many families, young children at the convention. after my relationship with jesus christ my family is the most important thing to me.
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our individual freedoms empower me and you and other law-abiding americans to make our in decisions about the safety and security of our families. we have a right to defend ourselves and protect our families. like i said i am a proud father, my son is 21/2 years old. i can't wait until he's old enough to go hunting with me. he is a bright kid, gets that from his mother but when he sees donald trump on tv he says trump, trump, smart kid. what a strong leader donald trump has been, what a great job he did earlier. how about vp mike pence, what a great leader he is. our president and vice president are ace in the hole, the reason i believe we will see my concealed carry reciprocity bill signed into
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law this year. also love that we have a president who calls out the liberal media and their lies and fake news. the last president apologized for being an american. we all know the media has no idea what they're talking about when it comes to guns. they get most of the basic facts wrong. you saw a video of a news program where they had a person firing a pump shotgun and what did they call it? a semi automatic rifle. they love talking about assault weapons. i haven't found one liberal who can define what that means. despite the fake news and doomsday scenarios we hear, new york billionaire michael bloomberg pledging to spend tens of millions of dollars to stop my concealed carry bill we successfully got it through the
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house. and we see similar success stories across the nation when it comes to our rights which we have gone from almost no concealed carry rights being recognized anywhere 30 years ago to having concealed carry in every state now and concealed carry reciprocity past in the house. we have seen the success, why have we been so successful in the face of this hyper organized heavily funded effort? simple really. we have facts on our side. we have history on our side and we have all of you on our side. [applause] >> we stand on the precipice of victory but we have to keep concealed carry reciprocity through the senate, we can have no better champion than sen. john cornyn who gave great
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remarks earlier tonight. [applause] >> we need each of you watching us at home to reach out to your us senators and demand action. also in this election year you may have heard the majority in the house of representatives is under threat. if you listen to the media it is already over, we lost the majority but we know better than that. if each of us and millions of freedom loving gunowners across america make our voices heard this year at the ballot box we can overcome this challenge. [applause] >> we know what is at stake. if we win our god-given rights are secure. if the gun hitting radical liberal elites when those rights are going to be taken away by a government that thinks they know better than you how to live your life and protect your family. being you this week, we can continue to win. we have been winning for decades. this is a fight we can win. men and women wearing the american uniform thought and
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died to protect the foundation of our democracy. this is about family, this is about faith, this is about freedom. thank you, god bless you, god bless the united states. [applause] >> our next guest has made it his mission to wade through the mud puddles of leftist philosophy and bring reason and rationality to what has become a destructive learning environment on college campuses, when the march for our lives descended on washington dc for their made-for-tv protest, he waited to ask the questions the media wouldn't. take a look. >> let's talk about guns in america, there is misinformation. >> the nra national rifle association. >> the oldest civil rights
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organization, the opposite, they defend our second amendment right, millions of law-abiding americans across the country, the ones protecting the rights of law-abiding americans that we can protect against the criminals. >> in your opinion inherently bad. >> that is beautiful about the constitution, bad people try to cross their power with checks and balances against them. >> you say you don't need, you are imposing your worldview on someone else. >> military grade weapons. >> every member of the military have a pistol, you take pistol -- >> tell me what an assault rifle is. it is a made up term by politicians.
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>> please welcome a young man the left absolutely loves to hate, the founder of turning point usa, charlie kirk. >> thank you, chris was a great honor to be here today. i run a student access organization, 1300 college and high school campuses, it is totally amazing. and when tragedy struck the media tried to continue a singular narrative of gun-control. a special guest today, someone who courageously stood up to the media and thought for our second amendment rights as a parkland student himself. are you here?
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welcome kyle who did an unbelievable job, right? [applause] >> i am honored to be here in front of you. give yourself a round of applause. after parkland on the 14th i realized the second amendment was under siege. i went to dc, met with dozens of senators, the amazing pres. and we got the stop school violence act passed. i won't let every single one of you know, no matter what they
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say they will not take our guns away. [applause] >> god bless america, god bless you. [applause] >> let's hear it for kyle. >> kyle is amazing and i'm proud to announce he is our new director at turning point usa growing this movement, more campuses, despite leftist indoctrination to fight for the constitution, they are not teaching the constitution in school anymore. walking through the march for our lives i happens to be in
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dc, i saw this infrastructure being put up and guardrails, police starting to prepare. what is going on? millions of dollars being spent and it was for the march for our lives. i stayed an extra night and paid a couple buddies to follow me with their cameras, asking them questions. they said it was a student movement. most of the people were aarp members drawing social security. actually a study showed 10% of the marchers were actually students. i started asking questions like what is an assault weapon which is a made up term by politicians. anytime they try to use the term assault weapon he could be a baseball bat, totally made up term. the ignorance these people had towards firearms was stunning so we made some videos and went totally viral but it was important because they say you
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are arguing semantics. language matters when they are talking about taking away our guns. language matters when they say assault weapon, assault rifle, sniper rifle, some lady says i want to make sure the ak-47s are taken away. we got this on camera. that will be a lot of fun. kyle is a total superstar. he went through that terrible tragedy and courageously addressed the issues at hand, and i am not going to allow the singular incident to be hijacked by one perspective and he went on multiple shows, debated pierce morgan who deserves it. he is something else. kyle did an amazing job and will be doing a better job with high school outreach. the last 12 days you have seen news with kanye west, a great development, you saw trump's approval ratings jump from 11% to 22% among black males which is amazing.
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we have our communications director, a total superstar named candace owens. you heard her name once or twice, our communications director at turning point usa and one tweet set i love the way candace owens thinks, totally broke the internet and there is a real movement in this country. the leftist media and the schools overplayed their hands. they have attacked our values for too long, tried to single out those of us who believe in free speech, believe in the second amendment in the constitution and middle america is rising up, middle americans like the people in this room, 6 million members of the nra won't take it anymore, won't allow the new york and malibu elites as i call them continue to dictate that middle part of america and there is something special happening and you see it with the results which i believe donald trump is going to go down as the most successful president of our lifetime. i believe donald trump will go down as the most successful
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president. some thoughts i want to leave with you today. there is no first amendment without a second amendment, you can't pick and choose your freedoms, you have freedom or you don't. the founding fathers knew what they were doing when they wrote the second amendment. they needed an amendment to protect all the other amendments. they put in the second amendment to protect us against government tear any. that is not popular thing to talk about in the media but if you look at the 20th century it is riddled with examples of governments gaining too much power and using that power against the citizens. there is no first amendment without the second amendment. the other thing that is extremely remember is once you give up your rights and your freedoms don't expect to get them back. once you give up your freedoms do not expect to get them back. to use the quote from the march for our lives one of the
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speakers said if you give us an inch we will take a mile. if you give us an inch we are going to take a mile. once you give up your freedoms and liberties do not expect to get them back. we are up against a group of individuals that are going to use the rest of their lives and all their resources to try to take our freedoms and liberties away. these are liberals, they say we hate guns, they walk around with armed guards, we hate borders, living gated communities, we hate school choice but we send our kids to private schools, the liberals are the most hypocritical people you can imagine, they want to tell us how to live our lives but with completely different life themselves, truly. the other important point is freedom must be protected, if we do not have the capacity to defend our freedoms which the second amendment allows us to do then our rights and freedoms
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can be written away in an instant. the pundits on tv say democracy must be protected. we are not a democracy, we are a constitutional republic with a democratic means of representation. democracy means if 50% of people believe something our rights and freedoms can go away. the vision of the founding fathers which was so transcendent and divine is they understood you have natural rights, when you are born, you have these rights and government cannot take them away. the constitution was the first political document, do not say here is what you can or cannot do. rules to protect government from encroaching on our freedoms and liberties and go to the first amendment, second amendment, fourth amendment, you have a right to say what you want to say, to defend yourself and your family, a right to not get unreasonably searched and seizure. that is so different than any other political document
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because until then it was a monarchy. the king ruling absolutely and the founding fathers were the first successful political victors ever to voluntarily give up power. never before in human history had people won a war and said we are going to give power away. they could have created the washingtonian hamiltonian and jeffersonian monarchy that could have taken absolute power. they tried something so transcendent and different that created the greatest country in the history of the world which we should say that more often, america is the greatest country in history of the world. i do a lot of work on college campuses. saying america is the greatest country in the world, the rise of anti-americanism on college campuses is so dramatic, that is happening in college campuses today. you have a group of academics that never could have made it
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in the real world. they are bitterly unhappy people that want to indoctrinate, away from fundamental values because they are so malevolent they could never succeed themselves. are liberals really unhappy people or is it just me? a liberal would rather see rich people become poor than poor people become rich. a liberal would rather tell you how to live your life, or the life of their own. a liberal would rather see the world completely redefined than fix their own circumstances they are living in currently. this is so important because we as conservatives, as freethinkers and members of the national rifle association are never going to tell you how to live your life, you don't like guns, don't buy one. stayaway -- if they say i don't
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like guns, really? we protect banks with guns, celebrities with guns, we protect sporting events with guns, we protect everything we hold near and dear except our schools. every single school should have an armed guard in front of it, banks, celebrities, sporting events and movie theaters we protect with guns but not our schools, what could be more important than our children and airports too. absolutely unbelievable. the final thought i want to leave with you is very important. just because something horrible happens does not mean our rights go away. just because tragedy strikes does not mean our rights go away and the more time i spent in parklantern and kyle has been so amazing and i spoke with students and talked to them and the failures of government agencies, hundreds of students reported on that madman and school resource officer, hundreds, we have videos, student saying he used to write ss on his test because
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it stood for school shooter. he used to walk around the courtyard and pantomime what he was going to do in the school resource officers did nothing. local police had boxes on this guy. the fbi by the way, then these crazy emails, that is something different, actually, so -- they can do their own job. the fbi had two documented documented, did nothing. the local school, the fbi, the cowards of broward that stood outside while this maniac killed these students. how is that the nra's falls? can someone ask lena to be? how is it the nra's fall when every level of government fails? i tell you why. because the left would like nothing more than the most effective, the most powerful grassroots organization in
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america, the nra, to be decapitated because they know as long as the nra is powerful they cannot obtain unilateral political power and that is why the 6 million members of the national rifle association are the greatest threat to the american left that exists today and the greatest protector of american freedom so thank you so much. god bless you, we are going to win this battle. thank you guys. [applause] >> the future looks bright. and stein's defenders of the second amendment. we in states like florida and vermont the past horrible legislation, punishing law-abiding people for the active evil monsters.
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there are still elected officials out there who do trust, will uphold the oath of office and defend the constitution, second amendment and always our next speaker is someone i'm proud to stand side-by-side with to protect the second amendment because he is an unapologetic defender of freedom, straight from the heartland of america. [applause] >> good afternoon, everybody. i have a bunch of tough acts to follow. have you been here the whole time? some great speakers. i thank the nra for the opportunity to be here, and thank all of you for being here as well. great to be among of responsible gun owners, people
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who love the constitution, and celebrate the second amendment. this is a celebration of second amendment rights. and i want to build on some of the things people are talking about. we would not have any others without second amendment rights. it was a radical idea, our rates came to us from god. they are inherent within us. we on those rights. [applause] and to secure those rights government instituted among men driving there just powers to consent of the
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governed. our founders knew those governments tended toward tyranny and we had to protect ourselves from that. thomas jefferson when he was writing the virginia constitution in 1776, says the no freeman shall be disbarred from arms. he knew that we had to have arms. in 1787, noah webster said that a standing army could only will if the people were disarmed. as every country in europe was. he went on to say it couldn't happen in america because the whole country was armed. in 1788 george mason said to disarm the people is the most effective way to enslave them. in 1824, john cartwright,
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thomas jefferson again said most of our state constitutions assert the power is inherent in the people, they use to exercise the power and the duty to at all times be armed. he also wrote the national progress of things, for liberty to yield and government to gain ground. the second amendment rights, by sen. cruz, it is not about hunting which it does protect, i am a hunter, it wasn't specifically about defending our home, it does that as well.
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and defending god-given rights, that we all share. if we didn't have a way to protect those rights, we would lose them. if you lose your rights don't expect to get them back, not without a fight and our founders knew that if we were going to have that fight we had to be armed to be successful so that second amendment right is fundamental to who we are as americans because it enshrines that absolute foundational goal of protecting our rights. that is why what you are doing here today and being part of this is so important because our rights are under attack today, make no mistake. when we see events, tragedies like parkland, we all know that no parent should have to endure that, no child should be engaged in their school, those
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are tragedies, trying to focus on the wrong thing. we need to improve law enforcement, we need to improvement of healthcare. in nebraska i organized a group of educators, mental health experts and law enforcement to talk about what solutions secure our schools. maybe for example allowing off-duty police officers to carry guns on school campuses, just one idea but go after our gun rights, to abridge our freedoms is not the way to solve this problem. looking around the world it is not true. we see places like england and wales and ireland and jamaica where they banned guns and crime rates went up, not down. homicide rates went up, not down. that is not the solution.
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the left is energized. they are intent on winning back the legislative bodies they have lost and we have got to get engaged to do this was how do we fight this tide of people who are trying to change our constitution and take away our rights? it starts first of all at home. that is the foundation. our families, starts at home with children and grandchildren, how our founders felt about them, why it protects those other rights. it also means things you are probably doing, things that are part of our convention. take your kid shooting or hunting as i do that with my
7:30 am
kids. starts at home. then we get involved in our states. the state of nebraska commit any nebraskans here, the state of nebraska, promoting sportsmanship, we put the renewal process for concealed carry on gun holders. and this year with our legislature and the nra, to pass a law that will protect privacy rights of concealed carry permit holders. we also have to get involved in the local level, with the media narrative is, the parkland tragedy. he stood up for the second amendment because he knew the other side of the story.
7:31 am
in nebraska, standing up for the second amendment, around people in local communities getting involved. the third thing, we have to get involved in this election cycle. the left is energized. we have to be energized. we have to be out there. we see many elected officials out there today starting with donald trump, our vp, john cornyn, greg abbott of the great state of texas, all those folks if they are not up for elections this year are relying on other people who are. we need to talk to friends and family. they know you pay attention, you come to events like this was they want your word-of-mouth recommendation, look who the nra is endorsing, look to see who those
7:32 am
candidates are, get your friends and family, give your recommendations. and everybody in this room to make the commitment to go out and vote ten times. not the chicago way. i want you all to make a commitment in this election year that you will go out and vote and you will get tween 9 others of your friends and family, coworkers, to go out and vote as well. get them out as well. are you with me on that one? thank you all for being part of this convention. helping to celebrate our second amendment, thank you for
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supporting the nra. the nra is important in making sure we continue to defend our second amendment rights. they have been vilified, unfairly attacked. you are the answer to that, by being involved. thank you for what you do and thank you for being here, god bless you all, god bless the united states of america. [applause] >> the very early hours of the morning officers of the bristol tennessee police department got a report of shots fired at the days inn motel. sgt. matthew cousins arrived on scene, with showcasing on the ground. sgt. cousins alerted fellow officers to the situation and ran to his vehicle to get a patrol rifle. they downed the suspect and
7:34 am
took him into custody. he had been firing rounds into passing cars on adjacent 4-lane roadways killing an innocent woman doing her job, sgt. cousins quick observation of the rifle casing and his courage advancing on the shooter, with incoming fire, brought a swift end to the conflict and undoubtably prevented more injuries and deaths. thank sgt. cousins for his heroic action and congratulating him on his receiving law enforcement awards. thank you. [applause] >> i want to thank all of you
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for staying with us today. have you had a good time so far? we save the best for last. any dana loesch fans out there? if it is true you can judge a friend how absolutely red-hot steaming mad they make your enemies, got to be the best of them all. the arrogant blowhards on cnn and msnbc or the disgrace of the sheriff in broward county, florida, no one give them what they deserve like dana and we love her for it. she was born for this fight and we are proud to have her on our side. please welcome dana loesch. [applause]
7:36 am
>> hello, hello, hello. i appreciate you sticking around with us. thank you for coming out here, being plugged in, being active. i was at a luncheon earlier for all the women. and it is just a bunch of old white dudes. a bunch of women all different ages. i don't know what the total amount was, thousands of dollars for the nra school shield program. this is the solution.
7:37 am
this is the real common sense solution for securing our schools. i would love to see mom's demand match that. what they all did together was amazing. it was a fantastic event. i know chris cox has done amazing work. he mentioned the broward sheriff. a lot of people ask me why did you go down to florida? why did you go down there? why did you sit on the stage? why did you endure all that? i will always go when freedom needs a voice. i will always go. [applause] >> whenever our members are being defamed and dehumanized
7:38 am
and their characters being in pew and i will go relentlessly and speak the truth and tell the world we are not terrorists, we are not murderers and we have nothing to be ashamed of. i'm proud to be a lifetime nra member. i'm so proud to be an nra member. [applause] >> just last week the deputies union gave sheriff scott israel a vote of no-confidence of 85%. they were upset with his leadership and response to the parkland massacre, they were upset with his showboating. and they showed that to him with an 85% vote of no-confidence and it is up to florida governor rick scott to
7:39 am
determine whether he wants to remove sheriff scott israel who sat on that stage and lied to america, he didn't stand for students, he stood for camera lights, he didn't stand for students, he ran for cnn and msnbc and nbc and abc cameras. he is the coward from broward and he has no confidence vote, totally. [applause] >> i was real nice to him. i went backstage, his deputies came up to me and i could tell right from the start there was tension between the sheriff and his deputies. they made it clear what side they were on. they made it very clear there were things going on in their department and i could immediately see it. they didn't have a lot to do with him backstage when he went out on election year and blamed so many law-abiding americans for his incompetence. did you know that he and the superintendent of the broward
7:40 am
school district signed a pledge to implement the promise program in their schools. the superintendent of that district is proud of the fact that he reduced criminal offenses, criminal arrests by 63% and you want to know how he did it? he stopped reporting them. it is like saying we predicted crime because we stopped arresting people. that is what they did in florida. one of the things i want you to leave here with when you go home is find out if your school district has similar programs because these programs are the kind that contributed to the massacre in parkland. they coddle these students. he likes those federal dollars and sheriff scott israel signed this pledge and was so proud of it is nowhere to be found. his incompetence contributed to this and that man sat with me
7:41 am
on stage and lied to my face and lied to america's faith and about a mother live live thousands of miles away to go down there to parkland to take the blame for his lack of action. we are road an apology and i will get that apology. they tried to shame us for believing in self-defense. tried to shame us because we love our children and we want to protect our children. the things they said about us, i met so many of you. grandma and grandpas, moms and dads, not terrorists, murderers, it is insulting for elected officials to say such things first and foremost.
7:42 am
we love life. we love life. we love life so much that we are willing to defend it. we are willing to prepare to advocate in case god for bid that fateful day when our experience, our training, our love of life is called upon to defend that which we love, our lives or families lives, the lives of innocent people, that is why we believe in what we believe, why we do what we do, why we advocate, why we are here today as brothers and sisters in the nra. that is who we are, not the things they say about us. [applause] >> we do this willingly on our own time and our own dime because we believe in it that
7:43 am
much. i went to an anti-gun rally once and there was a small group of people who i wouldn't doubt were paid to be there with boxed lunches and they had fancy throne rooms instead of portage ons, that is what it takes to get people out to advocate for gun control laws. i hate the arguments they present, they try to say because you love your children and love life so much you're willing to defend it and train to do so that means you love life less or you love your children less for you love your country less. they have no argument but the tactic of shame. that is all they have, that is why, i can never get these people to debate me, they never went to talk to any of us because they don't have an argument. gun control has failed in every single instance in which it has been implemented, it has failed. why do you keep doing the same
7:44 am
thing when it failed? exactly. insanity. i was thinking about, i was watching the way media was trying, trying to build around it. the nra is under assault, gun ownership, a hard time for the nra, hard time for people who love their second amendment, no it is not. we had more women at this luncheon than we ever had, this was a record. there's nothing wrong with gun ownership. we are winning. people who seek to disarm you, have the same means of defense for themselves. my friend tucker carlson, i can still without attributed to him, michael bloomberg wants to
7:45 am
ban every gun bodyguards carrie. that is true. moms demand -- be deads demand because they are the ones who check and see what the noise was at 2:00 am. they all want to deny you the defense they demand for their children and themselves. i have never seen these people without armed security. they don't take guns, they just don't want you to have them because they think they are better than you. that is what this is. i look at them and i think they are the type of people who are not prepared for liberty. there are some people who just can't handle freedom. there are some people who simply can't handle liberty.
7:46 am
liberty isn't easy and happiness isn't guaranteed. liberty doesn't mean comfort. it doesn't mean forever happiness with no hard times and no trials. that is not what liberty is and these people are too frayed to acknowledge that. i feel badly for them. they don't intimidate me and i'm not afraid of them and i don't think they are gaining ground. i feel badly for them. imagine having to go through life not having confidence in your own skills. not feeling confident to defend your own family, happy to outsource your security. you want to know what empowerment is? not having to outsource the defense of your family. that is empowerment. [applause] >> one of the big part of the debate that has been happening the past several months, those young adults between ages 18
7:47 am
and 21, one of my oldest children is in high school and he will soon be moving into this age bracket and i hope people out there realize what we are talking about when we discuss increasing the age to purchase a firearm. we are talking about stripping people's natural rights from them, you're talking about slicing off a bit of the constitution for those people. discriminating against them because of age and without so much as a nod to the courtesy of due process. that is what we are doing. let's be real about it, we are talking about disenfranchising and stripping natural rights away from a huge segment of the population. how many people do you know who are 19 and 20 and living on their own and we want to deny them the right to defend themselves. i heard from a woman married to
7:48 am
an active duty soldier, she's at home with her children and she's 20 years old, she called into the radio program, they married very young, dedicated to their country, good people, she wants to defend herself when her husband is overseas. these people exist. we should not punish people because they want to be safe and punish them for the actions of a madman sheriff scott is real is about but we get blamed for it or the 20-year-old hunter or 18-year-old hunter or firearm education and safety. we ignore all of this, to a huge segment of the population. we are told this is common sense. stripping constitutional rights from people is common sense. what is common sense is when you get 45 reports on a madman you get up and go to his house, that is common sense. [applause]
7:49 am
>> common sense is when someone sent a digital message threatening to shoot up a school you follow that up, that is common sense which common sense is when someone assault another student and touches their own adoptive mother so hard in the face they knock her teeth out, you do something about that, sheriff scott israel. that is common sense. gun-control advocates like sheriff scott israel, if he can't do his job, i will do his job. we have all these protesters in town, trying to get to know you. know. it is easier for them to be down the street and make up what they think we are. do you know why we scare them so bad?
7:50 am
because we are not monolithic, there are atheists and christians sitting in here, there are agnostics, jewish members, young and old, black and white, male and female, gay and straight. this is the original big tent. if there's one thing but we agree on, it is our right to self-defense and we believe in it so much. we believe in it so much that we assemble in fellowship every year. we believe in it so much that we win elections. do not think for one second that michigan and pennsylvania and wisconsin and ohio delivered by anything other than gunowners. that is who delivered that
7:51 am
election. and so you terrify legacy press, what they can't stereotype, they are scared of what they can't define. that is why you threatened them so much, and this is why gun-control fails. people who want to disarm you are fighting all of you. you are people who go back to where you live and plug into your community and hold the line. you have been holding the line all over the country. the fight isn't at the federal level, it is now in your backyard. there is a city in illinois that banned semi automatic firearms but there have been two counties that have been declared sanctuary cities for the second amendment. fighting in your backyard is where it is at.
7:52 am
if you can to do it in your own backyard you can't do it in dc. you got to hold the line where you are. like i said you all delivered a number of states, michigan, pennsylvania, wisconsin, ohio, you delivered a supreme court justice to respect the second amendment, you delivered appellate judges his decisions come down one way or another on this issue. it will happen. the time is at hand. you delivered an ag who by the way atty. gen. jeff sessions increased prosecutions of repeat offending prohibited possessors unlike anything we have seen these past eight years because eric holder and loretta lynch did nothing, they did nothing. jeff sessions has actually been going after the very people gun-control advocates have been blaming us for like for instance the superintendent of
7:53 am
chicago pd said at one point chicago's crime, 85% is driven by 1400 prohibited possessors. unbelievable. those people were being used to blame the innocent individuals, unbelievable. we have a law and order ag who increased prosecutions, you all delivered that, you all did that. when you voted that is what happens, those are the results you get. it has been a very interesting time when it concerns discussions of the second amendment. this is a cultural thing and the policy discussion. defending yourself and loving your family is a way of life. it is who we are. we are not paid to be here, to want to defend our families and ourselves.
7:54 am
they are. they argue against us, they are paid, i don't know if you are on social media. have you seen an increase in newly created town for trying to cause division in the ranks, there are these individuals to try to go after, empower people who speak up in favor of the second amendment and self-defense. i have seen their tricks before. they are not going to win. any day or time they want a substantive discussion on policy we are here. we have been having this discussion, doing this longer than i have even been alive and a lot of you have been alive. we are the ones who have offered solutions, pushing it, and they have nothing. they call us excuse the language, terrorists and oars. honestly but i can't tell you how many times i have been called and nra or. goodness. i love my family and i went to defend it, bottom line, that is it. that is why i am here and do what i do.
7:55 am
[applause]. this midterm election is going to be tough. it depends if you want to listen to the media or not but i cannot encourage you all enough to get involved and get engaged. if we lose the house of representatives i am afraid what that is going to do to the next supreme court nominee, what that is going to do the next time we have any legislation that comes up. i am afraid of what that is going to mean in our states and city councils. there is a storm coming, but you all are the thunder, all of you out there are the thunder. just as you brought us the last election i know you're going to bring this election. this election is the most important, because it is, because every election is important.
7:56 am
we have the greatest gift in having too much liberty to which to attend and i am so grateful for that. i'm glad to have too much of it or none of it, we are so blessed in this country that we can have the impact we do every single election. it is incumbent on each of you when you go home do not allow your town to be the precedent set for the next town to pass a gun ban and the next town to pass a gun ban like we have seen in illinois. it is up to you to hold that line and i will be there with you, fighting with you every step of the way, going wherever the debate may lead in every lion's den, anytime anywhere, name it. i will be there because you are going to be doing the same thing in your school district, your city council, your churches, you are the evangelists for the second amendment and self-defense. you are the front-line, be the
7:57 am
thunder, the storm is coming. this meeting doesn't end today. this meeting will conclude on november 6th when we steak our flag on that hill of freedom, when we win this election and protect second amendment rights and ensure that our supreme court i am doing this for my family, i'm doing this for my kids just like you are doing this for you and all the people you love and hold dear. you never want to be without means of self defense, don't want children to be deprived. i don't want to look at my child and say i'm sorry i didn't fight hard enough for your rights, i'm sorry we let
7:58 am
them slip away. look at your grandchildren and look at your kids because when we do not engage, that is what we are saying. it is not an emotional appeal, that is real, that is fact. that is what we are telling our kids. their lives are worth defending, your lives are worth defending, this country was built on people like you. we are all products of it. so when you feel attacked or as well you can't proudly state that you support the second amendment and you believe in the right of self-defense, do not allow people who wish to turn you into a soft target, do not allow people who wish to render you defenseless determine how you feel about things in which you believe and determine how your argument, do
7:59 am
not allow those people to do that mind job on you. i'm proud to be a gunner, proud to own a butt load of guns. i'm so proud of it, proud to be carrying, proud to go to the range, proud of all of it and you be proud of it too. we are not ashamed. we are innocent god-fearing freedom loving second amendment practitioners and there isn't anything that any billionaire boy from manhattan like michael bloomberg can say against that and there isn't anything any carpetbagging hollywood activist can say about that. we love what we do and we love who we are. god bless it. i love it. folks, i want you to leave encouraged, i want you to leave happy, i want you to leave positive and optimistic about what we can do together because we have seen what we can do together and we are going to continue down that line. i'm thrilled, this november
8:00 am
once more into the breach, dear friends, once more, i am going to be with you every step of the way. god love you, god keep you, hope to see you around, thank you so much, folks. [applause] . .. james clapper offers his insight in the us intelligence community and enter god-- interviewed by jim hines of connecticut. also, jon meacham exploring critical moments in american history. former israeli prime minister talks about his career in the future of the israeli-palestinian conflict and


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