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tv   U.S.- North Korea Relations  CSPAN  May 31, 2018 1:35pm-1:47pm EDT

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denial and feign ignorance. the recent indictment of the institute members and the part indictment of the chinese pla are cases in point. so that's what's in it for the country what's in it for you next what are the benefits of working with law enforcement before, during, and after a computer intrusion? one, we can help you understand what happened when your organization has the cyber. we can bring together human intelligence and your intelligence to get a more clear picture of what happened. we can share context and information about related incidents or malware. we can ensure proper investigative preservation of evidence for later prosecution. and we can assist you deal with regulators. at the end of the day, the government simply is more tools at its disposal to deal with the problems of national security cyber intrusions. tools that working together we
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can use to respond to intrusions and dieter future ones. although we will always consider criminal charges, pursuing prosecution may not be the best response in all cases. accordingly, in his the attorneys work with her interagency partners to determine whether our investigative information may be used to support sanctions, trade russia, tactical alerts, hipaa options are of the responses instead of or in addition to prosecutions. all of these can impose real cost on malicious activity, depriving hackers and their sponsors of the benefit of their crimes and deterring future misbehavior. let me close on this note. everyone in this audience understands that we are in this together, and that we have an obligation to help one another. the organization that reports cyber intrusion doesn't just
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help itself. also other targeted companies. they may not even a there been victims of fact and it helps the country. it helps other organizations are raising their awareness and sparking a check on their part for similar compromises. it also enables the government to work to disrupt and deter intrusions of these other organizations, and it helps the country by allowing the government to piece together and respond to the intentions and actions of antagonistic nations to better defend our nation's economic and military security. it is the national security divisions child to disrupt and deter national security cyber threats. we will continue to work with other agencies to use all elements of initial power to meet this ever changing and growing challenge. and to adequately protect our shared natural cybersecurity against persistent attack we will need your help as well. i look forward to working with you. thank you. [applause]
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>> all right. thank you so much, john. pat, will you come join me? all right. well, i'm going to hand it over to pat in the moment but i just wanted to thank everybody for joining us today. i want to give a big rent of bluster all of the speakers that we had. [applause] -- round of applause. i hope each of you who came met someone new, learn something new and are leaving inspired to do something big in your agency's and organizations. and with that in let pat close it out for us. thank you. [applause] >> i'd like to thank everyone for joining us today.
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i i thought i got a lot out of this, all the speakers and i think you did, too. i think we had over 1300 1300 registered. this is a new record i think in five years we have done this between people who are here on site, live streamed over that were watching on c-span. we run c-span2 on ten to 11. so thank you very much. thank you to goldy and the fedscoop team. with appreciative and you've done to put this together. great, great event. give it up for fedscoop. [applause] i'd like to thank all our sponsors, too, our diamond sponsors, booz allen, gold sponsor, , see dwg, clare short, scn, red river, waterfall. without you we would not be able to do this event either. and i like to thank the keynotes
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and the panelist i wrote down a few things just to kind of, because i thought was going to be a test at the end end of th, but maybe there wasn't. so kevin, i spoke to give it a lunch and i paid attention, it got to pay attention to what the boss says. he mentioned something about, he doesn't see himself as an entrepreneur. he's coo of fireeye picky self-proclaimed geek i guess he said, i can say, too, right? that's the kind of stuff that keeps a lot of us here at fireeye really motivated about what we do every single day is having a ceo like that. that doesn't have an exit plan but is really focus on building something that's make a big difference in this world. i'm just happy he didn't reference in the quotes from movie script he's been no to draw an analogy to like red dawn. so he didn't go there this time, so thank you, kevin.
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john watters, you know, talk about the last 40 years of intelligence and what that meant over the last four decades. great, great discussion. i was just surprised john actually was still in high school in 1982. i didn't know there was a seven-year plan, but thank you, john. [laughing] he is probably not here. geoff brown, i think it's only taken off but appreciative coming down from new york city to talk about all the challenges. he's protecting 500,000 employees not only the employees in your city but charged with protecting over eight, 9 million citizens as well in new york city. that is huge. and i'd like to know, it's good to know i'm not alone, that i'm not the only one who forgets to call the wife and telling they will be home late. so thank you. a medic. doesn't help it but --
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[laughing] so rick, you know, rick didn't know he was a jay-z fan, so good to know that. who would've known? you found it out of first. i think people are tweeting about it so i was following that. and no, we didn't get hacked when the lights went off. how's another good one. andrew joyce, i thought there was a great, if you miss that, i'm sorry because i thought that was a great discussion. you nailed it. great presentation. i get it takes my 79 year old mother whose grandmother 23 kids is watching it in c-span she tells me even i can understand her. she's awesome. so that means something. santa, if you're listening, great job today. general yi, i really thought when general yi was appear there would be a test at the end. halt, fix, pivot. i was trying to, you know, it brought back some bad memories, okay? so thank you for not having a
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test piggies already taken off. i appreciate, he has one difficult job. that's what i took out of that. i'm glad he's on our side, and what doj is doing and omission. it's huge. talking about commercial organizations, getting engaged with doj before, during, and after and the value diptychs i appreciate those remarks as well. so anyhow, just again to wrap things up, if we did know much about it by now i think we should all know a lot more about the importance, how relevant commercial cyber threat intelligence is and how most important how you can go back to your agency's and figure out to better protect your cyber defensive operations out there. any feedback on today's events please let us know. a lot of you are not shy to do that, but definitely would want
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to get better each and every year we do this. just as a quick reminder to join us for a reception right over here by the registration of the tech expo. it's a great way to continue this dialogue, look forward over the next hour or so. and once again thank you, all of you guys for joining us today. as i said earlier in the day you have a lot of things you could be doing today but you chose to spend it to us and we really do appreciate that. that's all i have and again thank you. [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> next, look at the status of use north korea diplomacy after president trump canceled the sum and singapore that was scheduled to take place on june 12. 12th. from the stimson center in washington, d.c. this is about an hour.


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