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Mitch McConnell
  Republican Senate Party Leaders News Conferences  CSPAN  June 5, 2018 6:31pm-6:43pm EDT

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>> good afternoon everyone. as you may have heard i have canceled the august recess e a t of important work to do as a result of unprecedented examples of 100 cloture votes in the first two years of this president but only 24 cloture votes in the first two years of the lasix presidents. on nominations and in addition the president has made it clear he does not intend to send one -- sign another on
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the best then to pass individual appropriations bills and chairman shelby and then that relationship forward we think we have a good chance to pass a number of appropriations bills and in order to deal with the nomination is a backlog is necessary to be here in august and that one week around july 4 in addition to that we have agreement on the water infrastructure bill, we need to try to process between now
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and the july recess. that is scheduled for the next few months. >> congress passed defense authorization bill the last 57 years without fail one of the most important issues in this legislation beyond providing resources and training in the equipment our military needs to perform the job we have asked them to do is prevent china from stealing or circumventing our laws to acquire cutting-edge technology in the united states when it comes to defending our country. this is a bill dealing with the committee on foreign investment and something we have been working together wi depth thetment of justice and the department of defense and others senator crapo and i
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will be going to the white house this afternoon to visit with the president. it is not a trade issue but national security issue directed at the most egregious offender of this process, which is china and i believe it is something that is very important in national security coming out with the banking committee with unanimous vote with the defense authorization bill and that will be passed along without bill by next week. >> the may jobs report highlighted the great progress to get back on track so look at the numbers of the unemployment rate was the lowest in 40 years in half a century to see the numbers we see today. wage growth the fastest in ten years and the time someone is
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unemployed is the shortest since 2009. look since tax reform passed we created 1 million new jobs and 3.6 million new since the president took office. our pro job and pro-worker worker agenda is working for the american people and it doesn't happen by accident or chance because we have made a diligent effort to put policies in place to help our economy grow and for businesses to expand. look at regulatory relief from the obama era regulations, tax reform, go down the list with the reforms that we have passed signing dodd frank forms into law taking pressure off of small business and lenders to make more credit available, and we will keep right on going because we think staying focused on the
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progrowth agenda will continue to heal positive results and benefits. >> coming back from a weekend in wyoming people are confident and optis about their with the unemployment rate with consumer confidence at the 18 year high with the average family wake up for one -- in the morning wit hope and feeling there will be a job and an opportunity somewhere people have more money in their pockets with the tax cuts and the wages have gone up so right now we have a strong and healthy growing economy by cutting taxes and regulations and mandates to make it harder. now they have the opportunity that comes from the tax cuts in the regulatory relief and
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then we focus on families and prosperity and their paychecks. >> like a lot of my colleagues i had media events all over the state lasteek talking about the economy, specifically about the tax bill. families talking about what a difference a hundred dollars or $150 a month made to them. employers talking about the difficulty of finding people but at least three occasions it was people they had fired in the past and said if you want a second chance you have the skills we need if you want to come back to work we can take the second chance opportunity in the same with people who have skills who serve time in jail or prison than the current unemployed pool to have skills that they are willing to take chances
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that they were not taking before. the economy is growing and the numbers are real and families are beginning to feel that. >> the csouy re exciabt ennncen because the parade got a lot shorter since we are in session in august but to highlight the fact the work we are doing on regulatory reform looking at colorado's economy one of the strongest economies in the nation with the work that we continue to do to get government and washington out of the way to let colorado and americak. president trump will be at the historic summit in singapore this will have the eyes of the world on it as we have the possibility of peace on the peninsula i hope this opportunity is a bipartisan process and we don't have partisan bickering to take hold of the opportunity to denuclearize north korea i
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diogue were reheard from ov 40 defense ministers who are all keenly interested in what would happen a week from today in singapore. secretary mattis laid out his plan for leadership and will be pursuing a long-term denuclearize north korea. [inaudible] >> i am all for cooperation but if you look at the amount of work that we have to do, it is inconceivable to me that we cannot use these weeks even with cooperation, we have a
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lot of appropriation bills to pass, we have a backlog of nominations, ctainly we anticipate and hope to have less obstruction on those, that i have have been hoping for that for quite some time and it hasn't occurred yet. with the summit i think we have enough work to do for the american people that we should be here during these weeks. i hope we get greater cooperation but everybody should anticipate we will be here as i announced today. i will not answer every hypothetical. if they are interested in sending us bills multiple bills at a time that would certainly help to facilitate passage.
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[inaudible] >> what i'm in favor of is getting bills passed that we have to do r the country. we are open to amendments and we will see what happens as they move across the floor we have the farm bill, all these appropriation bills not to meioth nominations. as contentious as that is likely to be, we will see that you are suggesting it could be offered as an amendment we will see what is offered.
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[inaudible] >> at a have any comment on that issue. [inaudible] >> i know what you are interested in discussing and i will just tell you from my perspective, i don't think the president needs any advice to pardon himself and he obviously knows that but that is not something that he would or should do a to enter in an academic discussion of it is possible i don't know the answer to that. with attorney general sessions as a former colleague of ours, thinhe isery popular with our members i hope people were being on the job -- i hope he will remain on the job.