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tv   U.S. Senate Sens. Inhofe Reed on DOD Programs Bill  CSPAN  June 6, 2018 6:32pm-7:17pm EDT

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proceed to the measure. mr. portman: mr. president, i ask unanimous consent that t resolution be ag the preamble be agreed to, and that the motion to reconsider be considered made and laid upon the table with no intervening action or debate. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. portman: mr. president, with that, i yield. the presiding officer: r the prev the sate is adjourned until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow.inhofe: mr. president. the presiding officer: the senator from oklahoma. mr. inhofe: mr. president, i want to kind of share what just happened here. one of the things -- and i've been at this for a long time.
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over in the house when we had our ndaa, and i'm fully aware and everybody in here knows that and everybody in here knows that when we had her in daa and i'm totally aware and everybody here knows that the past y does for 7 consecutive years. one of the things that i really don't like about the procedure is one person, any one person democrat or republican was just objected to and caused us to l put this off for period of time and two not unlikely the desire of all s could come up and ultimately deny the members from offering their amendments whether they are germane are not germane. i want to say how much i appreciate the fact that senator reed and i and our committees worked closely together and made a decision that we want to have an open amendment process. we have had discussion of this in our committee.
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everyone agrees t with this. this could havet the effect of ultimately closing the door to everyone who has an amendment and we don't want that but we verything w could to stop an objection from taking place so we could at least move on to the bill. need to get onto the bill on all kinds of arrangements and trying to get at one time senator reed and i talked about maybe coming up with each one democrats and republicans or with 15 amendments or three amendments so that we could at least say to the individuals on our side and i w say to my republican friends i will do everything within my power to see that you get vote. unfortunatelouan do that because youan guarantee that there will be a vote. that's what i regret is because the other bart of this is it's going to put it off for about one week.
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i just got back from all of our war zones in talking to our troops on the ground and telline them that this is going to happen that we areng t be takingp ndaa and what's in it in terms of pay raises and what's in it in terms of priority. i was going to try to get modernized but right now weave several pces o eipmentha absent the last 10 years have been ignored where we have competitorsav in russia and in tha have better recruitment than we do and ti is evaluated b rapidfire and range in right now are our rapidfire is not as fast as either russia or china and w see what's s happening in the china seas. we were over there. we have seen it. it our allies areok preparing in
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the chinese are preparing for war. so by postponing this all the kids that are out there, all of our troops and valued people there risking their lives on a daily basis are going to wonder why did we go ahead and go with this thing and it's wrong. i do want a to say this. senator reed and i and our commiteidverything we could to go ahead and try to accommodate anyone as best as our rules would allow us and living with the limitations we have. we have done everything we can so i do want to complement the entire committee in the senate keded servi a we n the house side between senator reed and myself democrats and republicans , we have done everything we could to keep this from happening. again as long as i can remember one senator can put this off and
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create the potentialame that has been created now. i do regreth. >> mr. president. >> the senator from rhodee island. >> this isn opportunity to mmend and thank the senator from oklahoma for his work. we are inspired by chairman mccain and his incredible leadership over the last many many years but the senator from oklahoma has stood up here and really set the tone. he was there. very purposeful and very deliberate,, very collegial activity to bring everyone involved into the process and we were operating under the basic rules of appropriateness for the committee and a close connection to the department of dseashe chs ultimately about the men and
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women in uniform of the united states and every year because of his leadership and because colleagues each and every people see this as the only train leaving town and we have to be able to keep in balance the department of defense and related agencies. a national security administration for example in the d.o.e. and other administration said would like to be able to open up the floor to amendments that are closely good and have a clear nexus to defense and then have votes. that's the ideal and we hope we can do that. we might have to spend some time procedurally getting to the bill wel t the b ip of chairman inhofe we will get a bil done w wld hope to be able to
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accommodate our colleagues as much as possible with the rent -- amendmes and i would hope the amendments would be directed once again to the act of it is and the priorities and t critical needs of the men and women in the armed forces and related agencies. if we do that i think we will have a very successful and protect the floor debate as we d i the committee and again let me thank the senator from a houma. we both stand ready to work and get this bill signed for the men and women of the united states. i yield the floor.
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>> the senatorrom oklahoma. >> m it's unprecedented that you would have t the chairman and the ranking member to be so close together and look what we have attempted to do. think it'sorthwhile as senator lee did bring up that we have the committee and it's very rare that we come out as we did and that we did that one day, nineot. i'mot se if that's a record or not but it shows we are working very closely together and i wasng hoping that would go ahead and take care of this today. but anyway we to start discussing this bill it's more portnow since we lost the will opportunity to at least talk
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about what we are anticipating and today we will be in the consideration. even thoughe are bill we can still talk about it and this is j tn s. mcgee national effect defense authorization act for fiscal year 2019. the most impor thi legislature tha we do every year. this is the 57th consecutive year we have done this but i remember just a few years ago ylose to the m o december and the end off decembr which is theeaine to don forhe fiscalyear and hadg four ae got it done and got it passed. we don't want to do that now. we want to consider -- that you regret the bill but wen'conser . you can talk to any of the member times they are close meetings and we talked about the necessity to get the amendments
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opened u a could offer anenent e denied doing that at thatime that we are still in the position we can do it. it has put it off about one week but anyway this is the most ant we lis ss every yeandanto thank one more time senator jack reed the ranking member of the armed servicesom committee for s work on this and the fact that we were able to do it so rapidly as we did. i also want to thank the majority leader mcconnell for not only bringing the ndaa to the floor this week but his willingness to do so under regular order. that's what we wanted. they think finally the most importantly i want to thank the commtee chairman senator john mccain for hisis strong leadership in the preparation for the ndaa y this year as he s
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done eachor year for a long perd of time. make no mistake he may not be here today but this is his bill, his priority, his policy object gives are in this bill. this yea ndaa is a product of what the chairman mccain has worked to advance through his decades of service and tenure as chairman of this committee. it deserve tam does bear his na. we are all keeping the chairman in our hearts and prayers. he cane use to prove that he ia fighter we all know him to be. i'm sure senator mccn there is no one else like you so will continue that fight and we are antipating that it' to be taking place. the ndaa rrent some of the finest traditions of the spoforl
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legislation to authorize the necessary authority for the military to protect this great nation and i'm proud the senate armed services commi overwhelmingly pass this bill. we actually had a one-point 300 amendments that we were able to sit down and read together and come to the floor and actually pass it unanimously with a 1-6 vote in the committee. that's almost unheard of and it's not just a piece of legislation. the message region will everyone of our servicemembers that you are number one priority. there were objections moving onto this bill today. i was with them all last those who overseas and telling them what we were going to do with why we were doing it and why it's a top priority and unfortunately that sends the
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wrg message to them but it's more than just a piece of legislation. after all you have to keep in mind the number one thing that we need to be doi here i unittasate as well as in the house if any of our founding fathers said that in the constitution that's what we are about to do now. the fiscal year 2019 ndaa has a 2.6% pay n raise the largest in0 years. it honors their enormous saifice. in fiscal year 2019. authores a base defense or gift of $639 billion for the department o defense and the national security programsndth t of energyelo ouren as w as
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$69 billion in overseas contingency fund but it all adds up to $760 billion that's what doing around here. we are glad we have gotten to the point where we give the top rarity to defending our nation as it should have always been. this is funding an important step to recovering our defense budget and under the budt control act andeq that harmedur military readiness and slow down our modernization efforts as i mentioned before. sequestration has held us back not held their adversaries back. all the time we were held back in the last 10er years are competition out there russia and china they haven't been holding back andt's w he say areas such as artillery they are ahead of us. i'm s the same thing might be
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true if you go back home are the real people are they assume we have the best of everything. that's the standard we set in world war ii and then of course we backed away from that. we have not jt artillery the triad that we had we were not able to keep that up and all the time we were doing nothing for the last 10 years in the triad a the russians re advancing and the are ahead of us now. not many people know about a ons system that moves five times the speedto up sound and future wars arere going to be fought and yetad china and russa are our ahead in the strike right now. with this bill we are going back and advancing in som areas where we have been very slow. theoal was always his provide our fighters with the resources and to do so on time and on sche anabl cost.
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i'm going to run over this because i think it's important people out there that they know and some members are not on the committee they might not be aware of it. and authorization with thelegisw pointsction will battle that provides 100 teen aircraft can add seven more pieces and now we regret that we didn't do it. we don't want to make the same mistake so we have that provision in there. we have 2.3 billion, 14 kc-46's it's interesting because that's
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ultimately the kc-135 which has been around for 58 years. i can remember in the last administration the secretary of the air force was having an event. i remember commenting out of al-jazeera in 1959, two wonderful things happen. number one i got married in number two we delivered our first kc-135. off that' cuor y here for the next 59 years. our kc-46's are necessary and of course this has the procurement of 14 of these in a wh have said we have printed 50 million to prepare aircraft. we have a procurement of 117 army helicopters, 17 million prototype next-generation combat vehicle and $100 million each
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for the marine corps l aircraft in the group of five unmann a sysm and lastly missile def, missile defense agency and that's bue fallen behind. during the last administration now we have everyone agreeing that this is good. this is in the bill that we have unnecessarily postponed for another week. i guess someone was making a point there and along the way the ndaa makes adjustmat tn's b request to ensure programs are sustainable and accountable and protecting him -- american tax dollars. all it takes to assure we are prepared for a world defined by strategic competition with china and russia addressing china's militarization and the sthin ses military aggression and cyber
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several of us including the chair we were not long ago about a month ago in the south china sea and if you could see what the chinese are doing totally illegally produced not and that they own and they are rude claiming land. it wasn't egregiously claim by anybody but they have seven islands and we are talking about over 33,000 acres that's out there that they have creat huge military formations. when you look at these you see all of our allies in that part of the world are semi-that they no sayak this.
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what is happening rightwa now we saw it and we know that it's projected in by the way it's not just the south china sea. i just got back and for the first time the history of china they now have military bases. they are note within the confins of china. this supports the nuclear posture review by authorizing yi million to developing low d ballistic missile. i know there are going to be amendments and we look forward to that. the ranking member and i don't agree on everything and this is one area that probably we don't agree onon. we will have on at's whang to have. unfortunately thail layed for a period of time which i believe is uecessa
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fina the ndaa supports our allies and partners around the world and authorizes $5.2 billion for the afghanistan security force fund. we just got back from afghanistan. things are really going well there. we had a chance to talk to the general and some of the rest of and good things ap despite an unfriendly press sometimes. for the fight against terrorism that authorizes $1.2 billion in funding to counter isis efforts with train and equip pgr in iraq a syria. e train and e equip program is one i think we all agree on this committee that's very important tonu continue. author is a $6.3 billion for the deterrence initiative and 200 million for security to the ukraine including assistance. we should have done it a me ago.
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raine had their last election about three years ago and that was aan time where the first tie in 96 years ukraine doesn't have one communist in its parliament. they did that because they love us and you know what happened there. aveheni to offer defensive equipment over there to help them because they have this love for the west. at that time the administration would not allow that to take place. anyway wean authorized 580 for israeli missile defense programs and by the way when we are talking about israel there is an assumption out there that they are dormant and we are providing to them. they actually have developed a assistance over there superior to ours and there's no better relationship anywhere in the world in between the united
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states and israel. good things are happening there. of course we have a great guy overre that looks to us as their closest friend. also includes the modernization act adopted by thee senat banking committee and the committee on foreign investment in the unitedth states the authority it needs to address the national security concerns. as w move forward to considering the fiscal year in 19 in the aaa we have to remember our primary constitutional resns provide. we forge tt there are people. ifou go back home they aren't even talking about it and they play planned this assumption that we already have that we need and no longer a mission worth fighting for. it's the most dangerous world we have ever faced.
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the military advantage we have once enjoyed his debilitated. you don't have to go far to look at some ofil these countries lie north korea. right now the good things are happening and 66 days are now meeting's going to take place between kim jong un and our president, on precedented and i'm very excited about it but nonetheless in this world today you can have one small country with the capability of wiping out america and it's something we haven't been dealing with in past. that's all part of this bill that we are talking about now that we are going to be passing he to calm -- conference they are nation commemorates the 17th anniversary of d-day to the storms and beaches of t sacri o many fiting sometimes again
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insurmountable odds in the name of freedom. i urge might colleagues to keep in mind the consideration of this legislation for the john s. mccain national defense authorization act for fiscal 2019. we assert the quantitative and qualitativeitary advantage it's always been our qualitative and qntitativ advanit my hope and the hope of the ranking memberha we can movardin amendment process. it's very important and this is the one w all agreed on that we were hopingld be in this process right now. unfortunately sometimes it's going to beost so we wo with everyonee here as
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going. possible to i want to yield to senator reed and before he do i want to make sure that we are on t the i've never sn ion t w have betweenreoper the democrats and republicans in the senate armed services coittee and i will yield the oor. let me on yield the floor for just a mee. mr. president i have six requests today's session of the senate. they have an approval of the majority and the minority. dulyd you have the floor. >>loor. >> the senator frohode island. >> thank you mr. president. let me again thank cha hofe a great deal of that was
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th rult of his work as i mentionepiratiirn mccain had everything we did. i would ask consent that a fellow in my office speak granted the floor until august 3, 2018. >> without objection. >> mr. president i joined the senator from oklahoma to rise for the fiscal 2019 defense authorization bil pass the committee on may 23 with a very strong bipartisan vote. first i would like to recognize chairman mccain as to whom this bill is named. senator mccain has guided this mmittee through several ndaa's with a steady handed unyielding leadership. hi ctm bee an example of the way congress should function and i'm pleased to say thiso bill follows that tradition. again i want to thank senator inhofe for his gracious service
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through many hearings and extremely efficient m wpch ed the biparn bill we are beginning to consider. with that like to begin considering i a taking amts tenay but we'll consider it and pass it will continue those outstanding records of annuallhe nationalse act. >> the committ h held hearings on national security allenges and received briefings on emerging threats. r adversaries thathreate democratic system the global order and improve the les o those in the military and their families. this will prioritize the strategic mpetition with russia and china. it supports the prede'sdget reqt dete and if necessary, defend against aggression from
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near-pier competitors -- nepeto, this includes the european deterrence initiative asg demonstration ofomtment our european allies and the ean pansionism. and we include the necessary urces t counter china's destabilization in the reasoningon. it callsnhe administration to complete a comprehensive attacked t heart o ournflict. democracy in 2016 and our -- mid-term elections. yet the administration has failed to bring together our mi and nonmilitary tools of national power to counter this russian aggressn despite a requirement in last year's
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ndaao to congress wholef government strategy to counte rsialigned influence. is bl expresses the sense of co a counter russiashould influence strategy without delay. over the course of the past the comee h held numerous hearings in which witnesses told us that the president has not tasked the department of defense to appear to respond to a repeat of russia's influence campaign. their ongoing campaign of misinformation has lrnlg largely be -- has largely been condu through cyberspace. they have cyber forces designed. it is my belief that the ooing attacks can't be such a significant bill provides a provision that allows defense to hav side of forces to defend russian attacks on our democracy.
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with respect to the continued threat by isis, the bill extends the iraq and syrian trained equip programs at the funding levels, and to have thepartment. this is ant that recognizes the continued threat from isis while ensuring appropriate ersight of these authorities in a dynamic vironment. i am pleased that the bill also includes provisions designed top incorporate lessons learned from the campaign against isis that can account for andespo to allegations of civilian casualties going forward. as the tip of the spear of our efforts to counter violent extremist groups like isisbe, ol erations forces require the best equipment and training possible. the bill authorizes full funding for the u.s. special operationings command and willee
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secretary of defense to act as the service secretary-like civilian responsible for the oversight and advocacy for all s forces. for the navy and marine corps, i believe the bill represents a continuation of the efforts so important for improving our armed forces. the proposals wouldegin significant efforts to improve the readiness of navy and marine corps aircraft, ships, and other systems. i am pleased that it authorizes are discussion so that we can replace the ohio class submarines. while i support many of the provisions of the bill regarding the navy and marine corps, the bill makes sizable -- thatill be the backbone of theus aault l
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for the years to come. this is shortsighted and i plan to continue to work with my colleagues on this issue throughout the process. for the air for the air force this bill authorizes the a-10 wing replacement program to ensure the readiness of our a-10 fleet. additionally, the bill authorizes $350 million for the air force t procure light-attackaftcr and $2.3 billion for 14-kc 46 tankers. it provides multi-year procurement authority for the c130-j program. the bill alsoasros to begin to address therong challenge of operating and supporting the f-35 fleet for all services. i believe this challen willwi ue have to take additional actions in the future where we have begun this process. j-stars is the commanding control aircraft of ground forces. presently, the air force plans to retire j-stars with the hope, not the plan, but the hope of
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replacing in the future with a new concept. but i believe the bill takes a very responsible position by prevent be the airorce -- ting the air force from retiring the current of j-stars aircraft and.additional resources to help the air force accelerate, developing, and fielding new capabilities to replace the current ground-moving target capability provided by j-stars. in effect, we shouldn't take j-stars away until we have something very credible and capable to replace it. as the department of defense prioritizes long-term strategic competition with china and russia, the army will be required to balance the highen -- highen end near pier fight. this will be a significant shift for the armyiven that for the nearly 17 years in the past, they have focused on combat operations in iraq, afghanistan, and most recently in syria. in addition, the army has had a spotty track record in recent
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deca witde major acquisition programs. coupled with the effects of the budget control act and sequestration, the army has had to defray modernizing platforms aimed with a conflict with a peer add remember sorries. recognizing therhl ber of cross functional crea n teams tasks -- so that new technologies and modernized platforms could be delivered to the force in a more effective manner. me the senior leadership of the army for making acquisition reform a priority. and i believe the bill that we are considering today supports investments for critical weapon systems and research and development activities. for example, the bill authorizes full funding for the army's request for battle tanks as well as army helicopters to include a-64 apache helicopters andblkh. makes target investments to improve the range and thee that willty of artillery systems
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and supports the feeling on combat vehicles order to better protect isi area that i support but i am concerned that some of the programs were not fully funded. the most notably, the joint light tactical vehicle program. while the senate mtly presidentt annual request, we should be mindful of the impact of the force. ensuring our soldiers havehe equipment and resources they need on the battlefield is our highest priority. in the area of space, this committee has taken irn depth briefings on the thrts we face through the use of our space systems while many of the details are classified, i'm satisfied with the investments we are now making in this area given that space is increasingly becoming a contested domain upon which our ground, sea, and air forces rely upon worldwide. i would only comment to my colleagues that in last year's national defense authorization act, we made substantial changes to the department's governance,
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the way they operate and the policy development within the department of defense. and we should give the department the time it needs to implement these new proposals before we consider additional tasks for the department. in the area of acquisition and technology, i am pleased to see the bill e at acquisition streaining and reform and tries to strengthen d.o.d.'s stem and acquisition resource. we continue to take steps to improve the pentagon's ability to deploy technology systems and embrace modern commercialftware. we also include a number of provisions that will strengthen the u.s. defense manufacturing and industrial base which is so critical to our ability to deal with threats around the world. the committee's bill authorizes significant increases in funding for science and technology programs above the president's requesds, includi sung critical research areas like quantum computing, artificial intelligence, hyper sonics and directmaging.
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we are on a full sail technological race with china with impcaons for both our national security and economic success. and many provisions in this bill are aimed to help us win that race. this bill includes efforts to drive the pentagon to engage more with our world-leading universities and small businesses, to leverage their innovation and create the technologies that will shape the future battlefield and drive the economy. among other things, the bill establishes a d.o.d. venture capital program to invest in h start-ups a wl aspermanently e successful small business innovation research program. in the area of personnel, the bill includes a number of provisions designed to modernize the personnel management system by giving the services greater flexibility to commission and promote individuals with the training and experience in specialized areas needed by the services. the bill also addresses dom domc violence and child abuse by establishing a new punitive
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article in the uniform code of military justice,rohibiting domestic violence, and requiring programs to address child abuse and domestic violence on military installations. the bill addresses the issue ofy personnel and their families by requiring a pilot program to minimize early opioid exposure and creating a new program for sharing information about opioid prescriptih state prescription drug monitoring programs. the bill also supports a high quality of life for service members and their families. it authorizes the full 2.6% basic pay increase for all serviceembers as well as $40 million in depant suppme impact aid, an additional $10 million in impach severe disabilities. the bil w protections of title 9 of the education amendments of 1972 to all d.o.d. schools, closing a loophole in coverage of these protections and would require new
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comprehensive sexual harassment poci for students in d.o.d. schools that provides protections at least equal to those afforded by title 9. i remain concerned, however, that the military service do not receive first strength increases in this bill that they have requested. i understand the desire for quality over quantity and agree quality is p >> but i believeheervis can increase and achieve the increases they requested without sacrificing service standards. i look forward to hearing from the services as we move forward in the legislative cycle about these provisions and whether they continue to believe they can achieve the requested increases without sacrificing quality. in the area of strategic systems, this bill continues to merzation of all three legs, the b 21 mb ground based strategic deterrent and the columbia class submarin these are all major acquisition programs tt dec
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to field. bipartisan support is essential for the succe as w me forward and this bill continues that bipartisan support. b-21 will replace the b 52 ch field in 1962. and will be required topete well into the 2040s. the ground based deterrent will replace the current which was fielded in the 70s and used as an electronic that in many cases predate the earliest personal computers. finally the columbia class submarine will replace the current fleet of 14 ohio class submarines starting in 2027 due to the potential for fatigue on the ohio class submarines. by then, the first ohio class submarine will be 46 years old. the oldest submarine to have ever sailed in our navy in its history. but perhaps the biggest issue to be debated in the coming days is the development and deployment
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of low yield nuclear weapons.ths ill authorizes the defense department's request for funding for new low yield submarine launch ballistic missile. the request for this weapon is response to russia with the military doctrine of escalate to deescalate which means if russia was losing conventional war or had obtained their objective and wanted to prevent counterattacks thou displace them, they would launch a low yielding weapon and force us to choose between suspension of our military efforts or deployment of high yield nuclear weapons, heightening the possibility of escalation and all out nuclear war. this low yield system raises questions of policy that i believe require more time to fully analyze and understand. i have spent countless hours and i'm not alone, my colleagues on bouthe issues that any senate h are caused by those proposals. i'm concerned that we have not
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fully grasped all the complex implications inherent to fuch a system. indeed, there is an hest disagreement a expert in the field on this issue. whilene of our most promine an effective and distinguished officers makes the case for this system, others like former secretary who is also an expert in the field says that the system is not necessary. but no matter where you fall on th issue, to d this ap i a mor change in u.s. policy. and i believe congress needs to have a say each step of the way. and under a law passed on a bipartan basis in 2003, which i actually was involved in crafting with senator jn warner, the administration could do research on a low yield weapon but could not develop or produce or deploy it without congressional authoration. this bill removes that restriction going forward and virtually all congressional input on these weapons and other
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potential weapons. given the policy of development and deployment of low yield nucle weapons, in te of nuclear weapon, i believe that congress should be involved every step of the way. and so we will be offering an amendment to ensure congressional oversight of this issue to continue the process which we are using today, which congress will actually debate and vote and consider development and deploent a new finally, this bill authorizes 639.2 billion dollars in base funding for the department of defense and the department of energy and 68.5 billion dollars in funding for contingency operations. i'm glad the bill remains within the cap set by the bipartisan budget act which we passed in february. this will enable the department to continue to restore readiness and modernize our forces. however i will remind my colleagues that the budget deal only covered fiscal year 18 and
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fiscal year 19. sequestration and the original caps will be back next year unless we again reach an agreement for both the defense and non-defense accounts. i think all of us acknowledge that our national security is broader. customs and border patrol, the security agency, the coast guard, the state department and many other agencies also contribute to our national security. what we have proposed in this bill before us will be short lived if we cannot provide in the years to come for all these critical functions of our government. t conclude byegain thanking inhofe and my colleagues on the committee for working on a bipartisan basis to develop this important piece of legislation. i would also like to thank the staff who worked tessly on the bill throughout this year and will continue to work tirelessly for many many days ahead. i look forward to the debate on the issues that face the department of defense and our
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national security. finally ian't think of no m appropriate title for this bill than the john mccain national defense authorization act to symbolize the leadership and the inspiration and the direction that he is still providing us and will provide us as we move forward. th that, mr. president, i would yield the floor. >> earlier today senator spoke on the senate floor to honor robert f. kennedy. he talks about mr. kennedy's life and his impact on the united states history. >> today we remember robt f. kennedy whose life was brutally
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savagely cut short 50 years ago. robert kennedy was a presidential candidate, a united states senator, member of this chamber, an attorney general, a naval officer, a father, a son, a husband, a brother, but more than all of that he was a beacon of hope amidst turbulent and difficult times in our nation. and he was an inspiration to generations of americans. speaking at his younger brother's funeral, our former colleague senator ted kennedy said that robert kennedy, quote, need not be idolized ornlarge in death beyond what he was in life, that he can be remembered simply as a goo and


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