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tv   Sen. Ted Cruz at Faith Freedom Coalition Conference  CSPAN  June 8, 2018 7:55am-8:18am EDT

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we will bring you live coverage from the faith and freedom conference in the meantime here is some of yesterday's conference with senators ted cruz and marco rubio and house speaker paul ryan. this is just over an hour. [music] god bless the faith and freedom coalition. let me just say this is the first time in my life i've been asked to follow an angelic choir. and you know. i have to say i'm going to take in issue with ralph. it's really tough to be asked to go right after nuns.
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for you guys that is about as stark of contrast as you can imagine. i have to tell you by the way as a lawyer is not widely known but actually a number of laboratories across the country have begun using lawyers instead of rats in their experiments. there are two reasons for this. number one the scientists were growing too attached to the rats. and number two there are some things even rats won't do. what a blessing to be with you today. what a blessing to welcome you to thank you for your courageous stance.
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what i want to talk to you about this morning as i want to reflect on some of the incredible victories we had had for faith, for family, for the values we share. i want to focus and highlight seven victories in the last year and a half. seven victories. let's start with number one judges defending our rights. [applause]. we see those on the federal courts all across the country. we see it with justice neil gore shits. in the colorado baker's case. we have a victory. as you know a christian and a
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man of faith the client to participate to bake out wedding cake because he viewed as contrary to his faith. if we lived in the sort of society that those who call themselves liberals described. that would've been the end of the story. he would have i lived according to his faith and we would've respected that. but there are those with a legal agenda that wanted to drive that acre take her out of business to punish him and any other person of faith for daring to live according to your faith. it was a case that went to the supreme court and paused to think who would've thought a
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wedding cake would go all the way to the united states supreme court. i was proud to lead the organization. in support of religious liberty and it was a case that this week we won by a vote of seven-two. virtually every media reporter and every democrat although i repeat myself they all immediately, and the press coverage said what a narrow decision it was. the talking points went out every tweet and every headline. i may not be great at math but
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seven-two is more or less than half of nine. you have a couple of democratic appointments you said and they say it's narrow because the decision was based on the facts. the facts of the case. the so-called colorado rights commission. and animosity to faith. that was visceral and buy a seven-to vote. they said the government cannot treat people of faith as disfavored citizens. .. ..
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i second victory concerns life. men and women here, you have devoted your lives to defending human life, to defending innocent life, every life, as a precious gift from god that deserve to be protected from the moment of conception until the moment of natural death. we've seen in the last year and a half significant victories preserving innocent life. the very beginning of the trump administration we saw a return to the mexico city rules which means our foreign aid will no longer be used to fund abortions overseas. [applause] we saw the administration pull out a funding the u.n. population fund which was complicit in china's horrific practices of forced sterilization and forced abortions. and we saw hhs issued new rules
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returning to the old rules prohibiting taxpayer funding from going to planned parenthood in clinics that provide abortions. [applause] and not only that, we saw the administration resend the abhorrent so-called contraceptive mandate in obamacare, a a mandate that was interpreted by the obama administration to force, or to try to force, believers to fund abortion inducing drugs. the consequences of that decision is that the litigation against the little sisters of the poor has been dismissed. [applause]
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as i've said many, many times the obama administration was litigating against the little sisters of the poor, trying to force nuns to pay for abortion-inducing drugs. as i have said many, many times, here's a really good rule of thumb. if you are litigating against nuns, you probably have done something wrong. it's -- [applause] it's a a wonderfully reliable checklist, litigating against nuns, yes, no. stay on the yes side, or the no side of that ledger, rather. but those are tremendous victories. they are victories for protecting innocent life. third, major victory.
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the incredible tax cut we saw in december. a tax-cut cutting taxes on small businesses, cutting taxes on farmers, cutting taxes on ranchers, cutting taxes on families. doubling the standard deduction be what does that mean? for a couple the standard standard deduction goes from 12,000 to 24,000. that means next year, 90% of americans will be able to fill out your taxes on a postcard. now, personally i think it should be 100% and we ought to continue to assemble flat tax and we should abolish the irs. [applause]
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but 90% is a good start. not only that, we saw marginal tax rates reduced at every bracket. we saw over 4 million americans get a racist, get bonuses because of the tax cut. 500, a thousand, more than $1000. or as nancy pelosi calls it, crumbs. marie into a net would be proud -- marie antoinette would be proud. i'll tell you, our slang of southwest airlines. a flight can walk up to me, out to me and said thanks for the pay raise. i said you're welcome. but not only that, an integral part of the tax cut was doubling the child tax credit from $1000
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per child per year to $2000 per child per year. [applause] that is real money in the pockets of hard-working families. that means a family with kids, that's the difference between having the money, if you've got three kids, that's an additional $3000 in your pocket. that means that's the money for your daughter to get braces. that's the money for you to take your kids, maybe two the first family vacation you've been in several years to go to disneyland, or to send your kids to a summer camp or to invest in a college fund or to help pay tuition for help pay healthcare. that's real money for families who are struggling. this is a group that cares about families, doubling the child tax credit makes a real difference.
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fourth, we repealed the obamacare individual mandate. [applause] now, that's a big deal. that's something to lead the fight to do in the senate, and i'll tell you back in october there were maybe a a half-dozen senators supporting us. most of the conference said, look, we made a a run at obamae twice. we came up short. let's not muck up tax reform with obamacare. an handful of us begin making the case both publicly and privately that this made sense, that made sense for the 6.5 million people. people. here's how the individual mandate works. every year the irs finds 6.5 million americans because they can't afford health insurance.
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of those, roughly 80% earn earn $50,000 a year or less. roughly 40% earn $25,000 a year or a year or less. about an million are texans. so i want you to imagine for a second you are a single mom. you are working two jobs. you are struggling to make ends meet. you are trying to provide for your kids. you are not even making $25,000 a year doing that. and to add insult to injury to irs comes along and finds you because you can't afford to pay the premiums have skyrocketed under obamacare. these are the things that led bill clinton to describe obamacare as the crazies thing in the world. about the only time in my life i have agreed with him. by the way, his recent media to her is going well. [laughing]
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we might want to pay to send hillary onto her. if we can get hillary to go to swing states between now and november, perhaps everyday, that would be really, really good. because there might be some voters left she hasn't insulted yet. but we made the case that repealing the individual mandate is immediate and real tax relief with a 6.5 million people getting fined by the irs under obamacare. but it also provided the savings that is what enabled us to fund doubling the child to child tax credit and blowing them marginal tax rate of families across the country, and we went from an october having a half-dozen senators supporting it to in december 1952 of 52 republicans standing together and voting and repealing the individual mandate. [applause] that was the big conservative
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victory that no one in washington thought we could win. now look, obamacare is clearly the biggest unfinished promise republicans have. we need to finish the job. we need to keep rolling up our sleeves and finish the job and repeal every single word of obamacare. [applause] but getting rid of the individual mandate was a big deal and an important first step. victory number five, school choice. an amendment that i introduced on the tax bill, became the only member mimic actual adopted on the senate floor. it took college 529 savings plan, very, very popular tax advantage plan that you can say for the kids to go to college. and it expanded them to cover k-12 education, to cover public
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school, , private school, religious school, parochial school. your choice, up to $10,000 per child per year. there was some drama in this amendment. it came to a vote after midnight friday night, early saturday morning. it was clear is going to be close. we had 52 republicans in the senate. early on two republicans voted no. at that point the senate for staff they picked up the phone and they called the vice president's office. the vice president wasn't in the capital at the time. they said looks like we may have a tie. we need you to come down to the capital. the vice president got in the motorcade and begin heading down to the capital. i'm standing there trying to convince one of the republicans to switch her vote. while undoing that joe manchin democrat from west virginia walks behind me and votes yes. [applause] bears an audible gasp in the
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well of the senate. -- there was -- center for staff picks up the phone and call the vice president said turned out we don't need your vote. we just got joe manchin. we don't need you. the vice president turns the motorcade rent and begins heading back home. joe manchin returns to his desk and sc democrats descend upon him. they begin yelling at him, i think that actually pulled out a stick and began beating him with it. about five minutes later manchin sheepishly walked to the front of the senate and switches his vote to a no. so the senate for staff picks up the phone, calls the vice president's office. they said, we need you after all. it's about 15 minutes on the naval observatory to the capital. vice president turns around his motorcade a second time, and 50 minutes later vice president walks onto the floor of the senate turkey says the eyes
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being 50, the nays being 50, the senate be equally divided, the presiding officer vote in the affirmative. the amendment is adopted. and with that we saw the most far-reaching federal school choice legislation that is ever passed come into law providing potentially benefits of the 15 million schoolkids across the country, enabling parents and grandparents to say for your kids, to say for your grandkids, and to choose the best educational option for them. the sixth major victory, just a few weeks ago, finally, finally finally the united states opened our embassy in jerusalem.
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[applause] i was incredibly privileged to be in israel, to be in jerusalem at the embassy opening, to stand the rigor was the 70th anniversary of the creation of the modern state of israel. 70 years ago when david ben-gurion declared the state of israel, 11 minutes later, harry s. truman recognized israel. kind of embarrassed it took us that long. but you know, residents in both parties had promised to move out embassy to jerusalem. presidents in both parties had broken that promise. we had a year and a half battle in the trump administration. i energetically argued for moving the embassy, and president trump made the right decision and now our embassy is in jerusalem, the once and eternal capital of israel.
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[applause] the same week that we opened our embassy, the president made the decision, the right decision, to withdraw from the disastrous obama-iran nuclear deal. [applause] president obama has spent tens of billions of dollars to the world's leading state-sponsored terrorism, the ayatollah how morning who chance of death to america and death to israel. when he says that, i believe him. that deal would have led inexorably to the ayatollah having nuclear weapons once again it was about and the trump administration, do we stay in the deal, do we pull out? i energetically urged the president the right thing to do for the national secret of this country is pull out of the deal
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and use every fourth we have economic, diplomatic and if need be military to ensure that the ayatollah never ever, ever gets nuclear weapons. [applause] seven victories and more to come. i want to close on a lighthearted note with a prayer request. some of you all may have seen that a week from saturday i'm going to be playing jimmy kimmel one-on-one in basketball. this came out of the houston rockets when we tragically lost game seven of the western conference finals. i am a diehard rockets and. you sound like my wife. and jimmy kimmel went on air in
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begin making fun of the rockets can making fun of me and saying the reason the rockets lost is because ted cruz went to game seven. so i decide to have some fun with this myself and i went online and i challenge him. i said all right, big guy, you talk a big game. let's settle this man-to-man, one on one hopes. the loser is $5000 to the nonpolitical charity of the winners choice. but we had some back and forth. jamie wanted to wear short shorts and crop top. i give you my earnest commitmen commitment, under no circumstances will i be wearing short shorts and a crop top. nobody in america wants to see that. but i will tell you candidly, my team is terrified that jimmy kimmel is going to dump on me.
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-- dunk. i keep my promise that ain't going to happen. if need be i will pull his shorts to the ground but he is not getting to the rim. [shouting] >> so i played high school ball. i was a mediocre high school player. i rode the bench a lot. and i remain about a mediocre high school player. so i ask for your prayers that i at least once hit the rim and ideally have the ball go in. and more importantly than at the end of the day, okay come in a perfect world i would like to see jimmy kimmel with spalding imprinted on his four head, but the perfect world i hope that jimmy writes a $5000 check and helps out kids in texas and so ask for your prayers and i thank you for your incredible support for our nation. [applause]


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