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tv   Washington Journal Rep. Ted Lieu  CSPAN  June 8, 2018 7:33pm-8:01pm EDT

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coming up saturday morning: george mason university senior research fellow and the alliance for american manufacturing discuss trump administration trade and tariff policies. and then variety senior editor ted johnson will be on to talk about the up coming court decision on the at&t time warner merger. be sure to watch c-span's washington journal live at 7:00 eastern saturday morning. join the discussion. >> and we are back at our table. congressman democrat of california sits on the judiciary committee as well as foreign affairs here to talk about the president's trips abroad. he actually is aboard marine one, landing at joint andrews air force base before he's about to head off on air force one to canada as you know congressman and then from there leaving canada early the g-7 summit to go off to singapore. let's start with the g-7 and the reaction from our allies to his
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moves on tariffs and trade. what do you think? >> well, thank you, for that question. like healthcare, trade is complicated, but i think what the president is going to find out is that these countries are going to push back. unlike the republican-controlled congress, they are not just going to fall down and not do anything. they are going to hit back and a lot of that is going to affect americans. for example, countries such as mexico have already imposed tariffs on pork, on bourbon, on motorcycles so it is going to create problems for the american people. >> our guest as you know, he said he is far disrupting the status quo, that what this country has done over the years and decades on trade hasn't worked so there may be some short-term ramifications. but the long-term gain is to the advantage of the americans. >> if you look at history, that's actually not what happened. the last time america tried it, it made the great depression much worse. and what's going to happen is
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these other countries, some of them like china, for example, can tolerate pain much better than americans can. they will just hold out, and when they start imposing all these tariffs on our agriculture, it is going to cause farmers to go out of business. china can sustain that. they have a very different economy. it is centralized. it is from the government. they have huge reserves. they can tolerate that pain. americans won't be able to do that. >> why not? where will americans feel the pain? >> for example, farmers will. if china is going to start levying all these tariffs, it will cause farmers a lot of pain. in china they can subsidize their industries in the way u.s. cannot. the government actually owns both if not all those companies, so china can first of all not only tolerate the pain better but they have much more reserves than the u.s. does. >> what about the diplomatic
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fallout? you have seen emmanuel macron and the canadian prime minister justin trudeau respond to the president yesterday saying essentially it could be the g-6 plus one. if i was canada, i would be particularly upset. if you actually look at our own office of the u.s. trade representative, under the trump administration, right on their website, it says the united states has an 8.4 billion dollars trade surplus with canada. the president just makes stuff up. and he can't say there's a trade deficit in canada when in fact there is not. we actually have a trade surplus. so i can see why our allies at the g-7 are very upset at the president right now. >> what do you think the president should do now as he heads -- makes his way to canada? >> i think it is fine to negotiate with other countries on trade, to try to take certain industries and make it better, but to just start imposing tariffs and to start taking these very extreme actions, that's not the best way to get a
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deal. >> and how should congress react? >> well, you actually see bipartisan support now for legislation that would rein in the president's ability to do this because it's more than just trade. when you start offending our allies, the next time the united states needs help, whether it's on iran or north korea or another area in the world, much less likely our allies are going to come and help us. >> as you sit on the foreign affairs committee, where does the united states need help? talk a little bit more about that. >> sure, so for north korean sanctions to work, you need the whole world to really buy into it and to help the united states in imposing these sanctions. i voted for the strongest u.s. sanctions ever on north korea. for that to be effective, you need other countries, including those in the g-7 and china and mexico and others to also put in the same sanction. and if we start offending our allies and other countries, much
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less likely they are going to listen to the united states in the future. >> congressman we want to show our viewers and have you respond to the president moments ago before he left the white house ahead of the g-7 summit and the meetings in singapore with the north korean leader. here's what he had to say. >> it doesn't matter what you call it. it used to be the g8 because russia was in it. and now russia's not in it. now i love our country. i have been russia's worst nightmare. if hillary got in, i think putin is probably going man, i wish hillary won because you see what i do. but with that being said, russia should be in this meeting. why are we having a meeting without russia being in the meeting? and i would recommend and it's up to them, but russia should be in the meeting. it should be a part of it. you know, whether you like it or not, and it may not be politically correct, but we have a world to run. and the g-7 which used to be the
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g-8, they threw russia out, they should let russia come back in because we should have russia at the negotiating table. >> congressman? >> yeah, the president of the united states is lying. he has been extremely kind to russia. last year congress passed on a bipartisan basis sanctions on russia for which donald trump has still not yet implemented in its entirety. second, just a few weeks ago, the joint committee investigating the downing of a malaysian airliner concluded in the report that it was downed by a russian-made missile from a russian brigade. that was basically mass murder caused by the kremlin. in and 2016, russia launched a cyberattack and influence campaign to affect american democracy. there is no way russia should be reinstated, and the president of the united states should not be saying those words at this time. >> should the president possibly meet with the russian leader
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vladimir putin as the russian leader has proposed in austria? >> i have no problem with the president of the united states meeting anyone he wants to. it's what happens in those meetings that's important. and so i do support the president meeting with whoever he thinks he should meet to make america better. >> including kim jong-un? we've heard from a couple viewers today saying he should not be meeting with him. >> under u.s. pacific command, and it is very clear to me the united states has no good military options in nnk north korea, so i fully support diplomacy, i support the summit. i support the meeting with the leader of north korea. i hope the meeting goes well what are your concerns? >> my concerns are the president of the united states has admitted he's not prepared very much for this summit. and when you're dealing with another country that has nuclear weapons, and you are negotiating on something as important as nuclear weapons, you better know your facts. my hope is that by june 12th the president of the united states knows his fact and doesn't give
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away the store in any sort of negotiation. >> june 12th is tuesday. and the president said this is just the beginning of it. it will require more than just one meeting. we're going to a caller. hi. >> i have a question. a little off from what you guys are talking about. you know, with our president wanting to put up the wall, and yet we told gorbachev over in russia to tear down his wall, when ronald reagan was president, what is this going -- if you can put up a wall, you can dig under a wall. it is not going to do any good. >> all right, keith. congressman? >> thank you, keith, for that question. in fact, you are absolutely correct. republican members of congress along the border of the united
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states have come out and opposed the wall. one of them in texas actually said the wall is one of the most inefficient systems because it is so easy to overcome any wall and in addition, it is extremely expensive. that's why the president of the united states keeps making this misleading statement that mexico is going to pay for it. i've got a news flash for you. mexico is not going to pay for that wall. it's going to now be paid for by the american taxpayer, if congress ever authorizes it. and this republican controlled congress still has not done so. why would that be? because they all realize it is pretty stupid to spend all this money on this wall. we should also be talking about the separation of children from parents at the border. whether you're a republican or a democrat or independent, that should horrify you. and that's why i sent a letter along with other democrats on the judiciary committee, asking for a hearing to have the administration officials come in and explain why are we separating toddlers and children from their parents? >> let's hear from mary in fort myers, florida, independent.
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hi, mary. >> caller: hi, thank you for taking my call. i'm going back a little bit to the previous person. i would like to know why social security and medicare are a trust fund. why was it not made a dedicated fund so neither side could touch it and misappropriate or what i call steal the money? that could have been done, and this is both sides are guilty because they keep taking out of it, and this is not right. we should be able to get reimbursed for that. and the other question i have, and you are not a republican, but the previous gentleman, i want a definition of what it means to make america great again. what is the specific definition? what entails that?
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because i think it's just a catch phrase. it's nothing but basic psychology, and if you keep repeating it, it becomes truthful, but nobody really knows what that means. thank you very much. >> thank you, mary. first of all, i have been to fort myers many times. it's a beautiful place. and you live in a wonderful location. in terms of social security and medicare, i agree with you, i believe not only should we not cut those two critical programs. we need to expand and also make the funding much better for both social security and medicare. social security does work a little bit differently. it is primarily paid for by payroll taxes, but in terms of what we've already done with this republican tax law that went in effect, it is putting great pressure on to now cut social security and medicare because the revenues coming in are not going to pay for those tax cuts of which 83% go to the top 1%. so that's what we're trying to
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fight for is to make sure that we don't have this massive deficit and debt and to not have that pressure cause these two programs to go under. that's why i oppose that republican tax law and hopefully we can fix it so we don't put pressure to cut social security and medicare. >> we will go to jack, providence, rhode island, a democrat. >> yes, hi. hello. can you hear me? >> we can, jack, you are on the air. >> caller: okay, thank you, okay. i would like to take issue with congressman lieu on this north korean situation. if you heard secretary of state pompeo, he indicated yesterday that north korea is going to have to denuclearize its arsenal. okay? and it is going to have to be verified. and once that process is going on, they basically can't turn
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back. now donald trump -- and you know this mr. lieu, you're a smart guy, i've watched you, that he told lindsey graham that he's going to solve this problem, quote, one way or the other, by the year 2020. his first term, meaning, that if they agree to denuclearize and their people get rich. my wife happens to be chinese too. my ancestry is german. and secondly if they don't, you know as well as i do, you're a smart guy, talking about nuclear power, ronald reagan dealt with the soviet union. he took care of them. >> jack, we heard your point. let's have the congressman respond. >> thank you, jack, for your question. any nuclear deal is going to take a number of years to implement. and because the president has already said that he believes
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the iran deal did not meet his standards, i expect any deal that he negotiates with north korea would be better than the iran deal. that means very intrusive inspections, that means verification and that means denuclearization. so we will see if that happens. but you at least have to start talking. you need to have a first step. and that's why i support this summit. we need to have diplomacy be center stage because again, the united states has exactly zero good military options. >> according to the usa today, kim jong-un spokesperson said last month that north korea's not interested in giving up its nuclear program without a corresponding change in the u.s. military posture. what does that mean? >> what that would mean to me is north korea would want the united states to either withdraw our forces in south korea or significantly reduce them. i think at this point in time, that's a bad idea. we need to see what north korea is actually going to do before
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we even consider changes, or even the lifting of sanctions. we're going to need some concrete verifiable actions by north korea before congress is going to in any way either lift sanctions or remove troops. >> let's go to the next caller. >> caller: how can we have balanced trade with china when factory workers make $80 a month? as far as north korea, a lot of hype about ballistic missiles. if they wanted to actually attack the u.s., put a nuke in a container, and i'm sorry to say, but san francisco looks like a likely target. or they could always go up the mississippi. good day, sir. >> thank you for your two questions. i will answer the second one first. you are correct.
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it is possible to proliferate nuclear weapons that don't rely on sticking them on a ballistic missile and launching it. so that is something that our intelligence agencies and our department of defense has been very aware of, and they have got different programs and measures to try to prevent that from happening. but that's one reason again i support this summit. we're going to want to have not just north korea get rid of its ballistic missiles but also to denuclearize so they can't sell their nuclear weapons or sell parts of their nuclear weapons to terrorist organizations or other countries. in terms of trade with china, look, i have no problem with the president of the united states trying to negotiate better trade deals with any country that he wants. what i have a problem with is going to the extreme right now of just imposing tariffs on a bunch of countries that that causes a reaction of these countries to immediately impose tariffs back on the united states, and that's going to
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start hurting farmers, hurting our industries. it is much better to try to sit down and work these things out without going to the nuclear option first. >> james in illinois, a republican. >> caller: good morning. i'm 80 years old. i have seen a lot of president. i have never seen anything like this. i think america is great. but i'm wondering. you're on the judiciary committee. i'm wondering when we're going to come up with some impeachment of this president. he's surely violated his oath of office by attacking the other branches of government. he's surely violated the constitution. now i realize mcconnell wants to pack the courts before he does anything. but are you putting pressure on your other members to get some impeachment going of this president? >> jane, thank you for that question. my view is that the impeachment power, like the power to declare war on congress, is one of the gravest most awesome
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responsibilities congress has. it should never be our first option. i think it should always be our last option. we really need to see what the mueller investigation is going to reveal at the end of the investigation. and then we can make a decision. the mueller investigation might make it very easy for congress to make a decision, or not. but i think we at least need to wait for all the facts to come in, and we will see what happens. >> the president before leaving for the g-7 summit according to cnn repeated what he has said on twitter -- twitter that he has the absolute right to pardon himself. >> i would love for the president of the united states to try to pardon himself because i think at that point even his supporters in congress who are republican would conclude the president is super guilty and they would start impeachment proceeding. >> why? why based just on that? >> because you wouldn't pardon yourself if you weren't guilty. it is as simple as that. >> we will go to mike in woodbridge, virginia.
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independent. >> good morning. i don't understand -- [inaudible]. he is putting this country into some dangerous positions. people have to know that this man is incompetent. he is not running the country
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the way previous presidents have been running this country. >> okay. mike i want to have the congressman respond. do you agree? disagree? >> thank you for your question. with every passing day, the world becomes more interconnected. and for america to go at it alone to isolate ourselves is a really bad idea. we tried this many years ago, did not work out. isolationism did not work out. when america goes it alone, we're weaker. we're stronger as a country when we work with our allies instead of offending our allies. i hope at some point the president of the united states understands that. >> frank in california, democrat. hi, frank. >> caller: hi, how are you doing? >> good. >> good morning. >> caller: i just kind of want to go off a little topic. i wanted to ask congressman lieu a couple of questions. i'm a federal corrections officer out here in california. you know, we have detainees,
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inmates, we're having issues is the detainees are coming off the border and i knew eventually that they were going to have to be placed somewhere, and i work out of victorville california complex, and we found out on monday that we're going to get detainees in our facility. and the main issue we have is that when they come in off the streets, we don't have any information. so my question is to congressman lieu, to let him be aware that it is happening all over in the west. and i'm looking at it as a federal corrections officer, our safety, and, you know, of the institutions because it's going to be a totally different mission, and we are not getting any kind of -- there's no layout. all we know is on monday we're getting 1,000 inmates in victorville, california, and it is going to happen through the prisons all through california.
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i'm just asking congressman lieu, would be able to help us or maybe put us in contact so we maybe can get more staff. that's what we're really asking for is more staff. we've been asking for the last couple years, and i think it is very important. thank you for your time. and i appreciate it. >> okay. thank you. >> thank you, frank, for your question. first of all, thank you for your service. thank you for bringing that issue up. we will look into the issue of additional staffing. let me tell you what's causing this problem. the trump administration made a change earlier this year, and that change was so horrific that the president of the united states won't even accept responsibility for it. that change caused children to be separated from their parents. and one of the primary drivers of that is that attorney general of the united states wanting to prosecute every single person who crosses the border even if they have legitimate asylum claim. let me tell you what happened during the obama and bush
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administrations. if someone had a legitimate asylum claim which if you look at these statistics is about 76% of the people because they have a credible fear of persecution, what the administration would do is let them process asylum claim, keep the children with their parents, and that seemed to be a good process. when attorney general sessions reversed this and said we're going to prosecute every single person, put them in detention facilities even if they have legitimate asylum case, not only does it not make rational sense, it causes huge burdens on the defense facilities which you work and other facilities. this was really a policy done with no forethought, with no resources. thank you for that bringing that up. -- thank you for bringing that up. we will look into it. >> rose in illinois, republican. rose the house is going to come in early for their morning session. if you could make it quick for the congressman. >> caller: hi, congressman lieu, this is rose from illinois.
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i want to make several statements because people are all over the place. there was one lady that said a little earlier to you that take down the wall for russia. but we're putting up a wall. well, that's crazy and insane kind of talk because russia put a wall between in one country to divide a country. we're not dividing our country. we're trying to unite it together and put the wall on the outside of the country, to protect us. and that is the mission of the united states government when it was instituted was to protect this entire country. any states that belong to it. i would like to know talking about missions of the constitution, how obama took billions of dollars out of medicare and gave part of it to the california unions and wasted a lot of our medicare and our social security money and got away with it and used it as seed
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money for obama care. same thing federal government gave seed money to massachusetts to start their socialized medicine. you guys just want to put socialized medicine in without the effects of how it affects us as seniors. >> rose, i have to leave it there. congressman? >> thank you, rose, for your question. it is actually factually not correct that obama did that and keep in mind, he was operating dealing with a republican-controlled congress for the last six years of office. and in terms of what you say socialized medicine, under the affordable care act, we're talking about private insurers and talking about people who can't afford to get healthcare get access to healthcare but it is private insurers who are providing that care. it is not socialized medicine.
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i served in the military. my healthcare came from the military. the affordable care act is a system that works with private insurers. >> congressman, thank you, sir for the conversation. >> thank you. >> sunday on q&a, new york times columnist talks about his book "to change the church, pope francis and the future of catholicism". >> he thinks that the church needs to change in various ways. particularly i think around issues related to the revolution, marriage, divorce, and so on where prior popes basically said these are changes the church can't make. and so there have been these sort of fraught places in his pontifficate where he has clashed with cardinals and bishops and theologians over just how far he can push the church to change, what the church can change without either
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undercutting its own traditions or breaking faith with the new testament, the gospels, jesus christ. >> q&a sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span. >> coming up on c-span 2, today's speeches from faith and freedom coalition conference. and later, a look at the fiscal solvency of the social security trust fund. >> each year the faith and freedom coalition holds a three-day conference in washington, d.c., where attendees hear from conservative politicians and speakers. on its second day, convention goers heard from senator david perdue of georgia, senate majority leader mcconnell, transportation secretary elaine chao, israeli ambassador, and housing and urban development secretary ben carson. we begin with remarks from epa administrator scott pruitt.


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