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tv   Faith Freedom Coalition Conference - Part 2  CSPAN  June 8, 2018 8:15pm-10:10pm EDT

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back to the false choices, the regulatory power of agencies picking winners and losers, saying to you and me that we have to choose between the jobs and environment. we must choose a better path. the american people deserve a better future in that regard and this president is leading that effort and i ask for your help. he asked for your help to advance that all over the country. to ensure that as we make these changes during this key time, that future generations recognize that this country is a blessed country. and this country has an opportunity to be a beacon to the rest of the world. i appreciate what you do. [applause] >>.
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♪ [applause] >> thank you so much. i will tell you i am absolutely thrilled to be here with you today. thank you so much for having me here. i'm so grateful for the way you all fight for our values and so grateful that you would take your time to be here today and get into the fight that we are going to be in in 2018. i have to tell you it's been great to be a cheerleader and i think we are all grateful to have the president who is leading this movement. he is doing a wonderful job. [applause]
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and he mentioned i was running for the senate and certainly looking forward to that race. to the u.s. senate i'm going to take the same conservative values that i've had in the house and put those to work in the senate and i'm taking that same energy. she mentioned the investigation against planned parenthood and the fact that we did 15 criminal referrals and that was transpiring between planned parenthood and the third party sellers. i can tell you the department of justice and the fbi have taken up all 15 of those referrals and planned parenthood. [applause]
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and planned parenthood are now under federal investigation. and that is something to celebrate. i have to tell you the president was in nashville last week and we were so excited. there were thousands of people that stood in horrible weather to get into the arena to listen to him. they came to see him and they did that because they want to be there to show their support for this president and for the job that he is doing and the job that his administration is doing i know you love listening to scott pruitt. we are so proud of him and you were going to hear from a lot of conservative leaders today that will talk a lot about what this
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administration and this conservative congress has done. just think about it we have a supreme court justice. we have over 40 federal judges that have been appointed to districts and circuits and appeals courts. we have tax cuts, unemployment is at record lows. we have been able to get over 1500 regulations off the books. people never thought that was going to happen. and we have things that are changing in washington. look at how the president is taking us to foreign affair standing up russia, china, iran, north korea and he has moved our embassy from tel aviv to
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jerusalem. [applause] and i am honored to be working with him on the things that tennesseans and americans want to see done. and what we know that people want to see is more tax cuts. tax cuts are working. in murray county tennessee it's a great tennessee tradition we celebrate 50-year-old. a fun event. i had a gentleman that came up to me and said marcia i want you to vote for more tax cuts. i said absolutely. i'm looking forward to it. chairman brady has already said he's going to be rolling out tax cuts to point out and i'm going to be right there to vote for him and he said good, let me
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tell you something. i have too much month at the end of my money and now i have a little bit of money left at the end of my month and i sort of like that. i think you and i all know people that share this goal and want that extra money in their pocket. we also know that the american people want someone who's going to stand with the president to build the wall. they are going to end the sanctuary city policy. they want elected representatives who are going to work to keep our communities safe. several years ago i took up the fight against to get them shut down. [applause] they exploit our children and women and they need to be shut
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down and social media sites are able to -- sex trafficking and human trafficking needs to be shut down. let me tell you it is so important. you have all heard the democrats say they are going to have a big blue wave and i want to tell you something. we have to make certain that blue wife -- blue wave goes crashing into the big red wall. [applause] and not only is that red wall going to be in tennessee it's going to have to be all across this country and all of these competitive states texas, arizona, pennsylvania, illinois. it looks like they have a little red wall going on in california this week and we all sort of like that one. i will tell you this.
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do liberals thought the 2016 was the end of something. it was the start of something big. it is now we are all going to stand up and make certain that we return to those first principals that we return to those conservative values, that we drain the swamp and we have become a government of the people, by the people and for the people because it is a government. i think it is so significant that just a few days ago the president for supreme court appointee helped give us a victory for religious freedom. [applause] it deserves to be applauded. when they cited with jack
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phillips and the masterpiece cake shop. that is something that is such a victory for religious freedom. i applaud mr. phillips for standing up for his religious freedom and for our religious freedom, for not being afraid of controversy and forgetting in the fight in taking the case all the way to the supreme court. after all i think it is freedom of religion. we have to remember that is our first freedom. it is worth the fight. we have to remember that is the reason that the pilgrims and the quakers and so many others came here is to be able to exercise their religious freedom without penalty and without fear.
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without penalty and without fear. [applause] it was that spirit across our country so as we look at these rights that are given to us these inalienable rights given to us by our creator lets remember that in 2018 it is the beginning of taking this country back, taking our freedoms back. it's time for you and for me and for our children and our grandchildren. it is the worth the fight. [applause] thank you all so much. [applause] ♪
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♪ ♪ >> you know it is really deeply moving to be able to have our next speaker with us here today. he was just reminding me backstage that he was here a year ago and it was about a week before the shooting at the congressional baseball this that really riveted a nation and drove all of us to our knees to pray for the health and the life of our next speaker. before that ever happened to him, he was already a hero of our movement. he was one of the leading family legislators not only in the
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state of louisiana but frank lee and the entire country. he and his colleague in the louisiana legislature good friend tony perkins helped to lead the fight for life, for religious freedom, for marriage. he carried the marriage amendment. and to oppose gambling expansion. he was elected to the house of representatives in 2008 where he quickly rose to leadership becoming chairman of the republican study committee and one of the leading conservatives in congress where he has been a tireless advocate for life, for religious freedom, for marriage and for faith. on june 14 at last year he was severely wounded when he was shot by a crazed far left activist at that congressional baseball practice. i will let him tell the story
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but it's frankly a miracle not only that he didn't lose his life put that many others didn't lose their lives that day. the president you may remember and the first lady rushed to the hospital to be at his side as he hovered between life and death. i know joanna and i were praying for him and i know many of you were praying for him and because of those prayers and the tremendous work of a skilled group of surgeons who saw him through multiple surgeries he returned triumphantly to the floor of the house of representatives. today he is the third highest ranking republican in the congress and we are so honored to welcome our dear friend, one of the greatest champions for our values in america today congressman steve scalise. [applause]
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♪ [applause] [applause] >> thank you. thank you all so much. my dear friend thank you for that warm introduction and for your prayers. to each and every one of who has prayed for me during this last year and my family i can't thank you enough because the power of prayer is real. the miracle is real and i saw it that day on the ball field trip for many reasons i shouldn't be here if you look at what happened that day except for merkel's and the grace of god. i pray every day and i thank god every day and i thank all of you
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for those prayers. there's a lot to pray for but also to be thankful for. if you look at where we are right now in changing the direction of our country might dear friend marsha blackburn just spoke and won't she make a great senator from the great state of tennessee? [applause] marsh is one of the champions. we fought a lot of battles together. when i was chairman of the republican study committee she was right there with me and efforts to expose what was going on in planned parenthood. she chaired that committee to get the facts out and to alert the nation to what has really gone on and how it uncovered and expose people that really shocked so many people. this is something going on in our country and it's got to be stopped. marr show went and exposed them and she was banned from twitter. go back just a few months ago
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when marcia put an ad up on twitter that just expose the truth about planned parenthood twitter took the ad down. there's nothing better to alert the country of just what's going on if you think you might be a culture war in this country the fact that the left and people and organizations like twitter and facebook were literally trying to suppress conservative speech. people are seeing it now because of social media and the mainstream media but because there are so many different ways to get that challenge. it's allowed conservative voices to be even louder and it's one of the reason the donald trump's present today in doing a great job of standing up for our conservative values. look at neal gorsuch. i think the opening on the supreme court is one of the giants of this movement of the constitutional representational supreme court.
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people interpret the constitution and not try to write their own law. the fact that opening was there and not only electing a president but you are electing someone who's going to help shape another generation. nobody needs to ask hillary clinton waterless was going to be. donald trump put out a list and he was criticized by some for doing it. i thought that move alone helped enough swing voters to make the decision that understood what that meant and they look at donald trump's list. neal gorsuch was the best person on that list. there were other great people on the list and maybe we will see a few more on the supreme court before he is done but in the meantime hillary clinton was never asked because she didn't have to know. you knew what the philosophy would be. what a contrast that has been seeing scott pruitt here was a great friend and a champion for restoring the rule of law and
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the regulatory state. the regulatory state under obama had been crushing this country. we were losing manufacturing jobs by thousands every single day because the radical rules and regulations. the nlrb, the irs the whole alphabet soup of agencies that were wrecking the economy. when donald trump came and he said if you look at what he promised during his campaign he has carried through on every one of his promises. how refreshing that is. [applause] so when i came back from the hospital immediately we dove into tax reform to be able to work with president trump on a bill to cut every single tax rate from the highest rate to the lowest rate eliminating the lowest rate doubling the child tax credit. repealing the house version of the bill to repeal the death tax complete repeal. we also had in the house bill a
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complete repeal of the johnson amendment something that tried to stifle free speech in our churches. jody heights and i led the effort. you can applaud that because we are not done fighting to repeal the johnson amendment. in fact the free speech fairness act that would truly restore this whole idea that the irs can threaten to take away our churches based on what they say in the pulpit. they don't even fairly administrative. we need to repeal the johnson amendment. [applause] something else i want to talk to you about that so critically important in this november's election and if you ever wonder why elections matter i'm not one to say that this 28 election -- 2018 is the most important election. the most important election in
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our generation was two years ago in 2016. getting donald trump elect a president with the majority of the house and senate to allow us to save this great nation. we set out to do a number of things and this tax cut deal with incredible and getting our country on track and to actually have the money to go on vacation to buy your first home. it's real success and by the way i welcome the fact that nancy pelosi is remind everyone that she will run for speaker gain if they get the majority. she also said she would raise your taxes. she wants to undo this tax cut will. we pass to build transforms our economy. it gets the ball hired again and keeps people for money in her pocket and what is france or? she should be applauding. donald trump got something right that she can agree with instead she said she wants to reverse it
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she joins bernie sanders another radicals on the left who say that's what they would do. the work the country know what the two different agendas are. we passed a bill last year in the house to completely repeal -- repeal obamacare. it was a repeal and replace bill that replaced it with market reforms that we could have a health care marketplace where you can buy what you want at an affordable cost but do you know what else we did fix fix it completely defined planned parenthood, completely defunded it. and we passed the bill through the house. we can't celebrate yet because that bill didn't become law. you know why? three republicans voted no. by one vote the bill failed. we have the opportunity to flip at least five seats in the senate from democrat to republican. we have got to come back next year with the house republican majority in increased numbers in the senate and get that no past
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to president trump's desk to repeal obamacare and defund planned parenthood. we have a lot of work to do but i think you offer what you do to defend the values of this country but if you look at what the faith and freedom kulisch is about is to restore the values that made this country great. this is the greatest country in the history of the world but it didn't happen by accident. this country was created in a nation founded under god. it was talked about by our founding fathers. there people who have been trying to take god out of every element of our society for decades. you know what is at stake. you stand up and offended that we have to remind people all the time that this country was founded under god. this whole idea that separation of church and state. you can see this onto memorial god who gave us life gave us liberty. can the liberties of a nation be
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secure when we have removed a conviction that these liberties are the gift of god? that was thomas jefferson. this is a nation founded under the belief that god. when i was shot and i started crawling away from the gunfire and all of my body gave out and i couldn't crawl anymore the first thing i did was pray. i started to pray to god. i said god there is nothing else i can do. i'm asking you for help and i put it in god's hands and i've prayed for very specific things. the first one i have a 10-year-old and she is now 11-year-old daughter and i pray to god. god please don't let her walk up the aisle alone. subversively came to my mind that i prayed that i would see my family again. pray for a number of other things. god gave me every one of those prayers. [applause] it's a miracle not only that i'm
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here at the other dozen plus members of congress that the shooter went to execute it would have been a massacre of unbelievable proportion -- proportion of the capitol police were there and did their job while shot themselves to take the shooter down. so many other miracles that happened and one of them you can say that's a coincidence and then the other the for shot was hitting a chain-link fence. you can go to the ball field today and see that link. the poet was headed right at his head but because of the chain-link fence it was stopped. that's a miracle from god. [applause] i will just say one more because it's important to know god's presence so you can point it out. we can all talk about it and you know it but when you are
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explaining to them why the power of god's presence is so important us remember those real-life examples that we have seen them throughout our lives that i have experienced it. one of the miracles i was taken to george washington hospital and an ambulance at 7:15 in the morning in virginia traffic. they weren't moving. i was about to bleed out. i have zero blood pressure when i arrived at the hospitals and most doctors will tell you you will die. they had to put 20 pints of blood in me. if they would have driven me me to george washington hospital but the drivers on the ambulance saw a helicopter coming and he says that must be for him. let's turn around and go back to the ball field. the helicopter landed on the ball field and switched me over four minutes later i'm at the
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hospital and they saved my life. [applause] it's a miracle of god. the reason i'm saying this is important for us to fight this battle. we know what's at stake in this great nation but it's worth fighting to know those worldly example termites every day. why we knock on doors in the state like missouri or a state like north dakota where we are trying to flip these seats to take back the country one vote at a time. i appreciate what you have done and what you are going to continue to do and for the leadership of ralph reed and so many others have been committed to take the heat from the other side. we know why we are in this fight. thank you for what you do and god bless each and everyone of you.
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god bless each and everyone of you. [applause] ♪ ♪ >> wow. wow. isn't that incredible? i have had the honor of meeting with him a couple of times since he got back i never heard the story about the ambulance and a helicopter. isn't that good that happened? wow. we are so glad that her next speaker is here
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it was a successful small business that he started as a young man and learned by building his own business the importance of making a payroll and how hard it is for a small business to risk their own capitol to achieve their dream. he was able to work his way through california state university with those earnings from that small business. he later went on to serve on a congressional staff for california member of congress. 2002 he was elected to the california assembly where he was elected almost immediately by his colleagues as a republican leader in the california assembly. he came to congress in 2007.
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he was an immediate impact player, became majority leader in 2014. we work with him and staff on an ongoing basis. he was the one who along with the rest of the leadership repealed obamacare in the house of representatives. [applause] he was the one that helped give this tax cut done. he ensured the child tax credit doubling in the johnson amendment repealed were in that legislation. he looked out for our pro-life and profamily bills every single day and in addition to that he is all over the country ever weakening congressional districts all over the nation helping to raise funds and energize the grassroots for this majority. when you look at this logo our next speaker is not only the
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majority leader, he is one of the reasons why we have this majority and i am privileged to welcome back to this conference, please welcome congressman kevin mccarthy the majority leader of the house of representatives. ♪ >> thank you very much. if anybody questions god creating miracles just look at steve scalise, right? i don't know if you know next week will be the one year to the day when steve was shot. i remember that day clearly. steve and i have been friends for decades. steve and i were in young republicans together. he was the head of his state louisiana and i was the national chair and we were a team then. the day he decided to run for
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congress i was the first member to endorse him in the first member to write him a check but that morning security came and told me what had taken place. my wife happened to be here and call the hospital. the first reports were that he was okay but when we got to the hospital we saw the doctors who said it was not the case. i don't know if he shared with you he lost 20 pints of blood. we were waiting for jennifer his wife to come up and we sat together. when jennifer came in she looked at the doctor in the doctor was laying out the course. she said you don't know my husband. he's tough. he has faith and he will walk again. he just proved it today. [applause] i want to thank you for your
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work for your efforts and never giving up. what a difference one administration can make. today want to talk about a few items and i want to express them to you because i want you to express them as well. we want to continue this momentum. we do not want america to fall back. ralph does a tremendous job. we have been friends for decades the support and sacrifice he makes going around the country as well but you see i didn't grow up in a family of republicans. i grew up in a family of democrats. i was the youngest but i was always a republican. it's true. [applause] i didn't go to ivy league. i went to community college. my father always instilled in me
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to work and i always worked after school. what do you do on weekends? he busier friends who were away at college. i was stopped at the grocery store to cash a check and you can tell my financial well-being in those days. the day before the lobby starting california didn't support it betina what happened? i won the lottery. the most you could win was $5000 but at 20 are at 20 are sold on a friday night in 1985, that's a lot of money. i took my folks to dinner. my brother ordered dessert. i gave my brother and sister each $100 do you know what i did with the rest of the money? i went back. i believe in taking risks. i bought a franchise so i started my own business.
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i learned three lessons for small business owner. i was pretty successful. now i have enough money to pay my way through college opened up the paper and paper said there's there's a summer intern with my local congressman. i applied and he turned me down. but you want to know the end of the story? -- only in america. [applause] let me quickly tell you what we have done with this new administration. do you know what an anniversary is today? we just had 1 million jobs since we passed the tax-cut bill. you want to know another thing that "cnn" won't tell you? in the last 49 years in america we have only been under 4%
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unemployment for seven months. seven months out of 49 years. the last two months of april and may are two of those seven years. [applause] you know 48 out of 50 states have lowered their electrical bills because of the tax-cut and one company makes sure 1.2 million employees have a longer maternity leave. lowering taxes and letting people keep -- people keep more of what they are and makes a family been stronger and that's where focus is on the other thing we been able to achieve, judges. i was sad when i saw scalia pass away but what about or stitcher? [applause] you wonder if it is made difference what you ask jack
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phillips who was just vindicated by the supreme court earlier this week. [applause] i thought the supreme court spoke loud and clear and it was in the 5-4 decision. listen to what justice gorget - gorsuch's said. the constitution protects not just popular religious exercises for the civil authority to protect the mall. when i look back that was a smart move. we have appointed more judges. we need more that believe in the constitution not somebody who's going to reinterpret the constitution. [applause] steve and i and the congress worked closely together. but you know what i'm really proud of is the most pro-life congress we have ever had. [applause]
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with the trump administration it's only gotten stronger. the majority believe or i believe in the mission ensuring pro-life legislation. already we have passed 20 week abortion bans and just last month the department of health and human services announced a proposal to strip title x funding from groups like planned parenthood if they don't take their abortion facilities from their family planning facilities. [applause] at hhs i was there that day the open office of civil rights and religious freedom and now they are investigating what california has done to make sure taxpayer dollars are not mandated. do you know what i'm the most concerned about? the censorship of conservative thought.
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i don't know if you watch what happened recently. few google california republican party do you know what they said it we were nazism. not the party of reagan, not the party of lincoln but our ideology was nazism. i did not sit back. we need to stop the violence. a week before i was talking to donald trump jr.. it could even cause death. and just look what amazon has done. ..
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>> i have had five of those moments. i can tell you the day that i met my wife, it was mrs. lynn's biology class. it was love at first sight. twelve years later she felt the same way. [laughter] the moment our children were
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born, the moment i accepted christ in the moment i became a republican, they were not all on the same day but they were days that defined my life. i was in junior high and i watch ronald reagan stand on the podium -- at the same time, i thought the best days were behind me. i knew what came from that light, is about freedom and liberty. to go beyond maine in californ california. but, i watch during those eight years of obama that the light got dimmed. in the last election, we bound together, we climbed the mountain we started to recharge that light. let's make sure that in the next
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election that light does not go dim. that it only burns brighter. thank you, god bless. [applause] [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome talkshow host and author, michael -- ♪ local >> kevin mccarthy, what a great job, we've heard a lot about all of the great victories that have been one recently. i want to talk about the challenge we have an keeping --
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i was thrilled to be here in washington at a time when a giant red wave has overtaken the nation's capital. and by the way, the red wave i'm talking about has nothing to do with politics. it has to do with the washington capital. [applause] to know there is 200,000 people minimum in the streets last night. and they were celebrating, i was talking to people here, people say this is the greatest in my life, i don't even care about hockey, and you talk about collision, the star for the capitals is russian. this is not fake news, it's re
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real. as 74% of the washington capitals, it doesn't matter this is a great victory and people feel part of it. we americans love our stores. i care great deal about baseball. i feel better when my mariners actually win. i don't even know yet but people care about sports. they love sports in america. here's my question, what can we do as conservatives to reach that 30% of americans who never vote and don't care about politics, but a lot care deeply about the seattle mariners and the washington capitals in the atlanta braves or some of the other great sport teams we have.
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maybe as long as they continue not to kneel. so here's the deal, think about it, what is it about sports that engages people so much that we can learn from engaging people in politics which we know to be more important than sports. there's three things about sports that people realize that they don't realize about politics. one is that you do not demonize your opponent. number two, with sports there is a sense there are rules and it's fair. cheating is not allowed. at least it is not supposed to be. number three, with sports there's a feeling of personal involvement. let me talk about these quickly.
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when it comes to this idea that was sports you do not demonize your opponent, you do not went over the las vegas golden knights who even knew there was a las vegas golden knights in hockey, thinking these guys are the worst people ever, some of them are. but you don't say that. when you're engaged in a sporting event, you do better. you appeal to the crowd more post sides are sympathetic. one of the problems with our politics is everything is the worst. it's not enough that they disagree with president trump, he's the worst and everybody is corrupt and they're all horrib horrible, this depresses people from being interested in politics. we have had our most participatory election when there are two candidates for president who both appeal to
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people and strike people as significant individuals. so, let us avoid the demonization of the opponent. the second point is the idea of playing by rules. part of the difficulty with politics is a can't get a straight story. the people covering the story are cheerleaders for one side or another. can you imagine if the only source of sports information you got was bigoted. the yankees lost last night but they played better and they deserve to win. this is one of the things that we need to focus on in our politics, better source of care information and be more transparent about avoiding the cheating. the third point is that a personal involvement. there are many people who set i was responsible for the capitals winning this great victory.
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how was i responsible? because i wear the same t-shirt or i went to the same restaurant. one guy said i know i did it because whenever i would bring my car in to look at the capitals one. okay, what are people showing here? there showing they believe in some higher power, controlling thing. when you think about rooting for sport don't you think about like this is the gods. let us have the same sense of politics. let us support organizations like faith and freedom that get people involved. once you go to a rally or give it campaign contribution then you are a part of it. it is not just a win for some candidate far away, it is a win for you.
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we need victories for america. with that in mind, we can go forward maybe have people as happy as they should be for victory for our elected representatives as they are for our sports heroes. it's even more noble for people to work in public service. let's give people the credit and support they deserve with the personal involvement that can energize the country. god bless faith and freedom in the great work that's being done. let's go out with an election coming up in win this one. for the gipper. thank you. [applause] ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> our next speaker which will be an interview format is one of our favorite. i know you see her on television every day, frankly, she takes the swings and arrows of the left-wing media as well or better than anybody we have ever seen. she grew up in new jersey, of irish and italian dissent in a strong roman catholic family where she learned the values of fidelity to faith and family and innocent human life that has carried her throughout her life and career. she worked for eight summers on a blueberry farm. she won the world championship blueberry packing competition when she was 20 years old.
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when the original count showed that someone else had one, kelly and demanded a recount. [applause] she was tough then. she got a bachelor of arts from trinity college, a law degree from georgetown, and in 1995 she founded the polling company which became one of the most successful and most influential public of opinion survey company needs in the country. particularly in identifying messages to women consumers and voters, her clients included some of the leading figures in the country include being quail and a congressman you may have heard of, pence is now vice
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president, she is without question one of the smartest and best pollsters and political strategist in our country in the last 25 years. in 2016, working for our current president, she accomplish something never achieved in american history, she became the first woman to successfully manage the presidential campaign. [applause] she is today the counselor to the president, i know because i have seen it firsthand that she not only has the presidency her, she has his respect and affection and she has the respect and affection of millions of americans. please welcome kellyanne conway. [applause]
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[applause] [applause] >> that is over-the-top. thank you for that introduction. >> kelly and, we have watched almost every morning on television. i wasn't even going to ask this question, hope i don't get in trouble because all of this had to be cleared. what is it been like for you? you have been in the public domain. now to be in that line of fire and defending this president every single day, you do such a great job. but they go after you and you handle it so well. talk about that. >> i appreciate that. and thank you for welcoming back. thank you all for being here and for everything you do for this great nation we call home and
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that we love so very deeply. i appreciate you. i wanted to tell you that in thank you on behalf of all of us at the white house. in terms of television or radio appearances, it's not something i expected to do when i came into the white house. i do not want to be press secretary, i wanted to work on policy. and the president agreed with that. but the sheer volume of velocity of the way he works, coupled with the very unfair and ubiquitous mistreatment of him personally and misunderstanding of his policies is there going forward, it demands that an array of different people are out there both defending but explaining and amplifying what it is the president is doing for the country.
9:09 pm
my main complaint has always been the media don't cover the issues that necessarily affect americans, and they tell america what they want to hear. if you look at the polling any see the answers among americans is what they say is most important and what they want congress to focus on, it does not match with the outlets that are covered on the television news are in the paper. is so disproportionate. the russian investigation and one of the most recent cnn pulls is down on the list as compared to the economy or healthcare or immigration. that's a great irony. i only talk about things i know about. there are other experts who are better voices for the president
9:10 pm
on several issues. i think it helps to know the president and the way he makes decisions and to deeply respect president trump, vice president trump, their wives, families, the cabinet and the men and women in uniform. if i can amplify few messages to help them remain more accountable, i will do it. a more calm the many people were asking the questions. >> i don't think it is our job to defend so much as to ask explain so much as it is the media's job to attack.
9:11 pm
it's perfectly fine and within their right to be skeptical and hold the government accountable or ask questions. but why ask it ten times. and why what i heard day one presume negativity. it's only presumptively negative and then ignoring facts and figures that matter. so it's only june 8. just this month there's a job summary. the seventh time 48 years times 12 months, will say 11 months the think about that, think about how many thousands of data reports were talking about, for the seven time only we've had unemployment below 4%. [applause] if you just heard of that for
9:12 pm
the first time, then that will lives might point. >> and you're saying that is never happened before. >> seven time since 1970. and the rest you know about. the lowest unemployment numbers ever among african-americans and hispanics, lower among teens. we have 6.7 million available jobs in this country. that exceeds the number of people for looking for a job. that gives you more job security and availability. this is a president who has a invested in skills education and training. he and i used to call vocational educational training. definitely a majority when i graduated did not go to college at that time. they do now, but they graduated
9:13 pm
with a high school degree they supported themselves. and the families for the rest of their lives. this is a president who has invested in the economy but were also being respected on the world stage. he's doing what he promised to do. taking issues, or like illegal immigration and catapult them up into the consciousness and the agenda in a way that he thinks is more fair to america into american workers. so, i'm quite comfortable and explaining all the good that's going on. it took me a while to understand that with the white house behind you your speaking to america. i don't return the snarking kind, perhaps one day i will but for now i will took keep my
9:14 pm
counsel and smile through. that's also very disarming because they're hardly ever smiling. [applause] >> i know i speak not only for 1.7 million members but the millions of others around the country, you make us proud every day. >> thank you. i feel like a 1.7 million beer knocking on doors and will again. you not gonna read those stories everywhere in here that data very often. we know it matters, it certainly mattered in the last election because we had a fraction of the personnel and budget that we had
9:15 pm
grassroots supporters so we had people who may not have been household names but they were there, they were there on them before election day. they were knocking on the doors and showing the difference between two major candidates and their philosophies. yet donald j trump and michael pence, getting out there and being with the people that matter so much. that's part of what continued through the president he was leaving for the g-7 and he was followed by a historic some report with the current leader of north korea. day after day, the sheer volume of philosophy of the way he works is stunning. but when he came to washington,
9:16 pm
he came only nobody anything. think for a moment what that means. this is a president his sense when he was in washington for this is purposes he rarely spent the night. he did have connections to the different organizations. some people have criticized the is a lack of familiarity with the system. i think others think it's not being beholden. >> he also tends to keep the promises of many presidents. when you look at something like this is something other president say they wanted to do or would try to do. when you look at the president
9:17 pm
keeping the promise of four or five, he promised on week one i will move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem. i will recognize jerusalem as the capital. but only one president got it done. [applause] he would not have had that with the typical politician. he thinks like a businessman. if he wasn't someone who respected and thought out and listen to the council of a diverse group of people in the white house with different viewpoints and backgrounds. he makes the decision because he's the one who got elected to make you talk about the issues he is elevated. when i know that's important is the issue of life. he's the first president to address the march for life. the first to address the march for life in person.
9:18 pm
the president just announced that his department of health and human services was gonna promulgate regulations that would prevent the use of taxpayer funds and family-planning programs from being used to perform abortions. you are someone who's a deeply committed pro-lifer. you came out of this movement. can you talk about i think it may have surprised some people because some are skeptical of the president's views. there's an argument that could be made that is most pro-life president we have ever had. can you talk about how that goes on inside the council of the administration of his leadership? >> as he said, many have noted his on track to be the most pro-life president in history. part of that is because he could
9:19 pm
not have been more explicit on the campaign trail. he sat on interviews and others that if elected he would defund planned parenthood and take its money away and if they choose to no longer perform abortions, if they choose to separate the physical than that could be a different matter. but he made good on the commitment to elevate and nominate judges like neil gorsuch a like 21 other u.s. circuit court judges. through the presidents nominations in the leadership of leader mcconnell and a divided senate getting to the 21 circuit court judges. one eighth of the judiciary is a donald trump pointing nominee.
9:20 pm
[applause] that's the way you see a legacy long after he leaves the presidency six and half years from now. you'll see a long legacy of pro-lifers. but he also stays on the job. they directed mr. tillerson to do it with ngos, hill courses spoken like a pro-lifer meanings he's for the sanctity of life. addressing the march for life most important moment. it's a great example of something i say often in the job, i say why didn't anybody do that before? it strikes me as new information, could that be true,
9:21 pm
how could that be true? we've had great pro-life presidents in the past, what were they so afraid of? so, i want the record to reflect it took a manhattan billionaire for him most of his adult life is pro-choice to become the most pro-life president in history. i think this is easy for him when you see the actual data and not just a screaming talking heads. the number of qualified women's health centers in this country far outnumbered the planned parenthood facilities. in a place like me you have for planned parenthood facilities in the state. they're all in the southern part of the state. you have hundreds of others of
9:22 pm
qualified women's health centers. so there it is not even close. that's a great example of how the money will be given to these health centers which provide services but don't provide abortions. so this president really put away his opponent, the woman whose last election whose name i never say anymore. [applause] and he said, he took the pro-life messaging of 20 some years that even the most pro-life candidates and basically said you are the extreme one. you would rip a baby out of his
9:23 pm
mother's role in the country what you and i thought that's terrific. those are his words and he believes we should call out how extreme it is. i don't know what you're apologizing for when you're trying to protect humber life in support that life after it's born. the other is defending late-term abortions, taxpayer abortions. those who can detect a heartbeat when nonpartisan doctors and scientists say a baby can feel pain in the world. we have these happy measurements and the success of in utero surgeries while you're still pregnant. i want to give a shout out to our incredible, amazing first lady, one of the many issues
9:24 pm
that she is tackling as part of the your best initiative is to help that initiative. we play 100 newborns brought into this world struggling for their first breath and their chemically dependent on opiates and she is taking it as one of her major issues. i believe that she will help increase awareness and increase action and inspire action on such an important issue. >> i want to tell you how grateful we are to you for your service to this president, to this cause in this country. you are required because of the rules involved with government service to relocate your family. you have come under personal attack for defended the
9:25 pm
administration. i want you to know that we pray for you, your husband, and your children on a daily basis. >> that's what we need, thank you. >> we are proud of you. >> god bless you. >> we love you. i mean it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> to a love that she has the oval office walking privileges and her offices right down from the president.
9:26 pm
we are honored to welcome back our next speaker. mitch mcconnell began his political career as a county commissioner in jefferson county which is louisville, kentucky. in 1984 he defeated an incumbent democratic senator was the first to win a statewide race in the state of kentucky since 1968. he has been reelected five times since then. he is the longest-serving u.s. senator in the history of kentucky. throughout his career he is to your first amendment rights to free speech. he has compiled a 100% pro-life voting record. in 2014 he was elected by his colleagues to be majority leader of the senate. in many proud moments and a very distinguished career there is no doubt in my mind that the proudest moment of this majority leader, and maybe any majority leader was within an hour that
9:27 pm
we learned of antonin scalia's passing. he said we are not going to vote on filling that vacancy until we had the election. [applause] it was because of his leadership that that vacancy was there for president trump to fill. he filled it with neil gorsuch. our next speaker help steer that nomination through the senate. because he took the stand he took, president trump led by appointing gorsuch, we won a major case this week on religious freedom on the colorado baker case. [applause] he helped shepherd through the tax cut that pass the senate late last year. it has gotten this economy
9:28 pm
exploding and driven. unemployment is down to a level we have not seen in 44 years. he is a dear friend of this organization and the profamily pro-life cause. please welcome the majority leader of the united states senate, mitch mcconnell. [applause] [applause] >> a morning everyone. i want to thank ralph for that excellent introduction. he has been a great friend of mine for a very long time. i also want to thank tim had for his excellent work week in and week out. this is quite the opportunity we have been given by the american people. a great opportunity. there has only been a few times
9:29 pm
in the last 100 years were republicans have had the president, the house, and the senate. only about 20 years out of the last 100. we try to maximize this opportunity. i want to thank you for standing with us throughout the obama years. it wasn't much fun, was it? we worked to block the bad things we could and to keep the embers of conservative a live. we stood together after republican forms of senate majority and began putting the brakes on the obama agenda. we were together last year just after president trump and her unified government arrived in washington. we were trying to translate our principles into policy. it it is always great to be with you because i know you share our views.
9:30 pm
you are excited about what we're trying to achieve for the country. it's a lot of fun when you have as much good news as we do. >> in my views the last 16 months has been the single best. for conservative values since i came to washington in 1985. this is not hyperbole, this is the fact. the unemployment rate in the u.s. just hit an 18 year low, now they outnumber the jobless. here's my favorite from the new york times of all places. we ran out of words to describe how good the job numbers are. . .
9:31 pm
just before the 2016 election 74% of u.s. manufactures said unfavorable business climate due to taxes and regulation was the chief obstacle, the chief obstacle to their business. today only 19% say that, 19% pay manufactures backlogs are longer than they've been since 2004 through the percentage of small businesses reporting improved earnings hasn't been this high in 45 years. [applause] for the first time in recent emery there are more job openings in the united states than people looking for work.
9:32 pm
the national numbers are absolutely outstanding in a particular we are seeing prosperity returning to communities that obama era policies left behind. what progress there was during the obama yours was largely -- now businesses in rural and small-town areas are dusting off their help wanted signs. midwest manufacturers are investing millions and new facilities. what made all this happen? it certainly not politicians. government doesn't create disparities but policy can affect whether the wind is in the base of job creators or at their backs. republicans are getting washington out of the way so american workers and job creators can build an economy that is the envy of the entire world. taker once in a generation tax reform. we have waited 30 years for this we rewrote the tax code so
9:33 pm
middle-class families and small businesses keep more of their earnings. we gave small workers and job creators a leg up to compete and win on the world stage. employers have announced billions of dollars in reinvestment to create thousands of new jobs and benefits to millions of employees. because the missouri construction company more room in the budget to save for their kids tuition and expanded 529 plan to do so. in addition to tax reform that congress and the president are slashing through a forest of obama era red tape. businesses spend every day looking over their shoulders. many hesitated to invest expand and hire.
9:34 pm
he never knew what new regulations or tax hikes might be coming next. today is a new day. now americans have a government that rejects a tired left-wing policies of division a government that knows capitalism actually works. we need thriving businesses to hire american workers and that my friends is what is happening more and more. let's be sure we keep an eye on what matters to the impact on the strong economy is not -- at its core our economy is a collection of human stories to the americans coming back into the workforce getting their first job finally earning pay raises that are not just statistics. they are men and women hungry for the dignity that comes from working hard earning their own way and supporting their families. they don't want stagnation
9:35 pm
dependent on the government to they want independence dignity and earned success. that is exactly what our conservative policies are helping to deliver. people often ask me as the majority leader of the senate. the best answer i've been able to come up with is it's a little bit like a groundskeeper at a cemetery. [laughter] everybody is under you but nobody is listening. [applause] so what is the advantage? the advantage even though i only have one vote out of 100 the majority leader gets to set the agenda. doesn't always guarantee the outcome but gets to decide what we we are going to do. that means deciding what is going to be voted on and occasionally and more
9:36 pm
importantly deciding what you are not going to do. ralph mentioned it. the single most consequential decision i have made in my entire political career was to not let barack obama fill that scalia vacancy on the way out the door. [applause] [applause] and the president didn't have an opportunity. neal gorsuch was a superb choice and we see that for a long time. instead we have somebody in that
9:37 pm
seat who is worthy to the intellectual godfather of what most of us believe it ought to be and that is someone who holds up the laws as written in the constitution rather than how you wanted to come out. my favorite saying from justice scalia was you were not a very good judge if a case you didn't want the outcome was reached. if you want to make policy, run fraud this. a simple declaratory point. justice scalia admirers are all over the country and we have been seeing them. circuit judges that we have been
9:38 pm
confirming in record numbers. let me give you the statistics. since the creation of the modern circuit court system one step posted a supreme court that modern system -- modern system was set up in 1891. no president since 1891 has had more circuit judges confirmed then donald trump last year. [applause] now we are up to 21 and let me put the 21 figure in context. 21 represents one-eighth of the circuit judges in america appointed by donald trump and confirmed in a year and a half. we are transforming the court system of this country. [applause] we have a pretty slim majority in the senate.
9:39 pm
51-49 and most of you know senator john mccain has not been there. one thing i have to check on everyday it for days the attendance. everybody feeling okay? anybody have to go wedding or funeral? remember those old maalox commercials? i have had a few of those. the democrats said presidents back in 2013 and so now we are using harry reid's toolbox to help democrats to keep democrats from defeating president trump's qualified nominees and by that i mean we have lowered the threshold to confirm judges to a simple majority. it has been a huge advantage for us and of all the things where doing the things that will have the longest impact on the country are the court systems. these men and women that we have
9:40 pm
been confirming are not very old either. late 40s, early 50's and they will be on there for a very long time. it in most cases the circuit courts are where most complex cases and. of all the things we are doing, my favorite because i think you'll have the longest impact is what we are doing working with the president to change the course. all of you of course by helping all of us have helped make that happen. u.s. flawed right alongside us and we will see the results of what i was talking about for a generation and beyond. president obama's judicial philosophy is the only part of his legacy we are quickly reversing. congress repealed the individual
9:41 pm
mandate tax. were repealed the pure that would ration our health care and stopped several more obamacare taxes from taking effect at all. we also took a bite out of dodd-frank. democrats enforce main street banks to comply with overcomplicated wall street rules. we cut the regulations of local lenders to get back to serving middle-class families and small businesses in congress and the president have raised the limits on defense spending that hurt military readiness. we ended the atrophy of our national defense and delivered the largest year-on-year increase in armed forces in 15 years. [applause] secretary madison or commanders have all of these additional resources to protect the homeland to project power where needed and confront those who wish us harm.
9:42 pm
on the issue of life one of our record-setting regulatory rollbacks was a rule that for states to issue grants to planned parenthood. now that is in the waste basket. [applause] and the trump administration is making big changes to title x that stripped away tens of millions of taxpayer funding every year. in each of these areas the fight is far from over. we have more work to do to restore our values and deliver results for the american people. our proposal will bring -- has still fallen short of the 60 votes it needs in the senate. my friends i need more reinforcement. if we get those reinforcements the president and i are eager to make this law. we won't stop fighting until our laws are every human being shall
9:43 pm
be free and pursue their happiness. [applause] these rights come from god, not from government and government cannot take them away. [applause] we need to pass appropriations that the fund priorities like it for structure and national defense and we will fight to confirm qualified nominees to the judiciary and the executive branch. the democrats are not making any of this easy. they have decided it's more fun to be the resistance than to do their job and help us govern the country. they are pulling out every trick in the book to delay obstruct and deny our president the team that he deserves. they have soaked up literally hours and days and you have
9:44 pm
heard about this of senate floor time for nominees that no one opposes. once they made it take more than a week to confirm for lower-level justice and that not a single senator voted. our democratic colleagues are trying to run out the clock. i'm not going to let them succeed. [applause] i'll bet you heard what i'm about to tell you. i announced because of their obstruction i'm canceling the august recess and keeping the senate right here on the job where we belonged. [applause] [applause]
9:45 pm
we will confirm or nominees. we will keep delivering an agenda that has done so much to make america stronger and more prosperous. this obstruction is a tiny taste of what democrats would do to our conservative agenda and the president if they were to recapture the senate. one of the reasons i look forward to this conference every year is its name, road to the majority. [applause] we have walked this road together. we have gone from my minority playing defense to majority that takes the ball down to the end zone. from the economy to the courts we are beginning to see results. i want to touch on one other thing.
9:46 pm
20 years ago congress passed a law requiring the embassy in israel to be moved to jerusalem and every president since then the oath parties waive the law. donald trump moved the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem and we should thank him for that. it's long overdue. [applause] i have outlined but we have accomplished in 16 months. imagine what more we will do if we keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep our eye on the long game. so thank you. thanks for all you have done and continue to do. let's just keep it up together. thank you my friends. [applause]
9:47 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ >> wow. think there's going to be an expanded caucus in the u.s. senate come next january to give him more votes in order to pass more legislation. you know we didn't plan it this way. the next speaker is his wife. also a dear friend of this organization my belief one of the finest public servants in america today. her family left china in 1949 after the communist takeover of that country. she was born in free china, taiwan and came to the united
9:48 pm
states when she was only eight years old. she graduated with honors as an undergrad and received in mba from harvard university and by the way addition to that she had dirty six honorary degrees. she served our country and has been devoted to public service over such a distinguished career heading up the federal maritime service under george bush 41 serving in the reagan administration, heading the peace corps under president bush 41 the first asian-american to ever had those positions. she was secretary of labor under bush 43 and served in that post longer than anyone since frances perkins in the 1930s and 40s in that capacity should protect workers rights including their free speech and free association rights, the expanded job opportunities for all americans and turmont bickley improve
9:49 pm
worker safety at president trump nominated her and she was confirmed as secretary of transportation last year where she works to improve america's infrastructure and is working hard to create job opportunities and modernize american roads and bridges highways and airports. she has served on numerous boards of u.s. corporations and non-profits and she believes deeply in the values and the freedoms that we seek to advance i think very highly of her previous speaker but i think she is the better half and i don't think you would disagree. please welcome the secretary of transportation he lay in chao -- elaine chao. [applause] ♪ >> thank you.
9:50 pm
thank you ralph. we want to thank you for your leadership over the years for faith and freedom so let's get get -- give ralph a tremendous round of applause. [applause] it's a great pleasure to be here today with friends who share a new vision for our country that protects and promotes this faith freedom family and opportunity. they have been the touchstone of my life and my career. the values that motivated my parents to move their family across the world to america when as ralph mentioned i was eight years old. faith, freedom and opportunity are not abstract concepts for those who have experienced life without them.
9:51 pm
faith enabled my family to face the challenges of being in a new land learning the new language and a new culture with optimism hope and confidence. when we arrived in america we didn't know anybody. it was our local church that welcomed us, gave us comfort and advice on how to maneuver through everyday life, things such as where to go to find a grocery store, where to go to find the basic necessities of life. several church members also helped us to learn about american traditions and customs. we learned about barbecues, picnics and the thrill of discovering that there was a wonderful place called the
9:52 pm
library that let us borrow books for free. of course sundays were devoted to gathering with fellow congregants in worship. faith and opportunity allowed my parents to build a business and put six daughters through college. [applause] it's a lot. my sisters and i grew up so grateful for the opportunity that this country gave our family and we are dedicated to contributing to this country in return. this administration is keeping the faith with the american people by working hard to increase opportunities for all. they are among the most notable achievement so far was the president's success in working with congress to pass meaningful tax reform. [applause]
9:53 pm
if you want to empower the people let people keep more of the money that they earn. american families will see $3.2 trillion in tax cuts. we saw the child tax credit double. this action by president trump and this congress showed the unique positive results for middle-class americans. this administration is stopping the problem of over burdensome regulation doing real economic armpit last year the big news if you recall was the administration's two for one regulatory mandates to every new
9:54 pm
regulation, everyone new regulation. departments across the government were supposed to eliminate to all plants. in 2018 the department of transportation is well on its way to achieving a 6-1 ratio. [applause] we have basically eliminates six old regulations for every new one. under the previous administration the department of transportation increased the regulatory cost of job creators by an average of nearly $3 billion a year. last year under president trump the department reduced regulatory costs by three and a $12 million just in our department. [applause] so the department of transportation is on track to
9:55 pm
reduce regulatory costs by an additional $500 million or more in 2018 and a fact it looks like we are going to surpass the billion-dollar net cost savings for this year. [applause] and that is why the institute is named the department of transportation number one in the administration for decreasing regulatory burdens. and the american action form recently announced the department of transportation has already initiated over 100 t. regulatory actions, the most of any cabinet or agency in the government by far. [applause] consequently it is no coincidence that after a sluggish eight years america's economy is still on the project
9:56 pm
tree of strong economic growth. that means more prosperity and more jobs for more americans. consumer confidence is a 17 year high. 3 million new jobs have been created last year alone and in may 2018 the unemployment rate fell to 3.8% the lowest amount most 50 years. [applause] and this includes 300,000 new manufacturing jobs in three and 37,000 new construction jobs. gallup reports a record 57% of americans believe that now is a great time to find a quality job and in fact today there are more job openings then there are unemployed americans something that is never before occurred since these measures -- since these measures. [applause] regulatory reform by date
9:57 pm
department of transportation has been achieved without compromising safety which was my number one priority. neither top priorities are progress in addressing our country's infrastructure needs and preparing for the future by promoting without hampering innovation. our country is on the cusp of a transportation revolution and new technology for will one day transform the way we travel and connect with one another. autonomous vehicles drones another transportation innovations have the potential to improve safety by addressing human error and they will increase action to transportation for the elderly and people with disabilities. there are legitimate concerns about this new technology as well. a majority of americans are unwilling or hesitant to ride and self-driving cars. they worry about safety and
9:58 pm
privacy so i have challenged silicon valley and others in the fading this arena. they have an obligation to help educate the american public of the benefits of this emerging technology but also address the legitimate concerns about safety , security and privacy. as a former secretary of labor i'm also concerned about the impact the new technologies will have on jobs. i am confident in the long-term new technologies create jobs. the transition period is difficult for dislocated workers this needs to be addressed as these technologies are increasingly deployed by this department does not take the typical washington centered approach towards transportation innovation. we will cultivate and encourage
9:59 pm
the states innovation by eliminating unnecessary obstacles in the development and integration of new technology. our approach is going to be neutral and flexible not top-down and not command-and-control. the private-sector marketplace not your crabs will decide. [applause] recently we had the new drone integration program that was established to set up partnerships between local communities and drone operators. currently drones cantlay at night. they can't fly above the heads of people or in the line of sight by the operators on may 9 the department announced 10 committees that were selected to participate in this drone piloting program and we are going to see how this program
10:00 pm
goes. likewise the department will provide guidelines for autonomous guidelines. we unveiled new guidelines last september and technology is changing so rapidly that work is underway for a vision for safety which we will release later this summer. so much is going on in this department. american transportation if the structure is vital to advancing our economy and our quality of life and it always has been. i want you to have confidence that this administration will continue to promote the safe efficient and effective use of our transportation infrastructure and that you can rely upon this administration to do the right thing.
10:01 pm
.. thank you so much and god bless you all. [applause] thank you so much. local. >> ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the stage from person to for america's reform.
10:02 pm
[applause] >> we are winning. i want to talk a little bit about how far we've come because when we battle against britain, an independent country in the revolution back in 7600 before the average american one and 2% of their income in taxes total. one and sent to the british in london were paint percent and we are playing one or 2% and they were picking up three and we took the guns out. [laughter] there has been backsliding and the federal government is about percent of gdp state and local, ten or 12 have a long way to go to get back towards a reasonable level of taxation. the divisions then are the same as those now.
10:03 pm
there were two teams during the american revolution. there were the sons of liberty, the patriots the wanted independence and lower taxes and the other team was known as the friends of government. somehow that has not changed. always their answer to the question is what is best for the government? if we cut taxes the government loses money. the market people gain resources and time and freedom but the government loses money. they are always concerned about the government rather than the people. the tax cut that the republicans passed in december is a significant step in the right direction. the left will yell it only benefits 1%. i have a couple of numbers. 90% of taxpayers are paying lower taxes today than they were days before that tax bill passed. 90%.
10:04 pm
[applause] and a tax cut is a pay increase. when the government takes less of your pay you have more take-home pay and that is a pay increase. the left you have seen the statements by schumer and pelosi they intend to take back that tax reduction and they intend to raise taxes and intend to cut your pay. that is what they mean when they say they intend to raise taxes. another number. the stock values in this count country, proposal 401k, their ira, the lifetime savings increased by about one third 6% of americans are directly in the market with the 401k and ira defined contribution, 60% so when they attack the strengthening of the stock market the attack 60% of people working today and their life
10:05 pm
savings which have been increased. you saw that 5 million plus americans got bonuses in the first few months of the administration and increases $5000 for costs for walmart. five -- this is a tremendous step toward bonuses and various benefits that have not been available before because the tax reduction in the tax cut made it possible and the website for americans for tax form you can keep track by state of every company that is made an announcement that because of the tax cuts we are doing this benefit or this increase, this new investor you can go by sta state. lastly in this is mentioned by the republican leader americans for tax reform a day or two ago out the list of 100 utilities,
10:06 pm
electricity, natural gas, water, 100 that serve a hundred million customers that they are all getting lower utility bills because -- [applause] because text because we took the corporate rate in america from 35% in the highest in the world. we are the capitalist and the free-market guys and we were at 35%. ever since clinton to get up to 35 defendant 35. china, socialist china, to represent, germany absent and we are at 45%. down to one but wanted 15 and i think 15 is a better number than the one that's a good number and a smaller number that anyone and will get to 15 but one is on the way to 15.
10:07 pm
we are moving in the right direction and weekly and we are at the one now but a company a utility has to pay 1% of the profit in taxes if it is over a billion dollars a year and all of that money that is no longer paid by those utilities go directly to utility rate payers, households, small businesses the american people and 100 million households and small businesses which is several hundred million americans. the left says only 1% but benefit but 90%, 60%, darn near 1%. the benefits the most smart the one who did not have a job but has one today. [applause] they have may have given up and
10:08 pm
said there aren't many .-ellipsis we now know he saw the statistics and their more jobs wanted ads more jobs open today than there are people looking for work. put those two together. that is the level of opportunity we have in the united states and we are continuing to build. $700 billion of american earnings of companies overseas is coming back to the united states this year to invest here. [applause] 200 billion freed up directly by the tax cut. it's a huge jump in capital expenditures annoy you get sustainable pay increases not one-time things but sustainable, permanent pay increases is to have every worker become more productive and you do that with more plants and equipment and more capital and more pro- worker and that's one of the major things we did right in this tax bill. let me end by saying there are two things coming. one, we will have a vote in the
10:09 pm
house to make all those tax cuts for individuals last not tenuous but permanently. every democrat will have -- [applause] they will have one more opportunity to vote against this and remind you they don't like you very much and they will take that opportunity. in addition to that i believe we will see an executive order out of the secretary of treasury to index capital gains for inflation. you no longer pay capital gain tax on the part of the value of your house or your land or stocks that is inflation. we will end by regulation the tax on inflation and cut it in half in this coy.


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