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tv   Israeli Amb. to U.S. at Faith Freedom Coalition Conference - Part 4  CSPAN  June 8, 2018 10:21pm-11:05pm EDT

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are the gift of god and thomas jefferson, 1790. those words cannot be more truer today. there's no doubt we face challenges around the world at home in our liberties but history has shown they must be fought for, protected and passed on to our other generations so they can do the same thing. the united states is definitely the leader of the free world thanks to you. if committed to self determination and freedom we can release a new era of very around the world, not just here at home. we did not choose this responsibility. i think it is our destiny together you and i can ensure america is and the world best days are indeed ahead. if not now, when?
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if not us, who? thank you for all you do. god bless you and god bless the united states of america. [applause] ♪ >> he did not say we are also both -- >> no, but i was going to get to that. long-suffering. rather, a year ago you were here and i asked you about a waiver that the president had just signed to delay for another six months the legally required move
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of the us embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. if memory serves you said at that time that while you were disappointed by the signing of the waiver you are absolutely confident it wasn't a question of if but when the embassy was moved. last month it was my privilege to be at the dedication ceremony for the moving of the us embassy. [applause] your confidence was not misplaced but tell our audience why that was so important and what it means to the state of israel and to israeli, us relations? >> well, it was a historic day, one of the most resort days i have ever seen in the to be some odd years i've moved to israel. the country felt 10 feet taller because probably standing on the thousand years of our history in that city and also on the shoulders of the greatest power on earth. we were deeply appreciative of
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jumps decision in this is a decision that will echo across the generations. the jewish people remember cyrus 500 years ago cyrus enabled the jews to go back, king cyrus of persia, enable the jews to go back to return to israel and rebuild the second -- it's the last verses in the books of the bible that we remember cyrus in five years and i'm not sure the patient remember cyrus but the jewish people remember cyrus. this decision of president trump will be remembered for generations to come and it's one of the great historic decisions that were made in history -- 100 years ago you have the balfour declaration which organize the right for the jewish to national home that the un and the petition resolutions allow them
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to a state seven years ago and 9047 and you have the decision in 1948 that took president truman all of 11 minutes to recognize a newly established state of israel but this is the fourth and because of what jerusalem means to the jewish people we are going to carry this decision with us way out into the future. there is no people on earth that have a relationship with a city like the jewish people's relationship with jerusalem because the captain our imagination and captivated our imagination. even when you're not a seven power and for 2000 years you were dreaming of jerusalem and we would turn in there. if you been to a jewish wedding and when the groom stamps his foot on the ground and breaks that glass he is remembering the destruction of the temple in jerusalem. you could sum up the hopes and dreams of the jewish people in three hebrew words. [inaudible] in english it is for
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your next year in jerusalem. when you were there the people of israel could say this year in jerusalem we are deeply, deeply grateful. [applause] >> to not say anything disrespectful about the presidents who came before because a good friend who is one of them, george w. bush, wife ashley thought was most of israel president up until that time but the congress passed this law in 1995 and bill clinton signed it into law and that was three years ago. what is it in your experience and i know that you interact closely with the white house and with this administration and speaking as someone who grew up in the united states but as someone who now is an israeli government official what is it about him that you think made it
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possible for him to do something that someone had take up a fund before? >> willingness to stand against the current is a test of real leadership. [applause] i appreciate many things at the four president and all of them have done different things for israel. this was a case where president trump thought this was the right thing to do and it should have been done 70 years ago and had nothing to do with the peace process. people who say that have just themselves well, dutiful was israel's capital in 1949 so happened between 9049 and 1993 when the peace process began. why did they not move at that? the is always another reason or excuse or somebody, skeptical critics that they will do it in six months or next year or next year and i think president trume
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people standing against the current. [laughter] for a lot of political leaders if they get hit with the bad editorial it would ruin their day. i think president trump seems to keep going through this day even with shots against him and i think he saw this is the thing to do and it should've been done a long time ago and i promise to do it and intend to keep my promise and this is the right thing to advance peace. here is something that i don't think people understand the present we don't have peace is because the palestinians refuse to denies the right of the jewish people to state in our historical land. that is what the conflict is about and that is why they try to deny any connection between the jewish people and the land of israel and any connection to the jews so if that's a stupid thing clinton was never a temple on the temple mount and the
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leader of the palestinians denies the connection to the jewish people and jerusalem and he says they are trying to [inaudible] jerusalem they're trying like the chinese trying to make the thing -- [inaudible] why are they saying these things which are so factually not true. it's not fake news but think history. why they're worried that you recognize a connection between the jewish people in the land of israel into denies the connection between the jewish people in jerusalem is to say that the jewish people are in this land by right and not just fight might and they want to keep their people to believe in this great lie that the jewish people are -- it sounds crazy but they say for you this land is india for the british or
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algeria for the french or the congress for the belgians but this is the land of israel and this is the patriarchs aid in our profits preached in our kings world. we are connected to this land so president trump making the decision to no longer lead the legitimacy of israel's rights in jerusalem, suspended in air, punctures the fly in and laying the cornerstones of that embassy he laid a cornerstone not just for truth but for peace. [applause] >> one president trump announced he was going to make the decision which unless i am wrong was early december of last year, december 6, a day that will live in famously. [laughter] for the jewish people. >> there were all these warnings that the west bank and gaza and much of the arab world would explode in violence. it did not happen, frankly.
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on the day of the dedication ceremony there was a violent protest on the gaza is really border and from my vantage point it look like it was deliberately designed to create a split screen of contrast of the ceremony and those protest and the death of some of the protesters were heavily covered by the mainstream media and what do supporters of israel need to know about what happened that day or what may happen in the future with guard to some of this violence? >> first of all, they should know that these were not protesters or peaceful protesters but these were violent mobs and i don't know -- martin luther king used to have peaceful protests in gandhi and they do not have people in the protest grenades and guns and machetes with explosive devices and were writing. this is a riot.
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first of all, people need to know it has nothing to do with jerusalem. don't take my in the moving of the mc but it happened at the same time and we had just many weeks before and we had just after and had nothing to do with the embassy and don't take my word for it but take the hamas network for it. they said it had nothing to do with the embassy. but it happened on a day when administration officials they are in jerusalem the media tried to turn it into a story list on no backs at all that these protesters in gaza were protesting the embassy. they weren't. no one got killed and it did not make headlines and was fairly nothing in jerusalem and nothing but the middle east but the test in gaza, hamas said it was for
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the march of return. it was because they wanted the grandchildren to send refugees when israel was attacked by five different countries they wanted the refugees from that worl wary wanted to return to the homes of the jews. the leaders of hamas said we will break through the sense and we will go to communities right next to this fence and pull the hearts out of the jews. that is the language the leader of hamas used so our military is manning that line against that violent mob and all i ask are friends of israel to think about is what would you do if on one of your porters you had 30000 people and had a leader who said when they break through that fence they will go into communities a few hundred yards away and we will pull the hearts out of the americans but would you want them to man that line and not let them get to that fence? yes. we did everything we could --
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[applause] we don't want to see any violence and we do everything we can to prevent casualty and i wish we had someone on their side who cared as much about their people as we do. we dropped leaflets and fire teargas but we are not going to allow them to break through that fence and slaughter our civilians to get a good story on cnn. better bad press than a good eulogy. [applause] i just want to add one thing. the spokesperson of hamas after everyone is slammed israel and the media attacks us were killing innocents in the spokesman of hamas, 50 of the 62 people who were killed that day,
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50 of the 62 were members of his terror organization. think about that. the lies against israel go all the way around the world a few times before the truth can begin to get its boots on the israel defense itself not just as any democratic country would but it defends itself in ways that no democratic country would. we have greater concern for the civilians of our enemies than any other nation in history and that is the truth and i am proud of israel's military. [applause] >> shortly before the move of the embassy the president announced that the united states was going to withdraw from the iran and clear deal. you and i had talked about that for your helpful but that was the decision the president would make and i guess my question would be we opposed the original agreement and we did everything we could as an organization to
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prevent that from taking effect for reasons that we don't need to get into today because it is water under the bridge rather than having a vote on what we thought it legally was which was a treaty but we had a bizarre parliamentary process where the senate literally had to rejected for it not to take effect. that proved to be a bridge too far. but now that the united states has a drawn number one, let me ask you, two-part question, number one do you think the european government and the private company that have rushed into iran to do business will pull out and will go the way of the us and number two, what do you think comes next? with regard to auto placement. deal or a coalition effort to contain iran?
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>> let me thank you first of all for opposing that deal with iran. it's a badge of honor. [applause] don't want to get into the details but this did not to block -- our country faces and iran that openly calls and actively works for our eye navigation. if there would be at the on the table that would prevent iran from getting the weapons to achieve that goal i would have gone house to house, community to community with you for the deal. that is why we opposed it and the reason why my prime minister came to congress to speak against the deal was because the deal did not do that and it need a tent believed their weight on. not just to a bomb but an entire nuclear arsenal and all it did was temporarily block them for a few short years restraints on
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the automatic removed a few years later and then iran will not need to sink or break into the nuclear, but walk in. i know that a decade it seems like a long time in the life of politics but at the blink in the eye and the life of a nation and we saw this deal as cruise control heading over a cliff. my prime minister was always focused on the cliff and i can't tell you how much i appreciate president trumps decision to not kick the can down the road. he could've said we will be on cruise control for another four years or eight years and why should i deal with it. he took the wheel and turned it and turned it into a different direction and now iran does not have to bypass the nuclear weapon. in the meantime. [applause] from my point of view from my point of view this is a hinge of history and that is what church you spoke out.
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we are so appreciative of the president was standing against the current what i ran got from the steel was not just a clear path to the bomb but all the sanctions removed that were confronting it and now you have tens or hundreds of billions of dollars pouring into iranian coffers and love to tell you that iran's revolutionary guard has been using that money to establish a g.i. bill for returning members of the revolutionary guard but instead they been using this to fuel there were machines in iraq and syria and lebanon and yemen and to fuel their terror campaign and they had been at war with america for 40 years. this is a government that has thousands or hundreds of thousands and even millions to chance of death to america and
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empowering this type of enemy in the hope that somehow this will moderate them and they will improve it and you had a situation where israel was opposed to it and thank god my prime minister showed up to speak and congress and tell the truth to the american people. [applause] but the arab states also opposed in the region and they were not willing to say publicly what they believe privately and now they are. now you have a situation where allies in the region are saying this about you. let's say they will be in agreement with north korea and let's say that the british, the french and the germans say that's a great deal but the japanese and the south koreans think it's a catastrophe. who will you listen to? problem is your allies in the region and israel in the arab world with the guinea pigs of this field deal. we are so thankful and when israeli arabs are on the same page you should pay attention. that's the ultimate no spin zone. if the british, the french and
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the germans think this makes them safer that's great. people who live in israel don't and people who live in the region don't and we think it's a disaster but they face a choice now the british french and german and others and a simple choice. do you want to choose to do business with a 20 trillion-dollar american economy or $400 billion iranian economy and you want to choose to do business with a country that accounts for over 50% of global capital flows or do you want to do business with a country that is relevant in international markets. what you think the german bank will choose? we think the french oil company will choose? it's pretty clear i think they will follow and we want to see happen they want to follow but this is a pretty strong economy and fleet will continue to get stronger and stronger and what we'd like to see now is not only them joined the united states but more and more united effort
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to roll back iran's aggression in the region and put enormous pressure on this regime because it's heated by its own people. you see these protests come out and i ran inside if you must go and hit them but there governed by there's theocratic thugs and healers who run iran and support massive pressure on them support the people in iran who want their freedom and could be allies of israel and america and everyone else and ratchet up pressures as soon as possible. [applause] >> what americans are wondering and those who are friends of israel want to see peace and stability in the middle east is well the ending of unraveling of the steel prevent iran from seeking a weapon and will need to be further economic pressure and is there possibility that
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the united states or israel or others consider military option and this looks like an extreme government? >> is that understand the people who argue for the steel were saying that this will bring peace closer and push for further away. really? this deal and the funding of all of these enemies of israel in america is only brought were closer. have you been paying attention what happened in syria? iran has fired a drone in her airspace and rockets in the first time in 40 years. i ran directly buyers rockets from syria into israel and we responded to that fire. the steel was bringing conventional war with iran much closer and it wasn't a question of this could happen decades but it could happen is for now.
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and also give them the clear path to nuclear arsenal. right now the decision the president made makes everybody safer who wants to oppose iran in the region. they will have to make a choice of what they will do now and i believe the right policy is a policy of crippling sanctions combined with credible military threat and we will never allow a regime the calls for our annihilation to achieve and obtain, develop the weapons to achieve that goal. israel is committed to providing it and i think everybody is clear about that. i think the united states is the clear that the never allow iran to get nuclear weapons. not now, not five years, not in ten years. the iranian people take president of searcy. that's a mistake that people make. [applause] i heard after about the america's credibility that america's credibility went down when present jump walked away from the deal and that is absurd. your credibility with your enemy
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and that is where it is most important flu up because now your enemy understand that president trump is not prepared to accept the bad deal that will endanger america in the future. that is a good thing. [applause] that is pretty good before you sit down with a regime in north korea and that north korean leader was more concerned that if trump walked away [inaudible] >> you mentioned in syria and that has been a tragic thing to watch unfold. you see different estimates of 2000, hundred thousand, 500,000 isn't civilians killed and iran his student, russia has moved in, turkey has moved in and the
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dispute with the kurds although looks like we might have been able to tap that down a little bit. what is the solution to that conflict or is there one and given the fact that it is happening right on israel's border there has recently been military activity along the golan heights and what needs to be done in israel view to bring stability to that troubled country? >> ralph, if you ask a hundred different israelis they like to see happen in israel you get a hundred answers. we do not want to see iran -- they have to leave syria. that's a great danger for us. what iran is trying to do is essentially put new news around our next. he has have a lot in a terrorist proxy arm to the tea with over 1000 rockets try to get more more sophisticate weapons so
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they have a base of operations against israel from there with her trying to do is establish a permanent military presence in syria and iran is trying to establish a permanent military presence in syria and another base to use an attack israel and essentially create a land bridge that would create a land bridge. i think and i don't know if this is true starkly but maybe the last time the persians were in the mediterranean was probably in a time of alexander the great. i don't know if you want to have that happen with the regime that hates america and they told you they were all about when they took out. embassy and bombing installations in africa bombing the marine barracks in lebanon killing 241 us marines in killing and be responsible for
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the murder of hundreds of american servicemen in iraq with explosive devices that they were passing on to their 60s and this is a regime at war with america that is responsible for the hundreds of thousands of americans so you don't want to let them establish a land bridge to the mediterranean. we need to push them back. israel will do us part and we intend to enforce our red line. we cannot establish those military bases but we will prevent them from passing on or sophisticated weapons to hezbollah and we will enforce our border and do all those things and we will push them back but what we need now is frankly a us russian agreement regarding syria and the political that will push iran out. russia is there may have interest in syria for many
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decades in russia unlike iran does not call for the annihilation of israel and their interests are not our major concern and we do believe that there is space and a possibility for potential us russian understanding regarding syria that will push iran out and enable that country to have a future. >> fantastic. [applause] ron, as a master is much as you interact with the senior castles with this administration you also understand that a country having strong relations with another country given the tremendous historical importance of the bonds of friendship between israel and the united states have done a lot for those bonds and deported their friendship and other areas.
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in the fedex in culture and in music and in other ways. talk about that and why you have done that and maybe share with folks some of the successes you have that. >> look, this relationship between the united states in israel is deep and strong and broad. it did not always start out that way. we glamorize the relationship between the united states in israel. in 1948 everyone knows the story that truman recognized israel and all of 11 minutes and that's how long it took him but what they usually don't tell you those events is the united states had an arms embargo on a newly established state of israel in those years and we were literally fighting for our lives. our enemies were getting armed by others. for the first 20 years the relationship was one of moral support of certain political leaders. when israel proved itself a formidable and powerful ally
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during the cold war both in 1967 by defeating soviet state and also in 1973 again when we had a surprise attack against israel and we upheld that aggression against us in israel proved itself in the cold war a reliable ally and people started investing in it. the strategic relationship began in the we had a disagreement with egypt where we had to draw from the [inaudible] which is a huge piece of territory about two or three times bigger than the state of israel. we made a huge concession in red states rightly wanted to strengthen israel in the wake of that concession in that move towards peace. but our alliance now with the us is in a different place than it was even in those years because, i believe, and this may be
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surprising and maybe it won't surprise you, i believe israel will be the most important ally of the united states in the 21st century. the most important. [applause] i will tell you why. you say everybody at every investor will tell you that but the most important ally in 20th century was great britain. i think we agree on that. israel be with me the most part for two reasons but security and technology. unfortunately -- if you want to send troops their masses of troops maybe israel will not be that important but i don't thank you want to send masses of troops to the region. i thank you need a reliable, democratic ally that shares your interest and shares her values and are willing to defend his interest in those values in the region because you don't want to be there and we are there. you don't have to do nationbuilding with us. we are already built. we are strong and we share your interests and values and we are willing from that in a way that we've never and of israel asked the united states to send troops to defend us. one of the great things about the birth of israel is for the first time in 2000 years just don't ask others to defend them
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in israel defended themselves. [applause] that is the story of security and if you think about which country is most important for that security think about israel's intelligence agency. one of the best intelligence agencies in the world and you saw from that atomic archive. how about round of applause for mossad? [applause] our intelligence agencies have foiled two dozen major terrorist attacks from major terrorist attacks in the last two years. a plane blown on the sky that was taken off from australia that was heading towards the middle east. terror attacks in europe of the scale that you saw in paris when over 100 people were killed. those attacks it's israel's
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intelligence services that are keeping the world safe in passing that on to other intelligent agencies. israel is pretty good that i put us up there with any of your partners even european partners when it comes to security for the second here and this is where it sets israel part is technology. there are two great centers of innovation. one is to the west in silicon valley and the other is in israel. israel, all of 70 years young and less than you are than 9 million people, this is the size of new jersey as a global, technological power. we are a global power in agriculture, innovation, and water innovation, in cyber. israel for the last couple years accounted for 20% of private, global investment. one tenth of 1% of the worlds population and we getting 20% of the investors.
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in cyber israel is not a size of a small country like new jersey but like china. intel bought an israeli company for $15 billion last year and that's a lot of shackles. [applause] [laughter] but give them that company mobilized and the keys to their development of autonomous vehicles around the world. in all of these cutting edge sectors of tomorrow who is your best technology partner in the world? it's not a european country. it's israel. for those two reasons, security and technology, we will move ahead. this is a short answer to that was a long question. [laughter] i want to get back to a separate we share interest and values. you share those with other democracies we don't share with them what you share with us or they don't recognize it in the same way. you don't share [inaudible].
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israel and america are not just countries. we are causes. [applause] what i will tell you that is on as israel and america believe in that cause this alliance will be rock solid because as long as we share that destiny will have a sense of destiny. ultimately it's where it has to be shared not just the leadership of a president or congress but with the american people. i have tried as a messenger to reach out to all the groups you are saying and to engage directly with american people and keep a new generation of americans connected with israel. today why did tell you a support for israel is at record high among the american people. record high. [applause]
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and the gallup poll measures it. right now if you ask very favorable or favorable we are at about 75%. 75%. the only time ever recorded the last 40 years was greater and it's an annual poll was in 1991 during the first gulf war or that number peaked in drop-down and has been rising more or less along a path and it's now about 75% of the american people in intensity of support is those who see it favorably was 31% the highest number ever recorded. [applause] by the way, the sizable chunk of that 31% are devout christians in the united states. they are desperate i always say america is a backboard of our support in the world and the backbone of the backbone is the
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faith community. i tell you how thankful -- [applause] how thankful we are for that support. you want to not only engage with them and this community people who are members of the faith and freedom coalition, they are on the front lines of the grassroot levels around the country. do you know who is out there fighting efforts to boycott israel? to boycott in sanctions israel which is pretty much the bullish thing you can do? it's like oregon, nevada, utah, southern california boycotting silicon valley but there are people who want to push this agenda to boycott israel and try to turn out the most beleaguered democracy on earth into a pariah nation. you know who's leading the charge?
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it's devout christians who are fighting it at the local level of the state level to make sure that their cities and states never agree to boycott israel which is anti- semitism. that is what it is. i will explain why. [applause] i will explain why. when someone asks comes to me and says well, this or that church group, even church groups, this that academic reports to boycott israel. i asked him what number are we on your list? maybe were number 21 or 51 or 71 of countries around the world that they've decided to boycott because if that is the case i know i'm dealing with someone who has a principal and an organization that has a value and they put israel into this and i see my job as the ambassador to explain to them why they are wrong with the context in details and the nuances and complexities. the fact that this is happening
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by church groups or actual groups it boggles the mind. you have church groups in america that would call for the boycott of israel at a time when christians are in decimated in the middle east and christians are being decapitated in the middle east where the only country in the middle east has a growing diving cushion population is the state of israel. forty-five times what was a 9048 when we're established. ...
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>> and there is a name for the singling out of jews historically called anti-semitism. he treat jewish people differently than others the jewish state different than other states that has to be organized and i appreciate the
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efforts of the people who support this coalition i encourage encourage you to do even more. [applause] >> i also get to throw out a couple of pitches. >> two days ago i played basketball football and baseball but i am telling you now to also strike so any other sports teams watching. >> has posted the video of those pitches. >> and then that really brings the heat those in israel like to have those odds stacked against them.
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>> last question as a miami boy what is your prediction of the win loss record this year? >> but this is on c-span. >> that is the difference between ralph and me once to get to the promised land and i learn that this wasn't going to happen so i just went to the real promised land like every miami dolphins fan at the beginning of the season that they will win the super bowl that is my prediction and
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because we predict that every year here is what i figure just say it's going to happen because there is no one in america but now you have it on tape right here. but if the dopants are in the super bowl next year i know who i want to be sitting next to thank you very much tee6. >> thank you so much. it i


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