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tv   EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt at Faith Freedom Coalition Conference -...  CSPAN  June 9, 2018 12:37am-12:54am EDT

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wanted to do was touch them, not hurt him. >> watch the night kennedy died from gunshot wounds. >> they decided to transfer him where the facilities were better for delicate brain surgery. mrs. kennedy was with him riding in the ambulance, now from one hospital to the other. the suspect identified as servants or hand. he was led by police back to the ballroom and hotel. some of the officers had to protect him from the crowd. there are several bystanders close to his hysteria and there's concerns for his safety.
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>> each of the faith and freedom coalition holds a three day conference in washington, d.c. you'll hear from speakers. on the second day they heard from david purdue of georgia. mitch mcconnell, elaine chao, ron dermer, and then carson. we begin with remarks from epa administrator, scott pruitt. >> thank you. thank you very much. it is good to be back at faith and freedom. i appreciate ralph's kind words at all that he does to advance religious liberty. we saw how important that was this week. a great victory took place to protect the free exercise of the
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christian baker in colorado. [applause] understand that it makes a difference. several years ago i had the pleasure of traveling with my church. was the first time i took a trip abroad. was where the revolution occurred in the country. is visiting with the pastor and going to a church that existed in the 1950s and 60s. on the wall he showed me the pictures of pastured pastors. as i was there -- [inaudible] [inaudible]
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>> here we are talking about free speech, religious liberty the left is a lot of talk about truth. the left doesn't want to talk about results. they just want to shout and intimidate as opposed to talk about what is being done. there are great things happening throughout the country. [applause] is so sharing with you as with that church i asked him about the pictures on the wall and i said did you all meet during that timeframe and he said we met every week. if we met in this house of worship there somebody always in attendance. if we took outside the four walls we would be lowered inside, we were persecuted and prosecuted. there are some that looking at
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the issue the same way. they believe we have a right to exercise her religious beliefs. then we go out to the public square in advance truth and confront the culture. we do it outside the church they say thank goodness we had a leader of this country who stands on apologetically. he's willing to put on the supreme court judges like justice gorsuch. [applause] i will tell you, that takes courage. that's why the president is in the white house today. i think it's because of great courage and getting results. this great change happening because of his leadership.
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there's great change happening at the epa. i'll tell you what's been going on the last 16 or so months. the changes are transforming how are doing business. everyone knows about regulatory reform. we had an agency that was weapon nice to get certain sectors of the economy. when you have an agency that declares a war on a certain sector, think about that. i was the first administrator to go underground in a coal mine after being sworn in. i went 1100 feet down. if you ever do anything like that it's a tremendous experience. we'll never forget standing underground with about 30 coal miners and telling them the president had a message to them. it was that the war" was over.
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you should have seen the emotion in their faces. the joy of knowing they could go to work in pennsylvania, ohio another parts of the country apply power in generation to this country in an effective way. it indicated that the president stood this past friday in june 1 a year ago and declared that they were going to exit the paris accord because it didn't put america first. president has been against that. now the economy is growing and the economy -- we should celebrate it. [applause] one little fact. from 2000 until 2014, this
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country reduce our carbon footprint by was 20% with innovation and technology. we had nothing to be apologetic about. this country is leading the way. we've always thought it that way. the president said were gonna make sure jobs are protected. it was a great job. it's not disrespect, i hope you recognize and celebrate that this week. [applause] not only does the put you first
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unless you want to restore balance between -- the past began with washington. this begins with individuals. this administration recognizes that states matter. they care about air and water quality. we can advance the jobs agenda and improve the environment thank each and in partnership as opposed to adversity. the previous administration called the waters of the united states role. in 2015 they adopted the rule redefining what a water the united states is. they did it is they wanted to make decisions about land-use. that puddles and drake creek beds so farmers and ranchers of
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those building subdivisions. the first place they'd have to get permission was washington, d.c. lester is in salt lake city, utah. i was standing outside a subdivision being built. as with the army corps of engineers. he says scott, that drainage ditch is a water of the united states. i said well it's not going to be anymore. that decision put washington first. a template the people of the country first. of february 28 of last year he signed an executive order. this year they'll be a new definition. [applause]
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of what a water in the united states is. it's not going to be a drainage ditch. we saw that with a clean power plant. these regulatory power to try to shut down powered generation because of the generation shift guess you stepped in? the supreme court. it had never been done for they entered a rule that was pending. they did that because of the unlikelihood that it was lawful. president also said fix that rule. guess what's gonna happen, the clean power plant will go away and will have clarity on what authority they have. [applause]
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so no matter what it's fixing these are examples of us choosing to make sure regulatory authority is not use to pick winners and losers. we recognize that farmers and ranchers and those engaged in productivity across the country, they want clean air and clean water. air quality is better since the trump administration came into play. 10% better on ozone. we had super funds across the country, this year will have ten times that number. were making progress. [applause] at the same time that regulations are being decreased. there are many in washington, d.c. this is we have to choose
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between jobs and protecting the environment. that is a false choice. since the 1970s when the clean water act was adopted we have seen nearly 75% reduction at the same time we have grown the gdp's. this country does it better than anybody in the world of advancing jobs and the economy because you care. because of people saying we can do both. we are not going to engage in us false choice. it's not about jobs. things are happening across this country. i've been told most 35 plus states. farmers and ranchers are building subdivisions, and those that care about the issues,
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their excited and optimistic. the something we should celebrate and not be apologetic about. it is an exciting time. as we do these things of putting america first a regulatory reform of restoring outcomes, it comes with challenges. there's a status quo that dominates. a mindset that things should not change. most prosperous place to be was government group. this administration is putting power back into the people. as he gather here today, we need
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to recognize what's an issue. it's a transformational time. you recognize that what happened is going to affect generations in the future. it's reminiscent of the 80s and reminiscent when reagan was in. we must embrace, advance, make change to ensure future generations recognize we can achieve better outcomes and jobs and not engage in false choice. i ask your help, we as american people need to ask and answer the question, what is true environmentalism? there have been those who told us to answer that question is prohibition. though we've had these natural resources should put up fences and do not touch.
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i believe much is given in much is required. we have been blessed with natural resources. we have an obligation to use this for the betterment of mankind and also does stewardship mentality going forward. true environmentalism -- we do it better than anybody in the world. we need to advance that message and ensure that we don't revert back to the regulatory power of them picking winners and losers. we must choose a better path. this president is leaning that effort. we ask for your help to advance that all over the country to ensure that if we make the
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changes, that future generations recognize this country is a blessed country. we have the opportunity to be a beacon for the rest of the world. [applause] i appreciate what you do, i appreciate your encouragement and your support. i pray that as we gather that we continue to advance religious liberty a recognize the choices that were making are transformational. god bless you. [applause] >> thank you so much, i will tell you that i am absolutely thrilled to be here with you today.


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