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tv   Faith Freedom Coalition Conference - Part 2  CSPAN  June 9, 2018 12:53am-2:48am EDT

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changes, that future generations recognize this country is a blessed country. we have the opportunity to be a beacon for the rest of the world. [applause] i appreciate what you do, i appreciate your encouragement and your support. i pray that as we gather that we continue to advance religious liberty a recognize the choices that were making are transformational. god bless you. [applause] >> thank you so much, i will tell you that i am absolutely thrilled to be here with you today. thank you for having me.
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i'm grateful for the way you fight for our values. i'm grateful that you take your time to be here today and get into this fight that you're going to be in in 2018. it's great to be a cheerleader for our movement. were grateful to have a president who is leading this movement. he is doing a wonderful job. [applause] penny mentioned that i am running for the senate. i'm looking forward to that race. into the u.s. senate, gonna take the same conservative values that i had in the house and put those to work in the senate. i'm taking that same energy.
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she mentioned the investigation i let against planned parenthood. and the fact that we did criminal referrals will always transpiring between planned parenthood the third body part sellers. the department of justice and the fbi have taken up all 15 of those referrals. planned parenthood -- [applause] planned parenthood in the body part sellers are under federal investigation. that is something to celebrate. the president was in nashville last week. we were so excited, there are thousands of people that stood in the horrible weather to get into the arena to listen to him.
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they came to see him. they did that because they want to be there to show their support. they want to show the support for this president to the job he's doing. and didn't you love listening to scott pruitt and to hear what he is up to. we are so proud of him. you'll hear from conservative leaders today that we will talk a lot about what this administration of this conservative congress has done. we have a supreme court justice, we have over 40 federal judges that have been appointed to the district, the circuit and the appeals court. we have tax cuts, unemployment is at record lows.
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we have been able to get over 1600 regulations off the books. people never thought that was going to happen. we have things that are changing in washington. look at how the president is taking a foreign affairs. he is standing up to that access to evil. russia, china, iran, north korea, and he has moved our embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. [applause] i am honored to be working with him. other things that tennessee and americans want to see done. what we know that people want to see is more tax cuts. tax cuts are working.
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i was in tennessee, a great tradition, we celebrate the -- a fun event, we have people from all over the state and country that are there. the gentleman came up to me and said marcia, i want you to vote for more tax cuts. i said i'm looking forward to it. chairman brady has said he will be rolling out two-point oh. i will be right there to vote for them. and he said i used to have too much monk at the end of my money. now i have a little bit of money left at the end of my month. i like that. i think you and i both know people that want that extra money in their pocket. we know the american people want
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someone who will stand with the president. phil and the sanctuary city policy. [applause] they want elected representatives to work to keep our kids safe. several years ago i took up the fight to get them shut down. [applause] they exploit our children and women. they need to be shut down. the social media site enable such trafficking need to be shut down. let me tell you, it is so important. they say that you can have a big
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blue way. we have to make certain that blue way goes crashing into the great redwall. not only is that redwall going to be in tennessee, it will have to be across this country. in all of these competitive states. it looks like they had a little redwall building going on in california this week. i think we sort of like that one. [applause] . .
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elected to the house of
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representatives where he quickly rose to leadership whether republican study committee where he is a tireless advocate for marriage and for faith. and on june 14 of last year he was severely wounded when he was shot at the congressional baseball practice. i will let him tell the story but frankly it is a miracle not only that he didn't lose his life for many others do not lose their lives that day. the president you may remember and the first lady rushed to the hospital to be at his side and he hovered between life and death and they know many of you were praying for him and because of those prayers,
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and the tremendous work of the skilled group of surgeons who saw him through multiple surgeries, he returned triumphantly to the floor of the house of representatives and today the third-highest ranking republican in the congress and we are so honored to welcome our dear friend, 11 of the greatest champions for our values in america today congressman scalise. [applause] ♪ ♪ >> thank you thank you for
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that introduction and your love and friendship and your prayers. to each and every one of you who has prayed for me during this last year and my family, i cannot thank you enough because the power of prayer is real. the miracle that god performs i thought that day on the ballfield and for many reasons i should not be here if you look at what happened that day except for miracles and the grace of god. they think all of you for those prayers. i've a lot to pray for and also to be thankful looking now at changing the direction of our country marsha blackburn just spoke what did she make a great senator for the great state of tennessee? [applause] we fought a lot of battles
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together chairs at the republican study committee she was right there with me to expose planned parenthood she chaired the committee to get the facts out and alert the nation to what had really gone on and how to uncover and expose people that shocked so many this is going on in our country that has got to be stopped. because marsha went and expose this during her campaign she was banned from twitter. just a few months ago when marsha put up the ad on twitter that just expose the truth about planned parenthood twitter took the ad down so to alert the country what is going on so the fact that the left or even people in organizations like twitter or facebook were literally trying to suppress conservative speech people see that now
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because of social media on the mainstream media but because there are so many different ways to get the message out it has allowed conservative voices to be louder magnified one of the reasons donald trump is president today doing a great job to stand up for our conservative values. look at neil gore such that loss one of the giants of the movement of constitutional representation on the supreme court that people actually interpret the constitution not try to write their own law. the fact that opening was there that only you are electing a president is somebody who will help shape the court for another generation. nobody asked hillary clinton her list donald trump put up one -- donald trump listed was criticized but i thought that
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was helping enough swing voters to make a decision that understood what that meant and they looked at his list and neil gore such was probably the best person. maybe we will now see if you moron the supreme court before he is done but in the meantime hillary clinton was never asked because you knew her philosophy of her pick so what a contrast that has been to see scott here as a great friend and champion and to restore the rule of law and the regulatory state that regulatory state under obama was crushing this country we were losing manufacturing jobs by the thousands every single day because of radical rules and regulations with an agency like the irs, epa, the alphabet soup of agencies wrecking the economy with donald trump he said a number of things but what he promised
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that he carry through on every one of his promises and how refreshing is that? so when i came back from the hospital immediately we dove into tax reform to work with president trump on the bill to actually cut every single tax rate from the highest rate to the lowest rate to eliminate the lowest rate and double the child tax credit to repeal the house version to fully repeal the death tax a complete repeal also of the johnson amendment someone who tried to stifle free speech in our churches we led the effort but we are not done fighting. in fact i have a bill with jody the free-speech fairness act to truly restore the whole idea the irs can threaten to
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take away the tax-exempt status of churches based on what they say on the pulpit. we need to repeal the johnson amendment and we will keep working to do that. [applause] something else to talk about with this selection that if you ever wonder why elections matte matter, i won't say this is most important in the history of our country because it is the most important in our generation was 20 years ago when donald trump was elected president to truly allow us to save the great nation. so we set out to do a number of things so first we want to get the economy back on track and working families not according to nancy pelosi but actually maybe have money to go on vacation or by your
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first home real success and by the way, nancy pelosi is reminding everybody she will run for speaker if they get the majority but she also said she would raise your taxes and undo this great tax cut bill that is working we pass a bill that transforms our economy and put more money in their pocket and her answer is she should be applauding that to say they got something right instead she says she wants to reverse it enjoins with bernie sanders and other radicals because that is what they would do so it is important the country knows the two different agendas we want to keep working with president trump. we passed a bill last year in the house to completely repeal obamacare and in that bill it was repeal and replace and replace it with market reform to have a healthcare marketplace to buy what you want at the affordable cost
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but then we completely defunded planned parenthood and we pass the bill through the house. we cannot fully celebrate house because it did not become law because three republicans voted no by one vote that bill failed. we have the opportunity to flip at least five seats in the senate from democrat to republican. we have got to come back next year with the majority to increase the numbers in the senate to get the bill passed to completely repeal obamacare and defined planned parenthood. we have a lot of work to do but thank you for what you do to defend the values of this country. if you look at the faith and freedom coalition to restore those values that made this country great. the greatest country in the history of the world but it did not happen by accident it was created in a deep belief
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we are a nation founded under god. talked about by her founding fathers. people try to take god out of every element of our society for a decade and you know what is at stake. you stand up and fight to defend it but all the time we have people we have remind them the idea of the separation between church and state i want to read you a quote from thomas jefferson. you can see this on the memorial. give us life and give us liberties can the liberties of nation be secure when we have removed a condition that these liberties are the gift of god? that was thomas jefferson. a nation founded under the belief of god. when i was shot and it started to crawl from the gunfire than my body gave out and i could not crawl any more than the first thing i did was pray to god. there is nothing else i can do. i am asking you for help and
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put it in god's hands in very passivity i prayed. first i have a 10-year-old i prayed to god please don't let madison have to walk up the ilo loan. then i prayed to see my family again. i prayed for a number of other things and he delivered on every one of those prayers. [applause] it's a miracle not only that i'm here but that the other dozen members of congress on the ballfield that day that this shooter went to execute with a massacre of unbelievable proportions did not happen because united states capitol police were there and did their job and continue to fire back to take the shooter down so many america happened you can just look and one you can say and then the other than the first
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shot that hit the link in the chain link fence you can still go to the ballfield today to see that broken where the bullet was headed right at his head it goes right by his ear that is a miracle of god. [applause] i would say one more because it is important to know we could talk about it but if you talk to friends who don't understand or don't have the same conviction and explain why it is so real and the power of god's presence and prayer is so important just remember those real-life examples of miracles we have seen throughout our lives and what i experienced. one of the miracles i was taken to george washington hospital in an ambulance at 715 in the morning and virginia traffic. they had the lights on and were not moving i had zero
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blood pressure arrived at the hospital which most doctors will tell you you are done. if they would have driven me to george washington hospital but the emt saw the helicopter and said that must be for him turn around and go back to the ballfield and got out of the traffic the helicopter landed on the ballfield switch me over four minutes later i'm in emergency room and they saved my life. it is a miracle of god. and the reason i say this it is important to fight this battle. we know what's at stake. in this great nation but is worth fighting to know those real-world examples and remind us every day why we do this why we knock on doors in the hot summer in missouri or west
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virginia or north dakota where we try to flip these important seats to take back this country one seat at a time and one vote at a time i appreciate what you have done to fight this battle and what you will continue to do and for the leadership of those who have committed to it to take the heat from the other side we know why we are in this fight thank you for what you do god bless each and everyone of you. [applause] tee6. >> tee6. ♪ ♪
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>> wow. isn't that incredible? i've had the honor of meeting with him a couple of times but i never heard the story about the ambulance and the helicopter. isn't god good? we are so glad he is there and the next speaker is here. he was with even the hospital. he is a dear friend of this organization and our shared values. kevin mccarthy grew up in california as a young man starting a small business, not as many of those as there are subways but a successful small business he started as a young man and learned by building his own business to make a payroll and how hard it is for
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a small business to go out and risk their own capital to achieve their dream. he could work his way through california state university with those earnings and later went to serve on a congressional staff california member of congress and then elected to the california assembly where he was elected almost immediately by his colleagues as the republican leader in the california assembly. he came to congress 2007 as an immediate impact player and became majority leader 2014. we work with him and his staff on an ongoing basis. he was the one along with the rest of the leadership repealed obamacare in the house of representatives. [applause] he helped to get the tax cut done and he ensure the child
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tax credit doubling in the johnson amendment repeal were in the legislation. he looks out for our pro-life and profamily bills every single day and in addition to that, he is all over the country every week and congressional district districts, all over the nation helping to raise funds and energize the grassroots for this majority. when you look at this logo road to majority come our next speakers not only the majority leader, one of the reasons why we have this majority and i am privileged to welcome back to this conference, please welcome congressman kevin mccarthy majority leader in the house of representatives. [applause] ♪ >> thank you very much. if anybody questions god's
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miracles just look at t2. i don't know if you know but next week will be the one year to the day he was shot. i remember that day clearly. steve and i had been friends for decades. we were young republicans together he was the head of his stay in the museum and a and i was national chair and we were a team then. the day he decided to run for congress i was the first to write a check and endorse him but that morning when security told me what had taken place my wife happen to be here we went to the hospital first reports he was just okay but when we got to the hospital we saw the doctor spaces that was not the case. he had no blood pressure and
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she had 20 pints of blood a body doesn't hold that much. waiting for jennifer his wife to come up we sat together and prayed. when jennifer came in she looked at the doctor who is laying out the severity sensor, you don't know my husband he has faith and he will walk again. he just proved that today. [applause] thank you for your work and your efforts and everything else. what a difference and administration can make. i want to express items to you because i will you to express them in other places. because we want to continue this momentum and we do not want america to fall back. and a friend for decades for
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what he can support and sacrifice he makes going around the country but i didn't grow up in a family of republicans. i grew up in a family of democrats. i was the youngest. that's true. i did not go to ivy league. i went to community college. my father instilled in me to work and so i worked after school. i weekend to visit your friends and went to the grocery store to cash a check. the day before the lottery started in california i didn't support it but i bought a ticket and i won the lottery. true story one of the first
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winners the most you could win was $5000 but i just 20 years old that is a lot of money on a friday night. [laughter] i took my folks to dinner, my brother order dessert to make the price higher. [laughter] i gave my brother and sister each hundred dollars and put the rest of it all into one stock then i went back to school so i went to buy a franchise so i started my own business. i learned three lessons. first to work last to leave the mess to be paid and i was successful so now i have enough money to pay my way through college so i sold my business and open the paper this summer interned in washington d.c. i did no one by thought and be lucky to have me and i applied and he turned me down.
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i now sit in the seat i could not get the internship for. only in america. [applause] how quickly i will tell you what we have done with this administration. do you know what anniversary is today? 1million new jobs since we pass the tax cut bill. [applause] to one another thing cnn won't tell you? we have only then under 4% unemployment for seven months seven months out of 49 years but do you know the last two months are two of those seven years. [applause] do you know 48 out of 50 states have have lowered their electrical bills because of the tax cuts one company make sure 1.2 million employees we
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should be proud of what we have achieved to lower taxes as people keep more of what they earn makes the family stronger that is what we are focused on the other thing we can achieve, the judges i was sad with scalia passed away but what about you or such? if you think that makes a difference asked the question baker. [applause] i thought that the pain course propounding in their decision. but tee17 said the constitution he wrote protects not just popular religious exercise but the civil authority to protect them all.
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from justice gorsuch's when i look that was a smart. we have appointed more judges and we need more to believe in the constitution not someone who will reinterpret the constitution. [applause] now steve and i in the entire congress work very closely together but what i'm really proud of this is the most pro-life congress we have ever had and with the trump administration it has only gotten stronger as majority leader i believe in the mission to ensure pro-life legislation. already we have passed the 20 week abortion ban and a bill to protect the survivors of abortion and laugh month hhs announced a proposal to strip the title x funding to groups like planned parenthood if they don't sever the abortion facilities in the
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family-planning facilities. that is a change. [applause] but hhs also opened an office of civil rights and also religious freedoms and now they are investigating what california has done to make sure taxpayer dollars are not spent and mandated. but what we are most concerned about recently is censorship of conservative thought. i do know if you watched what happened recently but if you google gal california republican party to know what they said? not the party of reagan or lincoln but the ideology was not teased -- as a nazi. i did not sit back we have to stop the bias talking to donald trump junior the week before if you had searched his
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name on into graham -- instagram gave a warning harmful and could cause death. but just look what amazon has done. if you are a shopper you can go on your own where they give charity money all the charities are listed in alliance for defending freedom the individuals were kicked off because amazon thought their views were wrong. we need to stop people from competing against the idea conservative ideas cannot be. for and anytime they try to stop us we need to speak a little louder. [applause]
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my time is up but there is so much more to talk about. certain things happen in your life that are very compelling in some say it is slow motion i've had five of those. the dad met my wife. it was in biology class, love at first sight in 12 years later she felt the same way. [laughter] the moment our children were born. the moment accepted christ. the moment i became a republican. not all the same day but defined my life i was in junior high watching ronald reagan out today to say go to the shiny city on the hill that the same time jimmy carter said to put on a
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sweater. i knew what that meant i knew what came from that with freedom and liberty to inspire the shipyard workers and i watch during those eight years but in the last election, we climbed the mountain. let's make sure in this next election the light is not dimmed thank you and god bless. ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen please welcome talk show host michael
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medved. >> kevin mccarthy, what a great job and we have heard a lot of faith in freedom about all the great victories that have been run recently. and i want to talk very briefly about a challenge we have to keep those victories going and making them permanent for the american people. and in that regard i was thrilled to be here in washington at a time when the giant red wave has overtaken the nation's capital. right? and by the way that red wave i'm talking about has nothing to do with politics. with the washington capital.
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there were 200,000 people in the streets last night in the middle of the night celebrating and i was talking to some people here in washington that say this is the greatest if my life. i don't even care if the canadian game. right? but to talk about collusion the star from the capitals' russian this is not big news. [laughter] 74% of washington capitals are foreign-born it doesn't matter. because this is a great victory of people who feel a part of it and we americans love our sport i do care a great deal about baseball and i feel better when my seattle mariners actually win and i don't even know yet because i have been here what happened
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against tampa bay but people care about sports in america. here is my question so what can we do as conservatives to reach the 30% of americans who never vote? and don't care about politics but they do care deeply about the washington capitals or the atlanta braves or other great sports teams maybe even the philadelphia eagles world champions as long as they continue not to kneel. right so here's the deal. think about it what is it about sports that engages people so much that we can learn from engaging people in politics? i will mention three things.
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the three things about sports have people realize one is with us for two demonize your opponents. number two, is with sports there is a sense there are rules and it is fair. cheating is not allowed. at least not supposed to be. number three is with sports a feeling of personal involvement but it comes to the idea that you don't demonize the opponent and to win over the las vegas golden knights and then to think these are the worst people ever they are low lives and cheaters. some of them probably are but you don't say that because when you are engaged in the sporting event you appeal to
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the crowd if both sides are sympathetic one of the problems about politics right now and huge for liberals they want everything to be the worst is not enough they disagree with president trump he is the worst human being and they're all corrupt and horrible but this of course oppresses people who are interested in politics. we had the most participatory election with two candidates for president for instance that both appeal to people and struck people as significant individuals. so let us avoid the demonization of opponents. the second is to play by rules part of that can't even get a straight story. people who cover the story are cheerleaders for one side or the other. can you imagine if the only side of sports information was
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bigoted? the yankees lost last night but surely played better and deserve to win. this is one of the things we need to focus on and then to be more transparent to play by the rules. and then to say i was responsible for the capitals winning the great great victory. how? i was the same t-shirt or i went to the same restaurant. somebody said i know i did because whenever i would bring in my car to get looked at that means a capitals one and i did it last night. so what about their sense of personal involvement? they believe in a higher
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power. if you think about rooting for sports don't you feel this is god? let us have the same sense for politics and support organization that key people involved once you have a personal stake and go to a rally or campaign contribution then you are a part of it. it is not just a win for some candidates faraway but for you. we need victories for america and for the conservative cause. with that in mind, we can go forward and may be of people as happy as they should be as victories for our elected representatives and sports heroes. because it is even more noble for people to work in public
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service. let's give them the credit and support they deserve with a personal involvement to energize this country. god bless faith and freedom and all the great work being done celeste collette with the election to win this one. thanks very, very much. ♪ >> our next speaker is in the interview format is one of our favorite mec run television virtually every day and frankly she takes the slings and arrows of the left-wing media as well or better than anyone we have ever seen. she grew up in new jersey of
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irish and italian dissent in the strong roman catholic family where she learned for fidelity for innocent human life throughout her life and career and work eight summers on a blueberry farm and she won the world championship library packing competition. [laughter] she was 20 years old. and when the original count shows someone else had one, she demanded a recount. [laughter] she was tough then. she has a bachelor of arts from trinity college, a law degree from georgetown university and in 1995 founded the polling company which became one of the most successful and influential
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public opinion survey companies in the country to women consumers and voters the clients included the leading corporations for leading political figures including vice president dan quayle and jack kemp and speaker newt gingrich and a congressman you may have heard of my expenses now vice president. without question one of the smartest and the best stirrers and political strategist in the last 25 years and in 2016 and to become the first woman to successfully manage a winning presidential campaign.
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>> today the counselor to the president and i know because i have seen it firsthand that she not only has the president's ear but his respect and affection and of millions of americans kellyanne conway. ♪ [applause] >> that is over-the-top. thank you. >> we have watched you almost every morning seems on television, kellyanne conway. i wasn't even going to ask the question because all of this had to be cleared but what has
1:45 am
that been like for you? you have been in the public domain but now to be in the line of fire to defend this president every single day you do such a great job but they seem to really go after you and you handle it so well. talk about that. >> i appreciate that and first of all thank you for welcoming me back to faith and freedom and for everything that you do for this great nation that we all call home. i really appreciate you i am here to say thank you from all of us at the white house. so in terms of television or radio appearance it isn't something i expected to do i did not want to be press secretary but i want to work on policy and the president
1:46 am
agreed with that but it turns out the sheer volume of the way he works coupled with the very unfair and ubiquitous mistreatment of him personally and misunderstanding of his policies as they are executed demands an array of different people are out there to explain and amplify what it is the president is doing for the country. my main complaint has always been that the media don't cover the issues that necessarily affect americans and the -- and they tell the pollsters what they want to hear if you look at the polls and you see the answers of what they say is most important to them it does not match whatsoever with what
1:47 am
those outlets cover on television news or in printer on the paper. it is so disproportionate. the russian investigation for example is down on the list compared to the economy or healthcare or immigration. that is a great irony. i always talk about things i know about and people should follow suit because there are experts who are better voices for the president but it helps to know the president and the way he makes decisions and to deeply respect president trump and vice president penn their wives and families in the cabinet and men and women of uniform so if i could help with country to be more
1:48 am
prosperous to hold the government more accountable i'm happy to do it. also i am more confident than those who are asking the questions. i don't know what has everybody so miserable. >> i think we know. [laughter] but i don't think it is our job to defend as lane but the media's job to attack. i think it's perfectly fine and within your right to hold the government accountable but why the same question ten times? why this gavel on the face and why the presumptive negativity? and then to ignore the facts and figures of what matters to americans so it's only june 8.
1:49 am
but the jobs numbers for the seventh time since 197048 years so think about how many thousands of data reports we are talking about only seven times we have had unemployment below 4% record low. [applause] and if you just heard that for the first time and that shows my point and part of the challenge. >> that has never happened before only seven times in 1970 and the rest that you know about the lowest unemployment numbers ever with african-americans and hispanics or lower among teens now 6.7 million available jobs in this country that exceeds
1:50 am
the people that are looking for a job. that means more job security and availability. >> those that have invested in workplace development and education and training that we used to call vocational educational training when i graduated high school i did not go to college at that time like they do now that they graduated and went to work the next day as a mechanic or heart lung -- her hairdresser. so this is a president who is invested in the economy was doing what he promised to do which is take the issues mired in those single-digit if not the * warlike trade or illegal immigration to catapult up
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into the consciousness in a way that to be is more fair to america and americans and american workers. i'm quite comfortable in explaining the good going on. it took -- it takes a while to understand you have the white behind you speaking to half of americans and i don't return the * key comments maybe now i will but for now i keep my calm i also find smiling is very disarming nobody is hardly ever smiling. am not sure some people even have teeth. i have not seen them in a while. [laughter] >> i know i speak not only for us but the billions of others around the country you make us
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proud every single day. [applause] you go out there and represent. >> thank you. >> right back at you. and then we are knocking on doors in 2016 and we will this year and in 2020 and that is key you will not hear that data very often but we know it matters and certainly in the last presidential election because there was a fraction of the budget. but we had grassroots reporters but also on the nightly news and then to show the difference of their own --dash philosophies so that there is no substitute. the two greatest assets in the
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campaign and being with the people that matter so much. so the president makes is also accessible and as he was leaving for the g-7 followed by a historic comment in singapore to the current leader of north korea. day after day the sheer volume and velocity the way the president works is stunning. when he came to washington they said he's not typical college. so think what that really means. a president who says even in washington he rarely spends the night he doesn't have that connection to the different organizations that is washington so some people have criticized that as a lack of
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familiarity with the systematic most americans appreciate he is not been lung -- beholden to a system that has chosen dollars over deficits. [applause] >> if we look at something like right to try that is something the other presidents wanted to do to keep the promise of four or 5i will recognize as the capital of israel for jerusalem but this is not have it i think is typical for politicians but to say i appreciate that if not somebody who respected and
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listened to the counsel of the diverse group of people in the white house with different viewpoints but then makes it efficient. >> if you talk about the issues of the president and one of them is important to you and that is the issue of life. the first to address by march of life by hook up in the first vice president to address the marshall life in person. the president just announced his department hhs with the new regulations to prevent the use of taxpayer funds from being used. >> could you talk a little
1:56 am
house on were skeptical of the president and his views and there is an argument that can be made this is the most pro- left president we have ever had so can you talk about how that goes on side with the counsel of the administration and his leadership? >> the vice president said that even his critics. the most pro-life president in american history part of that it could not have been more explicit on the campaign trail he said during debate that if elected he would defund planned parenthood to take the money away from performing abortions under title ten and if they choose to no longer or two separate and that is a
1:57 am
different matter but also on the commitment to elevate and nominate judges like justice gorsuch and other 21 others circuit court judges from the president's nominations from leader mcconnell with a divided senate to get through those 21 circuit u.s. court judges. and he's only been there 16 months. that is incredible. [applause] that is how you see a legacy long after six and a half years. [applause] but also days on the job.
1:58 am
and to be spoken like a pro-lifer and tells everybody for the sanctity of life and with the march for life is a very important moment because the greatest example how is that true? we have had great presidents in the past what are we so afraid of? so i want the record to reflect it took a manhattan billionaire for whom most of his adult life is one the most pro-life president in american
1:59 am
history and when you saw the data and not just the screaming and talking heads. the number of qualified women in the health centers in this country far outnumber the number of planned parenthood facilitie facilities. and they are all pretty much in the southern part of the state. he has hundreds and hundreds of qualified women health centers. so it's not even close. and that is a great example how the money is given to these health centers it is services that don't perform abortion. so in october 19, 2016, to put
2:00 am
his opponent to that lady who i don't even say her name anymore. [laughter] [applause] and he said he took the pro-life messaging of 20 some years that even the most pro-life candidate hadn't a few would rip pv at fm others well hours before it's born and those are his words and he actually believes we should call that out how extreme that is. seventeen. [applause] [applause]
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