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tv   U.S. Senate Sens. Schumer Markey on Net Neutrality  CSPAN  June 12, 2018 6:58am-7:12am EDT

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our republican government, the total number of total registered pages for rules and proposed rules plummeted by more than 50% -- 50% less in 2017 than in 2016. this is a signica slowdown in the federal government's red tape factory just in our first year. this is part of what we were elected to do, get washington, d.c., foot off the brake, let hard woarg -- working president. net neutrality. on another matter, the republican-led f.c.c.'s repeal of net neutrality goes into effect today. the rules enacted by the obama administration to bar large internet service provides from charging customers more for certain content are gone. the rules to bar large internet
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providers from slowing down certain websites are gone. the rules ensuring an open, free internet with a level playing field for small businesses, public schools, rural americans, people without a lot of money, communities of color are gone. democrats tried to forestall this day by writing and then passing a c.r.a. act through the senate, bipartisan. some republicans helped us. couldn't have passed it without them. and then as a unified senate caucus, democrats sent a letter last week urging speaker ryan to schedule a vote, which i believe would have been passed had it been put on the floor of the house of representatives. but ryan refused to bring up the companion legislation to restore net neutrality. once again, as our republican friends in the senate and house and the adminisatn have done over and over again, siding with the big powerful special interests -- in this case internet service providers -- over the average person, who is
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sort of powerless. how many of us rail against our cable bills? cable bills? how many of us feel helpless when it comes to getting the cae deal. do republican friends really want to do that? i guessay so. we're refusing to bring up the senate passed a resolution to restore net neutrality, house republican leaders gave the green light to the big internet service providers to charge middle-class americans, small business owners, as rules, rural americans, poor people more than they did before appeared with the exception of three brave republicans in the senate, and it should be crystal clear to the american people that republicans in congress chose to protect special interests. >> madam president. >> senator from massachusetts. he might thank you, madam
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president. to follow-up on what the democratic leader was making reference to withy et neutrality. today is the day when net neutrality rules are just gone, even though there is a way in which we, the congress, b can pt the light talk on the books. that is what happens in the senate, just three weeks ago we've validated 52 to 47 to put the net a trolley protection back on the books. to ensure that they would be there for every american. and nower senator schumer was jt pointing out, the b is in t court of the house of representatives. republicans control the house of representatives. here in the senate on a bipartisan basis. senator mur, senator
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collins, senator kennedy of louisiana, and they voted net neutrality. we know, as senator schumer just said, that it the vote was taken right now on net neutrality in the house of representatives, it uld win. we would be able to put those protections back on the books. so, millions of people rose up throughout the six months of lastea year. 22 million them contacting the fcc peered ajit pai, chairman of the fcc ignored those 22 million people, and i sits and i secreted to vote two vote on the federal communications commission. they took net neutrality off of the books. in other words, they officially stripped consumers of the protection that have allowed the
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economy and our democracy to flourish. now, amerins w h blindly trust their cle companies, their broadband companies,heir internet providers to protect them against discrimination. the cable dream come tru they were in one of the fcc, but now they've come to revolution is underway. here is the sun appeared it's already happened. now we need to have the same level of energy. if those millions of americans targeting the house of representatives, telling them that they want at neutrality, nondiscrimination print both, the a1 to equal protection, the
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smallest voices from the smallest companies to be the law of the land. net neutrality. we need entrepreneurs. when a job creators. we need small businesses, which are the lifeblood of the americannomy to be protected against the natural tendency of the biggest corporations to prop up profits at the expense of the little guy. you don't have to take my word for it, just looking back over recent history, before net neutrality protections were codified. we saw in 2007 and associated press found that comcast was blocking or severely slowing down the website that allows consumers to show video music and video game files.
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2007 to 2009, at&t forced apple to block skype number computing services from using at&t's wireless network to encourage users to purchase more voice minutes. in 2011, verizon blocked google to protect a computing service that had sta ain in developing and promoting. we know it's a matter of time before the big companies exercise their unfettered right to begin discriminating. these powerful corporations to sort to protect themselves and neglect consumer issues. they prioritize profits come in this regard service, and everyday americans lose. there will be no eulogy for net
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neutrality on the floor of the senate today. the fcc will not have the last word when it comes to net neutrality. the american people well. we are going to have a tsunami of americans contact their members of the house of representatives to demand a vote on net new trial be the same way we have the vote here on the senate floor. we know when the vote takes place that the american people are going to win. this net neutrality is going to win. but nondiscrimination is going to win. too many people think today that this whole idea of discrimination you can start talking about it in a way that has not been a part of our culture for a generation. but it's back. in a lot of ways, net neutrality is part of the whole discussion of whether or not the american
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people get protect did against discrimination. we now have enhanced urgent need because the role of the fcc are now vital and net neutrality is no longer the law of the land. that is what happeneday to them. the chairman of the federal communications commission ajit pai is taking his big to relax. he is so proud of what has nowen happened at net neutrality is taken off the books despite 22 million americans saying they wanted them to stay on people. consumers don't trust them to do the right thing unless strict rules are in place. when you take a democratized platform with the most
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opportunity for communication, u.k. innovation. youu get democracy online and that's what this fight is all about. it is far from over. we are going to intensify and ensure that there is going to be a vote on the floor of the house of representatives. conventional wisdom was all over last december. it was over. they didn't in any way anticipate the vote here on the senate floor to reinstitute them they are underestimating dramatically the response of americans all across our country, defending on the house of representatives, onon the
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congress that has yet to vote on these issues. we will see millions of teachers, small business owners, act today's mobilized to protect the internet. they demonstrated on the street inside petitions. that is what we are going to continue to see. they had sned on to the discharge position, which is a technical term for saying call for a vote on the senate floor floor -- on the florida house of representatives to vote on net neutrality. the momentum is building. they need 208 team. there are 170 right now. 48 members of the house of representatives short of winning over there. the pressure is going to
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intensify every single day, especially since net neutrality is now at this moment taken off the books. in california, and the state voted 25 to 12 to reinstitute net neutrality in new york, massachusetts, oregon, state after state, saying that the federal government will protect us, we will protect ourselves. influential lobbyists are going away. the american people aren't going away either. this is their government. this is the place where they expect there will to be respected. p
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initiate a post 86% of all americans, the will of the american people with nothing more powerful than the voices of millions of americans working together with a common mission. that is to restore net neutrality to the books. today, the campaign to restore the internet to save the internet enters a new phase. the urgency has never been higher, but thesity inten level across this country has never been higher. today is not a day for net neutrality. the fight has just begun. we think every senator who's already voted for net v nerality. we think every american who has worked hard that all and now let us redouble our efforts because we have to turn this into a campaign issue in 2018 that
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matches all of the other issues that are driving the agenda of our country. president, i thank you and may yield back to you into the chair. >> coming up in an hour, house majority whip's the school he sits down with "politico" to talk about his policy priorities and the republican leadership agenda. weill bring you live cover when it begins at 8:05 a.m. eastern. until then, conversation with iowa senator chuck grassley in the farm bill and subsidies. [applause] >> thank you, john. i want to thank everyone for showing up today and all those watching online and on c-span. every five years or so congress passes the


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