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tv   Sen. David Perdue at Faith Freedom Coalition Conference - Part 3  CSPAN  June 12, 2018 9:47am-9:59am EDT

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73. >> the u.s. senate will gavel in at 10:00 a.m. eastern and will continue working on the policy for the next budget year. the bill sets at more than $716 billion. senator mitch mcconnell takes the record for the longest serving republican leader. live coverage when senators gavel in for a day in just a few minutes on c-span2. georgia senator david perdue was one of several members of congress to address the 2010th conference of the freedom coalition in washington d.c. talked about threats posed by china: the national debt, changes made to the dodd-frank log and term limit congress. this is about 10 minutes. ♪ [inaudible conversations]
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>> thank you. thank you is such an honor for me to be here again this year. i just want to thank ralph and his family for everything they've done in my home state of georgia and around our country and indeed the world. i heard there were a few georgia hat right? [cheers and applause] folks today, president trump's agenda is working. last year, he said the job one was going into the economy and we were in regulation, energy and taxes. this year we passed the dodd-frank reform bill that freesp capital for small banks and local communities and they will have an earth shattering impact on local communities. all of this is free enough from $6 trillion of capital back into our economy. i'm just a business guy, but i can tell you this agenda is working. 3.5 million new jobs have been created since president trump took office at 870 regulations
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reverse. consumer and ceo confidence is at a 20 year high and proud to stand here before you today and sunday because of the bipartisan bill we passed in the senate, 1550 people have been fired at the va for not taking care of our veterans. othe statistic that i'm very proud of in this affects lives. today, african-american unemployment is at the lowest level it's been in united states history, folks. [applause] and probably most important of all i think is that when the great recession hit us back in 2008 in 2009, and many people lost their jobs or they lost hope. today because of president trump's agenda, 900,000 people have found work to regain self-confidence and rejoined the workforce. there is no question that we have turned the tide towards socialism in america.
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who would've ever believed would have a presidential candidate who had the gall after the soviet union has failed, after all the socialism experiments have felt around the world, who would think we'd have a presidential candidate talking about it. we still have time with entrump, but we can never take that for granted. today want to talk about a different thread. when we cannot ignore. we are facing another challenge for the next 50 years at not going away. the struggle in the world will be between i believe self-determination, which is what we stand for and state control. last month would've been karl marx 200th birthday. in one country actually built, paid for and shipped a huge statue of his birthplace in germany. backcountry with the people's republic of china. this underscores how dedicated they are to continue the print bowls of communism around the world.
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today, china has the world's second-largest economy and $12 trillion. it is rapidly built up its military chartered plans for economic dollars. the made in china 2025 plan is american leadership in technology and all other social endeavors. i used to live there. this is real. the largest global infrastructure investment as the marshall plan after world war ii. at the same time, the chinese government's commitment to total control of its people, strengthening at an ever-increasing rate today. i was just over there. in march of this year, president xi jinping consolidated power and became president her life. in april, the chinese government continued to crack down on christianity by banning online bible sales. today, the bible is the only major religious tax, guys coming at you cannot hide commercially
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in the people's republic of china. that is unacceptable. in addition, the chinese government is creating a credit score. i don't think you've seen this in the western media to get today. this isl. they are developing a social credit score on every individual in china and it's based on how well they conform to state standards. they use a national network of 176 million cameras to monitor their citizens and using computerized facial recognition and artificial intelligence, they can identify and detain people for reeducation. inc. about that. within two years, one fifth of the population of the world. they all happen to be chinese, are gointo an arbitrary government score that potentially restricts their freedom. to me, that is terrifying. the relationships with china and foreign-policy experts had thought that giving china more
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access to our market and increase expanding in the world would make the country freer, more capitalistic and leaned towards our values. well, we wrong. china's leaders today "proverbs from 36 chinese strategists, which were developed during the warnings they tear in chinese between 1200 b.c. and or hundred 80. china sees america as the world hegemon and the using propaganda to convince the rest of the world that america is today's aggressor. confucius once said there cannot be two emperors. we clearly see what their vision is for the world. to deal with this threat, we've got to take care of what god has given us. the united states. america is still the largest in the world. we still have the strongest world in military history. though the innovative engine of
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humankind history. erica is still the model of freedom around the world. today, president donald jay trump, thanks to you, is in the white house and not hillary rodham clinton. [cheers and applause] i thank god for a lot of things a lot of things, but i think god everyday for that. president trump is re-engaging with the rest of the world and reassuring our allies and reasserting american leadership and priorities. dant be the hegemon, but we stand for freedom. so many people around the world as matt that depend on us for encouragement, for support because they are fighting for their freedom. trump is rebgin our economy, military and global alliances after eight years of withdrawal for the international scene. he understands the future of our republic is that date. i may say that again. donald trump understands that our republic is that take and i
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hope to deliver that message to you today. that is why i ran for the united states senate. those of you from georgia know this is not a me for me. i fully believe -- i fully believe -- thank you. trump has called out china's intellectual property. where was the last president dealing with this issue? donald trump is brought china to the trade table and we need to pray for him this weekend as he goes to singapore. [applause] to protect our freedom and to deal with china, washington has got to start thinking long term however. in 1789, when george washington took office as the first president, china had indeed the largest economy in the world at that time. not many americans know that. now they are aiming to reclaim what they believe is their rightful place in the world
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order. if we want to protect our freedoms, we cannot ignore this any longer. we've got t pay attention from the stripe to china. we also need to change the way washington does business including solving one of our most in the dsm dangerous issues and that is our debt crisis. i am fully committed before you leave here that we are going to have a plan and develop a plan long term to give us financial secu again. [applause] and i think the time has come, finally the time has come. this is my third speech here with you guys and they've been elected and i can tell you i'm not giving up on this one. it is finally time we bring term limit to the united states congress. [cheers and applause] some people around the world call this american arrogance. we can recall our position for
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granted. we know the importance of freedom. we know god is a source of our freedom. we know the self-determination is always state control. it has to win here at home first because we are the best in strength for freedom around the world. meetings like this are so critical. people watch what you do here. they are encouraged by what you do everyday. president trump is committed to defending our right including freedom is each, freedom of religion and yes, freedom to bear arms. [applause] however, we just cannot become complacent. over the last 400 years, america must low slide for liberal progressiveolicy. bigger government, more government spending and yes less personal freedom. when they try to ask a pastor for serving no, we've got a serious problem, y'all. president trump is fighting this and we have to stay united
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behind him and his agenda appeared in america we believe in our founding principles. these are just words. these are finding principles that give us the freedom we have today. economic opportunity. fiscal responsibility. limited government and individual liberty. you know, four miles fromhere 've had today, carved in the stone of one of our most cherished memorials are the following words. god who gave us life gave us liberty. and can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a conviction that those liberties are the gift of god. thomas jefferson, 1790. those words couldn't be truer today. there's no doubt we face great challenges. our history has shown they must be sought for, protected and
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passed on to rather generation so they can do the same thing. today, the united dates is definitely the leader of the free world thanks to you. if we are committed to self-determination and freedom, elp unleash a new era of new opportunity, security and prosperity around the world. not just here at home. we didn't choose this responsibility and i think it is our destiny. together, you and i can assure america in the world's best days are indeed ahead. if not now, when? if not us, who? thank you for all you do. god bless you and god bless the united states of america. [applause]


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