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tv   Senate Majority Leader Mc Connell News Conference  CSPAN  June 12, 2018 6:52pm-7:06pm EDT

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back in d.c. today with tt are common to talk about the farm and wife now matters it is immoral as you any legislation to put up a barrier to make it more difficult for people process food is immoral. and sending the message thank you senator to make time to visit with the iowa delegation today we appreciate your support of the farmville interview with a program to increase trade and increase opportunities for agriculture in iowa and across the globe these are ahead of the senate agricultural committee markup morning they will review the farmville line by line that often. light covers begin tomorrow morning and three democratic and republican members of congress face-off in the 57th and congressional baseball
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game for charity. speefive. >> good afternoon everyone i know there are a lot of things going on in the other part of the world figure in the senate we try to finish up the national defense authorization act this week and i have invited senator in half to manage the bill for us to give
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us an update of where we are. >> first of all let's make this very clear this is a john mccain bill and has been very active although he isn't here but s provisions are in their and we ned the bill after it is important for people to understand the bill will pass but don't think it will be this week or next before went but it passing and it will pass again. but what is different this time over the past ten years not really building up the military but there is serious competition these are his words and said we're losing quality over quantity we are losing that as you have heard our presidents' day to russia and china and with china right
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now in the south china and he they are building the silence out there illegally they are showing the strength to our allies in that area that they are preparing for world war iii so it is very thing. most of us like to go back home where the real people are to talk about how we have the best of everything in our military. but artillery is measured by rapidfire and range. right now both russia and china are ahead ofs. with that type of weapon operating five times the speed of sound right now we are making progress the same thing is true with the triad. the bill is very important and
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we want more amendment and we are hoping to get to open amendment that we had considered 300 amendments in our bill during the markup. we have a managers package with those bartisan amendments and iust came back from those that were created all around the world they try to get the most significant and important bill every year to get that past and get it passed. the longer we delay the more there is a negative and on that we'd want that to happen. this is the most important bill each year. >> inddition now we are
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taking care of the military republicans they focus on the progrowth and pro- jobs agenda as there is more evidence that is succeeding from this morning headline from cnbc small business optimism second highest ever cut cited according to a new national federation of independent business survey that small business optimism rose to the highest level in more than 30 years due to tax reform. compensation increases at a 455 year high and wh mes to jobs it is definitely a buyers market since the first time the bls began tracking the data two decades ago job opening outnumber jobseekers. since this president was elec3. new mom -- million jobs have been created there is a lot of evidence the agenda we are pursuing continues to have positive results for the american people that we will not stop there there is more that needs
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to done as you heard from senator inhofe will be voting in the finance committee on the opioid bills to address the challenges we face with that epidemic and we will continue to work on the agenda. >> we just got the phone with the president of the united states from air force one on the plane ride back from singapore. he sounded confident and upbeat and he should because in my opinion he accomplished more than many thought would be possible at this summit with the signed agreement to give up nuclear weapons still looking out one -- working out the details those that have been held hostage our home no mansion has been paid the agreement with no relief or sanctions he did push the pod button on the literary
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exercises with south korea but ti to go back to active any exercises he continues to be very clear eyed about the relationship with north korea all options are on the table in terms of political and economic and military and diplomatic. but the world is much more safe now in terms of safety and security than it was just a couple of months ago the neck over the last 24 years the eyes of the world on singapore and what we have with the agreement is a ntinue path to denuclearization kim jung-un giving that agreement in writing we will continue down the path to complete verifiable irreversible denuclearization of the regime this is one of the steps taken as the regime has made promises like this before but the inclusion of the
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declaration within the agreement is a sign they have recommitted to previous promises and through the course of several meetings we will see if they are serious about the denuclearization effort can we continue to have concerns obviously about human rights condition facing the north korean people and we will continue to press for dignity of all people. the dat of colorado notes we have significant buyers want -- fires were the driest on record southwestern colorado although a number also started and montezuma county and other places. we have reports there are drones interfering with firefighting operation and the tanks to fight the forest fires they hope every single one of you will urge your readers or listeners and viewers if you are flying the unauthorized drone in one of these areas were tankers trying to get into to fight a fire. stop your putting people in harms way it is a responsible
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get out of the way that the fire men and women do their job without interest mom -- interfering . . >> this is incredibly important goal. this is the result of maximum pressure. the president and the vice president have made it clear maximum pressure doctrine will continue. we wouldn't be here but for
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abandonment of strategic patience. that was eight years worth of looking the other way. the fact is we have had a summit that's been successful in terms ofushing us down t path towards denuclearization. obviously our exercises in south korea are important. our men and women on the korean peninsula remain important. i look forward to testing the resolve of kim jong-un and what he means to the promise laid out in singapore. >> i know the information we have at this pnts fragmented. but what sort of structure do you think would be important for both bodies of congress to adjudicate like we had for the iran deal to make sure that the terms of this tentative agreement are enforced? what does that look like? >> i think there will be widespread interest in congress for having an involvement in this, if the president can reach a significant agreement with the north koreans, i hope it takes the form of a treaty. that's what the founders of our country anticipated and that's why it's in the constitution.
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we obviously have precedent for things less than that, but which route the administration takes will be up to them. but i do believe they will need to come to congress in some form and we'll wait and see what form that takes. >> -- [inaudible] -- do you agree with that decision? if the court agreed, what would congressional -- do about it? >> we had a solution we thought -- agreed to at the end of last year when senator murray, senator alexander and senator collins came up with what they viewed was the way forward on obama care. the president had agreed to s it. and then the democrats backed away. i think hoping that there would be some kind of healthcare
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crisis in the fall. we expect the department of labor to go forward with association health plans on their n.ow it is a chance that that may address part of it. everybody i know in the senate, everybody is in favor of maintaining coverage for preexisting conditions. there's no difference of opinion about that, whatsoever. but make no mistake about it, whatever mess occurs could have been avoided by thepartis agreement we had reached, we though it would have gotten a presidential signature late last year. >> what is your reaction to the g-7 summit and the president's decision not to sign the communique? are youcernedbo america's relationship with allies including canada? >> i don't have any particular reaction to g-7 meeting other than to i'm among those who
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hope that we don't end up in a full scale trade war, which i think would certainly not be good for our country. just looking at i from a kentucky point of view, farmers and bourbon, so i hope this will all be avoided. i'm optimistic that that -- that it may be avoided. i sure hope so. >> what do you think of some of the positive comments president trump had to describe the north korean leader? >> well, look, on north korea, we all hope this will lead to something. we all know for sure that the approaches tried in the past by the clinton administration, the bush administration, the obama administration did not achieve the desirable result, whichs to have a denuclearized korean peninsula so i'm happy the president has been able to take
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another look at a different approach and we'll see what we can work out. and my assumption is as i said earlier that if something has worked out, congress will have a role to play in it by approving either a treaty or some kind of agreement that's ultimately reached. >> okay. thank you, everybody. i want to thank senators for being here with me. now a lot of tension is obviously on north korea and that's what my colleagues will discuss, but before i do, i want to just say something that's very important to millions of middle class families in this country,


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