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tv   U.S. Senate Sens. Mc Connell and Schumer on North Korea Talks  CSPAN  June 12, 2018 9:25pm-9:36pm EDT

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because the threats from north korea are significant unlike nuclear programs of other countries north korea already has nuclear warheads and ballistic t missiles to deliver th cast a shadow over our allies of south korea and japan and beyond yang in a brutly repressive to torture and kill its own citizens. so we must address the myriad of threats and as it turns out to negotiate with north korea is harder than theso president thought we must continue to squeeze the regime so it cannot access the resources to maintain or expand its military capabilities. after all the combination of direct engagement backed by pressure is the only solution to the north korean threat to the united states and oure
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allies and the broader region. stomach just a few hours ago president trump secretary linda secretary of state mr. bolton and the rest of the delegation concluded their summit meeting with north korean officials. this was a historic first staff in the important negotiation and in the words of the joint statement agreed to by the united states and north korea, both sides have committed to pursuing robust peace regime with complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. the next step will test if we can get to ath verifiable deal which enhances the security of northeast asia and of our allies in the united states. resolving the 65-year-old international challenge will take a great deal of hard work as president trump explained a few hoursxp ago that today is the beginning of the arduous
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process and our eyes are wide open. i remain supportive of the administration position as secretary pompeo has reiterated the goal of the united states is the complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula. ifor north korea does not follow through we are is prepared to restore the policy of o maximum pressure i. congratulate the president on this major step and share his hope it is a process that will be to historic peace. >> mdm. president in the early hours of the morning president trump and chairman kim jung-un met in singapore for the first meeting between a sitting u.s. president and the leader of north korea. a welcome improvement to see the two of them having a
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dialogue rather than engaging in 91 -- name-calling americans feelal better certainly about talking rat thanri name-calling and reservoir -- threats of war. we must be clear eyed with a diplomatic success looks like. the complete verifiable irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsulasu and nothing less. but a nuclear north korea with icbm presents a greater danger to unitedin the world. previous negotiations have sought the same goal and in 1994 and in 2005 those yielded
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agreements thatere more rigorous than the communiqué issued by president trump this list as a far-off goal but includes no details. or how they might verify if they are disarmed when they repeatedly lied in the past and no detail about stopping the enrichment of plutonium or uranium no details of the definition of complete denuclearization which has been the main point of contention in previous negotiations. t unfoately the entire document as we have learned in the collapse of the 1994 agreement north korea is liable to backtrack as soon as
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it is in its interest and chairman kim jung-un has a history to back away from agreements and now there is a great fear that kim jung-un after winning a major concession from the united states by meeting with our president may not go any further. now as then we must be wary of this probability and trust is lacking it is best not to dive in headfirst and hope for the best but rather to worklo slowly and transparently on -- transparent to receive concessions and it is very worrisome that this joint statement is so imprecise but the united states has gained vague and unverifiable at best and what north koreas has been is tangible and lasting. by granting a meeting with
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chairman kim jung-un president trump has granted a brutal dictatorship international legitimacy it has craved. the symbols broadcast all over the world last night have lasting consequences for the united states and north korea and the entire t region it is proof we have legitimized a brutal dictator who starves his own people and for north koreans to have theirun flag it is a clear symbol thear respected and that they belong among the community of nations and that their sins at home and abroad are beginning to be forgiven but the united states is unable to win concrete lasting concessions with north korea then the meeting alone will be a victory for team nine and a defeat for president trump. even more troubling only an hour ago president trump
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agreed to freeze joint military acts on -- exercises. a legal activity in exchange for the mere hope that north korea will freeze its nuclear testing regime. alarmingly president trump provocations that is something north korea would say. not south korea or the united again it s the president is drawing the false equivalency between joint military exercise in the nuclear testing of the rogue regime. if this is the result and she say that if it does not denuclearize it would not be acceptable. president trump has not made much progress toward that goal
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and has given him substantial leverage already of joint militarye exercises to have an audience with the president of the united states so imagine for a moment going to north korea in similar circumstances and imagine if a democratic president and that a dictator and unequal terms and the republicande party shouts about the belittling of our country we remain supportive but to be focused on significant concerns with president trump's preliminary arrangementsng to see these
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efforts succeed to ensure what has just transpired was not just a reality show summit they must dismantle or remove every biological weapons north korea must and the production of enrichment andiu plutonium for military purposes and permanently dismantle the infrastructure and with those enrichment facilities to be destroyed. and with those north ballistic missile test and must conform to inspections through the programs including all non- declared suspicious sites and with any violation with those
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sanctions and any agreement between united states andne north korea must be permanent. president trump and his team must take stock of what has happened what north korea has achieved and what we have yet to achieve with the sake of these national security but the safety of the american people the united states can no longer can settle for no less with permanent duty on --dash denuclearization. i yield the floor.
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>> i rise to speak a be engaged in discussions we have a trade act from 1974 and 1962 to layout provisions how we would go about dealing with tariffs. section 232 with the president of the united states can declare something a national security, issue and when he does that it keeps them from having to go through the normal process one goes through to deal wi


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