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tv   Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Question Period  CSPAN  June 13, 2018 12:06am-12:57am EDT

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oral questions and comments. [applause] ere ar reports that president trump withdrew the clause negotiating the nafta negotiations to indicate whether or not this is true. [applause] >> allow me to first begin by thanking the members of the oppositioopposition indeed all s for demonstrati thi when the moment is right we all stand together. [applause]
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to say that we are continuing to discuss modernizing and improving nafta. we continue to make it clear the final sunset clause. we cannot find a trade deal that expires every five years, but we continue to look for ways to move forward and to modernize and improve for people on both sides of the border. >> we understand to find a trade deal that sent tha that out, bue question is this. if t president of e united ates removes this from the negotiating table, yes or no. [applause] >> i had a meeting with the president friday afternoon in which we have a very constructive conversation on a
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d range of issues. we continued to impress upon how important it is to modernize and improve nafta and we will continue to engage on a broad range of issues where canada is standing firmh the united states looking for conceptions we are going to continue to work and dsts kno to demonstrate thih we will not accept a sunset clause. >> i'm going to take that as a yes. indicating to the people whether or not we have to understand that the answer is yes. [inaudible] haa significant impact on canadian families. the company built in ontario [inaudible] >> order. >> it will have a significant impact on canadian families.
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the family indicated it's going to increase the cost not only in terms of household appliances but so toheir own bottom line. mr. speaker, you know, there is an easy way in order to deal with this and that is recognize that portability is important and making sure payroll taxes are reduced. [applause] let me be crystal clear on the previous question as far as we know the u.s. has removed for some sort of a sset clause. on the issue we have sent multiple times to the united states that they move forward with the cumulative tariffs on trade in aluminum and steel not only are they putting a thread on canadian workers and the canadian industry, they are also going to hurt american workers as well. amer consu th is not in the interof two countries that have the closest trade relationship and
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alliance in the history of the world. we are going to continue that. >> mr. speaker, to increase the debt by $71 billion when the economy is doing well. second, the president [inaudible] it is made in capital to the other countries and third, they've seen the investment dropped by a third and the affect the price of this would have think of all of the data in supporting our economy. >> in the last election canadians have a choice, the choice between a conservative governmentroposing cuts in a liberal government that has
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proposed giving more money to the middle class while taxing wealthiest. the canadians made the right choice. we are creating economic growth and in 2017 or growth was the highest and we will continue to make hundreds of thousands of jobs across the country. we are building a strong economy that works for all. >> here are the facts. a deficit of $71 million o that our children and grandchildren will have to pay for to increase the cost of living for canadia canadians. a massive loss of investment would hurt our economy and since the liberal government was elected, paying more taxes than under the former government.
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[applause] mr. speaker, the institutes don't want to talk about the job benefits and i think that this is an important thing to talk about. what we did is give more money to ninout of ten families across the country. we did that by not spending to the wealthiest families and were able to lift hundreds of thousands of children out of poverty. that is the approach that we took. it's an approach that the conservatives didn't want and they voted against mr. speaker. [applause]
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[inaudible] on the one hand, the symbol and on the other hand by the federal government. they don't spend blis on the pipeline. they admit that this is a failure of leadership on their part. [applause] the court of appea court of appr when they said that the government have been sufficiently consulted with indigenous people on the these projects. our government defeated the deepest consultations ever on a major project in this country and we established a codeveloping monitoring committee within the community. the indigenous communities cited agreements and we have listened and we will continue to listen. for the first time in history many indigenous peoples have been involved and will nefit as we share prosperity and our energy sector.
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>> given the wrong side of history mr. speaker. >> there is no lack of energy on the projects that will create thousands of higqu longm bsor the future. spending billions of dollars by a 65-year-old pipeline without the consent of the community so that isn't a vision mr. speaker so how can the prime ministers say that it will help canada keep its climate change commitment when buying a pipeline? >> we ended the plan but forgot what was actually in the plan, a cap on the development and a pipeline to get oil to the market other than the u.s., that is the leadership on climate
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change. we are imposing a fight on solution and we are phasing out carbon and investing in the technology. it is unfortunate. >> if they go hand-in-hand while buying a pipeline is a bit like saying exercise and eating go together [inaudible] why do the liberals invest in the fair and easy transition into the companies are ready we need the jobs for tomorrow to justify $4.5 billion of our money on the pipeline while investing in clean energy. [applause] >> they still think you need to choose between the economy and the environment, but that is no
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longer the cas. that is why in addition to the limit on dot development and price on pollution it includes the pipeline to the marketo that canadians can certainly understand today and that is in addition to investing in renewable energy and the clean air economy and we invested $8 billion. >> the minister doesn't get it, climate leaders do not spend billions of dollars to build new pipelines and they certainly don't put canadian pensions on the line to do it. we are hearing that the plan may invest in the liberal pipeline. it's never been used to act on political projects. one way to put this is that it's bad, bad, bad.
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instead of investing into a clean energy economy, why are the liberals putting canadians money *? [applause] >> to be applauded in the environmental plan it seems they forgot that plan contains. let me remind it contains a cap on emissions a price on pollution and also contains a pipeline to get resources to market other than the united states, something we can all agree on is probably a good idea. that is what the leadership on climate change looks like. the pension plan operates at arms length with a mandate to invest in the best interest of its mbers and that's something we'd respect. we've respect. >> the honorable members. >> donald trump has been clear he wants to take our money and our jobs and this government'
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taxes and red tape are helping him do it. in fact in canada will have to payarbon tax and higher payroll taxes that you won't have to pay at the border. try to build a pipelinincanada d just like they were with the northern gateway and energy ea east. other problems that don't exist south of the border. you know what he wants to take our jobs away, why is our government helping him do it? [applause] >> when comes to jobs, we absolutely stand with canadians. canadians. what we found when we came into the office with the previous government they left us in a situation where 7.1% of unemployment, where are we now? 600,000 new jobs in the last two and a half years. our unemployment rate among the lowest we have seen in 40 years. so mr. speaker, we will not listen to the conservatives they
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talk about jobs, we've listen to canadians and what we are hearing is they have good jobs and a better economy and a better future. [applause] mr. speaker, the reality is that this year canada has actually lost jobs and since this government took office, canadian investment in the united states is up two thirds. american investment in canada is down by half. this government tax increases are driving both out of canada. while the finance minister agree at least to suspend his new carbon tax until we get through this crisis? [applause] mr. speaker i. woul i would liko start by recognizing all. we've heard the sad news about paul and we are thinking about
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him and his family while we may sit on a different side of the aisle we are all colleagues here together. [applause] i would encourage e hveone to come together to support this new initiative. do you care abou youth care aboe environment and also jobs and that is what we are doing we will continue to tackle climate change and continue creating jobs. on behalf of the entire conservative caucus, we offer our prayers and love. [applause]
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the reality is the tax burden has risen 80% of taxpayers they are paying more than when the minister took office. will they indicate how much this ne tax ct the average canadian family? [applause] >> he's not doing the analysis that he should do. one thing he is referring to number one for helping nine out of ten families, number two, the payments people make in their pension plan. what we can say is we lowered the taxes on middle-class and it's very clear from our standpoint that helps by putting more money in people's pockets and nine out of ten families are better off [inaudible] [applause]
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>> actually, the minister made to factual errors. number one, with regards to the benefits he claims he's provided, the premise was that they were going to raise the taxes on middle-class famies and give it back through spend them, they promised the taxes would go down and in fact they have gone up. second, the report to which i referred had nothing to do with the payroll taxes. it's th the middle class canadis committee% of them are paying mo in income taxes since this government took office. how much were we saying we would pay under the new carbon tax? [applause] >> can think about what is happening on this basis. so, for example.
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they did o get on average $4,00r taxes. perhaps to understand how they are doing, they are doing better, mr. speaker. if we tell the families to raise -- [applause] [inaudible] >> the honorable member, thank you mr. speaker. the money that we don't have and that we are borrowing tells that is the reality under the liberals. for two and a half years [inaudible] really are more in favor for two and a half years. 50% are the american investment in canada but decased. 56% of the canadian investment
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is in the u.s. and increased, so how can the liberal government be proud? [applause] >> the general minister of finance. >> mr. speaker, the conservatives have chosen ers should cou. numbers, but the every canadian family [inaudible] we know that our rate of growth is the highest in the g7, and last year as investment in canadancreased by 8%. those are the true members. we are better off [inaudible] >> these people were elected that would be no deficit but now
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those are the facts, those are the numbers. today they pay 80% more xe th under hours. how can the government claim this when they are feeling the. >> that is not the situation. the numbers are clear. nine out of ten canadian families are better off. furthermore, we cut taxes for the middle class. we are better off economically. that means economic growth is better today than it was before, and that is good for the families today and tomorrow. >> this government committed to establishing a climate change plan including measuring quality jobs in the economy coming back it makes just one commitment in
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support of this transition. the advisory group ltd. the coworkers. when would they make a real investmenrealinvestments in theg strategy for all canadian energy workers [applause] >> thank you mr. speaker we agree we need to grow our economy and create good jobs to canadians and also tackle climate change. that is exactly what we've been doing great whether it is making these technologies i want to give a shout out to all of the canadians that are working in these companies because we went fr 2014 and we are making sure we set up a [inaudible]
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they are fighting to pay good jobs and protect the environment. the liberal want to use our money to buy all pipelines. every dollar invested in renewable energy go six to eight times as many jobs.
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to improve efficiency to help them save money. >> they are on the hill today and a photo op for all parties. they are repeating the same talking points but the problem is another one in the u.s.. which version will they meet today and what is the plan for those that feel betrayed? [applause] >> mr. speaker, despite all of the efforts to try t to hide frm it is clear that they cannot support dairy farmers.
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our government is united in supporting our dairy farmers unlike the members who want to end supply management and who describe dairy farmers as dishonest millionaires. [applause] instead of playing partisan politics waiting for real answers to the company confirmed a bit as i mentioned they face a threat and that he now be frank with members yes or no and what
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is the plan to compensate for his? >> it is the liberal government that created the management. they want to abolish the supply management. we don't continue to defend it and in the interest of the canadian farmers and their families as well as all dairy farmers. we set up a system, and we will defend it. [applause] mr. speaker, when it comes to the management system in the system he says he is flexible.
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it's part of the nafta negotiations of my question is which version is the minister going to be meeting with farmers this afternoon is it going to be the one using the farmers livelihood as a bargaining chip for two simply recite the liberal talking points? [applause] >> goverent proudly supports our dairy farmers to [inaudible]
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the honorable member. it is critical to those that make up the backbone of the community. when the prime minister went on american television and said he was willing to be flexible when negotiating with the united states just how much access to the canadian market prepared to give away to get a deal for donald trump? [applause] >> i can assure my colleagues speak to [inaudible]
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we fully support the list could grow longer. they are going after the industries one by one in the pretext.
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[inaudib not just partially. the honorable member. >> we will supply management unlike some members of the official opposition. there is no trust to be gained there for the strategy for over two decades it's fallen on deaf ears. what is clear of the situation now is the minister dedicated time and energy that the billions of dollars for an idea
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nobody wanted. the 65-year-old pipeline. now mr. speaker the administration what is the prime minister going to do? [inaudible] $5.6 billion we step up to support the workers. we have a plan, the plan is working. [applause]
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[inaudible] [inaudible] for their hard work and excellent support. yesterday we announced the
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doubling investments in the fight for the 50% we are establishing for the leadership and partnership in providing a safe and affordable home. media reports the finance minister pipeline sales team is trying to sell the pipeline the canada pension plan. are these accurate? [applause] >> i am abli'm able to say thaty offer [inaudible] order. time to answer someone is when you have the floor.
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$2.5 billion, 4.5 billion tax dollars to walk away. now the finance minister reporting the investment firm for the pension plan to get the tax dollars. they said the pension plan would be a likely buyout for the pipeline and he appoints them forward. is the district accepting this to bail them out? [applause] we have the ability to get the resources. we move forward on the decision to enjoy the project. we know this is in their best interest to create thousands of jobs across the country for the
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workers in british columbia and across the country. thank you. >> the problem after crossing, th'valys done a good job. the problem is that a minister and misguided priorities. he refuses to tell the plan to resolve the crisis. all he does is [inaudible] there are things that the u.s. needs to negotiate with. when is the minister going to get the negotiation started? >> thank you mr. speaker. excellent work. i'm very happy they went for the first time last week and they've
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been working to ensure a and we're constantly in contact with the u.s., our south neighbor. speak to the problem is the renegotiation that happening yes or no. we have statements up for discussion but there is nothing official. we are working closely with them when they enter the country,
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they have to be integrated into society. a lack of housing as a matter of life and death. they said that it doesn't invest money for homeless canadians. we need a permanent housing and a benefit to help the most vulnerable. while the government ^-caret to a strategy that ensures housing for homeless canadians? [applause] would like to congratulate the member in the fight against homelessness to make sure everybody has an affordable home, however we would like to work closely to the strategy and important announcement to make that will have an immense impact on the fight against homelessness in the next ten years because we are going to work respectfully and with a
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number of stakeholders that worked very hard with us the last few months to make sure not only to the first-ever national housing strategy that we are going to invest the most important andignificant resources ever in our history. >> to underscore the importance of having this strategy the minister himself as a document of what we've heard so far and said it would take a strategy based on obtaining tangible and measurable results like yesterday's plan on homelessns isn't going to be good enough. it takes an actual genuine strategy, not isolated piecemeal strategies so the question is where is the strategy. [applause] i would like to begin by thanking my colleague for her
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interest in this manne matter ai would encourage her however to look closely at the content of the strategy announced yesterday and to look at what the stakeholders havwith thestakehol across canada. they were divided not only in the results we have achieved so far but also the incredibly inclusive process that we used in months that's why so many canadians will be able to get out of poverty in the next few years because we have a solid pn with the enrollment of a great number of stakeholders across the country. they called for the eradication and said they wanted to put the israelis in body bags and they hoped one day israel would be annihilated. that statement is totally unacceptable and illegal in
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canada. why would the liberal government health leaders support and approve funding for this organization and why has the prime minister convinced these statements that are out of place in canada and in the world? of [applause] we would double if compared to this. [applause] if the member has concerns he can speak to my office afterwards. [applause] members order. >> hundreds of employers were denied funding for thousands of young people this year because they refuse to accept the liberal imposed values. the humanitarian service funding was personally approved by the
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liberal house leader. this organization now calls for genocide of the eradication of the israelis. does the minister believe those words violate the little value of thisation? [applause] mr. speaker as i said time and time again all recipients must adhere to the terms and conditions not undermining the rights and ensuring young people have jobs. if the member is concerned about the organization he can bring it to my attention. >> order to. the honorable member.
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>> the rigid ideology is hurting nova scotia. last year the museum announced it was closing its doors because it was refusing funding. this is the last of the employment opportunities and all because of the museum refusing to sign the prime minister is [inaudible] does he not see that it is hurting the community's? [applause] there are prepared to be 1800
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[inaudible] >> of the honorable member. >> we have the ability to ote inforti and integrity of the critical infrastructure. 2018 committed $155 million towards the new canadian center for cybersecurity for the unified goveren source has unique expertise and support. could the minister of defense update us on the next step to ensure canada is able to address the challenges of today and tomorrow fox >> i want to thank the member for his support. it's critical to the competitiveness, economic stability and long-term prosperity and i announced the strategy with the creation of the center for cybersecurity is theey element. it will provide canadians and
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busine with cybersecuty advice to build on the cybersecurity expertise. >> the aviation is an agency mote international cooperation on air travels. decades ago i came up with them for each country but unfortunately, due to international pressure from china, some companies including canada departed from the use of established codes with taiwan and china. while the liberals with respect and make that a priority for their un security council? [applause] >> we have been very involved in all of the good work that it is to adopt internationadoes to adl
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standards within the infected aviation and we will continue to work as we move forward. we have taken the positions of leadership with respect to the carbon emissions from international flights into the continue to do so. >> theonorable member. >> the minister for indigenous affairs continues to fight. she has instructed her officials to target the lawyer that exposed the evidence and had chances to beat the cases thrown out of the hearing ande's theng i w in a meeting where they promised she would end those intimidation tactics. well she told the house why she said she would hand ove should e packets and get continued to ck t lawyers and representatives? [applause] >> for government is committed to ensuring justice.
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canada has not and will not budge with exceptional circumstances the cost can be sought against lawyers who do not appear to be acting responsibly. as noted, in the direction the council's repeated and deliberate attack on the integrity of this court threatens to interfere with the administration of justice. it will be responsib for the cost of war bega rfid and they d to find the support for the former students. >>ccording to some estimates there could be up to 2200 homeless veterans and we know there are many unsuccessful transitions and physical and mental health that could land a veteran on the streets homeless.
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[inaudible] we are working to reduce these numbers and the communities to lower the number of others becoming homeless in the future. i would like to thank my colleague for huppo to the veterans and their families. one is too many. for the organization to work to produce the numbers this will improve our ability to provide [inaudible] [applause]
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>> well they condemned the imprisonment of devices and join our allies inallingor the legal status to be respected? [applause] the economy is under attack by all angles. they try to kill the aeronautics
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industry and tariffs. in srt they might sta up and stand behind it when he does. what's taking so long in the announcing a support package for theluminum industry for the minister of foreign affairs. i would like to point out our government is determined to modernize in a way that is benefi t pares when it comes to aluminum and steel i would like to underscore the fact that canada understands they are illegal and unjustified for the workers in the industry.
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the pplill noonr be able to provide electricity. because of the negligence linked to the mainland we are in jeopardy. will the minister show consideration for local politicians and residents who are fearing for their very survival by keeping them informed provide emergency plans? >> these people are our main priority and we are following very closely. i asked my department to act quickly in cooperation with the
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communities and the services that serve the community. we understand and we are working on a lasting solutto this problem. >> everyone supports the prime minister standing up to president trump. the government has announced the retaliatoryif targeting th electoral districts. unlike the previous american presidents, chum -- trump has hs personal business interests to apply up by further pressure as the government considered retaliatory sanctions targeting the trump organization's rather than t american people? >>he honorable member of foreign affairs. >> the steel and aluminum tariffs are illegal and
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unjustified and the national security pretext [inaudible] putting together our list, we have the measures. we are now in a consultation period and we welcome ideas from all canadians on what should and should not be. thank you. theritish credit mr.s her appearance before the uk house of commons since the meeting. live coverage begins at 7 a.m. eastern right here on c-span2.
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the administration is committed to addressing affordability of prescription drugs and welcomed congressional action. a look now at a question from tm the minnesota senator tina smith. >> we have a proposal here that we are being asked to believ bes a bullet plan to lower drug costs, but i'm skeptical about this, and for a lot of reasons. but one in particular it the president peach and the release of the drug plan, pharmaceutical stocks soared. wall street journal posted an article saying the plan to cut the prices we the industry relieved. the investorsly wrote the stocks flying aspeech is seen as more bark


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