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tv   Sens. Roberts Stabenow News Conference on 2018 Farm Bill  CSPAN  June 14, 2018 7:45am-8:01am EDT

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[inaudible conversations] all
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thanks the senator in her step. our first success was to even considering that. without the leader at that time.
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this before the 12:00 time frame. and we've dismissed that by nine minutes the more cursed. in produce legislation. i want to thank them and their staff. he was the only no vote. it's a good bill. we work really hard on it. i think we have to support both leaders to bring into the floor.
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i know you're a little tired of that. that's precisely what we need. it really is a pleasure to work with chairman roberts and as you can tell. we've a true partnership. in terms of states and interests. we had 12 different titles which is essentially 12 different bells and all kinds of topics in commodities. with the rural economic development. and then focusing on the 16 million jobs in counting
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that come from agriculture. i want to thank senator roberts. the overall dollars that we been able to set some priorities and strength in some areas and make sure we have a strong crop title. be able to address issues and streamline and make programs more effective and be able to strengthen them. with the nutrition title. to be able to show the work. given a time when agriculture has a lot of uncertainty. we had strengthened the trade titles.
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mandatory ongoing funding. our farmers and ranchers need predictability and certainty. or working very hard to do our part to make that happen. do those limits you to be taken. will be happy to work with him. senator grassley has always been able to get a vote on the limitations. if i said i was a poster at this particular time.
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about considering some amendments on the floor. about the amendment process. we stand united with regards to the situation exactly like we did today. we will consider both of our things and work as a team. as he went title, title i think an example of that is how we handle the amendments in the committee.
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as of last night. we were able to come together with the committee to have a manager package and then people felt that their issues and concerns had been addressed and were willing to move forward with the balance package that we have. hopefully we will be able to move this quickly. can you give us any guidance i bring in the bill up on the floor. you're leaving june 29 doesn't give you too much time. are any other bills interfering. he wants a farm bill before the fourth of july.
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i take him at his word. the 20 to one vote. we will just move when he says there is an opportunity to move. how much time do you think it will take on the floor. we will take as much time as we need to take. i think you can see with what happened here today we don't need amendments that are contrary to the project that we've artie passed.
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would like to change policy. i expect that we will have the same amendments as before. the house is considering the legislation. i know that they are working hard to produce something. it's very unfortunate. as for the house it wants to go. will just head to see and hope that at least some version of the farm bill will pass.
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you can go back and remember all of the considerations of the farm bill in the past. they said if possible this will take two weeks. it took two days. thank you so much. [inaudible conversations] here
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is what is live on the c-span network. it continues work on a number of opioid -related bills. more debate in the senate on the 2019 defense program measure. they picked to be u.s. ambassador. it starts at 10:00 a.m. eastern. in the evening. the house democrats this weekend the city to her. with the help of our cox communication cable partners we will explore the literary scene. saturday at noon eastern on book tv.
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and a streetcar named desire. on sunday at 2:00 p.m. eastern on american history tv explore the exhibit new orleans that founding era. we are 300 years old. for our tri cyst 10l expedition we want to look back at the earliest years and what it was like when the city was first developed. and then a visit to two jacks. the much larger piece than it does anywhere else. we live to eat in new orleans. watch the city to her.
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on american history tv on c-span three. working with our cable affiliates as we explore america. sunday night and on afterwards. temp television and radio host bill press. who is one of the most persuasive guests. i admire him because he was such a maverick which i like. he was also brutally honest. he was ready to take on his own party. i got a lot of crap for it for my fellow democrats. his party was not living up to what he believed the republican party should be.
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he was willing to say so. sunday on q&a. they discuss the documentary. about the actions of the catonsville nine and other catholic activists. it was mostly thought of as scruffy hair college age. if they are against this war maybe i should reconsider it myself. and that was a turning point for the antiwar movement. i don't see how you could argue that it didn't help in the draft. the have of the selective service said that they were
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under attack. i think it was clearly you can draw a line from what they did to the draft ending. .. .. axios hosting a discussion with adam schiff on your north korea relations and fcc chair ajit pai on the internet neutrality


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