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tv   New York 11th Congressional District GOP Primary Debate  CSPAN  June 18, 2018 11:15am-12:06pm EDT

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next, dat othe 11th ngressnal district where congressman dan donovan has been charged in the republican primary who previously served in congress, but resigned amid charges of tax evasion. >> good evening and welcome to the college of staten island were tonight we are holding the 11th congressional district
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and i'll be joined by two of my colleagues. political reporter courtney gross and anthony pascale. it is currently the only congressional district in all of new york city to be represented or republican. we have the incumbent congressman dan donovan. all the witnesses primary challenger, michael grimm. the rules of debate has been shared with and agreeo by both campaigns. the candidate will have a maxim of 90 seconds to respond to individual questions and will be given the opportunity to respond it directly addressed by the other candidate. we will happily call across examination round where each candidate will be asked to ask his opponent a question and they will be a lightning rod for just a short response. for those of you at home,
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following on social media using the hashtag and why one politics an and y 11. we begin with short opening statements. the order was drawndomly. schrayer was selected first and so he will begin with the first statement. >> i think the people at home watching tonight. with honesty and integrity. i had the deputy president of staten island after the september 11th trage were nearly 300 families are my committee suffered a great loss. the chief of staff and during the 12 years during the safest community in america. i ran for congress at a vital time and asked us to vote for him to cut a deal and all of
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five months during barack obama's last term in office. i had a campaign going on now that you're watching, you're witnessing those filled wit distortions. so much so the president of united defense command to set the record straight. he told the people he wants me to be the candidate. he wants me back in congress to help him make america first agenda succeed and help make america great again. he told us he didn't want to vote for my opponents and he laid out the reasons comparing him. so i asked you on june 26 to get throughout the lies and distortion. if you want to make america great again with donald trump again with donald trump tonight, please vote for me on june 26. [applause] >> good evening everyone. everyone sitting on the panel tonight and everyone at home
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watching. i've had the honor many times in my life to serve. many of you know i served in the united states or in court, served in combat inserted the yankees undercover. those are trying times, but without a doubt, the most promise moment for surreality was your congressmen. it is difficult because we were coming off of one of the worst economies. we had a progressive democrat in the white house. to mimic a ravaged by superstore and sandy. some people off literally everything. we came together as a family and with great tenacity, resiliency we got things done. now i'm running again over the last three years my opponent hasn't just been sleeping in his office. he's been sleeping on the job or not i am asking for your vote. thank you. >> thank you very much, kennedys. i will start tonight questions
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with you, mr. grimm. governing is about choices and there are some scenarios in which the representative of the 11th district will have to choose between supporting president trumps national goal in pursuing the priorities on any given day for instance you can abdicate to build a wall. how can you assure voters that they will come first at the choice emerges from what the president wants and what the district needs. >> that is easy for me because of my track record. rst of all i'm glad you brought the seawall because i was fully funded it also included the money that the state would need in the city would need to pay their fortune. almost all of the money is federally fded because of the sandy bill that i helped write. i think more to the point is when my own party said we are
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notoing dlood insurance reform. literally i was told the majority leader eric cantor told me within my political career if i pushed it. the chairman of the party, of the committee that had has jurisdiction said was dead on arrival. i went against the leadership, literally almost everyone on the republican side and we got the bill done. not only passed the house. i was working with the senate negotiating the house version. the senate passed in record time and president obama signed it. i was put the people first. i support the president's national goals. i think everything he ran on makes a lot of sense and that is why he'll have my support. the districtill always come first and my proof of that was the perfect example was that he'll when i had my political career to get the bill passed because a lot of people in our district would have been out of their homes because it would've never been able to afford the
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exaggerated premiums. >> maxine waters, the most liberal democrat in the house is on the florida house everyday house everyday screaming for the impeachment of president trump and he paired up with her and it resulted in incredible increases in flood premiums of the people i represent. and making sure they seawall gets built on time and on budget and i got fema to agree that once it's halfway built from the many will see a reduction in their flood insurance premiums and many won't be in the flood zone at all. to answer your question, i question, i birdie shona district comes first. when i voted against the tax bill, it was because it was harmful to the people i represent. i want tax cuts. i want my people to have the same tax cuts as rest of america. i don't want it on the back of my people. on the back of staten island or is in brooklyn. that's why i had to vote no
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because we lost the most important eduction to my community used since 1913. the state and local tax deduction and property deduction. was eliminated totally. we got $10,000 cap in the bill but it still wasn't enough for the people i represent an ever be shown that you spoke to the president and i told him i had to. the president understands and i thought people had voted 90% of the time. i voted with the people i represent 100% of the time. >> two things there. number one, the seawall is not intended authority been delayed. guess i work with maxine waters and i will work with any member of congress as long as it's going to get the ball across the line for my constituents. by opponents as a vote against the tax bill. he also voted against repealing obama karen bennett sanctuary cities. to go with president trump 90% of the time, the president has
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only lobbied congress to three things and that was repealing obama character madrid ensures cities and tax reform. only through those whose lobbied those whose lobby congress or in my opponent has voted against all three tim. >> state and local tax deductibility of, how would you have voted in december 2017? >> i would've voted for i when you analyze the bill, 94% of average hard-working families will still get a tax break. the other thing is you can't forget about all the small businesses here. every third stores out of business. the tax bill is excellent to small busins gs lot of relief anwe desperately know that. still behind the overall national economy and the tax bill. the last parties don't forget the ancillary benefit as the tax bill increases people's 401(k)s, added bonuses for
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people, wages increase. and there's more jobs. all of those things are benefit we cannot forget about. my opponoted outdated gave an example of a family making $90,000 a year and they lost money on the first version of the bill. the bill tha passed when you run the numbers come in they save money on the tax plan and that's why would've voted for it. >> if i may that's not true. a police officer, school nurse, teacher cover firefighter will see a tax increase. new york, new jersey and california will pay for those for the rest of the country. the president called the replacement plan by the republicans from the house median. i voted against it and here's why both the president and i thought this was a terrible replacement plan. we wouldn't have needed a replacement plan, but my opponent voted for obama obamacare seven times when he was in the house.
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we wouldn't have to have a replacement plan if it wasn't for his votes. the replacement plan is harmful to seniors, increase premiums for health insurance and cost $100 million from hot idols i represent. one of which told me they would have to close if the replacement plan that passed. that's why have i did know voted no. >> thank you. oss. question from courtney >> thank you at the next topic of immigration. i first want to start with you, mr. donovan. you voted against federal funding for the sanctuary cities last year. earlier this year, you introduce new legislation that would do just that. funding away from century city but instead targeting the n.y.p.d., this targeted correction officers salaries, a great would go to those salaries. how do explain the change in position and are you favoring
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n.y.p.d. officers over correction officers who both of these keep new yorkers safe. >> at the police officers and correction officers are due or rather voted against the first bill because the penalty was wrong. i was a law-enforcement officer for 20 years of my life. i believe we have to enforce the laws and you can't pick and choose which ones. sanctuary cities pick and choose which ones to enforce. but the penalty, the original bill would take hundreds of millions of dollars away from police officers are new york city is the number one target in the world. they need the money to protect our citizens here everyday. my bill, by the way, two courts have struck down the bill to let the sanctuary cities are doing. my bill doesn't take away money from correction officers. that lack of enforcing immigration laws.
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if you don't first immigration law, will not give you federal funds to do it. i'm trying to get back into the immigration bill now. we are voting next week on an immigration package. i put that in as a possibility of the big package. it's the right penalty that penalizes sanctuary cities but it certainly doesn't put our safety in jeopardy. >> how would you have voted on the original bill? >> i would've supported the bill. but i think you see now is a lot of excuses why my opponent has a three things are president lobbied congress for. to get those exact votes, go back in time. he also cosponsored to amnesty bills. two bills that have absolutely no language of border security he cosponsored. in 2016 after the president became the nominee the new york observer specifically said he disagreed with the president on
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his immigration policies that he didn't believe in appointing people and that he wouldn't build a wall. those are head hunter in his words. at the flip-flop on almost every issue. i got in the race and because it's a primary now my opponent has to go far to his or her to pretend support in the knee and asked reverses positions and is looking for technicalities. i actually don't support amnesty for sanctuary cities i'm just going to use this funding mechanism. the truth is the only thing that changed as i entered this race. >> 20 years i've enforce laws. when i was asked about deportation i said we're not going to do port 25 million people. we are going to deport people and that's what i did. for 20 years by opponents than unelected bureaucrat who was behind the desk. i know how dangerous it is out
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there. sanctuary cities make it dangerous for police officers. i know i've served in harms way for almost 20 years. believe me when i tell you whether the county was right or wrong, the sanctuary cities is just one example. i don't remember my opponent header using the bully pulpit to push back on a progressive mayor whose policies are destroying the quality of life all across this district and that's the bigger issue. my opponent would've lasted up to build the bg see how to make the right decision for the century city. i couldn't allow that to happen. >> what you mean? >> if we took all the police money way would have been up to deblasio to put the money back and i didn't trust him to do it. >> go back to the records here
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and potentially on the floor of the house next week. both of you in your careers and i'm going to start with mr. grimm this time has supported a pathway to citizenship. you've told us both on the record multiple times and you both talked about a solution for the dreamers. what is your position now because if you go by rhetoric on the campaign trail you with think they need to review would support any type of pathway to citizenship. >> that they're inconsistent. if you go back and we've had discussions ourselves, inly supported -- i always thought daca was the leverage. when we negotiate in congress, the dreamers was the leverage to get all the things we need done. what do we need done? at the time in your show i believe i was fain build the fence before president trump was even running for office.
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so border security was always the top priority always. it was combined not only with fencing, but the things that go with different technology. more importantly it was going to a system that worked for the united states. it means ending chain migration. ending the visa lottery plan. those are two big components. i'm going to be verified. three main things about the border security that if we could get akamai would get a pathway to citizenship for daca. i still think that's the way to go when i'm hoping if you look at the goodlatte bill, which is the companion bill to come cotton, that the bill would support. my position has been consistent on not then i would vote for that. >> these are the four pillars he just mentioned. the one thing he mentioned pretty ironic with the verified. we had to verify when he owned his restaurant he would have been caught a lot earlier.
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you verify requires people, ployers to check the verification and verify the status of anybody they hire. it is one of the pillars of the immigration reform that noesident trump is enforcing 's going after employers who hired illegal aliens and eve verified as a system to prevent that. i find it very ironic that my appointment who hired illegal aliens is all of a sudden a fan of the verified. >> listen, everyone knows. i'm not going to perpetuate that. i think the people sitting back home, we've heard about this for years now. they care about a congressman is going to work as hard as them. bottom line one person standing at the podiums right now this past subsidy bills with his name on it into law. my opponent always says he's passed them out of the house. not one substantive bill from dan donovan has ever been signed into law. the record is very clear on
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that. if the government website to present. >> very quickly responded and we have to move onto another topic. >> very quickly, right in the toly're aeran stud who have a better housing allowance not equal to, but better than it was for going to school here and living that was in the nba bill. my amendment, my signature that now the law and you go out there and ask any students who are veterans how much more money they are gting because of my bill. >> of i could add one thing. >> we have to move on. >> there was an amendment to someone else's bill. yours talk about how you stand up for veterans. 2015 the veterans administration hospital in brooklyn had been calling services every single year and getting ready to close completely. that all happens on your watch. >> we've kept services open in one of the things donald trump said why he supported me is how
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i that i am supporting the military. >> bmt claim is now gone. >> it's not gone. >> thank you come a candidate. >> let's talk about an issue that affects every single person watching tonight. he mentioned it before that is health care. you voted against a bill that would've completely repealed the affordable care act known as obamacare setti at the time it would provide relief needed for liberal families and end up costing seniors more. mr. grimm come you voted for a complete obamacare repeal. however, he took advantage of the government health care offered to members of congress. my question to you is why should members of congress benefit from government health care what the rest of the country not at least have that option? >> i don't think they should have a different health care system. i'm not so sure though. my understanding is members of congress had the exact same
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health care of a one-off does. we had to go through the exchange and pick a plan like everyone else. that was my understanding and i remember looking at the exchanges and looking for a plan. however again you mention something. i voted to repeal obamacare. every time there was an up-and-down vote i voted to repeal obamacare. but my opponent keeps throwing out there which is deceptive and dishonest is the funding bills. large spending bills when you have a democratic president and a democrat senate puts all things in there you can hold your nose or you shut down the government. so although there was funding for obamacare and planned parenthood, there was no way around it other than shutting down the government. the last funding bill that my opponent voted for even has funding for obamacare and planned parenthood. there's a big difference between voting for a funding bill and vong on whether you would real it or not.
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>> were there any aspects of obamacare that you like that you think they should keep? >> are there certain aspects? yes. ion't think we should keep obamacare. we should repeal it and start from scratch. one of the things as allowing children to stay on longer. having preexisting conditions. all of those make sense. the bottom line of what happened here is all we really did was increase medicaid and make everyone else pay for it. then he just stopped taking seniors altogether and there were less doctors out there. the exchanges were not enough providers, so you're not able to keep your doctor. government intervention into our health care system is the worst thing we could do. the private sector does things more efficiently and more effectively and we should keep them out of our health care. [applause] you said you were up in a
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certain aspects of obamacare. you told new york there are good parts of obamacare. what are those good part and are you concerned that they may no longer be available. >> allowing heah insurance until they're 26 years old and covered people with preexisting conditions. the solution is we have to break it apart impassive things everybody agrees on. allowing insurance companies will lower the premiums for people paying for health care. let's try that. let's see at wor but when you repeal the whole package and again i voted no and president trump says it was a mean replacement plan. i voted seven times to repeal obamacare. when they came up for a vote, we had to on staten island. anyone who goes to an emergency room on staten island and for
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the weight that they have and how long it takes and some people walk out. i learned a lot of things in this job. one of them is listening to people in the field. when i asked about the replacement plan from the told me would be devastating to health care systems and that convinced me. >> what about the people that can afford insurance. >> we allowed small businesses in congress to pull together. right now someone who has four employees to buy health insurance and provide good coverage. that employee can pull other employees on your 5000 people you buy insurance or you can get a cheaper rate and better coverage. that is one of the ways we are able to help people can't afford health insurance to get it. >> mr. grimm, is it fair to say
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you agree on a piecemeal approach to dismantling obamacare? >> we should outweigh repeal it. my opponent is saying the hospital said it would be devastating that he didn't vote on this repeal, but the reality is the reason it's devastating to the hospitals is because of the massive cut in medicaid here that is why. all the hospitals receive much more money next mention of medicaid. it's not because of the replacement or anything else. if the massive cuts in medicaid. however, he said before that many times to repeal obamacare. the only thing this change as they would still receive cuts to medicaid under this other repeals. the oy thi that changed as he now had a president signed it into law. that's the only thing that change. the second thing my opponent doesn't tell you is out there running all over fox news for trial obamacare special interest group in washington d.c. last week he was recently endorsed by who?
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the afl-cio, the number one issue with keeping obamacare. so all of these pro-obamacare groups supporting my opponent because he voted against it. why the hospitals didn't want to repeal obamacare is because the funding the team was to repeal obamacare would've taken the medicaid way off. >> mr. donovan, quick response. >> if he wants to tell the people who depend on not every day for their health care, emergency care, the doctors, nurses, health providers, if he wants to tell him he would've voted to shut them down, let him go at enacted him. >> if i could say one thing. at least the people know me and they know my face. when we had a ring and sandia was there at 2:00 in the morning in the freezing rain, making sure they had a backup
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generator. >> thank you on the candidates. we are going to make a short biking around here based on what you know. i will start with you, mr. grimm. should russia be allowed to join the g7? >> no. >> mr. donovan, havu eve voted for a democrat? >> yes. >> mr. grimm. >> s. >> should victims -- [inaudible] be granted asylum at the border. >> i don't know. but the case-by-case basis. >> mr. donovan should the staten island yankees have agreed to change their name? >> no. >> i absolutely agree. no. >> mr. graham, should pharmaceutical companies he held criminally reliable to the opioid crisis? >> yes. those who are to set this.
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>> i have to explain a little bit of this one. controversy over or whether the bridge had been expelled because the original famil should it be added to the signage for the bridge? >> no for two reasons. when the cost and secondly at the landmark. >> mr. grimm. >> should members of congress he allowed to sleep in their d.c. offices? >> no, they shouldn't. >> yes they should. >> mr. donovan coming rivera started the district. >> mr. grimm. >> that's a tough one and i don't want to upset anyone. one of my favorite restaurant is one of the new ones come in the barbecue place, the corner house. >> okay. thank you on the candidates across examination route. we will start with michael
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grimm. >> my question, there's been enough name-calling and mudslinging and the people want to hear about what's going on in the district. we haven't heard an upbeat in a long time, so this is a great opportunity. there is contamination there. when i was than i had it moved up, but we haven't heard anything. can we telhat exactly is the source of the contamination? is there a timeline to get it done? when can we use the park again and will this affect anything else in the district? >> iemment. it's a good question. the remediation was finally settled that would be a city's responsibility. the city dump the substances they are and realize where they were in was caused by the city of new york to negotiations between the federal government in the city and was decided the city will clean it up. it will be part of the seawall
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as the start of seawall from underneath the bridge going along the east coast. it ends at the oakwood treatment center. that is why we started the project that way to give time to remediate and read the park of that contamination and it won't hold up the seawall. >> is the city actually doing the work? the city has to pay for it but the fed -- >> the feds have to okay it was done properly. do you make your to ask a question. >> in the spring of 2012, an investigation into your campaign finances, which ended up actually resulting in your girlfriend going to federal prison, an unwed mother going to federal prison. since that time, they forgiven nearly $500,000 of debt that you owe them for that criminal
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representation. did you do anything, such a generous gift by that or did they log you in order for them to or get the $500,000 you owe them. >> let me correct the record. first of all you are talking about the old campaign entity, michael grimm for congress. it's a separate entity, not me personally. i don't get the opportunity to have the legal authority to make any deals on that account. however, the treasurer can't make that deal. the way it works is the ftc, the government to regulate those campaigns in those types of account has to approve it. right now it is pending for approval with the fec. there is no deal at all because the fec has to approve it. if they approve it comments obviously well within law. they don't approve it, stays on the books. >> my question is did you do anything for such a generous
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offer for the $500,000 you could have >> is closer to $400,000 in back pay $600,000 that i felt they overbilled. i don't make that decision and i didn't receive any benefit whatsoever because that campaign account i its own entity. it's not me personally. i'm not than speaking. i don't owe that money personally at all. the campaign owes it. if a business goes out, goes under, you only get what is left. it's not like they have a choice in the matter. this is up to the federal election commission. i don't get to make that decision. the government does. >> mr. donovan, we can control the question. we can't control the answer. i thinkou'veweour question. >> i asked in the lobby where do anything. >> absolutely not. i never did anything to receive the benefit. >> did they lobby you? >> i know where you're going.
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it is actually petulant and a vacuous attack. but we tell you why. [applause] i said on new york quandary to the best of my recollection i was never lobbied and now is an absolute 100% true statement because i didn't recollect. back in 2011 or he's trying to go with patton boggs had one meeting with a staffer of mine that i knew nothing about. by the way i found out later because they looked it up after the attack, they were lobbying for azerbaijan, which by the way among the opposite side of their issue and it never changed my position. i've always recognized the genocide of the armenian people which is what they wanted to stop doing. they may have attempted to lobby. in 2011 over seven years ago spoke to one staffer and i'm on the opposite side of their issue and i've never changed my position. >> they sent you e-mails about
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lobbying on behalf of the client that the sba -- [inaudible] [inaudible conversations] >> we'll leave that for the reporters another fact checkers. the next question will ask you rst. we are in hurricane season and indeed the national flood insurance program you both reference the four is going to expire at the end of july. there are homeowners in this district complain about in a double-digit percentage increases in their premium. the program itself is under water more than $4 billion in the red even after bailout. do you support reform to the program and if so what should be changed. >> we price people out of their homes, but the seawall is going to help the people in staten island. it's been built to withstand a 300 year storm. as i said can we cut fema to agree 50% complete that people will be protected by no longer
11:50 am
being in the flood zone where premiums being reduced. we are now working with the city of new york to fight fema on the flood maps. we don't think they're accurate in premiums are based on inaccurate flood maps. there may be people pay for flood insurance. we have to redo the maps, complete the seawall and the people of staten island would be much better off after that. >> i'm proud again to say that we got at seawall thanks to a bill i was able to write. almost $60 billion. >> my opponent says the flood insurance reform bill that i worked on with maxine waters in many other members of congress didn't do a enough job. but he hasn't put in his own bill to make it better. i'm not saying it's perfect. we had a lot of opposition to the bill. we take on the majority leader,
11:51 am
the chairman in charge who had jurisdiction. we can only get through what were able to get through. the last three years that ould've been amended or redone to make it better. if we have a congressman who was weeping in the office, we would have gotten that done. >> under the white house proposed budget people would be allowed to discontinue coverage for repetitive loss properties meaning buildings flooded her than one. this is the trump administration budget would phase outoverage for commercial properties and new construction of flood prone regions between what the white house wants and what the district needs. >> one thing is working with fema. one of the ways you mitigate premiums is to elevate your home. your flood insurance premiums go down. so many people i represent can't elevate. so fema is coming up now at my request for a list of things the
11:52 am
people living town housing of the duplex and what they can do to lower flood insurance premiums because they can't elevate. elevation is the only solution for them. one of the things i had to do it the very first thing i did, the very first bill he proposed was to stop the fraud sandy when engineering reports were often by insurance companies that were claiming the damage was preexisting to people. under the new laws, they get the original engineering report so if it's modified later on, you'll know it. [applause] >> one of the issues is there are cert areas that people shouldn't live. it's just too dangerous. >> elevation is one option, but there's also other options were used in staten island after
11:53 am
super storm standee. we can buy these people out at market rates and there's two things you can do there. one, you can give back to nature and allow it to be part of what is very important. we sometimes forget mother nature is in charge, not us. we build in areas where mother nature tells us not to. so that'sumber one. the second thing we can do is buy people out and we offer that and embedded out so developers can come in and rebuild properly with proper elevations and all the things that go on to the parking underneath. a first right of refusal to buy back in. he should be part of a cogent plan was something that is rebuild all of those areas and make them a beautiful waterfront property which is something we don't do there. >> this week at my request they removed him the money the
11:54 am
rescission package that we retain the sandy money that people so desperately need on my request. >> next question. >> we are going to move to a crisis that's ravaging this district and that is the opioid crisis. in 2016, 116 people died on staten island. last year it was 99. on the campaign trail, both of you have talked about treatment options. when you talk to providers within the district command they say there is a shortage of them. i want to start with mr. grimm and ask what have you done specifically to make sure there's enough treatment options, and a rehabbed within addressing this need. >> i haven't been able to do that, but what of the first things i did is educat myself. we join the prescription caucus
11:55 am
and not the first thing i did so i can go around the country and get information from the stakeholders who do this every single day. and big pharma. all of the people involved. what we have to do besides increasing access is not enough because it is such a complex issue is we have to have a public-private partnership in on the private side we should model it. companies like facebook and google, doing a huge advertising campaign like mothers against drunk driving to bring awareness to the issue at all levels whether in school or a grandmother and on the government side, increasing access is one aspectf it. what are you doing coming out of rehab. we have to get rid of the stigma involved. you have to do with big pharma so they stopped making drugs that are so addict is.
11:56 am
we have to do with the fda so they stop allowing drugs hit the market. u.s. doctors because they are overprescribing. this is such a difficult and complex issue. you have to look at the whole picture and that's why i would work with the secretary looked to do a pilot program with the administration in conjunction right here in staten island. >> when you said you work with the fda, are you saying you had been some type of opioid? >> we need to have the congress give its oversight function to get the fda more guidelines and maybe through legislation and not allowing to come to market that are so addict is. the oxycontin or something like that originally for cancer patients that are terminal and
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that is fine. but all of a sudden you find out that 18-year-olds have a tooth pulled. so that is where we have to work. better with the fda. stricter rules so the very addictive drugs are only used for terminal patients and so on. [applaus >> mr. donovan. >> full disclosure on the product of an alcoholic father. my father found the rooms of aa when i was eight years old. it probably is a collateral beneficiary of his sobriety. if you didn't find the servants i wouldn't be here today. i understand recovery. what does the district attorney we had one of the most successful drug treatment reports and all of new york state. i started a pilot program in staten island that trained and equipped with no locks on every police department in the country is using that. by the highest-rated pple who peddled these poisons to her children. we are passing the opioid bills.
11:58 am
one of those bills requires nih to research and develop a nonaddictive nonnarcotic pain relief. that's one of the things we can do. education with dangerous substances because it's in mom's fe.icine cabinet doesn't mean it we have ecate people. local people do it other than washington does that 100%. supplying them with resources. for more bad, more treatment. the ymca counseling service do what they do best in treating people with an addiction. federal government's role is to support, supply and get out of the way. [applause] >> is 35 bills coming due sponsor or write any of them? >> if i could add one thing. the reality is when my opponent
11:59 am
took office. the problem was just started. that became a crisis into an academic all during his watch. a lot of the drug dealers were plea bargain down to possession charges. that's why. >> now my opponent has a 10-point plan to fight opioids if he gets back to congress. he was in congress during that time and did nothing. i went down to washington and said i have new jersey. i need you to get new york in the network to stop people circumventing the system and going over to get their prescriptions written are filled. for years he didn't get it done. one letter to governor cuomo on one phone call was de. >> if i have to say something, everyone should know this.
12:00 pm
here's the reality because we did the research. governor cuomo did do that. that's an absolute fact. on the day he was doing the ceremonial signing, this man here sent a letter to urge him to do it. he found out after the fact the governor was going to sign that agreement and he sent the letter so he could take credit for it. that is a fact. .. is that not ridiculous? will you tell me the governor did not know the day before and
12:01 pm
didn't have a ceremony on his calendar? th day he signed it and he has a letter and now wants to take credit for the that is shameful. [applause] >> sticking on the same topic but having shorter answers is both of you aspect on the back to obamacare and that is both of you say you want to repeal all of obamacare and obamacare increased the amount of medicaid funding for certains allowing people needed treatment to seek it. it exponentially increase the money people to go and get into rehab and in fact it called substance abuse and essential health benefit. how do you square that? we will start with mr. donovan. >> we square thaty the locals in the ymca counseling service in camelot were resources so they could care. >> is that an essential health benefit? >> absolutely. folks in rehab can't function without sobriety.
12:02 pm
as with other was an alcoholic, i know that will. >> i agree. first of all, healthcare is extremely complex but incredibly the federal government does many things well and military seems to be one of the exceptions when it comes down to healthcare in issues like this they are localized. states me the flexibility to service their constituents the way they see fit. i think the federal government the best we can do is give a grants and the money to the local areas and support camelot and so many others. you are hitting on a bigger issue. will the interest of these cover it? that's a state issue in the state of new york should make it mandatory that drugs are covered under your care but not for the short amount of time that is coming out. the reality with opioids is it takes much longer to recover. if you send someone for a few weeks most likely they will relapse even harder and that is why the death rate goes up
12:03 pm
because i think they are recovered and the end up using more when they come back from a rehab that was not complete. [applause] t nestion. >> in 2017 you both to support the president trumps executive order temporarily blocking people f sountries for entering the us on visas iraq, iran, libya, sudan, syria and yemen. at the time critics argued that not one suspect of any major us terror attack came from any of those nations. the largest number of terrorists have come from the us. the question is why is it fair to single out those from muslim majority countries if history shows blocking them wld not have prevented any major biotech. mr. donovan. >> that risk was created by barack obama, by the way. there was about 45 other
12:04 pm
eminently muslim countries in the world. when people are calling the travel pause he was asking for a 90 day pause they are calling it a muslim band and we were banning travel from the seven countries that we did not have a proper betting process to ensure that when anthony pascale comes with a passport that it is actually him. at the time there was 250,000 syrian experts that were missing and stolen and we do not know if the syrians coming from syria was a person or a terrorist. our enemies had close they were going to infiltrate and compromise the refugee program in syria. it was a dangerous situation. while this was going on in court, the secretary of homeland security in the state where it came up with the proper betting process for those countries. one of them was already eliminated and there was a travel expert it was not a band in the president's number one priority number one responsibility is to protect the people of this nation. all he was asking for so sure.
12:05 pm
time to determine that people coming into the country will not be harmful and i suppose it b back. , i want to point out in october 2016 when interviewed by the new york observer they did not support the travel ban but that aside i do agree with most of what my opponent said. the other thing is specifically looking at yemen you look at areas where they were failed states. peop need to understand that it has nothing to do with religion. were talking about areas that are field states. my opponent did out there were thousands upon thousands of passports that were stolen but the real question is how if it is a completely filled state do you do any betting? there's a way to be able to do a check and get an answer back. at the end of the day the number one job of the fed government is to k safe.
12:06 pm
that is the number one job. the president is trying to do that trying to keep us safe. one of the biggest issues he had is that we become so politically correct that it stifles our ability to do commonsense things. it is common sense -- i don't ca whether it's a cathoc untry, cushion count m country, it is irrelevant if the failed state imposes a threat the psident of the united stat mnd has a duty to keep us all safe and proper betting. i agree. >> how to you square that with those were muslim? we have a large muslim preposition in brooklyn and how do you square that with those whose relatives may not be able to come over to visit or likewise? >> it's an inconvenience that will protect our nation. we have to understand that i would letter to every mosque when the travel pause was set into place explaining what this was. it wasn't an anti- muslim attack or a anti- muslimicy but up texan for the united states


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