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tv   House Budget Committee on 2019 Federal Budget - Day 1 Part 2  CSPAN  June 21, 2018 12:16am-1:02am EDT

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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> the committee will come back to order. i appreciate the patience and the cooperation of all of the members who are here right now for your work in making this a
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priority. we obviously have some logistical challenges with getting this particular markup through day one and at the same time accounting for votes and what have you. the chair recognizes the presence of a quorum so we are prepared to resume the markup. the committee will proceed to the consideration of the budget aggregates functional categories and other appropriate manners but the text is identical in the tables to ship it to the minority impose a our web site in tuesday. under committee rule nine for committee will consider a document containing the budget aggregates functional categories and other components of the budget resolution. members may be offered subject to the grumet between the majority in the minority but after the document is then approved you'll be incorporated into the resolution on the budget for a final vote. the committee will now begin the process to the document would be
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considered as read and open for amendment and it point pursuant to the committee. seven minutes for the sponsor, six minutes in opposition in one minute too close and is that correct? six for the sponsor seven proposition women to close close. there we go come evenly divided. my math works out better than any amendments to the offer? the gentlelady from washington. >> i have an amendment at the desk. >> the amendment is the number three pick the clerk to designate the amendment and the staff will distribute copies of the amendment if they have not already. >> amendment 3 upward -- overbay representative delbene related to -- the gentlelady from washington is recognized for six minutes. >> mr. chair. too many americans are still
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struggling. in 2016, 12.3% of american households were food insecure. the supplemental nutrition assistance program or snap provides crucial assistance to tens of millions of americans almost half of whom are children and over 80% of s.n.a.p. households are living at or below the poverty line. first it's important to acknowledge the s.n.a.p. program is responsible for many long-term benefits. studies have shown access to snap back by pregnant women leads to healthier babies and girls have access to s.n.a.p. a children are 18% more like they did graduate from high high school. that's why it continually frustrate the majority blames her budget deficit on low-income families, seniors and victims of hunger especially when the cbo estimated the republican tax bill will explode the deficit by $1.9 trillion over 10 years.
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that's why i'm offering an amendment that rejects those resolutions deep cuts to s.n.a.p.. $157 billion over 10 years. whether it's the trump administration's budget the farm bill or this committee's budget it's obvious the intent of changes in s.n.a.p. isn't to give people the skills they need to attain higher paying jobs for a livable wage. as an attempt to take away nutrition assistance from billions of children in working families and caller reform. i agree that helping people find good pay long-term work in the high demand feel is the best way to ensure everyone has access to economic advancement that we need to do it in a smart way to my home state of washington has become a national model for helping disadvantaged americans land good paying jobs. the basic food employment and training program is a state run initiative that receives federal funds. offers people receiving assistance they s.n.a.p. access
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did job training and education so they can earn a living wage and become self-sufficient in 2014 i successfully pushed for $200 million to be included in the 2014 farm bill to conduct job training pat a programs for s.n.a.p. recipients across the country. those pilots are happening right now however we will get the initial feedback on the 2014 grant funds until 2019. that information will proceed on how to best expand the program nationally. rather than waiting for those results many house republicans are ready to blow up the entire program by making the entire program mandatory by 2021. this means participation is mandatory to receive s.n.a.p. benefits of your single mom with two children and can't spend 20 or so we get a job training programs your kids may not get fed. to some it may seem reasonable to require participation but for people living in rural areas
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training programs are not always successful. not everyone can afford a car and bus routes don't go everywhere pick the cbo has estimated it will be 10 years before all 50 states to offer recipient a space in the job training program. changes to s.n.a.p. up and outlined in various republican proposals could result in millions of people being shoved off of vital nutrition assistance or taking a major cut in what they receive. this is on acceptable. to my colleagues to support this amendment and i yield one minute to my colleague from washington state. >> thank you so much representative for yielding. i strongly support congresswoman delbene cement which were dead dead -- rejects cuts to the assistant program that are included in this republican budget resolution. the rowdiest that millions of children are hungry. they lack nutritious food and it is a daily reality. in 2016, 15.5 million american
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households, 12% of our population had difficulty just getting enough food. an african-american household that number was 22.5% of households and in hispanic households 18.5% remain hungry. my district in washington state over a quarter of a 27,002 and 41 s.n.a.p. beneficiaries in 2016 were children, children who don't need to go hungry, children through this program helps with this amendment recognizes the harm that the underlying budget resolution does too vulnerable populations. pham provides benefits and estimated 41 million americans almost half of whom are children. mr. chairman tossing millions of americans including children off of s.n.a.p. is not who we are as a nation. i think representative delbene for this amendment and i yield back the balance of my time. >> i yield to congressman levine. >> thank you congressman for the
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amendment for yielding. protects vital nutrition assistance programs from these dangerous republican cuts. i know that s.n.a.p. is 8 million people including almost 4 billion children out of poverty. that's just last year. the vital basic living program it should be available to all families. as a single mother raising my two little boys trying to get through school was a bridge over troubled waters for me. i know it is for many people. more than 70% of s.n.a.p. recipients also our families with children with disabilities and many are working and still not making a living wage. they need to s.n.a.p. to help them survive, really not even thrive but just survive. this republican budget drops a
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sick nutrition assistance that would lead many hungry. it would be devastating to our nation's families seniors. i want to thank you very much for bringing this forward and we must reject any cuts to nutrition assistance. >> thank you mr. chair. >> the chair recognizes the gentleman from texas mr. arrington. >> thank you mr. chairman a while i respect and appreciate my colleagues on the other side of the aisle this has me scratching my head when i hear the words heartless. over a policy that encourages people to it actually come up and out of poverty and dependence on government assistance as opposed to trapping them in the site of dependence and poverty. i mean we have a farm bill that passed the house and committee
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with not one democratic vote because they asked the able-bodied adults who work 20 hours a week. we have 7 million able-bodied males aged 20 to 50, prime age who are living off of government assistance and not participating in the workforce. we have 6.7 million surplus jobs in this country. and so it's anything but heartless. if police that they have god-given potential that they have not fully realize. we have got to get away from us backwards notion of being heartless because we as people who are work capable to go to work. 75% of republican and democratic who work cold on this issue believe that people ought to go to work you can. we are not taking their benefits
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away. we are saying if you can work, work and we will help you. that's all it says. this idea that we are going to starve kids is ridiculous. this has nothing to do with kids and this has nothing to do with pregnant women with the elderly or the disabled. the able-bodied adults mr. chairman and the american people aren't buying thi we need to restore the dignity and respect and value and culture of work in this country. and not of better time to do that and when you have the economy growing and after 10 years of obamanomics where we are growing at 4:00% and we have the lowest unemployment highest job participation in the surplus opportunities. mr. chairman i urge a no vote on this amendment and ideal to my colleague from pennsylvania mr. smucker. >> thank you.
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this budget adopts policies that protect kids. no one wants kids to go to bed hungry. protects folks who temporarily need assistance but the way we need to measure success is too often those on the other side of the aisle are possessed by how much we are spending on government programs. if the measure success by people who are able to transition to good-paying jobs. sounds like great things are happening in washington. the farm bill that was passed and the policies that are promoted in this budget would allow more flexibility for states to implement programs that would incentivize able-bodied recipients to transition into and dependence in good-paying jobs. importantly some portly look at the facts. spending on s.n.a.p. has
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increased from $21 billion in 2002, 270 billion last year more than triple in that time. the last time o employment rate was the slow was in 2000. the unemployment rate i should say was 4% at that time. we are 3.8 now i believe. at that point in 2000 there were 17.1 million s.n.a.p. participants. today there are 42 million participants in s.n.a.p.. it has spiked up dramatically after the great recession and never came back down. our plan as i mentioned earlier gives more control to the states currently the federal government is putting 100 -- footing 100%
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of the bill for s.n.a.p. giving states more control and flexibility that will lead to improvements and allows states to better respond to their unique needs and better serve them. i'm strongly opposed to rolling back portions of this tax cut in the job taxes will to pay for this increased funding. that would hurt american families that have benefited from the tax reform savings. the tax cuts and jobs act provided tax cut of 2059 for the average american family of four. does go a long way for hard-working americans. if heard of countless constituents in my district about the many benefits they are seeing and tax reform. for example his family was able to enroll their son. that's two examples of the many
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contacts that i have received and there are millions of americans who have benefited and receive benefits wage increases etc.. if there's not enough evidence that tax or form is working you need to look no further than the cbo director testified right here before her own committee confirming that stimulating higher employment and productivity rates that will create 1.1 million jobs creating more upward mobility and lifting more people out of already. we must end this cycle of dependency and we must end efforts to grow the size and scope of the federal government and continue to adopt progrowth policies and put more money back into the pockets of hard-working americans and protect those who need assistance by providing the resources for them to be able to
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sustain themselves a great paying jobs. for these reasons i urge a no vote on this amendment. >> thank you. i want to do for my last 15 seconds to the representative from wisconsin. >> i have a project when you go home. when you go to get food from the grocery store asked them what they think about s.n.a.p.. if you know any income maintenance workers asked him what they think about s.n.a.p. and how much people sell their s.n.a.p. for an nl of 50 cents on the dollar. thank you very much. >> mr. delbene too close. >> thank you mr. chair. first let's talk about what the s.n.a.p. and if it is. i would encourage all of my colleagues to do so. you get $30 a week, $30 for all of your food. that's the average s.n.a.p. benefit.
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it means barely getting by in an unhealthy diet with no fresh fruits or vegetables. i can tell you first-hand there's nothing luxury is about that benefit. also to all my colleagues to talk about the farm bill i worked on the 2014 farm bill. we put in place by the programs happening across the country to help people on s.n.a.p. benefits get what they need to get to work. that's happening right now. their proposal is to blow the efforts up and actually learn what works to help people and to actually create a situation where more people are going to lack availability of basic nutrition services. look at the farm bill and see what happened there and you can learn something prayer to my colleagues to vote yes on this important amendment. >> those in favor say aye. those opposed to know. the no's have it the gentleman
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from kentucky. he reported that his requested. a vote on this particular amendment will be postponed until tomorrow morning. is there another amendment to be offered? >> my amendment is at the desk. >> the gentlelady is recognized. by the way this is amendment number 13. >> in sirte policy statement on foreign policy. >> as we sit here today and are comfortable chairs inside this magnificent committee room living in the wealthiest and most powerful nation that the earth has ever seen children are being ripped from their parents arms along our southern border. on october 1, 2017 and may 1, 22
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the trump administration is separated at least 2700 children from their families and many of these families are seeking asylum escaping violence in their home countries including el salvador guatemala all of which have some of the highest child murder rates in the world. they are fleeing with their families to ensure their children and loved ones don't become one of the countless victims. they are in fact fighting for their lives. they are being mad at her order with prosecution. parents don't know where their children are in children don't know where their parents are. can you imagine how germanic and painful of fun experiences would be for a child who had no idea what's going on who worries if they will ever see their family again. the trauma can be in fact so severe that can cause permanent psychological and physiological damage to a child's developing brain to the american medical association unequivocally stated
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separated these children from their parents will i quote create negative health impacts that will last a lifetime. that finding is at load by the american academy of pediatrics the american academy of physicians. you don't have to be a health care expert to know that taking a child from their parents who are seeking a better life is more -- immoral and un-american yet this practice continues as the trump administration same fully -- shamefully uses your children that may endure long-term psychological and physiological damage in a pond game. he is keeping them hostage to push through an anti-immigrant encina faux bill in congress and not 1 penny of taxpayer dollars should ever be used to inflict pain and suffering on a child in order to punish their parents
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and push a political agenda. my amendment prohibits dhs from implementing this heinous policy and called for comprehensive reform to protect asylum seekers and the well-being of their children and loved ones. ripping families apart in keeping them in cages is not the america i want my granddaughter to grow up with. this is not the america that a no and love and where better than this. mr. chairman i get 30 seconds to represent jackson-lee. i'm going to give 30 seconds to jan schakowsky. >> the pockets taking. >> i like that. stand let me thank the chairwoman of the hispanic caucus for knowledge. i was on the floor dealing with an interpretation of the executive order that did not need to be issued. i'm supporting your admin at is i strongly support the value and
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the investment in people that keeping families together represents and i thank you for the thoughtful amendment and i believe any budget item that helps to keep families apart should be legally eliminated from the policies and the moral standings and with that i yield back to the gentlelady. >> thank you. i yield 30 seconds to my friend and colleague jan schakowsky. >> you might be interested to know that today there articles about children being separated from their parents. using psychotropic drugs while they are in various places and just when you think you can get worse. i can hardly stand it and anyone who is apparent here. we can do better than this. we are better than this as a
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country. we don't need to separate children from their families and imagine what that would mean to each of you and your children or your grandchildren. this is such a sensible thing for us to ask. let's not do that. there has to be another way to address these issues on immigration instead of the institutionalizing what all the experts say is essentially child-abuse with lasting effects with negative effects on children that will last their whole lives long because they are separated. this is a great amendment and we should accept it. >> thank you and with that i yield on supply time to my colleague from baltimore. >> thank you so much for this amendment. the commonsense amendment and the humane and necessary amendment to some of you know
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that i spent three hours at a federal prison with 174 when transferred from the texas border to that person. half of these women have children. many of them probably 40% have been in detention for me than a month. they have not seen their children. their children have been taken from them without a chance to say goodbye. they did not know whether children were picked this executive order that the president signed today trades back one cruelty for another. now we are going to indefinitely detain children and families. this is an outrage i know some of my colleagues across the aisle. i beg you to please stand up for basic human values. i know you have children. i've met some of your children. i cannot imagine do you think is okay to do this to children in the united states of america.
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i hope that my colleagues will support this amendment and i think the gentlelady from new mexico. >> that similarities time has expired to the chair claims time in opposition to the amendment. the amendment raises an important dialogue and serious concerns abo immigration policy and our country. as we all know these issues are being discussed daily and we acknowledge questions involved are significant for our country and individuals alike. in my judgment this amendment does not address the federal budget in a meaningful way. rather it seeks to change immigration policy which is more appropriate consideration the committees of jurisdiction, judiciary and homeland security and debate on the house floor. while i know our democratic colleagues are sincere in their pursuit change these policies i don't believe the budget resolution or the budget committee are the appropriate
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venues for doing so. if an amendment such as this were to be adopted it would distract from the critical overall object if that is addressing the long-term drivers of the deficit and debt. that would be very unfortunate. this week the house is encouraging on the floor manifesting itself in heartbreaking reasons articulated by my friends on the other side of app to encourage members to take the debate and urged no vote on the amendment. >> thank you mr. chairman. i want to thank you for highlighting that this is a difficult issue which is should take seriously and i also want to thank you although i diss it really respectfully at the budget document which is a document that sets the pattern and we are in fact spending
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billions of dollars in what we now know was tantamount to child abuse. this would require the appropriate vehicles and mechanisms and we know that. we note dhs knows how to do that in hhs did not do that. the white house and the more departments without the expertise allowed to spend money on these practices related to immigration will continue. you will not send taxpayer money in any way that harms children and with that i yield to senator barbara lee u.s. one quick sentence. >> it'd better be quick because you are out of time. go ahead i will yield to the senator. >> thank you mr. chairman.
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thank you for yielding time and a couple of things. one is families are seeing horrific violence and this is a safe harbor in our nation picture children are being taken from their parents and kids are being held. it has are found not to have consequences and separating children from their parents. >> those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. the no's have it. the gentleman from kentucky. a recorded vote is requested. we will postpone the recorded vote until tomorrow morning. other amendments? the gentleman from new york. c this is amendment number 14. the clerk will designate the
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amendment and staff will distribute copies. >> the state and local tax subduction. this amendment eliminates the 10,000 or for the atomized action for state and local taxes on federal income tax returns otherwise known as -- this weakens the ability of states and localities to finance vital programs and services for american citizens like education for structure and safety net programs. under the g.o.p. tax scam taxpayers paying state and local taxes will now be taxed by the irs on the income that they used to pay for services at the state on the level. deductibility has been part of the modern income tax system created in 1913. 105 years ago. many states including new york
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according to this principal have now been wrecked to sleep cast aside. there are two this types of states in america donor states taker states. donor states like new york new jersey texas connecticut illinois and california regularly send more money to the federal government each and every year than we get back in return. taker states like alabama and mississippi and louisiana received more from the federal government than they send to washington in return. for example new york state regularly spends $48 billion per more per year and we get back in the form of housing transportation and homeland security funding or other forms of federal assistance. the republican tax scam to make a bad situation with donor states like new york and texas that much worse particularly as
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a result of draconian caps. the deduction unfairly targets donor states. rockefeller institute concluded that taxpayers of 13 states including those mentioned ave more federal taxes than received in adderall dollars. states like new york and california are not subsidized by states like iowa and indiana as some suggested during the debate on the g.o.p. tax scam. nothing could be further from the truth. in fact the inverse is true. it undermines the productivity of state systems. in encourage estates towards progressive income taxation because the deductibility raises high taxes on income residents.
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it also some other state and local tax burdens the savings from lower federal income taxes. in section takes away the south says making it more difficult for things to happen more progressive tax system that benefits every day americans. their republican tax bill will not help working families and everyday americans. it will hurt everyday americans. instead it favors corporations. the state and local tax subduction or individuals is decimated. a tax productions for corporations was left untouched. the individual tax cuts is temporary. the corporate tax cut is indeterminate. a moving expense deduction for individuals was eliminated. corporations continue to deduct
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the moving expenses associated with closing down factories and plants in this country and moving them overseas to places like china and india robbing us of good paying american jobs. individual taxpayers were treated like second-class citizens and subsidize the lifestyle of the rich and shameless. that's why state and old tax deductions should be eliminated. 80% of their republican tax though goes to the wealthiest 1% in america. justice brandeis a legendary supreme court judge once made the observation that in america we can have democracy and we can have wealth concentrated in the hands of the very few but we can't have those. republican tax bill was an attack on our .doc or save, an attack on economic fairness and
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an attack on american dream. it must be unraveled. i urge my fellow members to join me and support this amendment to eliminates state and local tax deduction caps and i yield back. >> would the gentleman yield? >> the gentleman yields back is time. the chair recognizes the gentleman from ohio. i claim time in opposition to the amendment. as a certified public accountant and businessman i was proud to work on the tax cut and nearly six most ago president trump signed a bill which delivered storied tax relief to families and job creators. a typical family for my district received a tax cut of 20077 dollars and for some reason my friends on the aside al scoff at that. large and small responding to the tax law by increasing investments to their own
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employees and expand operations. let's talk about the key component of the legislation that made it easier for everyday americans to file their tax returns. i'm a cpa. i have those individuals come to myice that complicated tax returns and financing statistic that we don't want to talk about 70% of americans did not qualify for the standard deduction, 7% did not qualify for the standard deduction so even though they have those expenses in state and local income taxes they do not qualify for the standard deduction. lumley doubled the standard deduction 94% of all americans are people who skip the process of itemizing their returns in standard deductions. 94% of americans even though
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they have state and local income taxes will not meet the standard deduction threshold and therefore will not be using that deduction. i will give you another statistic. 80% population choose to itemize are among the wealthiest americans. individuals are still allowed to write off up to $10,000 in property taxes or sales tax. the tax policy center and mr. chairman for the record i've would like to file this through the tax policy center says the results of the salt production would result in 96% following to the top 20% of earners. for that reason i urge my colleagues to oppose the amendment. >> would the gentleman yield? i thank the gentleman for yielding. i just have to take a moment. my colleague of the gentleman
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from new york said it though was the attack on our democracy. i've heard summoning the other side as saying donald trump is collusion is an attack. can canceling the congressional picnic will e up being an attack on our policies. there policy from the republican majority make it harder for local government to raise taxes. if you are home in washington and you were wondering who is in charge and how it impacts your quality of life it's easier. if we are in charge is harder to raise taxes. tax cuts have proven to be pretty darn popular. the new york business journal three weeks ago published for the state of new york is number one in the country in losing
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residents to other states. i guess when the german says new york is a donor state they aren't just donating their money there literally donating their successful population. if we look at the rounds of the top five and donor states for the population to get illinois california new jersey and connecticut and guess where those folks are going? the number one state receiving people is the sunshine state of florida. number two is texas and number three is arizona. number four's north carolina number five is georgia. time and again when americans get the choice between democrats who want to make raising taxes easier and republicans who want to make raising taxes harder the blue states are donating indeed that they are donating their best and brightest. i don't know if it's just coming down to the great weather we have in the south or the conservative policy that provides a better quality of life for people but florida texas and george in arizona in north carolina.
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i yield to the gentleman from california. >> is this amendment a tax-cut? it's a tax-cut. he's eliminating the deduction. people feel up to claim a larger deduction on their taxes. that's a tax-cut. >> folks from the state of florida have to essentially underwrite that is essentially say because we have lower taxes and our state our citizens don't have available to us the very same deductions available to the citizens of telephone you. 50 states vote with their feet and they seem to be voting by moving away from a high tax environment. >> i yield back mites time to the gentleman from wisconsin.
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>> i would just ask our listeners back home google the federalist papers and democracy. thank you. myime.ield back the balance of >> the gentleman from new york one minute. let me yield 25 seconds to the distinguished gentleman from california. >> there is one other argument at favor of the amendment and that is a republican notion of the federalist papers. it should be the primary providers of services. only the enumerated powers of congress so state and local governments should be first in line for tax revenues. state and local tax deduction places them first in line for tax revenues. the notion of firms with the gentleman said that the republican tax bill unfortunately chose winners and losers amongst the losers as a result of the state and local tax to the action restates a
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regular basis to spend billions of dollars more to the federal government to make it back in return. that was an important decision. that's why it was an attack on the democratic process. i yield back. >> shumlin yields back his time. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. the no's have it. a recorded vote is requested. pursuant to the new amscot said the grant will postpone a recorded vote until tomorrow morning. that will conclude the committee's business for today out of respect for the ladies it will be meeting up with -- beating up on the median annual soft login. let me be clear to all of the committee members. we will reconvene tomorrow morning at 9:00 in this chamber. we will begin with the role votes from this afternoon to three that have just been rolled for tomorrow morning and we will
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pick up the amendment debate on the tear one amendments tomorrow morning. i respectfully ask that all the members be punctual at the appointed time tomorrow. consideration of continued amendments that according to the structure we have worked out with the ranking member to vote on final passage of the concurrent resolution on the budget and as we stand today the committee is now in recess until the call of the chair tomorrow morning. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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