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tv   Washington Journal Roger Stone Stones Rules  CSPAN  June 23, 2018 9:01pm-10:01pm EDT

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very typical you don't get stay they walk you out of the building. i recorded all the way downstairs and out of the building. >>host: carmen segarra is the author of noncompliant coming out in october you can see the conclusion when published. . . . . >> paul manafort is now sitting inside a jail on allegations he tried to witness tamper, your
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reaction to what happened on friday where does this go next? >> the special counsel is trying to special paul manafort to plead guilty. the reason they're doing that is they don't want to discuss the fisa surveillance those on paul manafort and on january 20, 2016 on myself and also on carter page. in discovery, the government insist manafort he was never under surveillance at any time. many media organizations have reported otherwise. i think the surveillance was unconstitutional. i don't think the government wants to talk about it at trial. that's the reason he's being squeezed in this way. >> but he is also accused of
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being trying to influence witnesses in this investigation. >> obviously i cannot speak to the specifics other than what i have read. i find it interesting that one of the -- brothers who hacked the computer system is accused of burglary, stealing records and money has not spent a day in jell-o mr. manafort sits in jail. it's very clearly a pressure tactic to induce him to plead guilty to avoid trial. >> i want your reaction to another story. you revealed another conversation in 2016 with another russian operative in the washington post has this exchange between you and mike. the russian wants big money for the info, waste of time, can you explain what this is about?
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>> he's a longtime associate of mine and asked me to meet with the gentleman by the name of henry greenberg. that is not his real name. he had information he said he wanted to pass on to the trump campaign. i met with mr. greenberg who is a longtime fbi informant. he said he wanted to million dollars for unspecified information. needless to say i declined and said i did not have $2 million. even if i did i would not use it to buy political information. and he said it's not your money i want, it's donald trump's. he said donald trump doesn't pay for political information. i have reported this meeting now that he has refresh my memory it was a 20 minute exchange, even mr. greenberg and the washington
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post confirms there was no transaction and i declined. knowing the extensive background as fbi informant, it's clear this was a sting operation of some kind. an attempt to penetrate the trump effort and perhaps compromised donald trump. i have given my entire recollection no to the house intelligence committee. >> the characterization in the washington post stories you did not disclose it to federal investigators. you just said you didn't know about it or forgot about it. >> is that correct? >> i did not recall it at the time. i did not recall it until they raise the question. i had no memory of this.
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it was an innocuous exchange. the guy shows up very i had an trump t-shirt. he makes this offer, i decline, nothing inappropriate happened and i have now refresh my memory and informed the committee. >> why do you think operatives would've done this? >> we have the start page exchanges couple clearly the fbi for at least subset was working against the trump election and trying to penetrate the trump campaign. i think it was a sting effort. at the time i thought it was a clumsy effort to get money and i declined. but this is a 20 minute exchange which i didn't recall because it was so ridiculous. >> should the president consider of pardon for paul manafort?
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>> i think that's premature. i think mr. manafort needs to go to trial. the president can make that decision at that point. >> in the case of general the fling, i think he should consider a pardon for general flynn. >> your friends with paul manafort. when was the last time you talk to him? >> a few weeks. i feel very badly for him. it will be very difficult for him to prepare for trial from a jail cell. the hardball tactics of the special prosecutor are obvious. but we have not spoken at several weeks. >> what did he sound like when you talk to him? >> anxious to go to trial, unwilling to fold them plead guilty, not willing to testify against the president in any
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way. i don't think he has any information that's damaging to the president. in order to do so he would have to make something up. that would be perjury in itself, i think he is at least anxious to go to trial on these charges. >> right now you're looking at charges based on lobbying efforts nothing involved in the campaign. >> i thought this was about russia collusion in the 2016 election. paul manafort is charged with numerous infractions but nothing that has to do with the presidential election or his service in the trump campaign. i don't think he gets enough credit for his effort. even though donald trump are in the primaries and caucuses as
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you know, there is a precedent 1951 robert taft in chicago gave more than enough votes and that nomination was stolen from him the prudential's and rules committee of the 1952 convention. the republican national convention is governed by its own rules in the trump campaign, despite the fact they were rolling off large victories when it came to delegates was not paying attention to who was being appointed to these committees. mr. manafort is a master at convention politics. he was the person that trump campaign needed at that time. he be back in effort by the cruise folks and i think he deserves credit. >> when rudy giuliani said the president trump could cleanup
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the russia probe with a series of pardons, your reaction. >> so far, the russia probe has not revealed any collusion. that's why call it the russia collusion dilution. given the nature of the investigator's and given the fact that the special counsel indicted 13 russians and now doesn't want to provide discovery to them clearly looking for headline, this is a bogus partisan investigation. the president is right. it's a witch on. it has not slowed the president down in terms of returning the country to prosperity and seeking peace abroad. it's amazing how much she has been able to achieve given the daily attacks magnified by the mainstream media from the
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democrats and critics. i think mr. giuliani is right. >> a story broke this morning revealing new contact with russian national during the 2016 campaign. with her other meetings that took place that you now remember that took place in 2016? >> none that i can recall. i didn't recall this one it was so innocuous. again, i declined any effort to purchase information or to pass it on to donald trump. >> your book is called stone rules how to win at politics, business, and style. you write that the media's mindless yet the russian state they help donald trump when in that i supposedly hacked e-mails from wikileaks and pass them to
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donald trump in the trump campaign is truly the biggest lie of the century. >> this is true. you can read it constantly and on msnbc. i had no advance knowledge of the source, content or exact disclosure timing of the wikileaks disclosures regarding the dnc. i received nothing including a legend hacked e-mails or anyone else. i passed nothing of that nature on to donald trump as some have claimed. this false allegation keeps getting repeated. there is no evidence to back it up as it is in true. it's also accurate that i do not regard wikileaks as russian assets.
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think -- is a journalist. he does with the washington post and the new york times does. he gets information, sometimes classified and he publishes it. wikileaks, during the time of his existence has never been question in terms of the authenticity of what they publish. very few organizations can say that. i reject the idea that he's a russian asset. at this juncture, although i once believed the dnc had been hacked, today, i don't believe there hacked. as you know i'm being sued along with others in the trump campaign by the democratic national committee which is terrific. we'll get a chance to look and examine the servers and examine whether the dnc was ever hacked or whether the information was
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downloaded to a portable drive and taking out the back door which a number of counterterrorism experts believe based on an article i read pgh so, e-books have you written? >> this will be my sixth book. the new york times best-selling author. this book is different from the others. you don't have to be republican, conservative, or trump supporter to enjoy the book. it would work for people for an even interested in politics whatsoever. if you're trying to get ahead in business, meteor fashion or agriculture, i think these rules could hold you. >> let's go to the independent line with roger stone his
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joining us in fort lauderdale. >> caller: good morning. i have two things. first, fox news is the fake news. there's not walter concrete doesn't want to answer questions from people who will try to question him on something. trump and giuliani are you senate to try to break down a real american hero, mueller. he got wide bipartisan support for the job and now as he's getting closer to trump there get more hostile. secondly, trumps bankruptcies, the russian bailouts, the facebook accounts are 2016 election, the money laundry, it's all connected and molars the best person to connect those dots. though all catch up with trump eventually. no one, including you, stone is
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above the law. it's just a matter of time before the truth comes out. thank you's the two i guess i'll put you down as undecided. wow, real hostility this morning. no russian collusion has yet been proven. you want to relitigate the less election which donald trump on. i find the news coverage at fox more balance than cnn. >> look at a picture from "newsweek" magazine. you're in your office with richard nixon posters. if we can scrollable see those pictures. how would richard nixon have handled watergate in today's environment? >> in 1973 and four we had a monolithic media, three major
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networks but there was no internet. there was no alternative media. therefore only one narrative, the washington post. so we did not know at the time that three of the watergate burglars were still on the cia payroll reporting to their case officers. we didn't know that john had directed to others in a decorated police officer working for the white house to case out watergate six weeks before the break-in according to their oral histories and their own biographies. there was only one narrative. there had been an alternative news media, nixon would've had a better chance to make his case. nixon was both very great and very flawed.
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used a strategic arms organization and open the door to china. he desegregated the public schools he saved israel unilaterally in 1973 yom kippur war. he launched affirmative-action. at the same time, he launched the racist war on drugs which has been a total failure. took us off the gold standard gave us wage and price controls. he was very great and very flawed. it's time his presidency be seen a balance. bill clinton send this most eloquently. was time to judge richard nixon on his entire record. i think it shows he was a peacemaker. >> he died in 94, do you recall
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your final conversation with him before his stroke? >> guest: i was supposed to dine with him the day before. i had to cancel. he was very upbeat. never very retrospective or introspective. he was always looking forward. he came to be a key advisor to president clinton during the breakup of the soviet union developments in china. he wrote bestsellers on foreign policy in his retirement years. people asked me about my reference before next and. it was almost nonpolitical. it has to do with his resilience and persistence. it's an american story, defeated, not down, disgrace, he still kept coming back.
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a man is not finished when he's defeated nixon wrote, he's only finished when he quit. i subscribe to the. >> from the michigan we have henry next. go ahead. >> good morning. i would like to piggyback on the missouri caller. the first using a metaphor of war. a conventional invading force into america or any other country when they want to take it over the first thing they want to do is take control and command of the communication structure. this is what donald trump is doing when he denigrates and undermines our media. when he talks so much about the media being bad people. vladimir putin that had he used conventional forces to invade
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america it would've been mutual suicide. so he used trumps economic situation which a flailing company needed money and no american banks would give him money. putin got him financially indebted to him and trump as their operative. my second point, people who are diehard supporters of donald trump, this is where i agree that the media's fate. the media says donald trump touch the heart knows the working-class white people. that's why he want. this is the thing, these people are not the forgotten people. black people see them every february during black history month and eyes on the price. >> host: with regard to russia
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and donald trump, the president. >> the president has not released his tax returns and some indicate there could be potentially a link between his finances the russian government. >> guest: no one has ever establish that donald trump took loans from any russian entity. i've been on the record saying he should release his tax returns all the way back to the 2016 campaign. i think it would clear the air. on the other hand, if you looking for russian collusion it's easy to find. $143 million the clinton foundation took was a russian own company seeking 20% of americans uranium. with a half-million dollars that
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bill clinton took in the speaking fee from the same entity. that would seem to be a real influence. >> glenn from michigan, republican line. >> guest: good morning. thank you mr. stone. you are a true patriot. there's some things the fake news is not talking about. how about barack obama sending moeller with uranium over to russia. another thing is mueller is the guy who brought it over. how can he be investigating anybody? what about the whole middle east, the fleecing of the whole middle east since barack obama since he got but no belt peace
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prize. who was barack obama? he hit his school records. what about his finances for working for laurent saw all these years in this fake daca thing is unconstitutional. let's get down to the bottom of the corrupt obama administrati administration. >> guest: you raise some key points. as far as mr. mueller is concerned, he arrested three wrong people in the interacts matter. individual he finally arrested
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died mysteriously in custody. he failed to investigate the sarasota white school where five of nine hijackers were trained. he let for men rot to the boston jail to cover up fbi performan performance. he did have the uranium samples to russia. this is hardly a non- blemish record. therefore that he would now sit in judgment of this president, it's clearly an effort to undo what they cannot do at the ballot box. i think this is really questionable. >> sounds like these will be some talking points when the mueller report comes out to discredit both him and his work. >> we do not know what his report will say.
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so far he is yet to come up with evidence of russia collusion connected to the trump campaign. even the indictment of the 13 russians who are active online still does not show a clear connection or consistency. at some points it appears to be pro- hillary, pro- trump, anti- trump, the most of the money spent after election. in a minimum they were ineffective in the larger scheme of things. >> david is next. good morning. >> good morning c-span, the best channel on television. >> it's an honor to talk to. >> i'm a world war ii vet.
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i lived through the depression. i remember standing in line with my father to get food with thousands of other people. we didn't have electricity. so i know what it is to do without. i would like to make two comments. one has to do with president nixon. i firmly believe that had not been assassinated he would have defeated -- and we would have been a different country at that time. secondly, we are the greatest country in the world mr. stone.
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the preamble of the constitution, we the people. >> host: thank you for the call. he is a regular viewer. he just turned 90 years old. we appreciate hearing from him. >> we salute your service. i was happy to see that president trump took the $400,000 salary he's given by the government and donated for the upkeep of veterans cemeteries. i think the veterans health care system in this country may be the number one scandal and something the president feels deeply about fixing. as far as robert kennedy's concern. i am an admirer of robert kennedy. i don't believe he was a liberal. i believe he was a pragmatic a
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very effective leader. i disagree with the idea that he would it do defeated nixon. i don't know what southern state he could have carry. in his narrow defeat he lost every southern state. kennedy carried georgia, alabama mississippi and so on. bobby could've never carried any of those. by 68 he was fully polarizing in the country. the new four-part netflix series on kennedy superb. i admire him for his commitment to civil rights into the staunch anti- communism. >> leme get your reaction to senator bob corker. he is now seeking a third term. it's almost becoming a thing, it's not a good place for any
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party to end up with a cultlike situation as it relates to the president that has to be reportedly of the same party. that's in relation to president trump and the gop. >> i think corker is upset because trump is more popular among republicans and all voters in tennessee that he is. this was true virtually every republican president who remade the party and their image. lincoln, eisenhower, certainly reg. so the fact that the president's popularity he transcends now he dominates but is not only typical of successful republican presidents, but profound. i believe in places like nebraska, where the president is
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far more popular or in tenness tennessee, i don't see this as a colts, i see it as more tea and popularity based on his successful government. . . 4% economic growth. and this is prior to the president's corporate and personal tax cuts having a hance to get traction. 223,000 jobs created in may, 1 llion new jobs created since trump became president. we were told that structurally this could not happen under barack obama but the president is demonstrating enormous success with this economy. i think that's what explains his p >> i think that explains popularity. it make how to win at politics business and style. roger stone writes that the election victory shows media has become so diverse there is
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no such thing as overexposure. in any election campaign especially a national race, name recognition is a big and expensive goal is years of marketing himself did that with his bed. we talked earlier about the extraordinary change the president had on the north on of the white house you were familiar where reporters and anchors do their standups to report the president came out on fox and friends holding a 20 minute meeting with the press corps and that has never happened by any previous president. >> i think the president is a master of the new cycle obviously a master of public relations.erd the fact that virtually 100% of americans of americans knew who he was and his life story
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and as a successful business person was an enormous leg up in his efforts to become president. i as you know he thought about running for president as early as 2000 although i don't think very seriously he did consider it very seriously in 2012 ultimately running in 2016. i began urging him to run as early as 1988 because i believe he had size and capacity and independence to be a truly great president. not connected to the last 30 years of policy mistakes that have given us endless where the national interest are not clear and the civil liberties are stagnant economy and a broken immigration system, huge multi international trade agreements that is good for our trading partners but not
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so good forus us as they suck the jobs out of america. 2016 was the time that donald trump was the right man in the right place with the right message and the american people were tired of politics as usual and both parties republicans into mcgrath and tired of congress and the system they view as fixed against little man and the a individual which is why i thought from the beginning he could be and is now a viable presidential candidate.di and a great president potentially.a. >> next on the independent line good morning. >> caller: >> happy father's day. i want to ask about the meeting now with the fbi undercover agent. it is described as a set up but isn't that the counterintelligence of the fbi to find out if there is any illegal money from a foreign
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country? and also trump has said publiclyd many times they got most of their money from russia before he ran as president. i can't imagine in the fbi not investigating and your comments on that? >> were they conducting a similar investigation into the clinton foundation and the millions of dollars of foreign money including russian money flooding into that entity? i believe this idea the fbi was infiltrating the trump campaign to look for russian collusion is nonsense. they were planting false evidence of russian collusion as part of the insurance policy that peter spoke of in his e-mails to the justice department they did not want
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to hand over to congress and house intelligence committee learned about when the inspector general's report was produced or when judicial watch forced those through the freedom of information act request. no. i don't think it is the role of the fbi to infiltrate the campaign but having been with nixon pointing out nixon went down because individuals connected to his campaign broke into the democratic national committee and planted bugs none actually ever worked in because the campaign got caught infiltrating the campaigns of his opponents senator humphrey then senator george mcgovern. today it is far more egregious. with authority and power to
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conduct surveillance and to infiltrate one of the two major parties of the presidential campaigns. the use of a fabricated dossier as the underlying legal rationale for surveillance. i believe myself included is an outrageous abuse of power watergate look like a second rate burglary. >> there is one part of the story i want to get your reaction that you said in separate interviews that they did not disclose the meeting during the testimony before house senate committee now that there has been 11 different conversations between the trump campaign and russian operatives. >> i don't recall this as
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innocuous and fairly ridiculous. $2million for and specify documents? i had informed the committee i expect to testify before the senate intelligence committee. again i would like that testimony to be in public and not behind closed doors. certainly i am prepared to discuss this then. i have said through my attorney letter to both inspector general and the house chairman of the intelligence committee telling them everything i know about this brief meeting. i cannot speak to the 11 other contacts. only based on my own experience are you worried about being indicted? >> i'm not worried but it is interesting they are poking through every molecule of my personal life to subpoena former employees who were not
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working for me during the 2016 election and other associates who appears to be an effort to frame me in an effort to silence me because i remain a critic of the mueller investigation. if the effort is to find extraneous or a bogus offense to pressure me to testify against the president, i will not do that. but clearly they are empty-handed on the question of russian collusion and in terms of receiving anything from wikileaks or julian a staunch and anyone else in passing that on to the trump campaign. this is a witchhunt and i think it is outrageous. it is orwellian. we live in a police state. i thought this was about russian collusion in the 2016
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election? ? so then why is he interested in interviewing former associates of mine who were not working for me during the 2016 election? it is a possibility they attempt to frame me? i will respond accordingly. >> how often do you talk to the president? >> it has been a while now. from time to time i believe his lawyers have probably him it would be best if we did not talk until this entire matter is clarified that i remain his strongest supporter. a new yorkge times report that the president feared me and that makes no sense he has nothing to fear from me i am among his strongest supporters and i have no intention to make something up to testify against him if that is what the special counsel has in mind. line.o democratic >> caller: they should
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impeach him. because he is a womanizer and raped all these people he doesn't show his taxes and all he thinks about is the big people and to hack with us little people. especially seniors. it is a dirty shame. >> if that were the criteria they would impeach jack kennedy and bill clinton. it is interesting we still try to clarify bill clinton's activities as indiscretions or infidelity but it was far more serious of his sexual assault and rape. the charges against donald trump are unproven and i don't think the basis for any kind of impeachment. >> columbia south carolina republican line before teen.
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>> roger today is father's day. and as someone who understands american history, and how people of color as slaves had their families separated, children taken away from mothers and fathers, how can you or the president supports a policy that he has created separating youngsters from their parents at the border? >> of course the real answer is people should not come into the country illegally then they would not be separated from their families. when the question of pardons came up i was very clear that almost one year ago i went to the president to urge him to issue a post you miss pardon to ed advocate leader of black
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pride and identity who i think was a truly great man who was unfairly targeted and set up by the fbi because he was successfully beginning to organize black people. having worked for nixon who gave us affirmative action, desegregated the public schools without violence or bloodshed ever created the office of minorityin enterprise, i identified with that struggle. but i think this question is different. if you don't want tote be separated then don't attempt to enter the country illegally. the problem with the immigration system seems to me that the people who are waiting in line and going through the process legally are being cheated by those who are entering illegally and cheating the system spent the
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president tweets this morning his number one target the washington post and writes the following washington post employees want to go on strike because basophils is not paying them enough i think a really long strike is a great idea employers would get more money and we would get rid of fake news for an extended period of time. the washington post is a registered lobbyist? >> i think the president is holding the means three media feet to the fire is a good thing. obviously i agree. i don't think you can monolithically claim the mainstream media is entirely biased. there are biased reporters at the washington b orders there are biased reporters at the newas york times fine and honest reporterses at the new york times but the president gets
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more than his share of fake news and things are published about him and his family that are untrue. above all he is a counterpunch are in very effective. >> joining us from long island new york good morning. >> hello mr. stone. talking about illegal immigration i want to say that when you think veterans that is just lip service because they see the democrats in my own town hall reaching out to help illegal immigrants but do nothing for us. ms 13 stuff here in the brentwood area this place has turned into a third world country i can get the town to do anything about it. they have houses loaded up with people you would not believe how many people are in these houses single-familyre houses.
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the town isn't doing anything about it they get all kinds of benefits i never get and i really appreciate the comment you gave to the last person about them coming illegally. byby the way trump calls and talks about the guy with the two kids i got arrested and the governor of new york was driving without a license and driving without insurance. if i did that, forget about it. this is the kind of stuff i'm talking about. >> thank you tucker carlson writing the introduction to your latest bookk. >> you raise an excellent point the perfect example when the president criticized gang violence and ms 13 specifically the mainstream media depicted that when he called them animals as the
9:47 pm
enunciation of all immigrants. that is not what he said the perfect example of mainstream media bias against this president. >> the democratic line good morning. >> caller: good morning first of all mr. stone there is a bigha difference of taking millions of dollars from your foundation as long as you don't use any on yourself and the clinton foundation they have food and aids medication to people all over the world and t second, donald trump son one year ago they both said the money was from russia also paul manafort was arrested for money laundering and also his campaign man janet montes manager for six months and
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also attended a meeting at the trumpp tower one year ago with three russians.. thank you. >> where to start? first of all the clinton foundation paid $6 million for chelsea's wedding do you consider that personal use? they were supplying aids medicine abroad that had never been medically approved is probably more dangerous than hiv and it is very clear there was a pay to play scam going on at the clinton foundation whereyo you contribute in return for public policy decisions including uranium one perhaps the largest reason is financial crime in american history. i still don't think it is proven the trump organization has taken enormous russian finances.
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i have seen no proof of that. and paul manafort is innocent until proven guilty. he has a right to a fair and speedy trial. so not denounced him until he had his day in court. the fighting by the attorney general is followed -- suing the trump foundation to say the trump family including his three oldest children were using it for their own personal piggy bank. >> politically motivated cooked up by eric schneiderman who hopes to become governor on the back of the new york state wave of unpopularity in a blue state against the president how coincidental is that they announce this charge on the day the inspector general report comes out. the foundation actually gave out more than they took in donald trump himself subsidizing it. entirely politically motivated charge.
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>> alexandria virginia republican line good morning. >> caller: >> good morning thank you for a wonderful program this morning. mr. stone recently viewed documentary about your political life and what you are doing these days i thoroughly enjoyed it. i have one question something that frustrates me to know and is the republican and conservative leaders who go on network television and cable shows and the host will ask a question which is really more than than pushingor the narrative or a false premise to the question and then i listen to a republican leaders or conservatives and they just don't push back on it strongly enough. i find that very frustrating.
9:51 pm
how much falsehood is advanced by the so-called mainstream media. >> we are short on time i went to give him a chance to respond. >> those republican and conservative leaders need to read my book stones rules to tell them how to handle those media inquiries. i do shows like this as an opportunityrend to answer questions but also to say what i want to say. that is why id like c-span it is entirely fair and balanced and you get your opportunity to lay out your point of view. thank you for the call. >> one more question carried on the bbc parliament channel joining us from england we will give you a chance to respond. >> caller: thank you very much. just to go back to the beginning of the segment when mr. stone discussed his interactions -- interaction
9:52 pm
with mr. greenberg the recollection from the t-shirt i think that is pretty memorable to forget $200 million is not an easy amount to forget that the fbi was so hell-bent to negatively affecting themp trump campaign then why didn't they expose that trump was under investigation when they made the announcement? >> thank you. actually i think it was ludicrous that mr. greenberg by the way that is his real name is an alias he has several names working for the fbi for over 17 years. i simply did not recall it was not 200 million it was 2 million by the way. i'm not sure i understood the second part of the questions so i will not try to answer it. >> but you understand why this coming out again leaves those
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who have more questions about the role the operatives may have had in 2016? >> grasping for russian collusion when there is none i am happy to answer these questions again for the senate intelligence committee. again nothing changed hands. i rejected what i now believe was an effort of entrapment by the fbi. it was a simple denial on my part of any interest. i didn't pass the information onto the trump campaign i am certain certain i will have the opportunity to discuss this under oath again soon. >> in our final minute members are very critical of the leaks coming inside the white house so why so many? >> i am disappointed in the fact the president has hired
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people who don't support his agenda and are not loyal to him or that agenda and therefore the backsliding and leaking is very disappointing working in the white house is the highest political honor you can have in our business. donald trump was elected and you serve at his pleasure as his appointment you own him your discretion and your loyalty. >>host: stones rules is the name of the book author and republican strategist roger stone joining us from fort lauderdale thank you for being with us we hope you will come backth again. >> thank you for the opportunity
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be back i just cringe every time the secret service gets bad publicity sometimes they
9:56 pm
deserve it but 99% of the time they get up every day to go about their business and i watch them. i'm not as a high-value target as i used to be. [laughter] but i watch these men and women day in and day out as i followed my routine try to stay busy, i work and force themselves to concentrate and imagine what they have to be on the lookout for. so when i was president i remember when bin laden put out the fatwa and it was awful and i said we went in the
9:57 pm
unmarked plane and i said at what anyone with young children going with me. but the sad thing was people even younger were going. you just take it for granted nobody tries to kill the president but it is a level of the secret service anybody like you that was ever around them feels the way i do. >> they are terrific i think it is wonderful you shine a light on that in this book. it isn't perfect the president is at some risk. and i would say that in those convoys to my mind it is highly possible and it is a real tribute. >> anything bad happens in the book with a potential for the
9:58 pm
cyberattack in a motorcade, if that happened this is the way it could happen which i think makes its interesting and this is why there are reviews and it is interesting because we talked about the authors last night who gave us a really terrific guy who came all the way from wyoming that he said when he got the book what if i don't like it? [laughter] but he liked it think god. >> talk about the threats. but the threat is eye-popping. you work very hard to get the terrorist threat right. why did you choose it?
9:59 pm
>> first of all it is the cyberthreat the most sweeping cyberattack in united states basically to take down everything and the backup systems. because first it would be hard as you would see hard to justify the president going missing except those circumstances he boots them all together for two hours which drives them not. and it is underappreciated still. is the all the coverage with russian hacking and it depends almost entirely on how they voted.
10:00 pm
even as voted for hillary to say why should i care? you should care a lot.


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