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tv   Canada Announces Retaliatory Tariffs  CSPAN  June 30, 2018 1:24am-2:01am EDT

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public service by america's cable television company. today, we bring you unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house, the supreme court, and public policy events in washington, d.c. and around the country. c-span is brought to you by your cable or satellite provider. canada's foreign minister announced new tariffs on u.s. export products with $12.5 billion. they are in retaliation to steel and aluminum. she said the candidate would be filing a complaint with the wto. this is half an hour. [applause] >> thank you for your hard work. you do amazing, difficult, important jobs every day supporting yourself and families in this community. we are proud to be here to show we support you, too.
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i want to begin by acknowledging the land by which we gather. we are here today to show that we are protecting canadian workers in industries like this great steel mill. i think the illegal and unjust tariffs on canadian steel and aluminum. the idea that canada might constitute a threat to american national security invoked by her neighbors to impose these tariffs like canadian steel and aluminum export t it's not only absurd comments are full. these tariffs are illegal under wto and nafta rules. and we have initiated cases at the wto and under chapter 20 of
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nafta to challenge them. we have been joined by countries around the world. i'm a strong supporter of the rules -based order. it's important for canada to take this legal action. canada has no choice but to retaliate with a measured, perfectly reciprocal dollar for dollar -- and that is what we are doing. on may 31, the prime minister and i announced canada will impose tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum and other products from the united states representing the value of 2017 canadian export affected by u.s. measures. this is $16.6 billion, canada strongest trade since the second world war. following consultations with canadians, today, republishing our two final tariffs. one must will be subject to a
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25% tear in the second will be subject to a 10% tear. the countermeasures will only apply to the originating from the united states. they will take effect july 1 and will remain in place until the united states eliminates its trade restrictive measures against canada. where possible we have thought the products on the list that can be easily sourced from either canadian or non-us suppliers. i like to take the opportunity to thank the canadians who have been actively engaged in the consultations. i'm grateful for your input that have helped us build the best possible retaliatory lists. as we take these steps we are asking and acting in close collaboration with our
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like-minded partners. i was in fact in brussels on tuesday to discuss this issue. it's important to point out that there are also subject to the 232 terra from post on june 1. their allies and neighbors of the united states. canada's approach is and will be this. we will not escalate and not act on. judging by the feedback, countless canadians in many diverse political points of view agree with this approach. i can't emphasize enough the regret with which we take the countermeasure. were acting not in anger. but they leave canada no choice but to defend our industry, our workers, and our community. i assure you we will maintain
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the firm resolve to do so. the solution to this unprecedented dispute is for the united states to rescind the tariff on the canadian steel and aluminum, which do not pose any kind of security threat to the united states. in canada it says -- [speaking in native language] >> we will not back down. we have no choice. based on the recommendation which i received recently, innumerable canadians from all political strength share this viewpoint. it is important for us. it is with regret that we take that measure. however, the custom tariffs imposed by the united states leave no choice but to defend
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our industry, defend our communities, and defend our workers. i assure you that we are absolutely determined to do so. the solution of this dispute with the united states is for this country to cancel the tariffs on steel and aluminum which are no threat to american safety. . .
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>> thank you very much for your leadership and hard work i wish that we were brought here together that these difficult times and i believe there is a way forward and as canadians we will get there together and we are taking action with the canadian industry and at the same time we will continue to act collaboratively and constructively with dealing with our neighbor of the united states with a market
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that there is too much at stake. with our economy and to the regions that we are so proud to represent today. translator: the steel economy was very important even the region of hamilton. >> more than 10000 hard-working canadians contributing $4 billion to our economy with 23000 canadians and so the challenge before us with that unjustified and counterproductive tariffs to
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make sure steel and aluminum industry and to create middle-class jobs and our government stands by you and with you and all canadians who meet that challenge. that is why we are introducing safeguards with dedicated funding of additional $250 million to the strategic innovation fund to support the steel and aluminum industry and our workers. this combined with a $1.7 billion of financing to the business development bank of canada with the difficult economic conditions under the
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circumstance also an additional $50 million with canadian businesses to take advantage and with his total package worth $2 billion to support our industry and our workers and to stand out for you and him particularly for small businesses that is critical to our economy the message is very clear we have your back thank you very much. >> and then to protect the steel industry so we want to
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know the canadian government is fighting for you and with these actions taken by the united states government to make sure you have the support that you need as vigorously defend the steel industry and your jobs. translator: the canadian government your government you workers of the steel and aluminum industry. had your back we have your back and to attend the steel industry in hamilton. >> adding $25 million today for the sharing agreements so the worksharing program helps workers in private industries with hours of work to be reduced for the remaining hours up to 1.5 years.
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we have used that program before while the government continues to fight for the full important removal of the unjustified trade barriers and to make an additional $50 million available to provide job skills and training support to give workers opportunities to pursue other opportunities. ed has activated the rapid response plan from the skill -- steel and aluminum industry so that workers and employers can get information benefits and the support they need quickly this is the measures we are taking right now and more support is needed and to support you and your families and communities. translator: retake such measures because we are
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determined to move successfully through those difficult times and to take additional measures to support your family and your communities. >> for all canadian workers that are here today canada has your back the first priority is to protect you and your family and your community you are at the center of everything we have been doing against illegal actions taken by the american government you are the reason we have included american steel and aluminum products and countermeasures and we are announcing today to put canadian workers and families first and front and center we are happy to take questions. [applause] >> please identify yourself.
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>> are you concerned that the former prime minister visiting the white house meeting with larry kudlow undermine your negotiating position on nafta and tariffs? >> one of the things which has been incredibly valuable for canada throughout the nafta negotiations and more recently as they have come into effect is the incredibly united physician that canadians have demonstrated speaking to the mayor of hamilton this morning talk about all the u.s. mayors he was in touch with this is
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not a partisan issue across those political spectrum and that is really important because canada has had these illegal measures and to stand to gather to protect them when it comes to prime minister harper the only former prime minister canada i think those comments were helpful. >> i am from the spectator with any kind of assessment of the 25% tariff and the extent the measures you announced
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today could mitigate those job losses? >> my message is clear we stand with canadian workers and when that happens so my call the can speak to this to make sure there were canadians and other countries available to make sure we work closely with industry my stand firm with canadian workers and then go forward if we need to go forward. >> with respect to the measures we put in place the impact on small and medium-sized businesses so to help financing with cash flow dealing with the challenges imposed on small business that is why the bank of canada will get 800 million to help with
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financing as well as $900 million to the agenda to help businesses export their products to other markets as well and my colleagues have always put forward measures to take advantage of the free trade agreement with europe and asia we have measures in place to provide assistance to make sure they were in a position in the short term. >> prime minister are you concerned those measures will lead to further retaliation for the united states? >> there is absolutely no grounds and i want to be very clear that canada's actions
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are permitted under nafta rules. it is a reciprocal action to take very great care with that. this action is an illegal action and perfectly within our right so also that canada has quite intentionally has never been strained and its response and on canadian good so we have been very restrained and that he will not escalate but then the day
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before and we expected there would be moments in that prediction was born out and i think all of us at this point fully anticipate there will be moments of drama in the future but also to say there are very close and continuous counterparts so the next elections are july 1 on sunday and we very much anticipate with the nafta negotiations
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and to speak to the mexican ministry yesterday and shared that expectation moving into high gear. translator: you say that the solution to the problem would be predicated on the outcome on the nafta negotiations. should we then is that far from concluded? i disagree with your premise. >> i have always said and we will continue to say the discussion and negotiation
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with that nafta negotiation because we have to take into account and that legal justification given by the united states provision 232 has nothing to do with the trade and commerce based on the so-called threat for security and this is what is important to canada to have an answer and regarding the nafta negotiations and the mexican election is the important element of the current
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situation but it will be held up on sunday and i am confident so that mexico and the united states together with canada do you intend to resume negotiations in a very intensive matter it would be a very intense period of negotiation. >> to ask about the safeguard when are they allowed to take effect and is that under the provision of the wto? >> with respect to the safeguard was consistent with the international trading obligations.
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this is the number wind act we have it very clear to work with them to determine my -- determine the specific progress -- product. and with the new trade remedies in the past with steel and aluminum with 23 different countries and to see that impact. clearly our concerns are on diversion and we will work very closely with both the sectors of aluminum and steel to look at specific products. >> are you referring that case or taking action ahead of that? >> then to work very close with industry and then to deal with the surgery start to see.
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>> but the immediate provisional measures? be my guest to make sure we will determine the specific products. >> i have from the canadian press. so with those deepening trade disputes where is canada's relationship go from here? >> i think we have been very clear why the application under section 232 is a particular case and the
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exceptional one. there is no historical precedent for section 232 against canada and that is the reason the canadians respond and need to be firm. i want to emphasize that but this is an exceptional case. when it comes to nafta our negotiations are ongoing and they will enter a renewed stay after the mexican election i want to point out when it comes to trade we trade a lot with the united states. every day including today. canada and the u.s. have $2 billion in business every day canada is the largest market for the united states larger than china japan and u.k. combined and that relationship continues as
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everyone knows here. all canadians and journalists there are very deep connections with united states. they are neighbors and business partners and friends and relatives and those connections remain very strong and intact. i have to say one of the things that has been touching for me has been the number of letters i have received from americans apologizing for the action and assuring me to say we will get back to common sense and that is one of the things that gives me confidence we will get there and then finally we continue to work closely with united states as a member of different issues i spoke to secretary pompeo on saturday we talked about ukraine and myanmar and the work canada is
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doing to maintain those sanctions and the deputy secretary of state john sullivan in copenhagen on wednesday and to the ambassador yesterday. there is a very deep relationship and that will continue and we have close relationships with u.s. counterparts and the mayor of hamilton talk to me how he has reached out to his u.s. mare counterpart we have had a great relationship now almost 151 years i am confident that will undo her for another 151. >> do you believe common sense will prevail with trump in the white house? >> i am absolutely confident common sense will prevail at the end of the day economic reality is a very powerful thing and that economic
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reality united states is balanced and mutually beneficial the steel industry actually it has a slight surplus in trade in steel with canada. it doesn't make them and then to follow the rule of law that really matters to canada and it will always stand up for that. thank you. >> so talking about protecting workers, what about businesses? there is a fear of the possibility that to have a large presence in hamilton that could be moved to the united states with an even larger presence. >> we have been very clear with today's announcement there are two key components that we are taking action dollar for dollar as my colleague mentioned and patty and i have articulated our
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staunch report for both industry and workers. we talked about trading in support for workers during this transition. but we also very specifically talked about the small businesses to make sure they have the financing they need if they want to sell their product to different markets that we provide them with the support they need as well as also some of the larger positions as taking additional investments putting more money into leisure and development so this is a comprehensive package a $2 billion support package but beyond that to be clear around the safeguards which was a key concern that industry relayed to us and that they continue to work and as you know a lot of steel is
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diverted to canada we want to make sure we have that in place and also a small and medium-sized businesses as well. >> can i just ask for a follow-up to the first question? you said you don't expect retaliation from the u.s. with these retaliatory measures because they are not warranted but what if there is what if they are tariffs on the auto industry what is canada's response then? >> the auto industry action which is contemplated in the u.s., the legal authority for it we think that is section 232 it is not being contemplated as a retaliatory measure because there are no retaliatory ways that could be contemplated. we have said and i think this
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is a feeling all canadians share that it is absurd to consider that canadian steel and aluminum is a national security threat. how much even more absurd it is to suggest that car parts made in canada to go into a car manufactured in the united states that could be sold back to a canadian could be a security threat? how absurd is it to suggest that car manufacturers in canada with a great number of u.s. parts for cars manufactured in canada to suggest that could pose a national security threat? section 232 action on cars now under investigation by the commerce department is absolutely absurd we have been
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very about that in public and private. also i think it is very important to_that the canadian and u.s. economy are finally integrated any trade action is disruptive on both sides of the border and we are already seeing the disruption impact of section 232 with the aluminum tariffs. more than 20000 applications for redemption currently being reviewed by the commerce department. so those that are seeking relief from the burdens they bear section 232 steel and aluminum tariffs. and to contemplate how much more this action in the industry which operates as a
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highly integrated industry between canada and the united states and certainly for canada and that is important to bear in mind that is imperative and common sense should prevail having said that our approach from day one of the nafta negotiations prepare for the worst and hope for the best but the government has demonstrated on steel and aluminum we announce details a couple of hours after the u.s. measures were announced now we have to fine-tune those over the next 30 days and prepared to put them into action july 1. we are ready for pretty much anything. >> thank you everyone.
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>> think about all those workers who work here every day and has amazing facility. i know all canadians care about this issue even those that care the most i am proud to be there with them and proud to take a picture of all of these great workers. [applause]
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